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Author's note: By the way, the song from the other Chapter is "Back here" by BB-MAK

Chapter 6:Epilogue

It was 6am in the morning and Trunks finally woke up when he heard a loud commotion. "WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS MY SON!" Trunks groaned as he realized it was his mother. Speak of the devil, Bulma, walked, or more like stomped into the room. "Trunks Vegeta Briefs, why in Dende's name have you sent the night in a hospital when you very well know that you have a meeting in less than an hour?" Trunks winced at his mother's tine. "I'm sorry mom."

Bulma placed her hands on her hips and glared at her son. That is until she saw the woman ling in the hospital bed. She was sleeping peacefully, cords attached to he arms and an oxygen mask placed on her face. "Who is that?" Trunks gripped Ryanna's hand and looked at her angelic features. "She's the woman I love." Bulma's eyes went wide and teary. She covered her mouth right before she fainted. Trunks chuckled as a couple of nurse's came in to revive her. "That's not the only thing she has to be shocked about." Trunks gasped and turned around and saw Ryanna awake.

She smiled at him. "You're okay! I can't believe it!" He wrapped his arms around her the best he could. "I though I was going to loose you for good, and never see you again." Ryanna frowned slightly. "It wouldn't have made a difference if I were still mad at you." Trunks' smile disappeared. "What do you mean?" Ryanna sat up. "If I were still mad at you, I would be on my way to New York as soon as I got out of here." Trunks looked down in shame but Ryanna smiled. "Don't worry, because there is more than one reason that I won't be going."

Trunks gave her an odd look. Ryanna just smiled and hugged Trunks as tight as she could. Trunks let his hands slip down to her waist and his forehead lean against hers. "I love you Ryanna." She nodded. "I know." A brief silence was placed then the two lover's lip locked. Bulma who has regained consciousness came into the room and smiled at the dear sight of her son and his new girlfriend. After the kiss broke, Ryanna let out a breathless sigh. "I love you too Trunks."

Trunks smiled and got down on one knee. "There's a question I've been meaning to ask you." Ryanna let out a breath. "All right, go ahead." Trunks took a box from his pocket. He opened the box to reveal a gold band with a stunning diamond in the middle. "Will you marry me?" Ryanna smiled and nodded. "I will!" The two kissed and applause was heard. The whole floor of the hospital including other patients saw the touching moment, but neither of them cared.


Well eight months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We named him Vegeta Jr. or V.J for short, in honor of Trunks' father. The adorable baby had my soft chestnut brown hair and Trunks beautiful blue eyes. His smirk came from Vegeta, and hopefully he will inherit the great brains of Trunks, Bulma, and myself instead of Vegeta's lamebrain. {Ha ha!}

Anyway Trunks and I got married not long after. All of our family and friends were there, because Bulma couldn't resist making it a big production. The wedding itself was beautiful with roses, carnations and daisies decorating the isle and alter area. The bridesmaid dresses were a light baby blue, and my wedding dress was a none sleeved gown with white pearls decorating it in glorious patterns. After the vows were said and the rings were swapped Trunks and I skipped the reception and went straight to catch our flight to our honeymoon. We took our baby with us but still had fun.

{No POV}

"Is this now gonna be a daily routine?" Ryanna asked laying in her husbands arms. "Wasn't even before we got married?" "Yes but now that we're married I think we better lay off. We do have a son now." Trunks kissed his wife's neck and affectionately nuzzled into it. "Well okay but I still get to have some fun right?" Ryanna smirked and turned around. "Isn't that why you married me?" Trunks pretended to think. "No," Ryanna smiled. "I married you because you can keep my mom from getting mad at me when I skip work." Ryanna slapped him and nuzzled into his chest knowing he was kidding. "I love you Trunks." "I love you too."

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