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[Digimon Tamers Opening "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

The Two Fated Battles! We Won't Let You Continue You're Evil, Magimon!

Southern Region of the Digital World

Buddamon and his group were still talking a very long distance across the desolate landscape. Kazu and Kenta were looking tired as usual, with Sonja keeping an eye on them and making sure that they don't whine. TK was trying to keep his focus on the mission rather than on his brother. Henry and Terriermon looked on ahead watching Buddamon walking ahead and surprisingly not tired out.

"How is he still able to walk like this? He must do this for a living,"Terriermon remarked.

"Buddamon. How long are from Calumon's exact location. Are you certain he's around here?" Henry asked.

"You picked up his energy level from this exact quadrant and I have a feeling that he is almost near the land of the Southern Sovereign, Zhuiqaomon."

"Wait, a second. Zhuqiaomon is here?" Sonja asked, "But I thought…"

"This is a different digital reality, which means a different set of laws and codes. The digimon might look like the same ones from the other Digital World, however, they are merely equivalents."

"Just one questions. What is the use of the 'order' for these so-called dimensions," asked Henry.

"Azulongmon told us that the 'orders' are to help keep each dimensional realities from overlapping each other. If they were to crossover with each other, then something terrible might occur and the 'order' will be broken by a form of darkness," TK said, "That's your reason for the orders, isn't that right Buddamon?"

"Yes. That is correct TK. These orders are very essential for our survival. It is only right for the two Digital Worlds to remain separate. The Zhuqiaomon of this world has an undisputed hatred for humans."

"But why? We didn't do anything wrong," Jeri said.

"Or so you say. He believes that you humans have purposely have been interfering with the digimon's ability to digivolve and enslaving the digimon to your advantage. However, he's much too stubborn to realize the truth. We must watch out for the fires that ablaze here, this is Zhuqiaomon's territory after all."

"This Sovereign sure sounds like somebody I wouldn't want to meet either," Henry said to himself. "But I'm wondering how Suzie is taking care of herself back at home. I'm sure she'll be fine."

"Hey, Henry? What's wrong?" asked Terriermon.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking."

"Momentai, Henry. Just tell me. What is really on your mind?"

"Suzie… I hope she's doing alright."

"I'm sure she's fine. Besides, we're going to go back home anyways. I can sure guarantee you that."

"I guess I should believe you then. After all, we will come out of this alive."

"Yeah. Just momentai, Henry. Don't stress yourself out. I might need you whenever there's trouble coming along the way."

"You're right, Terriermon. I'll keep my cool. Thanks buddy."


Just then, Patamon's ears perked and he looked out towards the other direction with an angry look on his face. Terriermon also felt that same energy presence and looked to where Patamon was facing.

"What's wrong?" asked TK.

"There's several powerful kis over in the other direction. There are two huge battles going on. Two of which I can't really recognize. The other two are…"

"Who, Patamon?"

"Tai and Matt! They're about to tear each other apart in their fusion forms!"

"What?! No way!! Not now!!"


Other side of the Digital World.

[Super Sayian English battle theme plays]

As a light wind blows overhead, the two fusion warriors stand in a rocky area devoid of any other people. But just on the other side of them, Gallantmon and Beelzebumon were beginning to charge right over towards each other. The two mega collided in a head-on-head struggle with each pushing each other back. Gallantmon takes advantage and delivers a charge with his shield, which sent Beelzebumon flying back. But the biker was able to land right on his feet.

Omega X glares right over at Metalla X, with Metalla X grinning back over at him. Suddenly, he screams and charges forward, pulling back his fist. He throws a punch, but Omega X dodges. Another punch and another dodge. He goes on the offensive into another hit and block technique. The two fighters were able to hit and block each other's moves. It ends quickly with a hard knee being rammed into the gut of Omega X., which causes the fusion warrior of courage to grunt in surprise. Metalla X follows it up with an elbow shot that was able to send Omega X flying back. Omega X lands on his hands and knees and looks up to see Metalla X flying in from above.

Omega X quickly jumps out of the way and Metalla X's leg plunges into a rock, sending it up all in stones and dust all around him. Omega X stops in mid-air above him and Metalla X launches out, meeting his adversary in the sky. They pause briefly, hovering a few yards apart in the air.

Beelzebumon goes running up to Gallantmon to go for a knee shot, but Gallantmon was able to block it out with his shield. They both collided in a burst of energy that sends sparks red lightning around them. They remain frozen for a few moments.

"What's wrong?" asked Beelzebumon, "Aren't you going to kill me off?!"

"Shut up!"

With one last bright flash of light, they split and manage to split apart from each other a few yards away. Both go flying up into the air and they charge right at each other as they collided once again. Beelzebumon throws a punch with his left hand, which Gallantmon swipes away with his joust. Gallantmon wrenches back and goes for a shield charge but Beelzebumon saw it coming and manages to shield himself with his arms. They stay with each other in a blocking position as sparks of lighting came from their struggle and the ground around them was started to cave in.

Omega X and Metalla X catch each other's legs as they began to kick each other a kicking contest. They both throw their knees up afterwards and began nailing each other, with neither fighter getting knocked away just yet. Each time that their knee hits, a few beams of red light shoot out, but disappear as soon as they stopped. After about ten hits to each other, Metalla X ends up thrusting his head forward and delivers a head butt to Omega X. Omega X cries out in surprise and falls back, and Metalla X immediately follows it up with a punch to his gut. He throws strong, slow punches one after the other into the stunned Omega X. After several punches, Omega X recovers and catches each hand. They stay locked like that and Omega X knees Metalla X in the chin. Metalla X's head flies back and he grunts in tremendous pain. Omega X follows it up with another knee to the face and, at the same time, lets Metalla X's hands go. As Metalla X floats in front of him, while still being knocked away by the two knees, Omega X kicks him hard in the side of the head. Metalla X sails into a cliffside and is embedded in the rock as Omega X watches from a safe distance.

"Oh, yes! That's the way, Tai!"

Omega X slowly moves towards Metalla X, but he charges up his ki with a shout, disintegrating the rocks all around him. Now a nearly perfect half-circle was formed in the rocks as a result. Metalla X and Omega X slowly move towards each other until they were face-to-face. They charge up their ki simultaneously and share one large aura instead of having two separate auras of light. They finally stare each other down and Metalla X manages to yell angrily. There was lightning dancing around the aura and a bright flash of orange light shines throughout the surroundings and was strong enough to blind the naked eye. They resume fighting as they threw punches at each other while the light started to fade away.

Beelzebumon looks up and hops onto his motorcycle. He goes speeding off but then turns around which catches Gallantmon by surprise. The biker started spinning all around the knight and fired away many multiple shots at him.

"Double Impact!!"

