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I slowly opened my eyes to see a face staring down out me; "w-who are you?" my voice was soft and squeaky.

"It's me Selphie, Seifer." I looked at the man's green eyes and the scar that was between them. I lifted my hand and ran it down the side of his cool face.

"You ok Selphie?"

"Selphie?" I felt confused. Who's Selphie?

"You really must of hit your head if you don't remember who you are. Your Selphie...Selphie Tilmitt. Remember?"


Seifer woke up to hear a soft sobbing on the bed beside him. He got out of bed and listened for a moment to try and work out who it was,

"Selphie!?!" The young blond questioned. The sobbing didn't stop so he walked over and sat on the bed. The moonlight came through the window and lit up the two of them.

"What's wrong?"

The girl wiped her tears away,

"There's a monster under my bed. I'm scared if I go to sleep it will get me." She started to sod again

"It's ok Selphie, I'll protect you I won't let the monster get you." The brunet smiled and hugged Seifer with all her might.

"Selphie, you're hurtin' me."

She let go and giggled, "Sorry." Seifer smiled


I sat up and hugged him,

"Selphie, you're hurtin' me." He laughed and smiled down at me.

"Come on I'll take you to the infirmary." He picked me up and started walking,

"What where you doing in the training center with nothing but your nunchaku, Selphie?" I didn't say anything, hell, I didn't know. I just smiled at him and put my head on his shoulder. I didn't remember anything or anyone, but I new I could trust this...Seifer. I felt safe. I closed my eyes and that's all I remember, I must of forlorn asleep.


"Is it gone?" Selphie whispered holding the taller boys hand.

"Yes!" He looked down at her and smiled a small, but reassuring smile. The two of them went back inside.

"What were you two doing out there?" An angry Matron said. Selphie walked over to her and looked up at her with her innocent eyes.

"Seifer scared the monster under the bed away."

"Yeah, it was gonna take Selphie away when she was sleeping." The women smiled at them both

"Come on." She held out her hand and Selphie held onto it. "Back to bed."

"But I'm not-" Seifer yawned "tired"

"Bed." Was all she said! Seifer walked next to Selphie very proud that he had scared Selphie's monster away. Suddenly something grabbed his hand; he quickly looked done to see Selphie's hand in his. A sweet smile slowly appeared.

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