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Selene watched as Lucian took hold of Sonja's hand, walking away from Marcus and Erika as the now officially wedded couple kissed, everyone clapping for the Elder hybrid and his bride. Brian and Dominique were near the back, a few Death Dealers nearby. Adam stood beside Michael, Alexis beside him. Kahn was near the front, along with the rest of the attending Death Dealers.

Reaching over discreetly, Selene latched her hand around Michael's ignoring the surprised look he gave her and their joined hands. She let him lead her out of the room as everyone left the room, following him towards Lucian and Sonja.

They were leaving tonight, going to visit Mrs. Deneuve, Sonja's mother in this life. But they had wanted to speak with Michael and herself before going.

It seemed that the war had finally ended now. Peace and trust was still a distant goal, but the vampires and lycans were now going to try to set aside the past, to start over and to heal from centuries of damage. Marcus and Lucian had formed an alliance and pact, swearing to never again allow their people to war against each other until both males were laid to rest in the earth, should that ever happen.

Michael, Adam, Marcus, Lucian, and Sonja had all agreed not to ever bite and spread the hybrid virus anymore, unless one of the males found an agreeable mate who would in turn take on the vow as well. While it appeared they were not much threat and could control themselves perfectly while in hybrid form, they all agreed it could disrupt the delicate balance and bring war down upon them again.

Selene glanced at Michael. He had never asked her if she wanted his bite, had never even mentioned the option of turning her into the creature he was. It would be ironic if it ever did happen, for it was her bite that completed the metamorphosis in Michael. But she did not want it. After more than a century of fearing the sun and of hating the lycans, she was not yet ready to be a part of their race or to face the daylight again. Maybe one day in the future, perhaps she would be willing. But not yet.

Michael was silent beside her, leading her towards the parlor where they were to meet with Lucian and Sonja. The skin of his hand was hot against hers, and she could feel his blood pulsing under it. He had been quiet lately, giving her space and letting her choose when to talk, letting her make the first move.

Selene glanced at their joined hands, fingers intertwined. It looked like she just had.

Lucian and Sonja were already waiting for them when they entered the large front room, both smiling kindly at them. Sonja stood against Lucian, leaning on him slightly, and Selene almost envied the other female's ability to be so openly affectionate. To be so open period.

"Michael, Selene," Lucian greeted as they neared. "I do hope you will look after the pack while we are gone." He looked at Michael. "If you wish, I can leave someone else in charge of them but they trust you the most of anyone now."

Michael bowed his head in submission, a gesture Selene had seen many lycans do around Lucian. "I would be honored," replied softly, yet confidently. His hands tightened ever so slightly around hers.

Lucian smiled. "Good. There's something I wanted to give you," he said to Selene, his hands reaching around his neck and unclasping the pendant. He came over to her, moving to clasp the chain again, time around her neck. He leaned forward, kissing her forehead.

"You were the first to question, the first to break free ever since the start of this. The first of your kind to fight against the rules you were molded to enforce so you could find the answers, the truth. You helped my kind. You have suffered great loss at the hands of the vampire that took everything away from me." Lucian smiled at her. "You are a queen among slaves."

Selene bowed her head. Her eyes she knew had turned blue, and she felt honored. She had never before had such warmth from anyone other than Michael. Even Viktor, even when he praised her had never been so kind to her.

"Take care, both of you, for it shall be a long while before we return,' Lucian told them. "I leave you both in charge over the pack, and to make certain Marcus upholds the new laws." He waited until they nodded before turning, leading Sonja towards the door. "Remember, you two must keep watch over the night."

Selene and Michael nodded again, hands still joined as they watched Lucian and Sonja leave. Selene let out a soft sigh.

It was finally over. This time, she truly welcomed it.

Casting Picks:

My versions of characters mentioned -

Marcus - Stephen Billington

Dominique - Keira Knightley

Original Characters -

Brian - Justin Theroux

Anya - Famke Janssen

Rudolf/Radu - Steven Brand

Zahra - Iman Bowie

Xander - Orlando Bloom

Avery - Hudson Leick

Erik Drake - Jason Isaacs

Diana Drake - Angelina Jolie

Katharine - Isabella Rossellini

And I think that's everyone. Well, it has been fun writing this story. To those who asked, I don't plan on writing a sequel. I may get a huge brainstorm for one, but I doubt it. My attentions will be focused on my other two Underworld stories, Company of Wolves and Covenant, as well as stories in other fandoms. Oh, here are some recommendations for Underworld stories I have enjoyed, and think others should try out as well.

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An Alternative Future by trinchardin. One of the best full-fledged AU stories I've ever read. Really good, and it even, actually made me like Kraven. Remember, it's AU. Very. And wonderfully so.

All the underworld shorts by Mistiec. Such a great author in several of my fandoms, and I have to say that her M/S is probably the closest to perfect one can get. And her portrayal of Lucian is so good as well.

The Other Side of Paradise by Astrik. Another AU, and a wonderful L/S one at that. I love this story, and it's a shame she hasn't updated it in so long. Go, review and make her update. I'll bug her on AIM.

The Long Car Ride by Pilar Sama. A Singe humor story! What more could you want? A funny little story that gives some hysterical mental images. Must read, definitely.

All of staticradar's Underworld shorts. Love 'em. And she's my best friend, so of course got to give her a rec! And I of course get to bug her to write more. But seriously, read her ficlets, leave her reviews.

Closure by The Lady Mage. A bittersweet Selene short, and it's one of few that made me misty-eyed. Seriously, a well written piece.

And that is it. I'm sure there are more out there that are great, but those are the ones I've read and remember being exceptional.