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An Officer And A Pokémon Master
Chapter 12

The ride up to Cerulean City was going to be a long and anxious one for Ash Ketchum. The thought of going off to Cerulean City to save a friend who he had a falling out with wasn't making him happy. And since Team Rocket were planning on kidnapping her for god knows what they have planned was making Ash even more worried. Hell, after reading that mysterious letter got Ash all worried. And Ash hates it when he's worried. Even Pikachu, Ash's loyal Pokémon who was sitting in the back, could sense it.

It's got to be a trap. God, I can feel it. It's not going to be good. Ash thought to himself as he and his partner, one very inept Celadon City Officer Jenny, who was the same age as him and has become good friends with in such a short amount of time, entered the Viridian Forest. Usually, Ash would just speed very fast through the forest and the cities in his prized Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, but all this worrying has made him a bit careful.

"Hey, Ash. Since we're dealing with Team Rocket, we have to come up with a plan." Jenny said, breaking Ash out of his thinking daze.

"I don't need a plan. I'll just blast my way inside with Pikachu and catch those guys off guard." Ash said confidently. He's faced off with Team Rocket dozens of times and he thinks that this next round in his war with them will be another easy fight, even though he's going to save an ex-friend of his.

"And I bet those guys will be expecting that and we'll have a Ground type ready to knock Pikachu out into next Month!" Officer Jenny said, breaking Ash out of his confidence streak.

"Pikachu." Pikachu agreed with the young Officer on that one,

"And what makes you think that?" Ash asked,

"I bet Team Rocket lost to you all those times on purpose just to study your battling tactics. So, they might be expecting you to do the same battling style you always use and they'll be ready." Jenny answered. Ash looked at the young officer and wondered if she took some smart pills before they left.

"You think it will work?" Ash asked,

"Yep. It happened to me in a video game one time." Jenny answered. Ash almost lost control of the car after hearing that little confession from his officer friend.

"WHAT?! You played this idea out in a video game?" Ash asked. He was now thinking that she's 100% crazy now. Pikachu could not believe what he just heard also.

"CHU?!" Pikachu exclaimed at the same time,

"Yeah. I just started blasting at the guys when they came to me, but they learned how to shoot me from far away and I died each time before I learned how to beat them." Jenny answered. Ash looked at her like she was nuts and Jenny did not understand why Ash and Pikachu thought her idea was crazy sounding.

"Oh, this is going to be great. Why didn't I just let Team Rocket kidnap Misty anyway? It's not like I still like her anymore." Ash said bitterly. Anytime he thought about Misty Waterflower, it just gets his blood boiling. Sure, she was his best friend back in the day but ever since she just became a bossy bitch and wanted to control his Pokémon Destiny, he really didn't want to see her ever again.

"I've been meaning to ask you that, Ash. If it's been like 2 or 3 years since you last talked to her, just what are your feelings towards Misty now?" Jenny asked. Ash just sighed and continued driving down the road.

"It's a mix between "I want to revive our friendship to the point before it started going downhill" to "I want to chop her goddamn head off with a chain saw!" It's really mixed. I don't know what to do." Ash answered. After that, Ash was completely silent and Jenny didn't dare say another word for fear of another outburst of emotion from Ash.

Oh, Misty. If you're there with Team Rocket, I'm going to take out all my hatred out on you and them! Just you wait, bitch! Ash thought evilly as he just focused on the road ahead of him, not even caring that he just scared the shit out of Jenny. He just wanted to kick some Rocket ass very hard and pray that Misty will get hers as well.


At that same time however, the Cerulean City Gym was empty right now. Empty except for one person talking on the vid-phone in a room located upstairs from the main gym. And this discussion wasn't about what is up for the upcoming weekend, nor a talk about Water Pokémon. It involved none other than Ash Ketchum. And the person who was talking about Ash was Misty Waterflower, Ash Ketchum's former friend from long ago.

"I'm amazed that you'd even call me to help you with your plan, Sir. I too was a thorn in your side for years, like he was." Misty said,

"I know that Miss Waterflower, but I have a plan that will benefit the two of us." Giovanni said evilly,

"Oh? But you want to destroy Ash Ketchum." Misty said,

"Yes I do. I hate that damn kid so much for ruining my plans. However, my lab team has developed an easy way to get Ash out of my hair and make him yours. Since I do sense you still want to be with him. Help me capture him and my team will proceed with "Operation: Total Cleanse." Giovanni said, laying out his newest master plan.

"Operation: Total Cleanse? That sounds like some kind of new dishwasher soap." Misty was trying to deny that fact, but Giovanni saw through the vain attempt.

