Breaking News

"Fellow beings of the Galaxy, tonight on HNNN, the HoloNet News Network that the Galaxy depends upon, brings you breaking news, and several exclusive stories that you will only see here, unless of course weird Yuuzhan Vong creatures once again use some sort of weird biobabble type item to disrupt the holorelays.
"Now onto the main story of the night, apparently Jagged Fel, The Galactic Alliances most loved-especially by everyone's favorite Yuuzhan Vong Goddess- clawcraft pilots, has either obtained colored contacts or had new eyes implanted. We are able to bring you this ever so important announcement tonight because of the extremely skilled writings of one of the Galaxies favorite profic writers, Greg Keyes. It is due to a comment in Mr. Keyes newest novel that we now know that Colonel Fel has blue eyes.

"When reports of this first came in it was suggested by some fans (mainly Nom Anor and Yen Nim fans) that perhaps this change was due to the errors of the professional writer. However, these initial claims were quickly dismissed by most loyal fans, many of whom were quoted as saying that the claim was so unbelievable that not even Elgos Akla or Borsk Felaya could pretend to believe it. Still in the interest of upholding our reputation of carefully checking facts here at HNNN (Ha ha) we tried to arrange an interview with the good Colonel, himself.
"Unfortunately he declined, stating that he was too busy with squadron duties and saving the Galaxy *cough*Jaina Solo*cough* to spare time for an interview. He did, however, leave us with a brief statement explaining his actions.
"We now give you Colonel Jagged Fel in his own grim words: "Well the change my eye color has been a long time in coming. With all of these different authors it was bound to happened sooner or later, but I decided to take matters into my own hands first. I also noticed that all of Jain- I mean, Yun Harla's apparent suitors have been almost identical. Apparently we're all tall, with dark hair, green eyes, and an amazing physique. When I noticed this and of course, Jaina I finally got together, I decided that I didn't want a case of mistaken identity. You know, Jaina accidentally sticking her tongue down Durron or Zekks throat. So I decided that it was time for a change." It is important to note that Colonel Fel actually gives a full fledged grin here. "And Jaina obviously likes my new eyes. She actually went so far as to blush at my gaze."

"Nearby fans were refrained from comment, but distant fans could once again be heard screaming about author error. They were quickly silenced and many on lookers were shocked by this sudden development. Some by standers, probably the Nom Anor and Nem Yim fans once again, have attributed the sudden quiet to accidental slip of the author's pen, but the senate's still out on that.
"Well, that's all for now folks, but we will be back after the commercials with two more important reports. The out-of-the-blue apprenticeship of Tahiri Veila and the total disappearance of Jacen Solo." (Not that we'll really miss him, if he promises to take Danni Quee with him, once and for all)

Disclaimer: Of course, I own absolutely none of this. If I had I would be making money off of this and I would have made several trivia errors in here. Oh wait, I probably have any way and that's just fine, 'cause I'm the author of a fan fic, not a profic!!!