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I licked my lips and tasted the newly applied cherry lip-gloss, "Yummy!" I smiled to myself.

"Hehehe!" I looked up to see a tall blond with a long scar between his green eyes

"What?" I asked

"Nothing!" He shook his head.

"It's yummy." I held out my lip-gloss to him, "Try it." He gave me an amused look, which vanished as soon as he noticed I was serious. "Go on!"

"Don't be stupid." I opened my lip-gloss and put a bit on to my pointing finger. Then stepped closer to the tall blond.

"I'm serious!" I run my finger along his soft bottom lip, applying the rose coloured lip-gloss. "Now lick it." He runs his bubble gum tongue along his cherry covered lip.

"Yummy!" I smiled as he smiled


He laughed, "Can I have some more?"

Stunned at the reaction I nodded as I held out the lip-gloss.

He pushed my hand down, "No!" He smirked as he stepped closer his long gray trench coat just touching my short yellow dress.

His green eyes locked to my green one's.

He wrapped his long arms around my skinny waist and kissed my own cherry covered lips.

After what seemed like forever and still not long enough he pulled back, "Yummy, Miss Almasy" He smirked

"Very, Mr. Almasy!" I agreed with a soft cheesy, cherry, smile on my own face.


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