Memory No Oji

Author's note: Well here I go again! This is a new and hard worked on story. A few new looks, nooks and turns, but all the while a good story.... I hope. Review, please and tell me if ya'll like it, k! Here We Go!


The summer afternoon of June 16th is relatively quiet. Birds are singing softly with the flowers and the trees rocking to the rhythm of the wind. A huge explosion ruins the moment as a dark character and three super saiyans take on all out combat. "Trunks we can't keep fighting like this. We need to take the battle away from the city." A fourteen-year-old Ryanna yells to her closest friend. Nodding, Trunks turns to Goten and try to lure the fight away from the busy streets of West City. The enemy smirks, his dark hair reaching up into spikes and his eyes hidden beneath a red visor.

As the three saiyans head towards the outskirts of the city, each one can hear the rapid splashing waves of the ocean. "Face it saiyans you are no match for me!" "We aren't going to give up without a fight Kiram! You're gonna have to kill us before we believe such nonsense!" Kiram continues smirking evilly and points to Ryanna. "Very well Saiyan, you're first." He attacks head on punching her in the stomach and delivering a few blows to the abdomen. She wheezes but counterattacks with blows of her own. {I really suck at fighting scenes so bear with me!} "Ryanna, be careful!" Trunks and Goten watch helplessly as the renegade alien attacked their female friend Ryanna Coutsa'n. Trunks' yelling makes her loose concentration on her attack and as Kiram punches her lower region he fires an attack hitting her dead on. She crashes into a nearby warehouse her KI dropping dramatically.

"Ryanna, no!" With a look of hatred on his face Trunks attacks with Goten not far behind. While the battle rages on Ryanna is left defensively under the rubble of the warehouse. Her body was no where to be found. Trunks and Goten were in a fit of tears. After Kiram did another one of his disappearing acts, they tried to search for Ryanna's body among the rubble. But she was no where to be found and her KI was far too low to be noticed, she may even be dead. "We shouldn't have gone by ourselves Goten. We should have waited for my dad to come back! It's our fault!" Goten, for once, wasn't his happy go lucky self. Trunks, Ryanna and himself were like, the three musketeers, BB Mack, always the threesome. No one was found without the other. Now it was different. She was gone; Ryanna was gone. No one dared to try to speak to them, after they had come home telling the awful truth.

No one said a word, not even Vegeta who Ryanna to him was like a second daughter. Her brother Kankton just barely ten years old cried his eyes out. Trunks pulled his hands to his face refusing to put them down. He felt guilt, he felt sadness, and he felt alone. No one was smiling that day at Capsule Corporation.

An annoying beeping sound filled Ryanna's head. 'Augh where am I?' She opened her eyes to see a white room. The smell of blood, and plastic came to her nose. Faint voices filled her ears, her head hurt and her eyes blurred until she finally saw a man. A man in a white coat, a man with glasses. A man who smiled at her with such care, he was... "Well hello there miss. I trust you're feeling better?" Who was this guy? "I guess so, but my head hurts a lot!" He nods, his smile not fading once. He was relatively young, around his mid twenties. "Don't worry miss, you've been in a severe accident. I can't tell you all the details, because I'm not sure what happened myself. Mr. Remini and his wife found you under a pile of rubble, after they heard an explosion. Most likely a bombing of some sort took place. I'm quite surprised you're alive."

With a little help Ryanna sat up in her bed half her face covered in a thick bandage. "How come I can't see out of my right eye?" "Oh there's a bandage there. Let's see if your wound has progressed shall we?" Removing the cotton strips from her face it reveals a fresh scar, starting at her cheekbone working its way up to her middle forehead.

"There we are. Wow! It's actually pretty good; you don't even need the bandage. Just don't mess with it too much." Ryanna nodded and laid down her head against the soft pillow. "Can you tell me anything that happened, miss?" "All I remember is a huge explosion my body being tossed around like a rag doll, then blackness." "Well at least tell me your name so I can contact your family."

Ryanna closed her eyes then they shot right back open. She sat up looking horrified. "I- I don't know." "You don't know what miss?" "Everything, I- I don't even remembers my name!" The doctors once calm expression turned into a sympathetic one. The young woman didn't know who she was. For someone so young, that was not good.

UH-OH! Ryanna doesn't know who she is. What's she going to do?