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Chapter 10: Fallen (God, I have SO many fics with that concept! *sigh* Don't cha love it?)

The first thing Sonic saw when he woke up was the fading candlelight in the room and he noticed a slight pain in his neck. He realized the cause of pain as his head rested on Shadow's shoulder. He didn't want to move and risk his lover's peaceful sleep, but he did want to feel comfortable. He gave a long, exasperated sigh. This stopped as he felt a warmth against his ear, then it faded after a few seconds, and then he felt it again. This process repeated itself as Sonic temporarily forgot about his neck pain.

As the warmth grew, a smile spread across his lips and giggles escaped them. His body shook slightly as Shadow's breathing tickled him. He heard a mumble behind him and Shadow's grip on his waist grew tighter.

"There you are, my love." he whispered in Sonic's ear.

"I haven't gone anywhere, ya idiot." Sonic replied as he turned to face him.

"Yeah you did." Shadow still whispered as he took Sonic's hand and placed it on his body. "You went here, remember?"

"Oh really?" Sonic joked. "Well, I don't see how I could forget that."

"Same here." Shadow said before giving him an unreadable look. "I sense something bothering you; an undeniable tension playing at your very soul, perhaps?"

"Um, okay." Sonic replied with a weird look.

Shadow laughed a little before placing his fingers on Sonic's tense neck. They made invisible circular tracks as he massaged it.

"Oh." Sonic moaned. "This is perfect."

"Yeah." Shadow agreed as he continued. "You..and me..connected in every known way possible.."

Sonic gave him a sexy smile. "God, I love it when you talk like that."

"Now I can experience something much more than I ever thought, something I never thought I would come close to, something I know I can't live without now that you're in my life, something that means more to me than life ever did, something amazing, going beyond my biggest hopes and dreams, I see it all here in your" he gave a warm smile as he finished, meaning everything he said.

Sonic's eyes widened at his poetic confession. "Wow, that was awesome, Shadow."

"Yeah," he replied, "that was kind of mind blowing for me too. I wish I would've told you sooner, though."

"No, the timing was perfect." Sonic assured him as he wrapped him in a tight hug.

"Great." Shadow sighed. "So, what now?" he asked.

"I don't kno-" Sonic confirmed before the light bulb came on in his head. "Wait, I've got it!"

"What?" Shadow asked with curiosity.

"You'll see." Sonic replied as he jumped out of bed, dragging Shadow along with him.

"But what about the hotel room?" Shadow asked.

"What about it? We've got another week to get our stuff outta there." Sonic replied.

Shadow's eyes widened. "You're kidding, right?"

"Of course not!" Sonic exclaimed as he dragged Shadow out the door. They were in the elevator and out the door in no time. As they walked around Station Square, they saw Tails riding around in his new rocket-powered scooter. Tails saw the cute couple and stopped in his tracks.

"Hey guys!" Tails greeted with a smile.

"Hey buddy!" Sonic greeted back.

"Hello Tails." Shadow replied in his mysterious tone.

"Took ya long enough to get out this morning." Tails commented.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sonic asked.

"Oh, I think you, the gang, and everyone that saw you at the club know what I'm talking about."

"Sorry kid, but that's for ears 17 and up." Shadow said. Sonic nodded in agreement.

"Oh, COME ON!! Do you know how many 12-year-old perverts exist in this world?" (A/N: Believe me, I know! You should hear some of the stories my sister tells me.)

"There's nothin' to talk about, Tails." Sonic confirmed.

"Eh, not like I wanted to know. Amy paid me to ask you guys. I TOLD her that it wouldn't work!"

As soon as Tails said that, Sonic and Shadow looked across the street to see none other than Amy looking like an idiot. She absent-mindedly turned the other way as if she didn't see them.

"Wait, I've got an idea." Shadow confirmed before the three of them got into a huddle. After about five minutes, Sonic and him walked away and Tails approached Amy.

"So, what did they say?" Amy asked eagerly and jumping about in the process.

