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Max: Hey, guys! We're just here to inform ya that the second match between Coral and Zeomon will take place in the next artificial saga story. So, don't be surprised if you don't see Coral showing up in these fic corners.

Keke: But we do have a guest. She claims to be Coral's friend.

Celesta: Yes, she is my friend. I just don't want those two to end up killing each other.

Max: So tell us a little more about yourself…

Celesta: Well. Unlike Coral, I'm a rather gentle and generous person. I'm rather shy and timid. I have what you call a pure heart. I'm a celestial demi-goddess. Don't mistake me as an all powerful immortal, because my powers also have limits.

Max: How can you put up with such a psycho like her?

Celesta: That psycho helped me realize that it's okay to be different. I was always ridiculed for using my healing. I was called a witch and driven out from my own village. I met up with Coral and wasn't afraid after I healed her from a gruesome battle. She thanked me and I saw her as a friend. That's why it started. So I would watch it if you called her a psycho.

Keke: But she was from a once bloodthirsty warrior race! She's the last of the three!

Celesta: Yes, but she's my friend. It doesn't matter what she is. She'll always be my friend.

Max: Just watch how you hang around here. Anyway, let's get on with the Tamers fic! Our heroes have arrived in the Digital World and must stop Dark Magimon. So we'll shut the fuck up right now. Enjoy!


[Digimon Tamers Opening "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

An Appearance of Darkness: The Evil Sorcerer, Dark Magimon! A Trap Awaits!

Deep within the Digital World, the landscape was barren and the canyons were just as lifeless. Unlike the other digital world, this new one seemed to still be in development of some sorts, as if life were still evolving. But that was not the case if Devas were once roaming around.

Up from above the skies, the monkey deva, Makuramon, was still carrying the caged-up Calumon and the energy-filled container. He looked down and something had caught his attention. Just as he was about to go down to investigate, He was starting to lose grasp of the cage. Then it came falling from out of his hands.

"Ack! No! Get back here!"

Makuramon went flying down as he went to snare the caged-up Calumon but then a stream of data goes shooting by, which the monkey deva was easily able to avoid. He fazes right past it and then as soon as he looked around for Calumon, he was nowhere to se seen. An angry look came across the face of Makuramon.

"Damn! I knew that I should have held him with proper care! That's a mistake that I will have regretted! Now how is the master going to respond to the fact that I had lost one important power source? I will just have to give him a good reason, because if I were to lie to him, he'll easily use his magic to make my head explode with a melon. I just hope he's in a very good mood today."

With that said, Makuramon powers up as an aura forms all over his body. He goes flying right off into the distance in hopes of making it over towards Dark Magimon's hideout.


[Random DBZ background music plays]

Elsewhere within the Digital World, Shintomon was still leading the Tamers' group through the skies above. Among the Tamers were Tai, Matt, Takato, Rika, Kari, Davis and Ken. Davis and Ken managed to merge with their digimon to become Paildramon and Dinobeemon earlier on. The digimon also managed to monitor the area that they fly pass by, in order to pick up any strange ki levels that may be considered a threat.

Dinobeemon manages to speed up and catches right up to Shintomon as he goes over to ask the mystical guardian something concerning Dark Magimon.

"So what you are telling us is that Black Magimon created D-Reaper, who is sealed somewhere on this plane of existence? Its actually in this Digital World?"

Shintomon looks over at him with smile and replies, "That's right. The only one who could release the seal was Black Magimon, so we underestimated him and let our guard down. However, there was something that we discovered just recently. We found out that Black Magimon had a child and that child is here in this digital plane field."

"So, is he the one controlling all of the Devas, including Makuramon?" Tai asked.

"Yes, and Dark Magimon has the same black heart that Black Magimon had."

"I don't know all about this Magimon and D-Reaper talk," Paildramon said.

"In other words, all we have to do is to keep him from resurrecting the D-Reaper?" Takato asked.

"Yes, that's correct. But to do that, we have to defeat Dark Magimon. Because he is the only one who knows how to release D-Reaper."

Matt looks over across with an angry look and then looks right over towards Tai, as if giving him a 'lets get serious and take care of the situation' look. Tai turns away and faces ahead while leading War Greymon on to follow Shintomon.

"So, is this Dark Magimon that strong?" asked Tai.

"He has some pretty strong magic, but he doesn't have that much personal strength. At least that's how his father was before him. Mostly, since he can use evil in people's hearts to possess them, just like he did to each of the Devas, including Makuramon. He should be no problem unless he has possessed somebody strong."

The group then manages to fly across what seemed to be a large ocean in the middle of nowhere. This digital world seemed to have no boundaries or any limits, but then again, no digital world is ever logical.


Elsewhere, within the Digital World, Buddamon was leading his group right the rugged landscape. Kazu and Kenta were complaining of having tired feet and were thirsty for water. Buddamon paid no attention to their whining and continued on his walk.

"Uh, my feet are hurting. I really wish they had chairs around here. I really thought we would be in paradise right about now," said Kazu.

"Me too. Too bad! I was really looking forward to a nice peaceful time," replied Kenta, "By the way, you have any idea if we'll get any digimon partners?"

"I don't know. I hope so. I really want a cool one. I want a War Greymon just like that Tai has."

"Oh yeah? I want an Imperialdramon. Lets see you beat that!"

"Oh yeah. I'm going to end up with Virus myself. Now that's power."

"Oh man. You beat me to him. I really wanted Virus."

"Heh, too bad. He's mine now."

"Hey, Kazu? Which movie did you think was better? Freddy vs. Jason or Jeepers Creepers II?"

"We saw those two movies at the theatres the other day, right?"

"They were re-released for a special night last weekend."

"Yeah, I was there. Freddy vs. Jason definitely kicked butt! Who would have thought those two were in the same world?"

"No kidding… How did you see it? You're not even old enough to go in alone…"

"I snuck in…"

"Cheater. I had to go with my cousin! Luckily he's into those type of movies."

"It was a fun movie. Freddy's a freak!"

"No kidding. I'm thinking of being Jason this next Halloween."

"Dude, you're already uglier than Jason."

"That hurt, Kazu."

Jeri was simply giggling over at their conversation and then turns her attention right over towards Leomon, who was walking alongside of her.


"Yes, Jeri?"

"How long have you been a lone warrior?"

"For many years, Jeri. I've been battling foes from allover the other Digital World. I lived to fight and my first greatest rival was Ogremon. I was once the ultimate guardian of File Island, and my opposition was none other than Ogremon. We battled for many years. Then along came Devimon and he forced me to do his evil deeds and was forced to kill the original Digi-Destined. However, I was brought back into reality and fought alongside with them since then. I also lent a hand to them during the battles against Burizalor and Virus. And now, here, I met you. Since you received your digivice, I was no longer a lone warrior but a partner to a gentle person such as yourself."