Gallantmon was able to hold out his shield to protect himself from the incoming bullet shots that were heading his way. He turns around and watches as Beelzebumon was about to run him down with his motorcycle, but then Gallantmon quickly disappeared. Beelzebumon managed to only run down his cape, which caught the biker completely by surprise. Suddenly, a bright flash of blue light comes shooting down from the sky and onto the bike from below.

"Lightning Joust!!"

Beelzebumon gasps and goes jumping out of the way just as Gallantmon flew down and shoots out his attack, which lowers down and blasts the motorcycle out of existence and nothing was left of it but a large crater. Beelzebumon seethed at what just happened and looked over at Gallantmon.

"Damn you! That was my bike! You just blasted away! Now I'm going to kick your royal ass for that!"

Beelzebumon goes charging right at Gallantmon and goes jumping over him. Gallantamon quickly turns around and gets met with a spinning back kick from Beelzebumon. Gallantmon goes flying back as Beelzebumon lands right on his feet.

"Not so tough are ya, your royal highness?"

But as soon as he said that, Gallantmon was already up on his feet, which didn't please Beelzebumon. A angry look came across the face of the biker digimon as he made his way towards the fused mega. He goes punching at him with a barrage of fists, but none of which were able to make contact with the knight. Beelzebumon quickly stopped and was tiring out.

"How? How are you able to dodge my fists?! That's impossible!"

Gallantmon simply stood there and held up his joust with his golden-eyes being locked onto Beelzebumon's crimson eyes.

"You two managed to fuse to become some kind of super powerful being, like those other guys were able to do. So what? I can still beat you! There's no way I'm going to lose to a bucket head like you!"

"Even now, you show no remorse to what you have done. Well, you leave me no choice. We shall send you to hell where you belong."

"Right. Why don't you kill me first then?!"

With that said, Beelzebumon quickly phases and punches Gallantmon right in the face. Gallantmon goes tumbling back but was able to stop at his pace. Beelzebumon jumps down from behind him and goes to deliver a spinning back kick, but Gallantmon was able to see it coming as he quickly phased out. Beelzebumon gasped in shock and began to look around his surroundings. As soon as he turned around, he was then met with another shield smash from out of nowhere.

"Damn you, pineapple head!!"

Beelzebumon goes landing back and hears a loud snap as he landed right on his shoulder. He slowly manages to pull himself up and looks over towards Gallantmon, who was standing just as triumphant as ever.

"No! How is he able to detect my movements! This is not possible! My power was supposed to be flawless! Nothing stands in my way! I'm going to make pineapple regret what he just did to me. Plus, my shoulder isn't doing well. I'm just going to have by myself some time to make a recovery. Then I'll get him while his guard his down. Oh, Beelzey, you're a genius."

A sinister grin forms across Beelzebumon's face as Gallantmon was beginning to wonder what his adversary has planned.


Dark Magimon's ship.

[Final Fantasy VII "Sephiroth's theme" plays]

Standing outside the ship and still as ever, the two statues of Imperialdramon and Dinobeemon were alone on the mountain overlooking Dark Magimon's ship.

Just within the ship, Dark Magimon was giggling as he was watching the two fights through his crystal ball. The sheet sight of Gallantmon and Omega X getting beaten within their lives was only music to his ears.

"Way go to, Metalla X! You're going perfectly! I really hope Beelzebumon gets rid of Gallantmon though. At least the Sovereign was able to save me the trouble this time around."

King Devimon looks right over towards the D-Reaper sphere. It seems to be faintly glowing. A grin forms on the demon's face. The meter read that it's power supply was nearly halfway complete. Dark Magimon's reflection appears in the glass over the meter as he began to laugh once again.

"Just look at it! D-Reaper's energy is rising quickly!" the sorcerer exclaimed.

He chuckles and turns away, creating a new crystal ball in the air in front of him with a wave of his hands. On it, he watches the two fights between Omega X and Metalla X, and Gallantmon's fight with Beelzebumon. Then he changes the view to that of Shintomon, Celesta X and Rika as they were descending through the ship.

"It looks like we've won, King Devimon."

"That's right."

The dark sorcerer laughs once again at the thought of torturing his adversaries and King Devimon grins while the sphere continues to glow on and off.

Shintomon and Celesta X managed to drop through a vertical passageway, finally landing in room thats exactly like all the others, but this time around, there were a group of soldiers standing around at one corner with frightened looks on their faces.

Celesta X sets Rika and Renamon down as she and Shintomon looked on over towards the soldiers with quirked eyebrows.

"Huh? Guards?" Celesta X asked.

"Umm… Ok. What's the meaning of this?" said Shintomon.

"Th-They're here!" called out one of the soldiers, which happened to be a Raremon.

"Do you think that they can beat us?" asked a Gizamon.

"That must be Dark Magimon's lower class soldiers," said Shintomon, "We don't have time to waste with small fry like them. We must hurry."


"Alright, men! Lets go!" called out a Divermon.

They all flew up in unison and land all around Shintomon, Rika and Celesta X, forming a circle of sorts. They all took a few steps in.

"Hmmm. I'll waste them," Celesta X said.

Her smile turns into that of a serious expression, as she raises her fists, and takes on a fighting pose. All of the soldiers cry out in fear and shrink back, attempting to shield themselves with their arms. Celesta X charges up her ki and takes on a purely white aura. Shintomon holds up his arms in defense while covering Rika and Renamon at the same time. Celesta X quickly charges up again, doing it abruptly and quickly enough that it sends out a small shockwave, which managed to throw all of the soldiers flying back.

Shintomon looks right back up at Celesta X when it was finished and sighs.

"Gentle as usual, Hikari. But you still never seem to amaze me."

Celesta X drops her aura and straightens up. Rika uncrosses her arms and looks around to see that soldier bodies all over the floor surrounded them. The soldiers just happened to be on the floor and a little too dead to fight.

Suddenly, the floor in the center of the room falls away. Shintomon looks over towards it with a grin.

"He's overconfident as usual. He must think that he doesn't need more time. Lets go and find D-Reaper's ball."

"Right. Lets go Rika."

Rika nodded and could only look back to when Takato and Guilmon fused to become Gallantmon. Renamon places her hand on her Tamer.

"Lets go, Rika. We don't have much time left."


"Hang on tight."

Renamon goes over and scoops Rika in her arms. She then goes flying over towards Celesta X and Shintomon. They were now descending down towards the very bottom level of the ship, the very exact room where Dark Magimon was lurking.

Dark Magimon could only laugh at the sight of the four making their way down into the bottom of his ship. King Devimon grins in satisfaction while looking over to seeing the destined of light, Celesta X, through the crystal ball.

"At last, you will be able to witness Shintomon's death."

