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This is set in Lord Archive's Red Digivice Diaries/War Diaries

"How does that feel?" Rene asked Snow Agumon curiously.

"Not too bad!" he responded. "I can't believe you ever wore
something this small!" The digimon in question was dressed in
a small yellow hoodie which had been salvaged from Rene's
old baby clothes.

Snow Agumon walked alongside his partner happily, eyes closed
and humming a little tune to himself. At length he opened them to
see where he was going, and spotted a familiar figure up ahead.
"Hey, isn't that Ellen?"

"Yeah. Hey Ellen!" Rene called out, waving an arm in the air.
The girl in question was bent over her worn,
patched backpack, stuffing books into it, but she waved back anyway.

"Damn thing fell apart on me again," Ellen groused as Rene and Snow
Agumon jogged up to her. She did a double-take once she saw what
the miniature T-Rex was wearing. "You've got to be kidding me."

Rene shrugged. "Hey, it works. There's an entire section of the FAQ
devoted to how to disguise your digimon in public;
that's where we got the idea from."

"Where's Hawkmon?" Snow Agumon asked, looking around. "What's
she dressed in?"

"Nothing, unlike some digimon." Hawkmon's answer preceded her arrival,
flapping down and perching herself in the branch of a nearby tree. "Ellen has
decreed that, if I insist on accompanying her to school, I am to fly above her
to keep from being seen."

Just then Ellen let out an inarticulate exclamation as she picked up her
backpack and two of the books she had just put back inside fell out through
a newly-torn hole in the front.

Rose Diaries - Paris Adventures 04
By Lady Iapetus

Entry Five: Period of Adjustment

"THERE you guys are!" Genevieve exclaimed as she caught sight
of Ellen, Rene and Snow Agumon walking into the school courtyard.
"I was worried you'd be late."

"Thanks to Ellen's Bag O' Holes, we almost were," groused Rene.

"I keep telling Dad and Mom that I need to replace it; heck, I even
saw the perfect one while I was in the U.S.!" Ellen protested. "But
do they listen to me? Nooo."

"Well, I hope they start listening soon, because if I have to carry any
more of your books plus my own, my bag's going to explode!" Rene
sniped. Ellen quickly stuck her tongue out at him. He ignored it.

Snow Agumon looked around, noticing someone missing. "Where's
Lopmon?" he asked.

"In here!" came a muffled voice from Genevieve's bookbag. A brown paw
waved from an opening where it was unzipped. Genevieve quickly unzipped
the bag the rest of the way, allowing Lopmon to stick her head out.

"Sorry, but it was the easiest way to sneak you out past Papa and all of the
guests," her partner apologized as Lopmon climbed out and jumped onto
the ground.

"So what're we supposed to do with these guys while we're in school
all day?" Ellen wondered aloud.

Rene looked the slightest bit uncomfortable. "Well...Elecmon stays at home,
and I guess the Digimon of the older kids do too.
But Joan says it's because they've had their partners longer, so their digimon
don't need to be around them all the time to keep their strength up."

"Well, no offense, but I don't think our teachers are going to allow a rabbit,
a hawk and a miniature dinosaur in the classroom with us."

"Maybe there's someplace else in the school that they can stay," Genevieve
suggested. "Like a closet or something."

"Where'd you think that up?" asked Rene.

Genevieve hunched her shoulders. "Yume from the Odaiba team. She
told me that her Bakumon, Iori's Armadimon and Sayuri's Psychemon hide
out in the janitor's office at their school while their human partners are in class.
There's got to be some place around here for them to hang out."

"Well, they're going to have to find it on their own," remarked Ellen as the
school bell began to ring and students began filing into the building. Soon
Snow Agumon and Lopmon were left alone in the middle of the schoolyard.

They looked at each other. "Now what?" asked Lopmon.

"Now," Hawkmon spoke up from her perch in one of the trees that dotted
the lawn "we look for a way inside, hopefully staying out of trouble while
doing so."

"Aw," Snow Agumon protested as the three digimon began to walk towards
the school "you're no fun, Hawkmon."

"Psst. Ellen. Ellen!"