"But, you probably think that I'm just another annoying little girl who might get in your way.

"That's not true at all, Jeri. As a matter of fact, you have the heart of a lion, that of pure and nobility. Don't you forget that."

"Thank you, Leomon. I won't forget. Are you able to digivolve?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I can. I'm able to digivolve into either Saberleomon or Cyberleomon. I prefer to be Cyberleomon since he's a better fighter. But I can expect you to bring forth my best potential within me, Jeri."

"Don't worry. I won't disappoint you."

Walking from right behind them was TK and Sonja. TK looks over and then starts to have a conversation with her.

"Sonja. I've been meaning to ask you a question."

"What is it?"

"How do you truly feel about marrying Davis? I mean, he must have done something really special to get you to marry him."

"Nothing special happened. I just got attracted to him through his childish behavior. Sometimes I had to pamper him and had to cover for him when he gets himself into trouble. It's frustrating at times, but what can I do? Nothing. I love him. But I really like pushing him around because I act so maturely. You could say that I'm the one wearing the pants in the family. He does all the cooking and I do all of the hard work around the house."

"Do you really enjoy being a house wife?"

"Sometimes I do. Depends on my mood. I really liked fighting though. These past seven years have been pretty boring. But now, looks like I got a chance to exploit the true depth of my power. And without Davis around, I won't let anything hold me back."

"Another question. You two think you would want to start a family of your own."

"As in having a baby?"


"Never really thought of it, TK. You know I see Yolei and Ken having a child, then Matt and Mimi have their own child. I just don't see myself much of a motherly figure. I'm afraid if I might send a bad example towards my child. But whenever Davis feels like having one, I'll be ready to give him one. Its only a matter of time though."

"Besides, you wouldn't know since you're an artificial being," Patamon said, "We digital and artificial beings really think alike."

"You got that right, little one."

"Just hope Davis and the others are handling the situation very well. I hope they find Dark Magimon's hideout," TK replied.

Following behind them was none other than Henry and Terriermon. Terriermon was starting to show signs of being thirsty. Henry takes notice and sets him down.

"Henry. I'm thirsty! Are you sure that you didn't bring any bottled water?"

"No, because I didn't really think we needed some."

"What and you notice how hot it is out here?! I'm drying up here! I need water."

TK turns around and faces Terriermon.

"Don't worry. I got plenty of bottled water in my bag. Hold on and I'll get you guys some."

TK digs right into his backpack and then searches right through in search of a bottle of water. Terriermon waits impatiently as he sprawls down onto the ground.

"Man! What do you carry in there? Bricks?" Terriermon asked.

"More like cinder blocks," replied Patamon.

"Sheesh and they're just water bottles."

TK pulls out a bottle of water and hands it over to Terriermon, who gladly snatches it.

"What do you say?" Henry said.

"Thanks, TJ," said Terriermon.

"Um, its TK. Ugh and I thought Davis was bad," TK muttered, "Ok. So are we set to go?"

"We really need to hurry you guys. Calumon can be somewhere around here and you digimon must use your sensing abilities to pick up any nearby ki levels that come along our way," Buddamon replied, "If Dark Magimon also gets his hands on the source of digivolution itself, then he will create an ever so powerful army that even we can not stand up to."

Henry goes walking up towards Buddamon and turns to face him. The blue-haired boy responds by asking him a question.

"So why did the Devas come onto earth?"

"They each went to earth, in order to gather energy. They would use it in order to bring back D-Reaper to life, it'll need a lot of undefiled energy."


"You mean like deflation? Geez, I never knew D-Reaper needed to be blown up," Terriermon remarked while drinking down his water bottle.

"Terriermon. This isn't the time to joke," snapped Henry.

"What? I'm trying to make everything look on the bright side. Geez, you're always so serious."

"Don't mind him, Buddamon. You may continue, before he makes another wise crack again."

"So in order to gather that undefiled energy, Dark Magimon left Makuramon onto earth. He managed to disguise himself as a child to fool you and to attempt to gather energy the easy way."

"So that's why we was in a form of a child? He certainly fooled us alright."

"When Hikari became Celesta X, she was made as an easy target for Makuramon. We suspected that Dark Magimon would do something like that, so we managed to sneak into the earth's realm. We needed to know the exact location of Dark Magimon. D-Reaper's sphere wasn't where it used to be. It had been moved somewhere else within this Digital World. That's why Shintomon and the others are after him, while we go find Calumon before Dark Magimon does."

The group all started to catch up, while Kazu and Kenta continued their bickering. Buddamon looked up and nodded in disappointment.

"Remind me to kill those guys after our mission is over with."

"You got it," Henry replied.

"Lets go a little faster so that we may find Calumon much sooner. Makuramon might have lost him since data streams always tend to get in flight's way."

"And that certainly does us favors," Henry said.

"Data streams. 'Schimata' streams. Calumon could easily outsmart that monkey is he had to just by asking him to play," Terriermon said, "Oh, right. I better keep my mouth shut."


Elsewhere within the Digital World, a vortex was opening from the data stream and a familiar digimon came sliding out. It was none other than Impmon himself. He looked across and found another vortex that would eventually lead him back into this home.

"So, this must be heaven? Man, I never thought I'd be dead right about now. But if I were in heaven, then I should feel like a million bucks… Oh well, at least, I know that I'm alive."

As soon as he said that, the virus rookie saw himself getting plunged right through the vortex, in which he would be returned home. But little did he realize that there was somebody waiting for him along the way. A certain somebody wanted to give the little rookie the wish that he has wanted his whole digital life, possible evolution.


Just on the other side of the Digital World, Shintomon and his group were still flying through the skylines as they traveled along in order to make it over towards the location of Dark Magimon's hideout.

"If this D-Reaper is that dangerous, why didn't you do anything when you defeated Dark Magimon's father?" asked Tai.

"There was nothing that I could have done," said Shintomon, "If I had made the slightest mistake, then the seal of D-Reaper might have been removed. Also, D-Reaper's sphere was also in a very place where digimon were still evolving into higher forms."

Over from the other side, Makuramon was now smirking to himself while flying over the oceans below him. He was only a matter of moments before making it over to Dark Magimon's hideout.

But little did he realize that he was being followed by none other than Shintomon and the group of Tamers and Digi-Destined. Kari and Angewomon sped up a little more and made it over in between War Greymon and Paildramon.