"See? You want Ash Ketchum all to yourself and I want him out of the picture for good! So, with this plan… I'll have my scientists erase his memories and you can take him and start your life together far away from here, so Ash will not be able to interfere with my plans for taking over the Pokémon League anymore!" Giovanni said,

"So… if I help you trap Ash, you'll erase his past memories and he'll be mine forever?" Misty asked,

"That is the plan. In fact, we'll feed him tainted memories so he'll remember an alternate life so he'll never remember anything about what happened forever!" Giovanni said. Nobody in his or her right mind would ever help the evil leader of Team Rocket. Misty has some reservations. She wanted Ash badly.

"If this goes badly, will I go down with you?" Misty asked,

"Well, let's say that we forced you to cooperate with our plans. They won't know the real truth whatsoever." Giovanni answered,

"I like the sound of this plan you propose. Okay. I'll do it, but I don't want the League to get on my case if it all breaks down." Misty agreed,

"Excellent. I will contact you in the next hour to let you in on the plan." Giovanni said and ended the call. He grinned a bit before going back to business. Since his plan revolved around getting a few Rocket members to hide out in the Cerulean gym for As Ketchum's arrival, he needed a few Rockets to make sure they don't screw up. It was a risky gambit, but Giovanni was about to place the duty on two untested Rockets. He reached for the comlink and pressed the button, contacting the outside.

"Wendy, send in those two new Rockets that officially joined last week!" Giovanni ordered,

"Understood, Sir. The pair will be summoned to your office at once." Wendy's voice said from the comlink. A few minutes later, a pair of young adult Rocket members entered the boss' office. The pair wore the white male and female Team Rocket outfits assigned to new Rockets in training and low level Rockets, but the male was wearing a brown fedora, similar to the one Indiana Jones wore, covering his somewhat messy brown hair. His female partner, who was visibly taller than him, had long, blue hair that swished around her back and her female Rocket uniform actually accented her slender body nicely.

"Mr. Giovanni. My name's Clyde, just fresh out of training camp." The male Rocket said,

"My name's Bonnie, sir. We aspire to become one of the elite duos in Team Rocket." The female Rocket added,

"That is the type of confidence I like to hear from newcomers. I have an important mission for you, what's with the big gun?" Giovanni asked Clyde, a bit of surprise was hinted in his voice after seeing the giant shotgun strapped to the young Rocket's back. Even though Team Rocket does allow members to carry firearms for last resorts issues, no members of Team Rocket have taken that liberty. It's not everyday you see a Rocket tote around a shotgun that looks like it can blow up a small car with one shot.

"Something I keep back from my childhood days in the meanest part of my old city. I like to keep it handy, in case of close, personal encounters. Besides, you never know, Boss." Clyde answered,

"Well, just don't go around shooting everything you see." Giovanni said,

"I can't make any promises, boss." Clyde said,

"Sir, I'll make sure he doesn't do anything rash, like blow up a car with that damn thing of his." Bonnie said,

"Make sure of it. Anyway, I hope you two rookies are ready for your first official mission with Team Rocket." Giovanni said,

"Bonnie and I have been chomping at the bit to be sent out on a mission. It's been kind of nerve-wracking just waiting around." Clyde said,

"That's true. Clyde nearly blasted one of the walls in the practice arena." Bonnie added,

"Well, I guess it's a good idea to send you two out. Anyway, you two are to go off to Cerulean City Pokemon Gym. There, you'll meet up with the contact at the gym. I've already contacted this person and you are expected to arrive." Giovanni said,

"Will this person fill us in on anymore details once we arrive?" Bonnie asked,

"Yes. Do you have any other questions?" Giovanni asked,

"No, sir." Both Bonnie and Clyde replied,

"Excellent. You have two hours to prepare and once you're all set, make your way to Cerulean City before nightfall. I expect you to arrive there late at night and make sure you don't arouse suspicion when you arrive." Giovanni said,

"Got it, sir." Bonnie said,

"All right! Let's go do this, Bonnie!" Clyde said confidently and the two Rocket saluted Giovanni before leaving his office. Once they left, Giovanni leaned back in his chair and started to ponder the events what might unfold. This is his best shot to get rid of Ash Ketchum once and for all.

Very soon, Ash Ketchum. Once I get my hands on you, I will have nobody to stand in my way of taking control of Kanto and Johto. Then, Team Rocket will be the most powerful organization ever. Giovanni thought to himself.

End of Chapter 12

In the show, Team Rocket has duos named after famed American outlaws. So, I'm surprised they haven't introduced a pair called Bonnie and Clyde, named after the famed outlaws during the depression. So, those two are now my own OCs.

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