"Take care of him, King Devimon," the sorcerer said with a giggle.


Earth. Shinjuku, Japan

Yolei and Mimi were seen driving down the street away from TK and Kari's apartment home. They brought their children and digimon along.

"Yolei? You think this was such a good idea? I mean what if another one of those beams come shooting down? Something tells me that Tai and the others are in trouble," Mimi said.

"Don't ask why, but I feel that something terrible is going to awaken."

"You really think so? Have you forgotten about our friends? We have Tai and Matt. They're practically the strongest. There's no way we'll fail."

"I'll have to agree with Meems on this on," Palmon said.

"I'm siding with Yolei," Hawkmon replied. "No surprise, eh? I do agree about the possibility of a dangerous entity. I mean look at the past battles we've been involved in."

"I guess you guys are right, but you're underestimating our friends," Mimi replied. "In fact, we have four fusion warriors on our side. You forgot that Tai, Matt, Kari and TK are among them. They've beaten many enemies in the past."

"True. Maybe I'm just being a little paranoid. I have to stay cool."

"Yeah, you should try it sometime."

"Shame on me for not being faithful towards our friends, but I still think we're facing an enemy that may be an even greater threat than we've first imagined. I hope Tai, Matt and the others are not over their heads. That goes especially for Matt. There's no telling what he's thinking. I just hope he and Tai aren't getting into another fight…"

Unfortunately for Yolei, the possibility of Tai and Matt working together was shunned. She and Mimi were missing out on perhaps one of the long-anticipated battles throughout the digital multiverse.


Elsewhere within the Digital World.

[Saliva "Click Click Boom" plays]

The fight between Omega X and Metalla X was still heating up more than ever before. Their so-called warm up has ended and they were ready to get down to real business.

There was nothing going on but sounds of the battle itself for a few seconds. But after a few moments, the two fighters both moved out from behind a cliff. Omega X appears to be on the offensive now as he drives into Metalla X's back.

Omega X continues his barrage as Metalla X throws up his arms to shield. Omega X pulls back and then, leg outstretched, slides back in and kicks Metalla X hard in the stomach. Metalla X cries out in surprise and Omega X pulls his arm back to follow it up with a punch. But when he throws it, Metalla X phases out. Metalla X reappears behind him with a grin. Omega X gasps and spins around, while Metalla X meets him with arms right into his stomach, charging up a ki blast. It finished charging and explodes in a bright flash, throwing Omega X to the ground.

When the light fades, Metalla X was in the sky with his arms still outstretched, staring down at the dust cloud. He drops his arms. The dust cloud dissipates and reveals a gigantic crater. He stares into it from high above and, finally, looks up to see a golden light piercing through the darkness. He gasps and quickly throws up a ki blast to counter the one Omega X was charging up. They collide midway and explode into a large fireball. Then a ki blast duel was enduring between the two fusion warriors.

Back on the other side of the battle, Beezlebumon was quickly beginning to by himself some time as he went running across the landscape ahead of him. Gallantmon gives chase to him.

"Guilmon, what is he really up to? Why is he running off the way he is?"

"I don't know, Takato. But I sure don't trust him. He has something up his sleeve. But we better keep an eye on him just in case. We won't let him get away that easily."

"Right! He's not getting away with this!"

"You hear us, Beelzebumon? You're not getting away from us! We'll get to you yet!"

"Yeah? I would like to see you try!"

Suddenly as soon as he said that, Gallantmon quickly faded right in front of Beelzebumon, which caught the biker by complete surprise. Gallantmon wrenches back and delivers a head butt, which sent Beelzebumon flying back once again.

"Alright! We got him now, Guilmon!"

"Its not over there, Takato. His ki is just as strong as ever.

Beelzebumon was slowly getting up to his feet and he extracted his claws. He goes flying right at Gallantmon and slashes right all over him.

"Darkness Claw!!"

Gallantmon screams out in tremendous pain as he felt each slash coming across his body. He fell to his knees but managed to keep his composure intact. Beelzebumon lands back on his feet while his left shoulder was hanging, which Beelzebumon gripped like no other.

"How do you like it, when you're on the sidelines? Your going to pay for what you did to my shoulder!"

"Guilmon! That pretty much took us out of our game plan. We need to do something to regain our momentum."

"I got just the thing. We have to slow him down. Beelzebumon relies on speed the most. If we keep going, I'm pretty sure that his stamina will decrease as a result. We got power on our side when he tires out and that's where we will strike."

"Great strategy. Since when did you become all strategist all of a sudden?"

"I don't know. It just happened. Now, lets keep our focus on our enemy."


With that said, Gallantmon was slowly rising up to his feet as he turned to face Beelzebumon. A disappointed sneer came across the biker's face as he clenched his fists.

"Back for me, I can tell. All right, how about a little round two? Are you up for it?"

"Just bring it, Beelzebumon."

"With pleasure!"

The two fighters go charging right over at each other as sparks came flying from their collision and the rocks around them started to explode as a result of their excessive force and power.

Metalla X pushes on his ki ball as Omega X does the same thing while rising out of the crater at the exact same time. Finally, Omega X pushes it all the way back and the ball have been compressed into more a sphere, with both fighters just a foot or so away from it on either side. Lighting was dancing around the meeting point. Both fighters struggle against it.

"Damn you, Tai!"

Metalla X screams and puts more effort into it, and Omega X counters by doing the same. The result is a more flattened ball, but no one actually gains any ground. Metalla X screams and strengthens his side with another ki blast from his free hand, and Omega X does the same. It now been turned into a ball again, even though both fighters are just a couple of feet away. Lightning still jumps around the surface, it quickly expands to more than twice its normal size. Omega X and Metalla X continue their struggle, and finally, it explodes right between them.


Back on Earth

Suzie was playing in the park after a long boring day without Terriermon around to play with. She walks over towards the playground and looks over towards her father.

"Daddy! I'm going to be pwaying on the swings, ok?"

"Alright! Just as long as I can see you," Mr. Wong calls out.

"Yay!" the little purple-haired girl squealed as she went down the slide.

Looking on away from the playground was a girl with a yellow cat-like creature. The girl was adored by Suzie's antics.


"That's so cute. It brings me back memories of when I used to play at the playground."

Just then, a shadow loomed over Mr. Wong for a moment and he quickly turns around to see none other than Yamaki himself.

"Oh, its only you, Yamaki. Its a surprise to see you here."

"Janyuu. We need to talk. Its about Shibumi."

"What is it?"

Yamaki sits down on the bench where Mr. Wong was sitting and then he goes on to explain everything that he had found out about Shibumi, while Suzie running on top of a toy hill with a toy duck at the side of her.