"Hey, Kari. I didn't even hear you during our conversation," said Tai.

"Yeah, well, we were just focused on this upcoming battle. We can't let anything distract us along the way," said Kari.

"I can't blame you," Paildramon replied, "We're all just as anxious."

"So are you ready?" Kari asked her brother.

"Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for world! I just see this as another new adventure," Tai said, "Just like the good old days. What do you think, Kari?"

"Yeah. Just like the old one times!"

"This new enemy really sounds dangerous anyway," said War Greymon, "I wonder how much of a threat this Dark Magimon really is."

"I agree," said Angewomon.

"Looks like we'll be able to cut back loose this time around," said Tai.

"Man, those two really look excited about this. But I wonder how everything is really going to turn out. Things look really dangerous this time," Paildramon said.


Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere, there was a barren landscape and in the middle of it was a round, white object sticking out from the ground. Near the top of the small dome is a script letter reading 'D' and not far below it, a door opens. Two Knightmon come walking out to investigate what was heading their way. On their forehead was, of course, the 'D' marking, showing their allegiance over to Dark Magimon and D-Reaper. They stare out into the sky and a small point of light appears

"He's here."

Makuramon looks down far below and notices the two Knightmon walking out to greet him. A grin comes over his face as he goes hovering down.

"I'm back. So did you two guard the area well? Good job. I see that there were no invaders on this landscape."

"Yes, Makuramon. It was all secured."

"That's good to hear. Where is Master Magimon?"

"He's inside of the spaceship. Shall we go inform him of your arrival?"

"No. You two can hold this container filled with human energy and I'll go see the sorcerer myself."

The Tamers and the Digi-Destined all looked down to see Makuramon already on the barren landscape right near the white dome. Shintomon looked over and hovered down.

"Hmm. Odd, I've already searched this place already. We better investigate this."

As soon as the whole group landed behind a mountain, they all looked down towards the small white, dome. They also saw the two Knightmon holding onto the energy-filled container as they were conversing with Makuramon. Shintomon peers over to have a really good look.

"Okay everyone, please suppress your energy so that they won't detect us and track us down. It makes it easier for our sake."

As soon as he said that, each of the digimon managed to suppress their energy levels as they peered over to where Shintomon was looking at. After a few moments, everyone takes position on the mountain and watch the building.

"Someone is there. Is that guy with those two Knightmon, Dark Magimon?" asked Tai.

"No. That's Makuramon. That's the Deva that stole your sister's energy. Dark Magimon is much more powerful than he is."

Takato looks around the around that surrounded the small building and then spoke up.

"The ground around here looks strange. It looks as though it were recently dug up or something," the goggle boy stated.

Shintomon quickly clenches his fists angrily as he looked across the landscape.

"Damn him! He managed to hide his whole ship underground! That's why we were unable to find him!"

"Then that would mean that Dark Magimon knows that we are here in the Digital World," Taomon replied, "It would make a lot of sense."

"That's correct," said Shintomon, "Otherwise, it would be pointless for him to have hidden it underground."

"I say we hurry up and attack it," said Paildramon, "They're going to use the energy they stole from Kari to resurrect the D-Reaper."

"No, we'll wait. Besides, he'll only resurrect D-Reaper when he is on the surface, so that he won't destroy his own ship. Let us watch a little more and wait for our chance."

Back onto the dug up area, Makuramon goes walking inside of the ship while leaving the two Knightmon behind with the energy-filled container in their grasp. Just nearby was a small house of some sort and in front of it were corpses of digimon, Babamon and Jijimon. Both probably weren't dead but more like knocked out completely unconscious. Kari looks on with an angry look on her face. What she hated more then darkness itself was seeing innocent digimon getting hurt and dying. She then looks away.

Suddenly, there was a loud mechanical noise being heard and the group looked over to see something rising from the entrance of the doorway.

"Something is about to come out!" exclaimed Dinobeemon.

The whole group watches in silent anticipation, but they were unable to see the darkness within the ship itself. Finally, the sound manages to stop. A black hand reaches out and grasps its doorframe, lifting its owner out. The two Knightmon kneeled and bowed in front of who looked like a small, little wizard. The little person was a short imp, with an orange cape and blue pant. His eyes were pure black with white irises in the center of it. He also had dark, purple hair. The little sorcerer goes hovering out from the ship and lands on the ground in front of the Knightmon pair.

Shintomon gasps, as he saw none other than Dark Magimon himself, but at his side was a tall, monster that looked exactly like Devimon. But this one had a more buff upper body, plus his wings were perfect, without any damage to them like Devimon had. His legs were small in size compared to his upper body. On his forehead was none other than the 'D' marking but with a purpler glare to it.

"Its King Devimon!! What the hell is he doing here," exclaimed Shintomon, "So that damn sorcerer managed to recruit the King of all Devimons!"

Shintomon was staring into shock at the sight of King Devimon, a totally unexpected twist in his view. But the others were looking down and were confused over the whole situation.

Both Dark Magimon and King Devimon managed to walk out from the ship as they went up to approach Makuramon and the two Knightmon.

Takato pulls out his D-Ark and goes to get some information on King Devimon. He quickly gets a hologram image of him and his statistics.

[King Devimon. Mega Level. Fallen Angel Type. Special Attacks: Stone Spray and Demon Blade.]

"Um, yeah. He's a mega-level and pretty experienced too. But I wonder how Dark Magimon could even control a mega like him?" Takato pondered, "I bet you that Dark Magimon is at the champion-level."

"Wrong again, goggle head," Rika replied while looking at her D-Ark as she got information on Dark Magimon.

[Dark Magimon. Rookie Level. Virus Type. Special Attacks: Parapata spell and Mental Illusions.]

"Yikes! A rookie controlling a mega?! That's not logical! That's like a cat controlling a saber-toothed lion," Takato muttered.

"Remember, size doesn't always matter, Takato," Taomon said.

"So is that big guy, King Devimon?" asked Tai.

"Yes. That's King Devimon."

"So, is he really that strong?" Paildramon asked.

"Of course he's strong. He's the King of all Devimons and he is the ultimate power from the Realm of Darkness."

"Huh? What exactly is this Realm of Darkness?" Kari asked.

"On the other side of this reality is another reality, but a much more dark one. The other Digital World has the Dark Ocean as its opposite reality. But in this Digital World, it is the Realm of Darkness. One of you might be the strongest here, but in the Realm of Darkness, King Devimon is perhaps the strongest by far."

"Whoa! This guy doesn't exactly look like you could have a good conversation. He's pretty strong from what I'm sensing from his ki level. Its off the scale," Paildramon muttered, "That means he's a dangerous foe."

