By Snare-chan

Pairings: None
Ratings: PG-13
Category(ies): Horror/Hate
Warning(s): Serious talk and/or discussion of uncomfortable issues
Status: One-shot
Summery: Someone discusses the color purple! ^^=

Notes: I love the color purple; it's my favorite color ever. What better way to discuss such a lovely thing when I'm in a bad mood? Even better, I've got a sadist doing it for me…

Disclaimer: I dun own YGO, wish I did like everyone else. They should but YGO in stock, then I'd buy it all!
Dedication: To my Gawd of Ra, Chibizoo.


Purple is such a beautiful color.

You know, you can learn a lot from colors.

Did you know that in Thailand widows who have just lost a husband wear purple? Caesar wore purple, the rare robes of royalty. Yes, yes…

Helen of Troy, who had been walking along the beach one day with her dog, supposedly discovered it. Her beast had caught a shellfish, tearing it apart with its jaws and covering its muzzle in a dye from the shellfish's purple vein.

From that day forward people tried to get the rare dye, having to kill over 200 shellfish to color 1000 pounds of wool. It was such a hard and laborious task that it was only used to dye clothes for royalty.

Yes, yes, Caesar died while wearing purple, was murdered while wearing purple, was stabbed while wearing purple. His purple was stained red red red…

And did you know that purple comes in different shades?

Why, yes, it's very true! Your fingers and toes turn indigo before they fall off; and bruises are a nice shade of plum when you first receive them. Scotland's Thistles are a unique shade of orchid; the flowers were the very downfall and death of many Norsemen in the war between the Scots and the Norsemen.

I think the Grim Reaper would wear purple robes.

Not black you fool! No no no, never black!

Black is a shade, not a color!

Never ever a color, never ever ever.

Black is an icky shade, a shade of sly notions and dealings, of hate and despair. Death, the Grim Reaper, is none of those things. He is greedy, ready to hunt you down and take your life and soul. The Reaper is not a hating thing, it's a taking thing, a wanting thing. The skeleton man shouldn't be feared or despised or hated, but given in to.

Give in to the Grim Reaper in the flowing purple garbs, a robe of power, of energy.

It would have greedy, giddy eyes, a bright violet…like mine.

It would have shades of purple dyed garbs…like mine.

Despite its appearance you'd never see it, you'd never know it was there, wanting you. It can see you, yes it can, and it can see you from anywhere.

Purple also stands for persistence, you know. The Grim Reaper never gives up on what it wants.

You can't get away from it…

You can't get away from me

Because I am Malik Ishtar, leader of the Rare Hunters and holder of the Millennium Item known as the Scepter; I am Death.

I'm always watching and taking and taking and taking…

So…do you like purple?