"We really need to find Shibumi if we want to fully get the project underway. After all, it was he who had a vision of digimon coming to life, which actually came true. Do you happen to know his whereabouts?"

"I have no clue. I have not seen him in years. If I knew, I would have told you from the start."

"I just find it hard to believe that the same digital life forms that you 'created' during your college days would actually become living creatures. How could Shibumi have known about this? It was as if he had predicted that artificial creatures would eventually be given life."

"Yes, but all we did was create artificial life forms that were merely data. We never intentionally wanted to play the part of 'God'."

"I see. Then there's more to this than we thought. But we really need Shibumi. My colleagues have tried to find his locations, but we couldn't even trace his location. It was as if he had disappeared from the face of existence."

"But Shibumi can't be dead. He just couldn't be."

"We're going to continue our search. You need to get together with your colleagues, so we may begin on this operation."


Suzie looks up to see a hot-air balloon and goes up to follow it.

"Wow, what a big bawwoon!"

She quickly walked up the slide and went to get a better view of the air balloon. She looked up and went out to reach it. Suddenly, an unknown zone started to surround Suzie and was quickly caught in awe by the vortex.

"Wow, how pwetty."

Just then, Mr. Wong took notice of it and gasped in shock.

"Suzie! Get away from there!"

"What's wrong, daddy?"

He runs over towards the playground and went over to attempt to get Suzie down. Suzie reached out to the top of the slide and noticed a group walking along around the vortex and got a good view of Terriermon walking along with Henry. Suzie's eyes shot up with happiness.

"Aww! Tewwiermon!"

As soon as she said that, the image of the walking group vanished and Suzie was looking on with sadness in her eyes. She goes reaching out into the fading vortex.


Mr. Wong and Yamaki go running up the slide, in order to catch up to Suzie. But then, they both slipped and fell backwards as the zone completely started to consume the little girl. Soon after that, Suzie was gone. Mr. Wong looked up and started to break down in tears at what had just happened. First it was his son, and now his youngest daughter.

"No! It's all my fault! It's my fault that I created that stupid program and lost my two children to that digital world! How am I going to tell my wife about this? Damn myself for creating something that is considered dangerous!"

"I think that your daugther might serve a purpose in the Digital World, Janyuu."

"Huh? What are you saying?"

"You need to calm down and listen. The reason why I say this is the fact because your daughter has an imagination and because of that imagination he has, it will enable to her to actually make it out there alone."

"But she's just a little girl…"

"Not for long and I have a good feeling that she will be alright. Her imagination will guide her through."

With this said, Mr. Wong stood up and was now beginning to see things more clearer after what Yamaki had just said. Yamaki has definitely changed from being a crazed madman, who was hell bent on killing every digital life form, but now has started to understand more of the digital world and how it interacts with the imagination's and dreams of children.

"Lets just hope you're right about this, Yamaki."


Earth. Shinjuku, Japan. West Shinjuku Dragon Hotel

Izzy was hooked online to check on the group's progress through the digital world. As soon as he was about to make a pinpoint location, his hard drive started to screw up due to heavy amounts of electrical energy. He quickly shut down his computer and made sure to reboot.

"What just happened, Izzy?" Cody asked.

"There seems to be a high energy increase in the digital world. Something tells me that the guys might be battling a high-level foe."

"Could it be another swarm of Devas?"

"Doubtful. The Devas don't have power that can match with the fusion warriors. In fact, those Devas contained weak levels. Our guys are at higher levels. I'm going to theorize that the new enemies might be highly experienced warriors. I'm talking about many years of experience. There's one thing to remember, digimon can raise their levels through battles alone. Since many eons have passed on, these digimon have altered their own skills and pushed themselves to their maximum limits."

"That makes sense. The same can be said for Tai, Matt, and the others."

"Wrong. Tai, Matt, TK and Kari were among the few to achieve this level of power. They share it with their digimon and as a result evolved into fusion warriors. X informed me that it took nearly thousands of years for an ultimate fusion warrior to be born. Since Omega X came to the picture, it seems Matt, TK and Kari was able to inherit this ability through extreme emotion. Tai became Omega X through anger and love. Matt became Metalla X through lust of power and competition against Tai. TK became Angemon X through love for Kari. Kari became Celesta X through love and anger, just as her brother did."

"What about Davis, Yolei, Ken and myself? We're able to fuse with our fusion…"

"Yes, but there's a major difference. Your fusion evolutions are considered 'false' as far as the legendary status is concerned. Tai, Matt, TK and Kari were able to fuse with their digimon. From what X has informed me, it's not just their bodies that are unified but also their minds, feelings, and thoughts are fused. Unfortunately, you four can only unify you're bodies with the digimon."

"So, that's the difference."

"Yes. X pretty much explained it in great detail. So I only gave you the main points to it. Good. My Internet is back online. Now, we can check on our friends' status in the digital world. I tell this new world is far complex from the one we know."

"What do you see?"

"Ok, I've got an online map of this digital world. You see. There are different sections. Unlike the digital world we've been into, this one contains different regions and is separated through quadrants. There's the north, south, west and west. Just think of them as different countries."

"Almost realistic in a way, right?"

"More or less. Alright, I'm getting a high level reading in one sector near the southern quadrant."

"Zoom in and let's take a peek."

"Alright. Just keep you're fingers crossed."

Izzy clicked onto the sector pinpoint and zoomed in onto a deserted area. He sighs in relief and picks up two high level readings. He blinked as two blurs of light collided with one another.


"What's the problem, Izzy?"

"There were two fast powers that just passed by! My computer couldn't even detect them."

"Do they belong to Tai and Matt? Maybe Kari or TK?"

"I don't know, but their levels were pretty strong."

"We definitely have to check this out."

"Now I'm getting two other readings in another sector! They're energy levels are much higher!"

"Just what the heck is going on? It's as if hell has broken loose all of a sudden."

"Just leave it to Tai and Matt to raise some hell. Those two will never be satisfied without a little competition."

"This is Tai and Matt we're talking about, Izzy," Tentomon stated. "Those two will do anything to satisfy their own needs."

"Why couldn't they just take a break and play a little checkers?" Armadillomon stated. "It's always better than trashing everything in sight."

"As far as those two are concerned, put them in a cage and watch the whole planet they're on be destroyed," Izzy replied cynically. "You two better not be beating the crap out of one another. This isn't time to go gung-ho. This is serious. I still need to research more on Shibumi. I'll need at least a recent periodical. Oh, these days just couldn't get any worse. Then again, I bet those guys are having more luck than I'm having…"


Deep within the Southern Quadrant of the Digital World

Suzie found herself landing on purple rocks as she looked out to her surroundings. She was no longer within the playground and there were no signs of her father anywhere. She had no idea, but she was in the digital world. More specifically, she was within the southern regions. It's near the territory of Zhuqiaomon.