"So that means that the little one is none other than Dark Magimon himself?" Rika asked.


"Is he strong?" War Growlmon asked.

"He's not that strong himself, but he controls awesome magic," replied Shintomon.

Dark Magimon levitates down onto the ground and the Knightmon walk up towards him. They bow while holding the energy-filled container while Dark Magimon began to examine it.

"Never underestimate it. Especially since he was able to charm and bring King Devimon under his control," said Shintomon.

"Is his magic strong enough to force King Devimon to do his will?" asked Takato.

"No, it takes over the evils in their hearts so that they think it is what they wanted to do all along," explained Shintomon, "That is Dark Magimon's most strongest magic. I'm sure that what he used to bring the Devas, King Devimon and the others into his henchmen. That's why only digimon and people such as ourselves who are pure of heart can fight him."

"So he takes over the evil in people's hearts? Hmm, hey Ken, are you sure that you don't have any guilt and darkness left in your heart," Paildramon asked, "Please say that your pure."

"For now, but it takes a long time to heal. Especially for somebody like myself," said Dinobeemon, "But I should be fine. Don't worry about me."

"Ok. Just double checking to make sure."

The Knightmon hold out the energy-filled device and hand it over to Dark Magimon, who gladly accepted it. A smile comes across his face while examining it even more.

"So, is this full of the energy from the human realm?" asked Dark Magimon.

The two Knightmon both nodded nervously over towards the sorcerer.

"Yes, of course, master."

King Devimon simply smirks while looking over to the Knightmon. His mere presence made their knees shake with fear.

"This was totally unexpected! I never knew that King Devimon would show up," Shintomon said, "This definitely changes everything. The combination of both Dark Magimon and King Devimon are very indestructible."

"Hmph. So if D-Reaper or whatever it is gets brought back, the two Digital Worlds will end," asked Matt, "Metal Garurumon and I won't let that happen. We'd never lose to anything like the D-Reaper."

Shintomon simply turns away from that arrogant young man and then turns his attention back over towards the ship with an angry look on his face.

"This is kind of dangerous even for us," said Paildramon.

"But not unless you mode change into Fighter Mode. Then I'm sure we can kick their butts back where they came from," said War Greymon.

"No kidding. Our combined forces would send those creeps packing where they belong," said Tai.

"Your right. It's been years since I've delivered a good ass kicking," said Paildramon, "But I usually get the butt whooping from my wife."

"Aw poor you," Kari replied, "But I'm sure she still loves you for that."

"Yeah. She can be pretty hot headed and stubborn sometimes. But, I still love her," said Paildramon.

Dark Magimon goes walking up towards his two loyal henchmen, King Devimon and Makuramon. He holds up the energy stealer in his hands and giggles. King Devimon bows in front of him. Dark Magimon turns his attention towards the Knightmon.

"You two did well. Good job for guarding the ship while Makuramon was off to do an errand for me. I see there were no invaders. I commend you. Now this brings the resurrection of D-Reaper much closer."

Both of the Knightmon anxiously replied with enthusiasm.

"With the power that we possess, it was an easy job. Piece of cake."

"Its just a shame that your two businesses with me are finished."

This quickly caught the Knightmon pair by surprise as the evil sorcerer turned around to face them.

"That's right. I have no more use for you."

With that said, Dark Magimon's eyes lit up with a red glare to them. He turns over towards the Knightmon on the left hand side. The Knightmon felt his inside quickly being crushed while the other Knightmon looked on with horror. The Knightmon was screaming and his face starts to disfigure. He turns blue to green. Dark Magimon watches gleefully as the Knightmon progresses on to a more crimson color, to a point where the Knightmon was becoming bloated.

The whole group on the mountain watched on with shocked expressions on their faces. Tai was even more shocked and literally wanted to puke at the sight of it. Kari covered her eyes and reverted herself from watching the pain, especially to another digimon.

The Knightmon's face was now a more normal color, but his face was now starting to contort and his eyes were bulging out. Dark Magimon's eyes glow and widen briefly, as the Knightmon exploded into data. Dark Magimon holds out his hand and absorbs the last of the Knightmon's data.

The group was stunned beyond belief at what they just saw, a dark leader riding himself of a henchman for simply guarding the territory. It was sick beyond belief.

Just as stunned as the group, the other Knightmon backed away in total fear. He looked over at the trio, who had smiles across their faces.

"Ha. He went boom. I'll never get tired of hearing that sound," said Dark Magimon, "Too bad. You know, I really liked him too."

"Yes, a terrible loss," Makuramon cynically remarked.

"Now for our other friend," King Devimon said as he looked over towards the other Knightmon.

The Knightmon backed away in fear, then flies away from sight. He wanted to do no more with Dark Magimon and his cronies. But he would soon pay for his departure.

"Makuramon. Would you please kill him?" the dark sorcerer asked.

"Yes," replied Makuramon.

The monkey deva holds his right arm straight out into the air, and supports it with his left. He was now aiming for the fleeing Knightmon. His hand glows and he fires a single ki-blast. It quickly closes in and finally hits the Knightmon. The armored monster screamed out and exploded into data. Dark Magimon gathers it by holding out his hands and starts absorbing it.

"Ah, nice shot, Makuramon," commended Dark Magimon.

The Tamers and the Digi-Destined all looked on with shocked looks on their faces, all except Matt. The digimon also sported the stunned face expressions, just as Shintomon was.

"What kind of people would kill their own henchmen," Kari asked, "That's murder! What are they?!"

Makuramon turns around to face the evil sorcerer and gives an honorable bow to him. Dark Magimon simply smiles and holds onto the energy stealer with a protective look on his face.

The three evil powers looked on with smiles on their faces after disposing of the two worthless Knightmon. Dark Magimon could only look on while chuckling to himself.

"That was very boring. Those looks on the Knightmons' faces are what I am really looking forward to."

King Devimon chuckles and then responds to the sorcerer.

"We'll see many faces like that once we enter the human realm."

"I really can't wait! I'm so looking forward to that," the sorcerer muttered as he giggles to himself.

The group from the cliff could only look on with stunned and disgusted looks on their faces. They were in disbelief at what Dark Magimon had done to his own men.

"This is terrible," said Tai.

"I can't believe that they kill their own men," said Kari.

Paildramon looks on and gave angry looks over towards the sorcerer and his henchmen. He then looks over at the others speechless.

"That is the cruel games that Dark Magimon operates," said Shintomon, "First he uses his magic to possess them, and then when he has no more use for them, he kills them off as if they were diseased animals. He's going to continue doing that to gather more energy so that he can resurrect D-Reaper."

