We here at HNNN interrupt your regularly scheduled smashball game tonight to bring you breaking news! No we do not have more news to report on the unbelievable surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong, instead we give you this. Jaina Solo has decided to become a politician and a diplomat! After first receiving this shocking news hours earlier, we finally caught up with Jedi Solo for her comments on this news. She was kind enough to give us a full interview.

HNNN: So you've decided to become a diplomat and a politician. Is this shocking news true?

Goddess: Yes it is. I've decided that with the end of the war it was time for a change. My character hadn't been butchered quite as badly as Mara's yet, so I needed to take a path that was directly contradictory to everything that I had believed in. I had blown off the man I loved mere minutes before I made my decision on the premise that I wanted to change the Galaxy in a way that my mother wasn't able too, so I decided to immediately follow in her footsteps.

HNNN: So uh, do you have any more specific plans for the future?

Goddess: Well I haven't made in specific plans yet, but I imagine it will involve more of the same- contradicting any established character trait that I've showed so far, even if they're contradictory.

HNNN: What about the Jedi and the military? Will you continue to be active with them?

Goddess: Only in times of Galactic Crisis when only I can save the day, but even then I'll pretty much just hang back and let Jacen and Uncle Luke do all of the work. I will still devote as much time as necessary to get all of the dark haired green eyed pilots and Jedi to fall in love with me, however. A Goddess must never fail in her duty.

HNNN: Now that you mention that, why do we keep mentioning that Goddess charade? I thought that plot device was abandoned several years ago?

Goddess: Well actually when the Yuuzhan Vong found out that the only time I had outshined my mother was when I received the ranking of Goddess, the felt that I had endured quite enough pain and named me an honorary Goddess.

HNNN: Back to this politician business. Doesn't it concern you in the slightest that the only time that you've shown any talent for politics or diplomacy was while you were under the influence of the Darkside?

Goddess: [waves hand] You will ask another question. There is nothing you want to know here. Politics are not of the Darkside.

HNNN: I will ask another question. There is nothing I want to know here. Politics are not of the Darkside. Em, what does your family think of your decision?

Goddess: Well my mother is overjoyed of course, that I'm finally following in her footsteps. My Aunt and Uncle are quite happy to see me moving the Jedi into a new area of pointless maneuvering- I mean progress in aiding the citizens of the galaxy. And my brother hasn't quite been able to decide yet whether I'm following a good path or not. He's still questioning me. He thinks I'll change my mind again soon anyway.

HNNN: Thank you for granting this interview, Goddess. Now we'll let everyone get back to their regularly scheduled smashball game. We here at HNNN will only interrupt you again if something utterly phenomenal happens, like a someone acting in character, that is of course, if we can remember how they were supposed to act.

Thank you and goodnight.

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