"Where am I? Daddy? Daddy, where are you?"

She looks up and an awed look came across her face as she was gazing up at a small, spinning globe with data streams floating around it.

"Wow! This place looks more fun than the playground. Huh? What's that?"

The little girl looks across to see a group of digital 'fairies' flying by towards her. She smiled and went over to try to catch them.

"Hey birdies! Do you know where Tewwiermon is hiding? Maybe you can help me out."

The 'fairies' squeaked to each other and were now flying off into the distance singing happily while Suzie gave chase to them. But she quickly ran out of breath and took off her jacket. As soon as she placed it on some rocks, something comes popping out and running away with the jacket. Suzie looks on as a Kiwimon tears up her jacket.

"Hey! That wasn't nice, you mean bird! That was my jacket!"

Kiwimon responded by shooting out a 'Pummel Peck' towards her. She jumps away and looked on with a surprised look.

"You better stay away you mean ol' bird!"

Kiwimon squawked and makes his way off towards the barren landscape. Suzie looks on and then a sad look comes across her face. Suddenly, several packets of data started to roll by as if they were tumbleweeds. She was memorized by their color and went over to examine them.

"Ooo, pretty balls of light."

As soon as she touched one, she felt her hand receive a little shock and she jumped back with a gasp.

"That hurt! Everybody here is mean!"

With that said, the little girl started to cry and it was loud enough to send off an echo throughout the barren landscape.

Terriermon's ears lifted up and he jumps off from Henry's shoulder. The blue-haired boy takes notice of this.

"What's wrong, Terriermon?"

"Its Suzie! I can hear her voice calling out."

"You mean that Henry's sister is here," asked TK.

"Yeah and she's pretty close. From the echoing of her cries, she's over to the left direction!"

"That's almost towards the land of Zhuiqaomon," Buddamon said, "We better get there as soon as possible, before the Sovereign gets to her first."

"Well, what are we doing standing around like a punch of sap sacks!" Terriermon exclaimed, "I'll lead the way!"

The dog bunny goes running off towards the direction that he had pointed out to. The others were now following him out towards the land of Zhuqiaomon as soon as possible.

"Don't worry, Suzie! Good ol' Miss Pretty Pants is coming to save you,"Terriermon said to himself.


Elsewhere within the Digital World

There was a large destruction left behind after the large energy blast created by both fusion fighters. Trees were all taken up from their roots and canyons were about to collapse.

Omega X hangs near the top of a mountain. He manages to open his eyes and cough out a little bit of blood from his mouth.

"I can't believe how strong they've gotten. Metalla X has gotten a lot more powerful.

Just then, he felt somebody lifting him up and looks up to see Metalla X picking him up by his wrists. A faint smile was seen across Metalla X's face.


[Disturbed "Stupify" plays]

Metalla X rises from a crouched state as he straightens up into full height and grins. He shouts and tosses Omega X into a nearby rock wall. Omega X cries out in surprise and Metalla X takes a step forward, chuckling. Omega X looks right up at his so-called friend. Metalla X holds hold his hand and throws out several ki blasts from the tip of his index and middle fingers. Bands of ki wrap around each of Omega X's wrist, ankles and his neck, tightening and holding him down against the wall. Metalla X drops his hand and disappears right in front of Omega X, with a grin on his face.

"What's wrong, Tai? Weren't you going to finish this off quickly?"

"That's what I'm going to do!"

"Hmph! I couldn't tell!"

Metalla X then delivers two slaps across his adversary's face. Omega X was now getting angrier as a result and seething.

"What's wrong, clown?! Are you humiliated? Is that it?! Fool! You don't know what humiliation is!!"

Metalla X knees Omega X in the gut, and then delivers several punches into his face and his gut. Then more punches into Omega X's face and stomach, which caused him to cough out more blood. Metalla X then delivers a kick near Omega X's midsection. Omega X coughs out more blood, which brought a smile on Metalla X's face.

"Its not enough! This isn't enough to take revenge against you! You have taken my possible chance of leadership of the Digi-Destined. I was to be the one to lead the group, but you got in the way! Ever since we first entered the Digital World, I've always wanted to get rid of you. I can't forgive myself for being surpassed by the likes of you! Not only that, but you even saved my own life!"

Omega X hangs motionlessly but wasn't able to respond since he was basically busted open from the inside.

"I'll punish you with death by dismemberment!"

Metalla X holds up his hands while his eyes started to glow a crimson color, which indicated his pure anger and hatred.

"Your arms will come off first!"

Suddenly, Omega X's slowly opens his eyes and looks up. He quickly clenches his fists, his arms quiver and they bulk up. He begins to scream quietly, but then raises it to all new volumes as he powered out with even more force. This quickly caught Metalla X by surprise.


Omega X charges up his ki with one loud scream and the entire area around him explodes. The burst of energy throws Metalla X back a few inches, and then it ends with Omega X free from the wall. He stands before Metalla X with his arms still held by the two huge slabs of rock that he pulled free from the wall with the rest of his body. He jumps forward and smashes the slab on his right arm into Metalla X, who was still stunned. The rock shatters, and Omega X follows it up with the other arm. Screaming, Metalla X flies back with all the smaller rocks that came from out of the two shattered slabs.

Omega X charges forward and meets him in the sky, hitting him with a barrage of punches to the gut. Metalla X grunts in pain and when Omega X lets up, he clutches his stomach. Omega X knees him hard in the face and Metalla X sails through a hollow cliff side. Omega X follows him and lands inside.

Omega X began looking around inside the cave and he found no traces of Metalla X anywhere. Did he do him in already? No it was too obvious. Sunlight starts to shine through the opening onto Omega X, which managed to catch him off guard. He closes his eyes.

"Where is he?!"

Small rocks start to fall and Omega X spins around to see a ki blast coming right for him. He manages to catch it, but struggles against it for a few moments. He finally manages to throw it out through the opening.

"I'm right here, clown!!"

Metalla X suddenly appears behind Omega X and locks his arms around his adversary tightly. He then goes flying straight up, carrying Omega X along with him, and intends of impaling Omega X on a stalactite. Omega X looks on with a gasp. Metalla X stops right in front and Omega X suddenly charges up his ki, throwing Metalla X back. Omega X spins around with his hands cupped together.

"Terra Beam!!"

Metalla quickly throws up his arms and starts to form his attack at the same time.

"Ice Barrier Beam!!"

From the outside of the cave, there is a bright orange light pouring out from the hole, and then the entire cave is now beginning to fracture with red lightning bolts forming around it. More orange light shines through the cracks and the whole cave explodes like as if several bombs have been placed within it. Now a bright flash starts to engulf the landscape and a huge mushroom cloud starts to rise up.