Ellen closed her eyes and silently counted to ten. This was the fourth
time since the beginning of class that he'd tried to get her attention, and
class had only been underway for fifteen minutes!

"What is it now, Rene?" she muttered through clenched teeth. It was times
like this that she wished that her desk wasn't kitty-corner to Rene's. "And
before you ask, no, I don't know if the digimon have found a hiding place yet."

She turned around when something poked her in the side, and saw that Rene
was holding out a textbook - one of her textbooks. "I forgot to give you this
when we were at your locker," Rene said.

Ellen took the book from him. "Oh. Thanks," she said. She slipped the book into
the stack of books that she needed for this class and her next one.

"But, since you mentioned it, do you think the digimon have found a place
to hide by now?" the boy questioned with a sly grin. Ellen's response was
to groan and slump forward so that her forehead met the top of her desk.

"You know what Rene? I have no idea, and frankly I'm not that worried," she
whispered. "They managed to survive in the Digital World before we got there,
so I'm sure that spending a day at school on their own should be no trouble for them."

"Oh. Okay." Rene replied simply, a little disappointed at having gotten only
a partial rise out of his friend.

In a different section of the school, three very bored digimon had
appropriated a utility closet to hide out in until school let out for the day.

"Snow Agumon, would you please cut that out?" requested an irritated
Hawkmon from her perch on a shelf, wedged between a tub of cleaning
supplies and a musty-smelling box.

Snow Agumon, who was sitting on an upended bucket, looked up at
her innocently. "What?"

"That mindless humming you were doing," Hawkmon clarified. "It's bad
enough you can't carry a tune, but if you keep it up you could alert someone
to our presence in here."

"Sorry," the white T-Rex responded "but I'm bored!"

"Well, I'm not exactly having the time of my life up here either," Hawkmon
retorted. "Just sit tight. I'm sure school can't last for very much longer.

Lopmon, meanwhile, was entertaining herself by exploring the contents of
some other boxes in the closet that were closer to floor-level. Her spelunking
was underscored by a running commentary on the items that she discovered,
some of which were lying on the floor outside of the box.

"Hey, look at this!" Lopmon's muffled voice called from inside the box, and
not for the first time either. Her ears emerged first; grasped in them was a small,
multi-colored rubber ball. "Isn't it cool?" she asked, hoisting her body the rest
of the way out of the box.

"Very nice," Hawkmon drawled, not very interested.

"What was it doing in the box?" asked Snow Agumon.
He climbed off of the bucket. Lopmon placed the ball into his
outstretched claws.

"I think that's all the stuff that the kids here lose," Lopmon replied.

"Then how come it wasn't given back to whoever had it before?" the
small dinosaur wondered. He let the ball fall to the floor, and grinned
as it bounced back up into his claws.

Lopmon shrugged. "I guess the kids forgot about them."

Snow Agumon nodded, still entertaining himself by bouncing the ball.
Curious, he decided to see what would happen if he threw the ball at
the floor instead of just letting it drop. His grin grew bigger when the ball
bounced higher into the air and ricocheted off a shelf before coming back

But his grin disappeared when the ball bounced off of the top of his head
before heading back into the air and glancing off of Hawkmon's beak.

For the next several minutes, the utility closet was filled with the shrieks
and complaints of three digimon as they tried to escape and/or contain
the miniature projectile.

"That does it; you guys aren't coming to school with us anymore!"

Ellen, Rene and Genevieve had met their digimon in a secluded area
of the campus after school had let out. All three digimon had lumps and
bruises from having been pelted by the rubber bouncy ball. Their human
partners hadn't exactly been amused, leading to the declaration from Ellen.

"But we want to be with you! You're our partners,"
protested Lopmon. Hawkmon and Snow Agumon chimed in their

Rene turned to Ellen. "They're right, Ellen. Remember what Joan said; they
have to be with us at all times, or else they could get weak and de-evolve."

"But they could have seriously hurt themselves, or else they might have gotten
caught by someone walking by who heard voices in that closet," argued Ellen.

"Then tomorrow we'll bring something for them to do while we're in class,"
the boy suggested. "We've got as much responsibility to them as they have to us."