Tai and Takato turned from Shintomon and then they shifted their focus back onto Dark Magimon and his henchmen.

Just then, Dark Magimon was picking up several ki levels from his surroundings and turns his eyes towards the nearby mountains without even turning his head to look over his shoulder.

"Oh there's something else…"

"What is it, master?" King Devimon asked.

"It would seem that we have some company. Just along that cliff sides are none other than Shintomon and several of his other friends."

Makuramon is shocked at what he just heard and then looks across his surroundings anxiously. But King Devimon simply stands there with a smirk on his face.

"Those fools think that they are well hidden. There are about thirteen in all. Each of them is strong. We can't steal the energy from Shintomon, but there are five of which we can steal more energy from."

"Really? And that would mean more energy for D-Reaper! Now marvelous!"

Dark Magimon goes levitating over towards King Devimon and lands right in front of him.

"I never thought that D-Reaper would be brought back this soon. We should get those five into the spaceship right away."

"Yes, but Shintomon will most likely try to prevent it."

"Oh I think we can get through with that problem easily, King Devimon. Clean up all but the five we want, and then get back into the ship. The five will probably follow you back in before they can even think about it."

"I see. That would be my duty, then."

"Yes. That's right. Oh, and don't kill Shintomon yet. I want to take my time killing that brat off for good."

"Understood, Dark Magimon. I will gladly leave him for you."

"I'll leave the rest up to you, then."


With that said, Dark Magimon goes walking towards the ship while carrying the energy stealer in his hands. Makuramon turns to face him and then speaks out.

"But, Dark Magimon. What about me?"

"Makuramon. I think King Devimon should handle them without any problems. Why don't you follow me and come inside. You can fight them in stage one."

Dark Magimon goes levitating down into the ship and Makuramon goes flying to follow right after him.

"Alright, but hopefully, I can get my shot at those pathetic humans."

As soon as the monkey deva left to follow Dark Magimon inside, all that was left outside the ship was none other than King Devimon, who was waiting anxiously.

The group looks on as they were peering over towards King Devimon and began to question his next motive.

"They just went inside and left King Devimon behind," said Tai.

"I wonder what they're up to?" War Greymon pondered.

Shintomon keeps his focus onto King Devimon and not responding to his question. He knew what exactly was coming up and knew what kind of a move that King Devimon is planning on making now.

King Devimon looks over his shoulder and towards the group with an evil grin on his face.

"Now. Let us begin."

With that said, the demon popped his knuckled and clenched his fists tightly. A little dust begins to fly up around him. It begins to spin faster and gain in size, but it's never more than a few inches high. Shintomon gasps and the others look on to where King Devimon was hovering.

"He knows that we're here," Matt exclaimed.

Suddenly, King Devimon vanished within the speed of light and flies up to the side of the mountain. Almost immediately, he's arrived with his arm out, the palm of his right hand just inches away from Rika's face. Takato goes running right in front of King Devimon and pushes Rika to the side.

"Get down!"

As soon as the goggle boy made his move, King Devimon slaps the boy away with one quick swipe of his hand. The tremendous force sends the goggle boy flying back. Rika gasps and then runs over to Takato's side.

"Takato! Hang on goggle head! Taomon, make him pay!"

"As you wish! Lets go War Growlmon!"

"Nobody hurts Takatomon!"

King Devimon chuckles under his breath, while both Tai and War Greymon both looked up at him with sheer anger.

"Damn you," exclaimed Tai.

[Deftones "Shove It" plays]

With that said, War Greymon, followed by Taomon and War Growlmon come flying all together as they sent out their attacks over at the demon.

"Atomic Blaster!!"

"Talisman Spell!"

"Terra Force!!"

King Devimon watched as the three separate attacks came hurtling towards him. He dodged the Kanji symbol of the 'Talisman Spell' and cancels it out with one ki blast. Then he dodges the 'Atomic Blaster' and watches as the tremendous energy blast nails a nearby mountain and causes it to explode with one large bang. King Devimon phases out and the Terra Force goes plowing down into the rocky mountain below and explodes.

Metal Garurumon was next as he fires away an ice beam over at the demon.

"Metal Wolf Claw!"

King Devimon avoids it by simply maneuvering away to the side and uses his claws to break right through it. Angewomon goes flying up and unleashes a powerful Heavens Charm but King Devimon evades it with a single ki blast.

Paildramon goes next as he fires away his Depserado Blaster but the demon holds out his hands to cancel out the multi-shot barrage. Dinobeemon went for his Hell Masquerade but King Devimon manages to maneuver away by phasing out.

King Devimon phases on top of the mountain and then looks over amongst the group with smirk.

"I've seen enough! Its time to mega digivolve, Davis!" Paildramon exclaimed.

"Lets go for it!"

["Target Akai Shougeki" plays]

Suddenly, a huge beam comes out of nowhere and showers over Paildramon as he goes spinning around. Then he transforms into a large dragon with a cannon on his back.

"Paildramon mega shinka!! Imperialdramon!!"

Then, Imperialdramon erects himself and stands on two feet. The cannon on his back was now on his left arm and a head comes popping out on top.

"Imperialdramon mode change!! Fighter Mode!!"

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode goes flying up and then points his cannon arm over at King Devimon and powers up. Then, a huge energy beam comes shooting out over towards the demon, but King Devimon manages to maneuver away with ease. The demon looks down over the group with total satisfaction and then makes his move over towards Dinobeemon.

"Come and get some, ugly!" exclaimed Dinobeemon.

But just as Dinobeemon was going to attack, King Devimon releases a black mist from his mouth and sprays all over Dinobeemon. The ultimate-level digimon was struggling from the mist. Shintomon looks on with shock.

"Oh no! I should have told them about his mist!"

Imperialdramon takes notice of this and goes flying right towards King Devimon. He went for another Positron Laser shot but King Devimon quickly cuts him off with a black mist as it manages to cover Imperialdramon's gigantic body.

Tai watches on in confusion as area around the mist on Imperialdramon's chest starts to turn white. Suddenly, he spins around when Dinobeemon begins screaming. His face and arms were quickly being turned into stone.

"Oh no! Davis! Ken!" Kari exclaimed with terror.

But just as Dinobeemon manages to struggle against it, the stone spreads all around his body. Matt gasps in shock for the first time and wasn't as confident anymore. Within a few moments, Dinobeemon finally completed his transformation into a fully-grown statue.

Meanwhile, Imperialdramon was staring into shock as he watched his arms turn to stone within a matter of moments.