Rocks and debris start to fly up into the skies above as Omega X and Metalla X stare each other down in the sky above the devastated cave. They had their eyes locked onto each other with fueling rage and anger towards each other. As soon as the light slowly started to fade away, there was nothing left of the cave but a large crater.

Beelzebumon looks on from a far distance with awe look on his face. He quickly turns around and is met with a 'Lightning Joust' by Gallantmon.

"Don't take your eyes off of me, Beelzebumon! We still have a fight to continue! Unless, you've realized that you can only just surrender yourself to me. Even if that does happen, I'm not going to forgive you."

"No way! I am not giving up to you! I'd rather die than lose to the likes to you! I can't be beat! The Sovereign has given me the chance to destroy the likes of you! Digimon and humans working together is unforgivable, but them merging is disgusting! You disgust me!"

"And you even disgust me even more by sealing your soul because you refused the offer of friendship."

"Friends are only for the weak! Strength is what makes you the better warrior!"

"No, I've got plenty of friends and I'm not weak. Don't let your anger blind you, Beelzebumon."

"Shut up and fight me!! One of us is going to die after this is all said and done!"

"And it will be you…"

Gallantmon goes charging right at Beelzebumon, but the biker demon phases out and reappears behind Gallantmon. Beelzebumon starts punching the knight warrior from his back and delivers a kick sending Gallantmon flying towards nearby rock canyons.

"Ha! You like it when you have your face in the dirt?! Have I humiliated you enough, your majesty?"

Beelzebumon goes walking over towards the fallen debris and pulls out his guns. He kicks away several rocks and looks down to see nothing, not even a trace of Gallantmon.

"What? But how could he do that?"

"Over here, Beelzebumon!!"

Beelzebumon turns around and gets nailed right in the face by Gallantmon's shield. Beelzebumon goes flying back and lands on his back. Gallantmon slowly walks over towards the biker's fallen body.

"Now, I shall punish you for what you have done. Surrender now."

"No go to hell…"

"Which is where you are about to go now!"

Beelzebumon's eyes opened quickly and he goes running off into the distance. He then waves over towards Gallantmon.

"C'mon, rust bucket! Come and get me! I hope you know that I got good stamina. Lets see you try to catch up to me!"

"Shall we go follow him?"

"Lets go Guilmon. I don't trust him but if it means delivering more punishment to him, then I'm taking that chance!"

Gallantmon goes running off after Beelzebumon, but use his phasing out technique to get him across further distances. This way, he would be able to catch up to Beelzebumon much faster.


Dark Magimon's ship. Bottom-level floor.

[Final Fantasy VII "Sephiroth's theme plays]

Shintomon, Renamon and Celesta X land right at the bottom level of the ship, at last. Renamon sets Rika down and the red-haired girl gasped at what she saw.

"Take a look at that!"

They all looked up and Shintomon gasped in horror. What they were seeing before them was the ball containing D-Reaper. It continues glowing intermittently and as it absorbs the damage energy from the battle taking place between Omega X and Metalla X. It sounded like loud gurgling sounds every time it pulsated. They stare up at the sphere at its entirety.

"Is that D-Reaper's sphere?" asked Celesta X.

"Yes. The evil D-Reaper created by Black Magimon is in there."

Renamon stares right up into the ball and never felt so frightened in her life.

"Incredible. I never felt such a strong evil ki before,"the neon-colored fox said to herself.

Just then, Dark Magimon's voice calls out. The group all turned their attention over to two figures emerging from both sides of the D-Reaper's sphere. Dark Magimon and King Devimon came revealing themselves.

"That's exactly right," said Dark Magimon, "Welcome!"

The sorcerer giggles and then looks right over towards Shintomon with a grin on his face.

"Thank you for coming, Shintomon."

Shintomon glares right over at Dark Magimon and gets into a fighting pose.

"I've come to kill you, Magimon."

"You killed my father."

"And I came to stop D-Reaper's resurrection!"

"Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be that easy for you anyway. I have King Devimon, the King of the Devimons, right here."

The demon grins over towards Celesta X while licking his lips. Celesta X glares at him and gets into a fighting stance.

"Okay! Lets hurry with this, Hikari and Rika. While we're doing this, D-Reaper is absorbing Taichi's damage energy."

Celesta X and Renamon both straighten up.

"Right," they both exclaimed.

"I'll take on Dark Magimon myself," replied Shintomon.

Suddenly, red electricity dances around D-Reaper's sphere. Yet the others don't realize that D-Reaper is slowly gaining more energy by ever hit that Omega X takes and it was happening much quicker than anybody expected.


Elsewhere within the Digital World

Suddenly, two balls of light collide over a crater, sending out a gigantic shockwave. The light quickly fades away and reveals the two fusion warriors fighting.

Metalla X throws a kick with his left foot that Omega X was able to block. Another with his right, then again with his right, and they were both blocked. Left was blocked twice. Rights were also blocked once again. Finally, Omega X throws in a kick of his own with his left boot, and Metalla X was able to block it. They separate and then charge forward again, going into a frenzy of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges.

They separate once more, and then jump back at each other, locking arms and fighting with legs alone. The battle gives off a lot of energy in the form of yellow electricity as a result. Omega X and Metalla X grin at each other and finally, they separate again before jumping back into another barrage of punches and kicks.

Beelzebumon goes running off as he phases right out. Gallantmon was caught completely by surprise and looks around his surroundings.

"Where did he go? He just completely disappeared out of nowhere!"

Suddenly, he turns around and Beelzebumon delivers a punch to his face that sent Gallantmon flying back. Beelzebumon goes rushing over towards the fallen Gallantmon.

"He caught us off guard. I just lost track of him."

"Guilmon? What do you see now?"

Just as he was about to finish his sentence, a gun came pointing to Gallantmon's head. Takato looked on with a terrified look on his face. Beelzebumon was facing himself in front of Gallantmon and pointed the gun into the knight's head. Gallantmon had now found himself in one of the most dangerous situations and it could very well cost him his life.

"Any last words? Well I got some," Beelzebumon said with a grin on his face. "Goodbye..."


Dark Magimon's ship. Bottom level.

The sphere of the D-Reaper glows from a lifeless gray to a bright orange-red. And it does this repeatedly over and over again. Shintomon, Renamon and Celesta X watch it uneasily.

Meanwhile, the energy meter is still going crazy, signaling that D-Reaper is still receiving large amounts of damage energy from the fight between Omega X and Metalla X back on the surface within the Digital World.

King Devimon stands in front of the sphere with his arms crossed with a grin on his face. Next to him, Dark Magimon stands giggling to himself.

"Hikari. Rika. We have to defeat them before that sphere reaches critical mass. If D-Reaper is reborn, the two Digital Worlds along with Earth will be destroyed within an instant."