Ellen sighed and scuffed at the ground with her right foot. "I guess you're right,"
she abdicated. Turning to the digimon she said, "You can still come to school with
us. Just bring along something to keep yourselves entertained. And leave the
stuff already in the utility closet alone," Ellen added with a Look in Lopmon and
Snow Agumon's directions.

While Ellen had been busy lecturing the Digimon, Genevieve had turned on her
laptop and was checking her e-mail. "Hey guys, come here," she called.
The other two humans and the digimon gathered around her.

On the screen Genevieve had the message board up and opened to one of the
threads. "Fuugamon's at it again," groaned Ellen as she skimmed the message.
The red-haired girl nodded.

Ever since the first time Ellen, Rene and Joan had tangled with him, the Paris
team had had to deal with the red-colored Ogremon at least two more times.
Everyone was getting tired of Fuugamon's bullying of smaller digimon, and
Gerard had been contacting other teams for advice on how best to stop the
Viral without killing him.

"He's been terrorizing a small colony of Wormmon near the Valley of Mirrors,"
Genevieve explained.

"Why can't one of the older members take care of him?"
wondered Ellen.

Rene rolled his eyes before looking at her out of the corner of his eyes.
"Because," he told her "Colette is the only person on our team besides us who
has a D-3, and she's baby-sitting her younger brothers and sisters today.
Besides, who knows how much damage Fuugamon could cause while we
were trying to contact Catherine, Paul or my sister?"

The black-haired girl sighed. "You're right, again.
Let's do it."

Genevieve set up the portal. "I'll stay behind. If all three of us go, my
computer's liable to get stolen and Papa wouldn't be too pleased about that."

Ellen nodded. "Got it. Ready, Rene?"

"Way before you were," Rene replied. Snow Agumon stood beside him
and flashed her a thumbs-up.

Ellen refrained from rolling her eyes in annoyance.
"Then let's get this over with. Digi-port, open!"

"I still don't understand how in the hell we're supposed to
get the hang of this," Ellen grumbled as she picked herself up
off the ground. Looking up she saw Rene and Snow Agumon
standing beside of her, both of whom had managed to come
through the portal and remain on their feet.

"So how far off is this Wormmon colony?" asked Rene,
shielding his eyes from the glare of sunlight coming off the
Valley of Mirrors nearby.

"Over that way if I remember right," replied his teammate as
she pointed towards the east. "Hawkmon, could you fly ahead
of us and let us know when we're getting close?"

Hawkmon nodded. "Not a problem. And this time, I'm petrifying
that jerk for a month!"

Ellen rolled her eyes, but smiled a little. "Let's wait until the actual fight
before deciding what to do with Fuugamon, okay?" With an affirmative
nod Hawkmon took to the sky. Ellen, Rene and Snow Agumon
followed behind her at a run.

Ten minutes later Hawkmon came swooping back to them.
"There, just beyond that clump of trees!" she told them. Ellen
nodded and they hurried in the direction Hawkmon had indicated.

When they reached the Wormmon settlement it was to find four or five
Wormmon trying to restrain Fuugamon with their Sticky Net attacks. Several
threads of sticky webbing pinned the Adult's arms to his sides,
but with a little bit of effort Fuugamon was able to tear himself loose.

When he looked up, two of the Paris Digi-destined and their digimon were
standing several meters away, glaring at him.

"Well, fancy meeting you here," Fuugamon sneered. "Where's your pretty
blonde leader and her little pet flower?"

"Catherine had a previous commitment," Ellen deadpanned.
"And since she's not here, I'm not going to bother with the diplomatic crap
and just get to the bottom line. We're sick and tired of you kicking
smaller digimon around. So either cease and desist, or else we'll take you out."

"Ellen, we can't kill him!" Hawkmon hissed.

"Yeah, but does he know that?" Ellen responded out the side of her mouth.

Fuugamon laughed. "Ri-ight! You Digi-destined are so chicken that you
wouldn't be able to kill Hell Angemon himself if he were standing here
right now!"