"Well.." Tails thought before leading her to an alleyway. "Your present really helped, especially the last one, which kept them up for hours." Amy started to look a little freaked out by this, but Tails continued anyway. "Plus they had ten different little toys to start with." Tails had to pinch himself slightly to keep himself from laughing. "And-" he looked around suspiciously before continuing, "They didn't want me to tell you this, but three of them got lost while they were goin' at it." Amy was practically green when Tails was finished.

"AAAAAAAAAGH!! MENTAL IMAGES!! GET 'EM OUT, GET-THEM--OUT!!" Amy screamed as she ran away while clutching her head. By then, Tails was rolling on the ground, laughing maniacally.


"Did you hear something?" Sonic asked as they approached a large building.

"Oh, you heard it too?" Shadow asked with a puzzled look.

"Yeah, I could've sworn I heard someone scream just now." he continued. They both looked at each other and laughed as they entered, holding hands as they walked.

Shadow wiped the tears from his eyes and looked around. "Well, doesn't this bring back scary memories?"

"Now if Amy was here, then you'd really be scared." Sonic added as they explored the Station Square Mall stores.

"Um, why are we here anyway?" Shadow asked.

"I'll ruin the surprise if I tell you." Sonic scolded.

"Oh come on! I've had enough surprises for the week." Shadow complained.

"Don't worry, we're almost there." Sonic assured him. Before he could say anything else, they saw Knuckles and Rouge walking in the opposite direction toward them. They approached the couple looking normal as ever.

"Hey guys!" Rouge greeted excitedly. Knux, on the other hand, looked tired and disoriented.

"Hey." they replied.

"Well Shad, it looks like you had a great birthday." Rouge commented.

"Oh, you can tell?" Shadow asked.

"Yeah, you look so happy!" Rouge replied.

"Yeah, and your boyfriend looks ecstatic." Sonic said sarcastically.

"Shut up." Knux greeted angrily.

"What's up with you?" Sonic asked.

"We've the mall.for four...HOURS.." he replied slowly with his eyes wandering.

"He's not used to being around all these people." Rouge added while rubbing his head.

"She wakes me up at 9:00 in the morning and drags me out here to buy another dress." he complained.

"Well, you agreed to it!" Rouge scolded.

"How did that happen?" Shadow asked.

"I was disoriented at the time." Knux replied.

"Well, what were you doing?" Sonic asked.

"Having sex." he replied.

"Dude, how could you have fallen for that?" Shadow asked.

"I...don't.know.." Knux groaned.

"Well, we better take a stroll through the stores a fourth time, honey." Rouge suggested. "We'll leave you alone for now."

"Help..mee.." Knux begged as he was dragged away by Rouge.

"Good luck, guys!" Sonic shouted as they walked away.

Shadow snickered as they disappeared in the mall crowd. "Just think, we might end up like..them.."

"Wait, you wouldn't try and trick me like that, would you?" Sonic asked with a shiver.

"Of course not!" Shadow exclaimed while getting a smile from Sonic. "Yet." he added in a sinister tone.

"Very funny." Sonic said as they continued walking again. They stopped at a small photo booth in the middle of the floor. "Well, we're here. C'mon." he said as he led him and Shadow into the booth. They both made themselves comfortable in the seat as Sonic put some money in the slot.

"So.what now?" Shadow asked, confused.

"There's five seconds in between each shot. We'll be the only ones to see them, so be creative." Sonic explained.

Shadow gave a smirk as they began to pose for the first picture. They wrapped each other's arms around the other's neck and placed their faces next to each other while smiling for the camera. Soon enough, they began to loosen up and the last picture taken showed the two passionately kissing. As they left the booth, they both held six pictures.

"I like this one the best." Shadow said as he showed Sonic a picture of him licking his ear and giving the camera a sexy look.

"No, this one really takes the cake." Sonic suggested as he showed Shadow one of his pictures.

"Hey wait, where'd your hands go?" Shadow asked puzzled before remembering exactly how they posed for that particular picture. He gave Sonic a grin and said, "You are soooo dirty."

As they walked into the nearest department store, Sonic matched his look and replied, "They should call me Sonic the Horny Hedgehog."