Both girls don't take their eyes off the sphere, but Celesta X managed to reply.


The two of them along with Renamon took fighting stances while facing both Dark Magimon and King Devimon.

"Shintomon? Do you want to go up to the surface? D-Reaper should be coming out of this sphere as soon as it reaches full power and I wouldn't want it to destroy my ship if he gets a little carried away."

"Fine, but it still won't keep us from stopping your attempt to resurrect D-Reaper."

Dark Magimon giggles at his mere words and speaks up once again.

"Do you really think that you can stop us?"

King Devimon chuckles while the sorcerer throws up his arms in place, so that he will cast his spell.


Rika and Celesta gasp as all of them, including the D-Reaper's sphere, were now outside of the ship. They look around and see a very ominous, cloudy purple sky. The statues of Imperialdramon and Dinobeemon remain on the nearby mountain.

"Well, King Devimon, I'm only asking to make sure, but are you confident that you can beat those two digimon?"

King Devimon smiles and turns his attention over towards both Celesta X and Renamon.

"Of course. I've already fought the one named Celesta X, and I'm positive I can take care of that garbage."

The demon chuckled. This in turn leads to more giggling from Dark Magimon.

"You can do whatever you want with them," said the sorcerer, "You can turn them to stone or just simply annihilate them. I don't care."


The three digimon all looked on while still in their battle poses, with Rika looking on giving Renamon the encouragement she needs.

"I just hope Takato has taken care of Beelzebumon already. What the hell is taking him so long,"Rika thought.


Other Side of the Digital Side, But nearing Southern Quadrant.

Beelzebumon had Gallantmon down where he wanted him and pointed his gun towards his head. The mighty knight could only look on with surprise, as the demon was about to kill him.

"So, any last words, your highness? I'm going to upload your data and then I'm going after that girl you seem to like so much. Oh yeah, then I'll upload fox face's data. Don't worry; they'll both be taken care of… They're in my hands now…"

[Deftones "Shove It" plays]

This was further infuriating Takato from within as he looked towards Beelzebumon straight into his red blood-shot eyes. He clenched his teeth and lets out a scream that enabled Gallantmon to power up for his next attack. The knight shoots out two beams from his eyes and it struck Beelzebumon right in the arm. This caused the demon biker to scream out and drop his gun.

Gallantmon powered up with an aura surrounding his body. His joust and shield morph back into arms as Gallantmon goes flying right at Beelzebumon and delivers a punch to his face. Beelzebumon goes flying back, but Gallantmon reappears behind him and delivers an elbow shot to his back. Beelzebumon goes flying back and crashes right through a nearby canyon wall.

"Alright, we got him down! If we keep this up at this rate, he's sure to slow down."

"Good, thinking, Takato."

Just as the dust cloud was fading away, Beelzebumon was slowly making it up to his feet. He looks ahead and notices that Gallantmon had already disappeared. He gasps and then looks around his surroundings. There was no trace of Gallantmon anywhere. But as soon as he turned around, he saw Gallantmon with a glowing fist. The knight wrenches back and clocks Beelzebumon right to the side of the head, which sent the biker demon flying across.

"How... How are you getting this power?"

Gallantmon just stood there without even answering his adversary.

"There's no way that you could have gotten this power. It must be that human boy that you merged with. I can't believe you, pineapple. We could have done many great things together. We could have scared off all those humans in the park. You had a chance to be a free soul. But your just nothing more than a slave, just like the rest of them. Well, I'm not going to tolerate it anymore! We finish this and only one of us are going to be standing here alive!"

"Beelzebumon. You declined friendship and nearly took away two valuable souls. And I'm sure you also murdered many digimon along your path, just to make yourself stronger. Well, its ends here. You now must pay for your crimes."

"Then shut up and fight me!!"

Beelzebumon looks ahead towards what looked like a large, gothic castle. He goes pointing out towards the castle with a grin on his face.

"There! Lets settle out differences over there. Follow me."

"Should we go? He must ambush us, Guilmon."

"Lets just go anyways. Remember, we're working together. We'll be ready for whatever he throws at us."

"Alright, Beelzebumon. Lead the way."

"I knew that you would reconsider. Follow me."

The two mega-level digimon go flying off into the skies above as they were heading off towards the land of the Southern Sovereign, where they would decide the final fate of their one on one battle. But little did they realize that Zhuiqaomon would be watching them.


Suzie found herself walking right towards the land of Zhuqiaomon, but little did she realize that there was a guard standing tall outside of the gates. She peered closer and it looked like a giant, rabbit with long arms and long legs. A smile came across her face.

"A bunny rabbit! Maybe he can help me find Tewwiermon!"

As soon as she said that, she goes running up towards the rabbit creature and looks right up at it. The rabbit stands there but doesn't make any eye contact with the little girl.

"Excuse me, Mr. Bunny Rabbit. Can you help me find somebody?"

The rabbit simply stood there ignoring her.

"Hello? Are you thewe?"

It ignored her yet again.

"Hmmm. But I want help to find Tewwiermon. Can you please help me?"

"Go home, little human," the rabbit digimon replied.

"But no one is looking and I think it's a good time to make some friends."

With that said, the digimon goes lowering down into a crouch and faces the little girl.

"Hello. My name is Antiramon. I am the rabbit deva that guards the southern gate of the Digimon Sovereign. Don't mistake me as a male. I'm really female."

"You're a girl? You know what? You look kinda like Tewwiermon. You got the small little, horns on your foweheads. Hello, my name is Suzie and I'm trying to find Tewwiermon."

"I'm not allowed to leave this bridge unguarded. I would suffer the ultimate punishment if I were to depart from my duty."

"Maybe I could find Tewrriermon from the top of your head."

"No, I'm sorry."

The little girl started throwing a fit and crying, which made the rabbit change her mind.

"Uh! Oh alright."

With that said, she scoops up Suzie in her hands and places her on top of her head. Suzie looked across and saw somebody coming from a far distance.

"Hey, that looks like Tewwiermon. Ah! It is, Tewwiermon!"

"Then, in that case…"

Antiramon goes flunging her head and this causes the little girl to fall off. She goes and catches the girl in her hands. Just then, Suzie looked just about out of it with her eyes closed and making no sudden movements.

"Huh? Hey, kid, are you alright?"

Suzie quickly opened her eyes and a smile comes across her face.

"Fooled ya, but I did see Tewwiermon."

"And you did!" a voice cried out, "Over here, Suzie."

Suzie turned around to see none other than Terriermon and the rest of the group. She goes running up to Terriermon and hugs him a hug, which caused the dog bunny to cry out for air.

"Ack! Can't breathe!"

