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The air was damp and musty, the sounds of growling lycans and gunfire could still be heard in the distance. The war was nearing its climax, but it was still far from over. Tonight was the catalyst, tonight set in the final motions to bring about the end of the battle that had waged for far too long. The fight tonight was ending, and only a few scuffles were still taking place.

Viktor, the oldest and strongest of the three Elders, was dead; killed by his own kind, by the very woman he had turned and called daughter in the place of his own. The woman he had destroyed. He had joined Amelia in eternal death, two Elders gone in one night to no longer walk the earth they had for centuries before.

Marcus, the last Elder, a descendant of the first immortal and the common ancestor that linked lycans and vampires, would be awakened to the ruins of the covens. The surviving Death Dealers would have to inform him of his fellow Elders' fates. He would have to assume control, would have to start rebuilding the vampire clan.

Selene and Michael both knew that consequences for their actions tonight would be rendered. Selene held a greater comprehension of what could and would happen, but Michael, the hybrid Lucian had died to see completely turned, grasped this fact as well.

They would be hunted, though the lycans, their true leader lost to the hands of death, bowed to him. He was their only hope now. Lucian had been their survival, their only chance to defeat the vampires. Without him, without Raze or Singe, they had only Michael to turn to for leadership. For hope.

And Selene, the Death Dealer that had killed many of their kind, that had become infamous amongst the lycans for her tenacity and efficiency in her hunt, had killed her own sire, their greatest enemy. They had watched. As she defended Michael, whom she herself helped to create, they watched. When she grabbed Viktor's own sword, stained with the blood of lycans, and attacked, they watched.

When Viktor's head split in two and his lifeless corpse dropped into the knee-deep water, his blood mingling and turning the water crimson, they watched. They would tell the others, the few lycans that had witnessed this change in the female Death Dealer would tell their brothers and sisters to welcome she and Michael to their pack. They needed her, and she needed them now.

She had betrayed her kind. She could never go back. She didn't want to. Everything she had believed in had been a lie. Everything she had fought for had been taken away, the people she had loved were all dead, one by her own hand.

All she had left was Michael. And that was all she wanted now. Because Michael she could trust. Michael had done nothing wrong, had saved her. She had saved him, had created the creature Lucian had wanted to become or to see created before his final breath.

She did not regret it. Lucian had died doing everything he could to ensure his people would survive. He had died helping Selene and Michael avoid the same fate he and Sonja had been condemned to. And Selene was grateful.

The fiercest leader of the race she had so long sought to destroy had been the one to help her and Michael, to save them both. All this time, she had looked to Viktor for help and instead she received it from her enemy, Viktor's enemy.

She was grateful. She regretted nothing.

Tomorrow they would face the consequences, the war. But for tonight, Selene and Michael would rest, in the company of wolves.


They were gone. The lycans, Michael, Selene, the Death Dealers. All had fled. The vampires to Ordoghaz, the lycans to another underworld lair. Lucian had a backup hideout, in case something like what had taken place tonight ever happened. The lycans, along with Selene and Michael, had crept from the ruined lair and headed off. No vampires had crossed their path, and safe arrival appeared would come after all.

The bodies of dead lycans and vampires littered the grounds of the underground home of the werewolf clan. Viktor's remains still lie in a crimson puddle, while Lucian's lifeless body had been left where he had died. The mourning lycans had not the time to gather him for proper burial.

A soft moan echoed in the cavernous bunker. Movement came, a groan. A hand reaching up, reaching towards his neck. Fingers groped, felt for the precious metal that was his only piece of her. Panic flooded newly healed veins as he realized the pendant was gone.

"Sonja," he breathed. Lucian's eyes shot open. Lucian's black eyes.

Hybrid eyes.