"Davis! Ken! What's happening to them?" War Greymon asked frantically.

But it was already too late; Imperialdramon's transformation into stone was complete as well. Tai spins around to face Shintomon.

"What the hell just happened to them?" he asked.

"They're now stone…"

Tai goes running up towards the Imperialdramon statue, just as War Greymon was running up to the Dinobeemon statue. But Shintomon called out to them.

"No! Stop!"

"Why should we?!"

"If you manage to touch them, they will fall down and break. Then there will be no way to put them back together again."

"What?! No! Damn you," Tai exclaimed over at King Devimon.

The demon looked down at the group laughing maniacally. War Greymon looks up towards him and growls under his breathe.

"Damn you!!"

Kari reverts from looking over at the statues and angrily looks up towards the chuckling King Devimon. Her fists were clenching.

"This is your final warning, you pathetic humans! No one can oppose Dark Magimon! Leave here at once if you have the brains!"

Still laughing, King Devimon goes flying right down towards the ship and descends inside the dark entranceway in order to meet up with Dark Magimon to plan out their next assault.

Kari and Angewomon both run towards the edge of the mountain. They looked over towards the ship with angry looks. Matt and Metal Garurumon came following behind them a few feet away. Next came Shintomon, followed by Tai and War Greymon.

Takato was slowly reviving himself as Rika helped him up to his feet. He peers over at the red-hair girl.

"Thanks Rika."

As soon as he said that, Rika quickly turns away and Takato looks on with a smirk on his face.

"She managed to help me up? That's so unlike her."

"Remind myself never to do that again. I can't believe that I touched him. But I didn't want him just to lay there all day."

"Hey, Taomon? What do you think?" War Growlmon asked.

"Don't ask. We got more important issues. They should have known about the stone spray, but it was quite unexpected," Taomon replied.

"Yeah, we got more important issues to deal with anyway. Lets go goggle head," Rika said.

"Right behind ya, um, Rika…"

They managed to join up with the group as they all gazed over towards the ship in the center of the ground below.


Back on earth, Sora was walking through the streets of Odaiba while looking out towards the sunset. She had finished her day at the flower shop and peered over a picture of when herself and Tai were going to Australia one time on a summer vacation. She picks it up and it shows a picture of Sora sitting on one side of a table, while Tai was gobbling down ten plates of shrimp on the Barbie.

"Ah. I wonder how Tai and the others are doing in the new Digital World. I thought there would never be a second Digital World, but after what Izzy told me, I was caught by surprise. Then after seeing those Devas on T.V. made me wonder if there will be any other invasions that might occur in our world. I just hope they can get the job done and stop this dark sorcerer."

Suddenly, Biyomon came walking in with a plate full of cookies and juice.

"Sora. The cookies are done. I just wanted to bring them in to you."

She looks over to Sora, who was looking out the window.

"What's wrong, Sora? Are you still thinking about Tai and the others?"

"Yeah, you could say that."

"Don't worry about those boys. They'll be fine. I mean we all survived Virus seven years ago after all."

"True. I guess I shouldn't be worried over anything simple anyways. So, how did the cookies turn out?"

"Nice and soft just how you like them."


They both sat down to eat the cookies and take sips from their juice cups. Sora looks out the window once again and smiles.

"You had better come back, Taichi Kamiya. Cause I'm not through with you yet."

As soon as she walked by, the Dungeon Dice Monsters arena was jam-packed as a feature presentation of the entire day's Battle City tournament was being broadcasted. Duke Devilin was smart to do this, in order to increase the popularity of his stores.


Elsewhere, the crowds were starting to stir as anticipation for the Battle City semi-finals was soon about to take place. Numerous duelists have either qualified or have been eliminated in the process.

Cody and Armadillomon were amongst the large crowd that sold out within the Dungeon Dice Monsters arena.

"Wow! These are what I call some close calls! That Yugi boy managed to beat that cloaked freak," Armadillomon stated.

"But I wonder why that guy had a symbol glowing from his forehead? Maybe to add for special effects and bring more attention to the tournament?"

Little did Cody know that the evil Marik has managed to recruit a group of devious Rare Hunters to help him track Yugi, defeat him and take his Millennium Puzzle. Even with the Digi-Destined team attempting to stop Dark Magimon, Yugi had to save the earth from being overtaken by the evil Marik.

"I can't believe this crowd! Looks like we bought our tickets before they sold out! I haven't seen a crowd like this since the big wrestling event that came here," Cody said.

"I really wish they have a popcorn guy around here? Or maybe even a hotdog man."

"Hotdog! Get you're hotdog!"

"Ooo! My prayers have been answered."

"You can't go around and ask for a hotdog in public. I'll pay for them. I really don't want you to cause a scene."

"Right… They can't see me barking out for a hotdog… Silly me…"

Cody raised his hands over to catch the hotdog man's attention. Cody paid for two chili cheese dogs. As soon as he paid the man, he hands Armadillomon a hotdog. The ravenous digimon snatches the hotdog and starts munching away.

"Yeah! This is what I call a dog!"

"Like I've always said, you're such a glutton."

"I can't help it!"

Elsewhere within the crowd, Sasami sat down near front row along with Ayeka, Ryoko and Tenchi. This night was also Sasami's birthday. Tenchi decided that this night would be for Sasami and a break from cooking.

"Wow! I never knew there were events like this!" Sasami exclaimed. "Thanks for the birthday present!"

"We figured that you needed a break from cooking, even if it is for one night," Tenchi replied.

"Well, I didn't mind having to cook tonight. I guess I needed a break once in a while. So, this is what a Duel Monsters tournament is? Those holograms are so life-like!"

"I only wish they sold some saki here," said Ryoko. "I'm so parched."

"Ryoko! This is a family event! I doubt they will be selling those here! You are so inconsiderate!" Ayeka stated.

"Ayeka. This is your sister's birthday. We really don't want you to start with you're usual bullshit. Just save it for one night."

"I don't think so!"

"If you won't do it for me, then do it for Sasami," said Tenchi. "We really don't need this. This is Sasami's night."

"Alright. I'm sorry, Sasami. You're right. Let's just have fun tonight."

"Thank you, Ayeka. That's all I ask for," the little girl replied.

With that said, the four stopped their usual ramble and continued to watch the event. The crowd witnessed as the duel between Joey and Espa Roba was about to take place. It was down to Joey's luck and Roba's Jinzo.


Back in the Digital World, the stone statues of Imperialdramon and Dinobeemon stood there with their shocked expressions still intact. The group looks over them and was just as angry as ever. They couldn't believe the fact that their very own comrades were taken out of the equation as a result of a stone spray.

