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Chapter one: Wanting her tonight

I am a man of desire. The luscious sent fills my nose and I evaporate into a wild sex machine. I have been this way for nine years ever since she came into my life. At age fourteen she turned me into a wild man: Lustful, wanting and needing. Her chestnut brown hair let down loosely over her shoulders, the clothing she wears is most tight and held in her tempting curves. Her voice was like a sign, telling me to have her. "Here is the Mandarin project. Is there anything else I can get you Mr. Briefs?" Yes, I want you. "No Ryanna, I'm good." Smiling she nods and begins to head out the door.

She is too good to me; A loyal slave that is willing to my every request. I must have her. She must be mine. "Ryanna," She stops and looks to me with her seductive green eyes, oh how I love those eyes. "I would like to see you, before you leave today." She cocked an eyebrow but nodded and exited the room. My heart began to beat fast and my hands were clammy and shaking. Her presence was overwhelming and I wish it didn't have to end.

{Ryanna's POV}

He is a strange man my boss. Handsome and proud, much likes his father, whom I met at a banquet dinner along with the rest of his family. I must say they were quite an odd bunch. He talks to me like any other boss should, but when I look into the man's eyes, those eyes that are a crystal blue, I see something more. We met, as young teens at a school, and much like now he is a curious one. He was very bright and genuine for a boy at fourteen, feisty and competitive now as a man in his twenties.

He is in a meeting now too busy to care how he feels. There is so much I want to know about him and some much I want him to know about me. I am frightened at times when I feel like this but I try to ignore it. I type away on my computer, finishing the work I must do, for when my boss, Trunks Vegeta-Briefs, gets out of that meeting, he'll want to see me. I wonder what it is he wants. A raise perhaps, an offer, or my worst nightmare, a pink slip with my name on it.


I hardly concentrate as my visitor explains useless gibberish to me. My mind is on her, and what she expects. I nod and give a charming smile shaking hands with the man. I humbly walk him out of the room and motion or Ms. Coutsa'n, my love, to me.


I meekly nod to him having finished my work. I walk in and close the door and turn to Trunks. e offers me to sit down and I do as he remains standing. "Ryanna how long have we known each other?" I think for a moment. "About nine years, Mr. Briefs." "Well then if we've known each other that long why do you call me Mr. Briefs? Call me Trunks." I blush slightly not knowing why, but by the way he stood over me... Oh Dende.

"Very well, T-Trunks." Trunks rolls his eyes and sits on the chair next to me. "Now that we have that under control, you don't have a problem with me calling you Ryanna, do you?" "You always do Mr. B- I mean Trunks. Except on maybe one or two occasions." He smirks at me. "I guess you're right." I smile shyly, his face was dangerously close to mine. "I better get going!"

{No POV}

Ryanna went to leave but Trunks grabbed her hand, "I said I wanted to talk to you." Ryanna sighed and turned to her boss. His eyes gleamed, and were begging for something. As they gazed at each other the heat between them became immense until Trunks finally captures her lips in a immoral and wanting kiss.