"Right on the money." Shadow agreed. He looked to his right and saw the fitting rooms. He stopped, which made Sonic stop. He gazed into the doorway, then looked back at Sonic. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"What are you talking about-oh.C'mon, how desperate can you be?" he replied, giving him a playful smack.

"Um, desperate enough to suggest the restrooms, then?" he continued before exploding in laughter.

"Okay, maybe you should be Shadow the Horny as Hell hedgehog then." Sonic commented. (A/N: Did anyone notice the abbreviation HAH a few chapters back? Well, that's what it meant! If you're lost, think about it.^_$) They continued walking around for hours, spotting Knuckles and Rouge a few times, laughing to themselves each time.

They approached one of the exits and Sonic began to drag Shadow away from it. He then stopped in his tracks. "Hey, we're making no progress in our fantasies by just walking around here. Let's head back, shall we?"

"Of course." Sonic agreed as they approached the exit. As they left, the sky was dark and it was raining heavily outside. "Awwww." he groaned.

"You're worried about a little rain?" Shadow asked. "Well, we don't have to get wet."

"Well, how are we going to get back to the hotel then?" Sonic asked confused.

"We'll play a game I like to call 'Get Wet, Get Bent.'" Shadow replied.

"And how do you play that?" Sonic asked.

"We run like hell to the hotel, and we'll see who's affected most by the rain. You ready?" Sonic nodded in reply. "Well, LET'S GO!!!" They were off in a dash and under the hotel roof in less than five minutes, approaching the bedroom panting.

"And now, the moment of truth." He waited to see Sonic's reaction, which was just him standing there. "Well, what are you waiting for? Touch me!" Shadow demanded.

Sonic obeyed and ran his fingers through Shadow's fur, which was dry as a desert. He looked up to Shadow with a surprised look on his face. "Wait, how did you-"

"It's all about the technique, my love." Shadow replied, noticing that Sonic was soaking wet.

"So what now?" Sonic asked.

"What do you mean, 'what now?'" Shadow asked.

"I mean, what are we going to do?" Sonic elaborated.

"The question is what are we not gonna do?" Shadow said with a smirk. His eyes approached the door to the balcony. "I have an idea, follow me." He took Sonic's hand and led him toward the balcony.

It was still raining as they approached the view outside. The heavy clouds covered the moon and night stars.

"This is beautiful." Sonic beamed, looking up at the gray sky.

Shadow looked up at the sky, but saw nothing to his liking. "What are you talking about?"

"This." Sonic said before trapping Shadow in a sweet kiss.

The pouring rain beat on their bodies, but all they could feel was each other's warmth in their kiss as a song played in their heads.

'You complete me

Like air and water boy I need thee

And when I'm in your arms I feel free, fallen My head's up in the clouds In love, I'm proud to say it loud Like an accident it happened Outta nowhere it just happened And I ain't mad at all because

I've fallen...head over heels I've love with you I've fallen...and I can't get up Don't wanna get up..because of love.'

The moon began to creep out of the clouds, but the rain never slowed. Their lips stayed locked and their arms wrapped around each other, never letting go.

'Baby, to let you get away is crazy Forever and ever baby The picture wouldn't be the same If you weren't standing next to me Can't you see I've fallen

I've fallen...head over heels I've love with you I've fallen...and I can't get up Don't wanna get up..because of love

Fallen...head over heels I've love with you I've fallen...and I can't get up Don't wanna get up..because of love.'


Me: Well, that's it. My first long-term fic sequel has come to a close. I KNEW that song would come in handy! It's "Fallen" by Mya and I think it's the one of the greatest hopeless romantic songs out right now! Wow, I can't believe this is over...I really had fun writing this, it's very unique compared to the other Sonadows I've read.Well, I would have a finale after chap, but I'm so eager to put this up and get some reviews! Well, I hope you enjoyed this, cause I've loved every second of it! I plan on starting another romance with a couple you'll rarely see, cause it's a pairing with a fancharacter! Can you guess what it is? You figure it out while I celebrate the three Gamecube games I got for Christmas! Happy New Year! (sorta.) REVIEW, I BEG OF YOU!!