Tai examines the two statues and was nodding with an angry look.

"Davis! Ken! You guys didn't deserve this. We'll make up for your revenge," he said.

Matt looks on, still surprised and befuddled by the whole incident, just as everybody else was. Tai turns away from the statues and turns to face Shintomon.

"Hey, Shintomon! You said that they won't return to normal if we break them, but is there a way to bring them back to life?" Tai asked.

"Yes. There is a way. The only way to bring them back is to defeat King Devimon."

"Ah, so there is a way," Tai said sporting a smile, which turns into a more determined expression.

"So that's all?" War Greymon asked, "We'll have them back in no time."

"Piece of cake," replied Takato.

"Easy as pie," War Growlmon said.

Shintomon was caught completely by surprise at what they were saying and couldn't believe that they were just as confident as ever.

"Lets go, big brother! You're going, aren't you?" Kari asked, "We have to do this for both Davis and Ken!"

"Of course. Lets go!" Tai exclaimed.

As soon as they said that, War Greymon and Angewomon both picked up their partners and quickly phased out. They both went flying down towards the ship, but Shintomon goes calling out to them.

"Wait you four! You aren't possibly thinking of going in there?! Don't fall for his plans!"

They turned around to face him.

"Going into his ship is exactly what he wants you to do! We have to observe it a little longer!"

"No! I'm sorry but I can't just let my friends stay like that!" exclaimed Tai.

"We'll see you later, Shintomon," Kari cries out.

With that said, the two digimon went flying off down towards the ship. Shintomon turns around to see Matt on top of Metal Garurumon's back. Matt looks over at Shintomon.

"Sorry, but patience was never our strongest virtues."

As soon as he said that, Metal Garurumon goes soaring off down towards the ship. Shintomon then turns to see War Growlmon and Taomon carrying their respective Tamer partners.

"Don't tell me that you two are going as well?!"

"Well, duh! Of course! We wouldn't miss this for the world," said Rika.

"Guard the area until we all get back," Takato said.

"Bye bye, Shintomon!" calls out War Growlmon.

"Oh brother. Just ignore him," replied Taomon.

Shintomon watched on as the whole group were flying down over towards the ship's entrance. The Supreme guardian lowers his head, sighs to himself and then reluctantly follows behind the Digi-Destined and Tamer team.

War Greymon and Angewomon land just right outside the ship and they run over towards the door. Tai and Kari managed to peer inside, but can see a little more than a dark tunnel dropping almost straight down. Matt and Metal Garurumon a few feet behind them and approaches the ship. Soon, War Growlmon and Taomon managed to catch up as well. Tai looks over towards the others.

"Lets go."


War Greymon was the first to drop down into the ship while Tai had that same determined smile on his face. Behind him comes Angewomon followed by Metal Garurumon, War Growlmon and Taomon.

Dark Magimon watches on laughing through a crystal ball.

"Here they come! They're a bunch of idiots!"

Dark Magimon starts to giggle once again, while King Devimon manages to speak up.

"Hm. They fell for the trap so easily."

The entire group all land in a well lit, elliptical room. White panels made up the upper walls and ceilings, with a dark, blue strip comprising most of the wall at the mid-level, and then whiter panels on the floor, with a huge circle in the middle. They all looked around the room.

"What is this place? Its just an empty room," War Greymon said.

"There's a door over there. Shall we break in?" Kari asked.

There was no answer for a few moments. But after several seconds, something manages to catch Tai's attention and he looks back up towards the direction they came in. Shintomon appears and comes dropping into the room with them.

"Shintomon! So you ended up coming here too," Takato asked, "What a relief. We didn't want you to stand out there waiting."

Shintomon has his back towards the group, and turns around with angry expression.

"You are all being foolish after what you just did."

Suddenly, they hear a mechanical sound and look up to see the entranceway starting to seal up.

"It looks like after you enter this ship, there's no getting out until we've defeated Dark Magimon," explained the Supreme guardian.

Tai stares right up into the ceiling and sighs.

"So, all we have to do is defeat Dark Magimon."

"Hmph. If I wanted to get out, Metal Garurumon will easily destroy this ship!" Matt growled.

"No you won't," exclaimed Shintomon, "If you and your friend cause a large shock, D-Reaper maybe resurrected.

Matt looks on, while Shintomon pauses for a moment. The Supreme guardian manages to continue on his warning.

"You're underestimating Dark Magimon and D-Reaper. Even if D-Reaper isn't at full power, he's still strong enough to kill us and destroy the two Digital Worlds instantly!"

Matt simply looks on without even replying to Shintomon.

"Man and I thought I was arrogant," said Rika, "This guy is something else."

"Well, at least, you're not knocking me out for ever word that comes out of my mouth," Takato replied.


Dark Magimon continues to look on through his crystal ball. He just noticed Shintomon and was giggling once again.

"So, Shintomon came as well? This is just too perfect!"

Matt looks across the room and then turns his attention back to Metal Garurumon.

"Even so, this is an empty room."


Behind the group is the one door that Kari had pointed out to earlier. It also had the 'D' marking on the front. Behind it was none other than Makuramon, who looks on anxiously with a grin on his face.

"Master Magimon…"

"What do you want, Makuramon?"

"Isn't it about time?" the monkey deva asked while anxiously rubbing his fists.

"Ah, sorry to keep you waiting. Ok, Makuramon, take the energy from those five."

"Right! Allow me!"

Makuramon then crossed his arms and waited for the door to be opened up.

Dark Magimon looks down at the power drainer and had almost completely forgotten about it.

"Oh. I almost forgot about this. I'd better give D-Reaper this energy."

His crystal ball goes floating away and lands on a pedestal nearby.

"We don't have to watch. We already know how this battle might turn out."

"Ah, yes, master."

Dark Magimon walks away giggling while King Devimon goes following behind him. They stop within a dark room in front of a large, purple ball. It seems to be split into two halves, as there's a crevasse running around all at one spot. There were a lot of weird lines that were pulsing much like sickly human veins sticking out on the surface. Dark Magimon starts laughing again.


The group stood around, and finally, the door starts to open up. Everyone watches curiously, except Shintomon who was looking on with fear. The door slowly rises. It finally reveals Makuramon with a grin and his arms crossed. He steps into the room and laughs.

"Ha. Welcome fellow warriors. You have arrived at stage one."

"The first stage?" asked Kari.

"So, you're Makuramon I take it," War Greymon stated promptly.

[Makuramon. Ultimate-Level. Deva digimon. Special Techniques: Raurava & Primal Orb]

Makuramon points down at floor and begins explaining.

