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Love Me as I Am

Chapter 1-To Learn Something New

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Suki squeeled as she collided with Inuyasha's leg, falling down. Kagome smiled and picked her up in her arms.

"What is it?" she asked maternally.

"Kanaye was chasing me…" she sobbed.

"Shhhhh…you're fine." Kagome cooed, kissing Suki's forehead.

Inuyasha walked outside. Kanaye was sitting on the ground pouting. He sat down beside him.

"I just wanted to play with her." He muttered.

"Why does she have to be such a scaredy cat?"

Inuyasha shrugged. He still didn't understand women.

The two sat, thinking pensively and getting more and more confused about women as they contemplated the subject.

Kagome and Suki were now inside. Kagome was helping make dinner.

Suki smiled as Sango walked in the door with Miroku.

Miroku's hand was around her waist as usual, only now Sango's stomach was bigger. She smiled. They had gotten married a year ago and she was now pregnant with their first child.

The sacred shikon no tama had still not been completed. Kikyo had joined forces, so to speak, with Naraku and so far they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to complete the jewel. So had Inuyasha and the others.

It seemed to them that every time they got close to finishing the jewel Naraku, Kikyo or some other outside force pulled it away from their fingertips.

Kagome dressed Suki in a new pink and blue kimono with floral trim at the bottom. She put her arms up as Kagome pulled off her muddied one. She would have to take it back to her time, hoping the stain removers were strong enough.

Miroku sat down on a mat, Sango in his lap.

"Hey. Miroku? Were Sango and you planning on taking a Lamaze class in my time?" Kagome asked.

Miroku shrugged.

"We were debating. We've only been to your time once and we never went very far from your house."

Sango nodded.

"I'd like to though. I think it would be a lot of help to us." She said smiling.

"You were fortunate because you grew up knowing how to care for babies and such. You learned so easily. Miroku though…he had NO idea whatsoever about what you do with babies." Sango said.

"Sango learned from watching you with the twins…but when you changed their undergarments…I always retreated to the outside." Miroku agreed.

Sango bonked him playfully on the head.

"See? It's hollow. He knows nothing."

Everyone laughed.

"Mommy? Can I go outside?" Suki pleaded.

"I just changed your kimono. Try not to get it dirty again."

She nodded sweetly and went outside.

"Father? Can I hold your sword?" Kanaye asked.

Inuyasha almost fell over. Tetsusaiga was almost 6 times as big as Kanaye.

"Fine. Give it a try." He said, sitting it down in the dirt. Kanaye reached down to pick it up. At first it didn't move, but after about three attempts it scooted a bit.

Even this insignificant movement surprised Inuyasha. His own two-year-old son was able to move tetsusaiga.

Suki watched from behind a tree. She smiled. In a way, she was proud of her brother.

Kanaye grinned triumphantly, though wishing he had actually been able to pick it up.

Suki stepped out from behind the tree.

"Daddy? Can I try?" she asked.

Inuyasha shrugged and Suki walked up to the sword.

Kanaye sniggered to himself.

Suki wrapped her fingers around the hilt of the sword. They were still so tiny.

After countless attempts she still hadn't moved it. She had a disappointed look about her.

Inuyasha thought of something.

"Hold on. You two stay here." He ordered going inside.

Kagome blinked as she saw him come in.

"Kagome. Can I borrow your bow and arrows?" he asked her.

She blinked again.

"Yeah…over there…but what for?" she wondered.

Inuyasha nodded, picked them up and went outside, not answering.

Kagome shrugged and went back to pealing the potato she was holding in her hand.

Suki and Kanaye waited patiently outside sitting on a rather large rock.

"What do you think he's doing?" Kanaye asked Suki.

"I don't know…but whatever it is…it seems exciting. Don't you think?" she said, spirit in her voice.

Kanaye shrugged.


Inuyasha came out of the cabin carrying the bow and arrows.

"Daddy? What are you doing with mommy's stuff?" Suki asked curiously.

"Come here." He said, ignoring her question.

Suki obeyed and walked over, her tiny feet walking on the dirt.

Inuyasha handed her the bow while Kanaye watched with interest.

"I want you to shoot that apple out of the tree." He told her.

"But why? I can just barely hold mommy's bow. It's awfully big." She argued.

"I'll help you hold it." He said, situating it correctly in her hands.

"There, now shoot!" he yelled.

Suki complied and pulled the string back towards her. It was difficult because her arms were still fairly short.

She let go, facing only a little recoil, and the arrow went flying towards the apple.

Almost as soon as she had let go, the arrow pierced the apple and juice splattered. It fell out of the tree.

Inuyasha's eyes widened.

'She DOES have Kagome's talent…' he thought.

Suki dropped the bow and ran over to the apple to see what she had done.

"Daddy! I hit it!" she exclaimed, presenting the apple to him.

Inuyasha smirked.

Kanaye cocked a brow.

"Wait…why did I have to shoot the apple again?" Suki asked Inuyasha, tugging on his arm.

"From now on, every day you'll be learning how to use the bow and arrows just as your mother does."


Kanaye got off the rock.

"So…you mean you're gonna teach Suki to use the bow? What about me?"

"No. Kagome…uh…I mean…you're mother. She's going to teach her." Inuyasha stuttered.

"Really? That's news." Came Kagome's voice from somewhere behind them. She had her hands on her hips.

All three of them turned around.

Suki grinned.

"Mommy? Are you REALLY gonna teach me?"

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and nodded.

"I guess I am then. On one condition."

"What's that?" Inuyasha asked.

"You can teach Kanaye to use tetsusaiga…but don't be too hard on him. He's still young."

Inuyasha nodded and Kagome went inside.

"Oh. And Inuyasha..." She said, sticking her head out the door.