"He knows," muttered Rene. Raising his voice he called out to Fuugamon,
"Look, we don't want to fight. If you give us your word that you'll stop
terrorizing smaller digimon and find someplace to live peacefully,
we'll let you go."

The red-hued digimon pretended to think this over.
"Nahh," he decided at last. "This is more fun!
Heavy Swing!" He swung his club into the crowd of Wormmon,
scattering them.

"All right, that does it," Ellen said, disgusted. "Ready, Hawkmon?"
Her partner nodded.

"Hawkmon, evolve! Cockatrimon!"

"Feather Cutter!" Cockatrimon loosed a barrage of feathers. Although he
dodged a majority of them, Fuugamon sustained quite a few slashes from
the razor sharp plumes.

"Evil Hurricane!" Fuugamon retaliated. Cockatrimon flinched as she was
bombarded by the attack, but managed to stand her ground. Fuugamon's attack
also sent two or three Wormmon bouncing along the ground,
and Ellen and Rene hurried to catch them before they were injured too severely.

"Ice Club!" Hyougamon joined the fray by bringing his own club down on Fuugamon's
head. His red-colored twin went down, but didn't stay there. Soon the two
digimon were grappling and wrestling with each other, each trying to get the upper
hand over the other.

The wrestling match - and the battle - finally ended when Hyougamon got in
another good swing with his Ice Club attack, this time knocking Fuugamon

"Now what do we do with him?" wondered Rene.

Ellen had the perfect idea. "Hey Cockatrimon"
she called to her partner, who hadn't yet de-evolved.
"Remember what you said earlier about petrifying this jerk for a month?"

Cockatrimon blinked, then smiled in understanding.
"It would be my pleasure. Petrifier!" Her eyes flashed, and once again
Fuugamon was turned to stone. With Fuugamon suitably restrained
Cockatrimon returned to her Child stage.

"Don't worry," Snow Agumon assured the Wormmon as they warily
regarded the granite form of their tormentor. "Hawkmon made sure
that he'll stay that way for a long time. He won't be bothering you again."

"Thank you," one of the Wormmon said, turning to Ellen and Rene.
"I don't know how we can ever repay you."

"Don't worry about it. It's our job to reign in jerks like Fuugamon
there," responded Rene.

"Speaking of, what do we do with the overgrown lawn ornament?"
Ellen wondered.

"Good question," remarked Hawkmon.

The whole group fell silent as everyone pondered this new problem.

"So Fuugamon's been taken care of?" Joan inquired. It was later in
the evening, past dinner time. The two LaSalle siblings and their partners
were in Joan's room, where Rene was relating the day's events to his sister.

Rene nodded. "After about five minutes or so this really old-looking
digimon showed up; I mean, this guy was ancient!"

"Jijimon." Joan went over to her computer and pulled a picture of the
aforementioned Digimon up from the FAQ. "He kind of keeps an eye on the
teams in Europe and New York, although he interacts more with London
and New York than the rest of us."

"Ah. Good to know," Rene responded.

"Anyway, you were saying...?"

"Oh yeah! Jijimon showed up, congratulated Ellen, our partners and I on
taking care of Fuugamon and said he'd take care of him for us.
Then both he and Fuugamon disappeared."

"I see. Well, Lord knows what Jijimon's got planned for the guy, but good riddance
to him all the same," Joan remarked. Then, looking at Snow Agumon, she
changed the subject. "So, how was your first day of school?"

"It was fun!" Snow Agumon smiled. "Hawkmon, Lopmon and I had to find a
place to hide all day, and we had to hide from the adults and other kids while
we were looking for it. Then Hawkmon found this closet..."

Rene sat back in his chair and grinned as he and his sister listened to Snow
Agumon chatter on about the utility closet and the bouncy ball.

"Ellen, I'm home!"

The eleven year-old looked up from her history textbook before marking her
place and getting up from the sofa. Hawkmon, who had been seated beside Ellen,
quickly dashed behind the couch so that Mr. Belvoir wouldn't see her. Hopefully
she'd be able to make a quick flight up the stairs undetected.

"Hey Dad," Ellen greeted her father from the doorway between the living room
and the kitchen. "There's still some stew left; you'll just have to reheat it."