"Dark Magimon is at the bottom level of this ship. However, you will have to defeat warriors on each stage in order to descend further. I am your first opponent on the first stage, which means that you're all going to die here!"

With that said, Makuramon starts laughing hysterically. The group could only look on dumbfounded and nobody was replying. But Tai managed to speak up.

"Ha. Alright guys, which one of wants to go first?"

Makuramon stops laughing and uncrosses his arms, with a surprised look on his face.


Dark Magimon jams the power stealer into the side of the purple sphere. A meter begins running. King Devimon looks on with a grin on his face. Finally, Dark Magimon removes it and goes to check on the meter. Then a shocked expression comes across his face.

"Huh? This is in… incredible! How'd they get this much energy at one time? They were only able to get almost half of the energy we need."


"Hmmm. How many hundreds of digimon did those Knightmon steal energy from for the last couple of weeks? Plus not to mention the people's energy that Makuramon had stolen from earth."

"Well… I didn't ask."

"If they could get this much energy in that short time, maybe I shouldn't have killed them."

The evil sorcerer began scratching his chin, but King Devimon merely chuckles.

"What? It's ok. With those five in there fighting, we should get almost a full tank of energy. If things go well, D-Reaper will be resurrected today."

"That's why I invited them here. I wonder if Makuramon has finished taking care of those five yet. Lets take a look, King Devimon."

The demon grins while Dark Magimon walks up to his crystal ball.

"Lets see."

Just then, an image comes up on his crystal ball of the three Digi-Destined and the two Tamers throwing their fists in a center. Both Makuramon and Shintomon stand off to the side, watching.

"What?! They haven't started fighting yet," the sorcerer asked frantically.


Back inside the room itself, Makuramon watches in bewilderment. Each Tamer and Destined were throwing their hand out in the circle they formed, and were chanting 'its a tie!' They were playing a little rock, paper and scissors to decide who will go in to start off against Makuramon. However, none of them are coming out on top, and so they keep going on over and over again. Shintomon is just as confused as Makuramon.

"Huh? What are they doing?" Dark Magimon managed to ask.

"Damn! Another tie!" said Matt.

"Its a tie!" replied Kari.

"I hate tie breakers," said Rika.

They all went for another and this time around the result was different. Everyone had a paper, while Matt had a scissors. A smirk forms across his face.

"Ha. Scissors wins."

"Aww, damn. I wanted War Greymon to tear him apart," said Tai.

"Well, sorry that you won't get that chance. Oh well, better luck next time."

"Uh excuse me… Are you planning on fighting him yourself?" asked Shintomon.

Matt crosses his arms and turns to face him.

"Of course. Metal Garurumon will easily wipe the floor with him."

"I'm strong enough against him anyway," replied the metallic wolf.

Makuramon still seems to be confused, but after the whole rock-paper-scissors game, he finally gets back into reality. He crosses his arms and laughs once again.

"Dark Magimon said that they were strong and that I should be careful, but you're nothing but a bunch of idiots!"

"Isn't Dark Magimon the idiot," Matt said, "Because he didn't examine us better, you're going to regret this. It just happened that the strongest digimon in the two worlds are standing in front of you."

"You're the strongest?"

The monkey deva begins to laugh and quickly leaps into the air, disappearing. He reappears when he lands across the room.

"You know you'll never make it out of here!"

The monkey disappears once again as everybody watches on.

"You guys shouldn't underestimate him! Dark Magimon has assembled the strongest fighters from across the two Digital Worlds."

War Greymon quickly just pats the Supreme guardian on his shoulders.

"Calm down. Matt and Metal Garurumon will take care of this," said Tai.

"Huh? Are you sure?"

"Positive," said Tai.

"I just hope he's right about that," Rika said.

"Ditto here. We don't know how strong this monkey deva is," said Takato.

Makuramon finally reappears on the ground.

"You'll never leave here."

He jumps up once again, and reappears only a few feet from he's had just been.

"All the damage that you take will become energy that this room absorbs."

The monkey then disappears, and then reappears a few feet closer towards the Destined and Tamer group.

"And it will go straight to D-Reaper."

"Well that won't be a problem, since you won't be able to take our energy, I don't think you will be able to make a dent on Metal Garurumon. If we don't get hurt, then our energy won't be taken."

Suddenly, Makuramon appears right next to him.

"Keep dreaming! I won't even give you a chance to make your attack…"

He jumps back once again and lands near the wall.

"…Because when you fight Makuramon, death is a certainty."

"Ugh, this guy is getting really annoying," said Matt.

[Stone Cold's theme "Oh Hell Yeah" from WW(F) Vol. 3 plays]

Metal Garurumon quickly disappears and reappears right in front of Makuramon with a grin on his face.

"Welcome to the end of your life, Deva. And I promise that it's going to hurt."

"Wow, that's cold," War Growlmon muttered.

"Makuramon has no chance," Taomon said, "I'll give him only a few minutes."

Makuramon grins right over to Metal Garurumon but doesn't reply.

"Come and get him," Matt said, "We're waiting…"


"Bah. This 'Matt' is overconfident," King Devimon commented.

Both he and Dark Magimon start to laugh as they had already placed their bets on Makuramon to finish off Metal Garurumon and steal energy for D-Reaper's revival.


Metal Garurumon and Makuramon stared over at each other as they prepared to fight one another. Tai, Kari, Takato and Rika all looked on in anticipation, along with their digimon. But Shintomon still wasn't so sure.

"Yamato… Becareful…"

Metal Garurumon simply gives Makuramon the death stare, and the monkey deva quickly adopts a fighting pose. He lifts a leg up, then leaps into the air and flies right at Metal Garurumon.

The first stage battle has now begun between Makuramon and Metal Garurumon. But why is Matt so confident? Do these two have the ability to shut down Dark Magimon's first henchman? You will just have to stick around for the next D-Tamers!

[Digimon Tamers first ending theme "My Tomorrow" plays]


Makuramon: How is this possible?! You're power is stronger than I previously thought!

Matt: You should have never underestimated us, Deva. It's the end of your life. Goodbye!

King Devimon: We need to send another Deva to deal with those annoyances!

Dark Magimon: Send in Majiramon! Let's see them defeat this beast!

Tai: We'll take the next opponent. Right, War Greymon?

War Greymon: You got it!

Majiramon: I'm the second stage opponent! I will defeat you and make my master proud.

Tai: Get ready for an old smack down, dragon breath!

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Makuramon and Majiramon Look Out! Metal Garurumon and Omega X Won't Hold Back!

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