M. Belvoir nodded, turning the burner on under the saucepan and allowing the
broth to simmer. "I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier," he apologized, giving Ellen a
swift peck on the cheek as he crossed over to the refrigerator and pulled out a
bottled water. "I had a long meeting this morning and I wasn't able to get
everything done in the afternoon, and then just as I was getting ready to leave
M. Castlemore called me into his office for another meeting."

Ellen nodded in understanding. Long nights working were the norm for her father,
especially after the divorce. "Good meeting or bad meeting?" she asked. Out of the
corner of her eye, she saw Hawkmon making for the staircase. Subtly Ellen nodded
to signal that her father wasn't looking, and Hawkmon quickly winged her way upstairs.

"I'm too tired to talk about it." Ellen's lips thinned. Avoiding the subject; that, too,
had become a common occurrence with her dad. When the stew was ready M.
Belvoir ladled some into a bowl and brought it to the counter island in the kitchen.
"So, how was your day?"

"Oh, it was...fine," Ellen replied. She wished she could tell her father about the
battle with Fuugamon, and envied Rene. At least he has a sister who can relate to him,
she thought a tad bitterly.

At last Ellen added, "My bookbag fell apart again."

"Again?" M. Belvoir echoed, incredulous.

"Yeah. I ended up having to do a patch job in the art room during lunch time."
Ellen pointed to her backpack, which was sitting by the back door. The light of
the ceiling lights gleamed on several strips of duct tape that sealed the hole in the front.
She didn't add that one of the straps had snapped while she was in the Digital World,
and it had been repaired by one of the grateful Wormmon.

"Why didn't you say anything before?"

"Wha- I did! To both you and Mom!" she huffed. "You just weren't
paying attention."

M. Belvoir flinched, and had the decency to look guilty. "Sorry," he apologized.
"Guess this means we'll have to get you a new one, then. We'll go shopping this

"What about that thing?" Ellen jerked her thumb at her dilapidated bag.
"I don't know if it'll survive another school day."

Her father rubbed his chin in thought. "Up in the attic there's some old equipment
of mine, when I used to go camping with my brothers and my dad. My old knapsack
should still be up there; you can use that until we can get you something new."

"Okay. Thanks, Dad. Enjoy your dinner." Ellen kissed him on the cheek to show
that he was forgiven, then hurried up the stairs. Sticking her head in her bedroom
doorway she whispered, "Hey, Hawkmon!"

The bird digimon appeared in the doorway. "Yeah?"

"My dad's letting me use an old pack of his until we can buy me a new one,"
Ellen explained. "Want to go up to the attic with me and hunt it up?"

Hawkmon smiled. "Sure."

With that the two of them headed up to the attic.

Gerard's Dossiers:

Rene LeSalle

Born: 1993
Received partner: 2004

Nationality: French
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Laid back and easy going, Rene always prefers to roll with the punches.
He's hardly shown any displays of temper, publicly at least. He finds almost
perverse enjoyment in listening to Ellen's attempts at baiting him and knowing
she probably never will get a rise out of him. In the same respect, Rene is
also able to give as good as he gets.

Although he would never admit it, Rene holds a lot of respect for his
pseudo-opponent Ellen. He wouldn't go so far as to call what he feels
about her a crush, since he doesn't believe that he's ready for a relationship
of that caliber and might not be ready for one for some time.


Special Powers:

Koromon - Snow Agumon - Hyougamon

Author's Notes:

It's been a long time coming, but entry 5 is finally finished!

The idea for Snow Agumon's disguise came from an episode of the first season of Adventure ("Gatomon Comes Calling" in America). In that episode, Agumon wore a blue hoodie while out walking the streets with Taichi.

The 'Yume' that Genevieve mentions is from Lord Archive's "War Diaries" series.

Jijimon was introduced in the second entry of Archive's "London Diaries" and is to that group what Gennai is to the Odaiba team. He has also popped up in relation to the New York Team.

Upcoming Entry:
Entry 6 - Memorial Day Genevieve focus chapter. It's the anniversary of the death of Genevieve's mother, and she struggles to get through the day...without her father finding out about Lopmon.