"Suzie! How did you get here?" Henry asked.

"I don't know. I touched some pwetty light and poof, here I am."

"She found a digital vortex somewhere within the real world and it brought her here. If that's the case, then she must also serve a purpose much like the rest of you," said Buddamon.

"But how? She's only a little girl," said TK.

"Well, if he says that she serves a purpose, then she does and there's nothing we do about it," Sonja said.

"Much like us huh," Kazu said with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah. What he said," replied Guardromon.

"Uh. Yeah, unfortunately."

"Hey, what's that digimon standing with you, Suzie?"

As soon as he asked that, Henry pulls out his D-Ark and got a reading on the digimon. Suddenly, a hologram image appeared with statistics.

[Antiramon. Ultimate-level. Deva type. Special Attacks: Bunny Blades]

"What?! That thing is a Deva?!" Jeri asked frantically.

"Suzie, get away from him! He's dangerous," exclaimed Henry.

"No! She was helping me try to find Tewwiermon. She's not bad!"

"We can't trust him! Get over here now," Henry ordered.

"But I can't-"

Just as she was about to finish her sentence, they all looked out towards the distance as two bright lights collided with one another and blasts were being heard.

"What the hell was that?" asked TK.

"There's a battle taking place," replied Leomon, "Two enormous kis. One of which belongs to Guilmon… and Takato?"

"What? Guilmon and Takato?" asked Henry.

"We better check this out," Kenta replied, "This must be a good fight!"

"Suzie leave him and come with us," said Henry.

"There are intruders around Zhuqiaomon's castle! I have to see to this!" Antiramon exclaimed.

"Antiramon. Wait, we can't go."

"But I have to Suzie."

"But you'll get hurt."

"Its a risk I'm willing to take."

"No, don't go."

"Suzie, come on! Lets go!"

"No, Henry! I can't let Antiramon go into this fight!"

Just then, a bright, floating object comes appearing from above Suzie. She looks up in awe and snatches it.

"No way! You've got to be kidding me!" said Henry.

"Is that what I think it is?" Kazu asked.

"Yes. A D-Ark. Suzie is the newest Tamer and her partner… Antiramon," said Buddamon.

"You've got to be kidding me?! Suzie?! She's a Tamer to a Deva?! That's not right!" TK exclaimed.

"Whether its right or not, its the way it is. But we have more issues to worry about, such as the battle taking place outside of the Sovereign's castle," Buddamon said, "We must go."

"I can't believe this. I'm a Tamer," Suzie said.

"Wahh! I can't believe I haven't gotten a digimon yet. Now a little girl has beat me to it," said Kenta.

"Quit your whining Kenta, or do I have to knock your head out?" asked Sonja, "Straighten up! Its time to get serious!"

"She's right dude. You better toughen up," said Kazu.

Buddamon goes flying off into the distance while the digimon and their partners went along to follow them.

Just ahead of them, Gallantmon and Beelzebumon were facing each other off as they were now prepared for their final fated battle.

"Well. The table is all set. Our cards are all decked and stacked. Are you ready, your royal highness?"

"Lets do this…"


Earth. Shinjuku, Japan

Joe drove down towards the West Shinjuku Dragon Hotel. He had just been informed by Izzy to meet with him. This not only forced Joe to cancel a class, but to also put his plans on a day-off to a halt.

"Man, you just had to pick another day to halt my day-off plans, Izzy," Joe muttered.

"Look on the bright side, Joe. At least, you didn't have to sit through another boring lecture. The exam was pushed back until next time."

"That's a relief. I wonder what has Izzy worked up so much."

"Probably another system failure on his computer…"

"Doesn't that guy ever leave his computer? I mean really!"

Joe and Gomamon were just a few minutes away from the West Shinjuku Dragon Hotel. Once he gets there, he would also meet up with Mimi and Yolei.

"I'd better call Sora. She might want to be interested in what Izzy has to say."

"At least she doesn't use the Internet as often as Izzy."

"I think any of us don't use the Internet as often as Izzy. He needs a break. Gee, I wonder what kind of fun Tai and Matt are having in that alternate digital world.

"Probably wrecking the whole place as usual."


Elsewhere in Digital World

Omega X goes lunging forward with a scream, but is quickly knocked back by a punch to the face. He falls and Metalla X gives chase, powering up for a strong kick. Before he can follow on the punch, Omega X returns with a punch of his own, and Metalla X grunts in pain and surprise. Omega X attempts his own follow up and is met with by a kick that he blocks. Then it turns into a contest full of flurry fists and kicks.

[Drowning Pool "Tear Away" plays]

Omega X was on the defense, simply blocking his adversary's every hits, but soon that changes as Omega X goes into attacking as well. They fight straight through a mountain, which explodes within a matter of moments. Within the dust cloud, Omega X manages to get a strong kick into Metalla X and he follows it up with a retaliated punch. Omega X flies up from the dust cloud, and Metalla X misses only hitting a rock instead. As more rocks crumble and dust clouds settle, Metalla X watches his adversary from a few yards.

"You've definitely have gotten stronger, Tai. But is this is all that you are capable of after receiving power from Azulongmon and training for all those years."

"You've gotten better as well, Matt. You're much stronger than I expected.

Metalla X grins and quickly phases out. He appears behind Omega X, who immediately spins around to meet him. Metalla X kicks at Omega X as he was turning, but Omega X dodges it and elbows Metalla X. Metalla X falls but catches himself and lands on his feet on the ground. Omega X lands across from him. Metalla X fires a ki blast but Omega X was able to jump away. The blast nails a mountain from behind him and crumbles as the two fighters began to go at it once again.

There were now only sounds of the fight itself. Their movements were now invisible to the naked eye already. Everything goes in slow motion, matrix style. Omega X has his leg outstretched and Metalla X with his arms up in a blocking position. Metalla X punches Omega X in the face and Omega X falls. Metalla X follows it up immediately with a strong punch to the back, with Omega X crying out in pain.


Dark Magimon's ship. Ground level.

[Final Fantasy VII "Sephiroth's theme" plays]

"I'm glad that you came, Shintomon," Dark Magimon replied, "I can at last take vengeance upon you. You killed my father. He must have let his guard down fighting against you."

As a light wind of dust blows across the stretch of land, it separated the whole group.

"I won't let you kill me as you killed my father. Not only am I much stronger than he was, but I also have King Devimon with me."

The demon's eyes widen just a bit and this caused Shintomon to gasp. King Devimon grins.

"I don't have any openings against him. It doesn't matter how I attack him. He'll kill me with his magic,"Shintomon said to himself.

Behind Dark Magimon and King Devimon, the sphere continued its intermittent glowing. The meter is drawing ever closer to the D and the final percentage of its full power. Rika, Renamon and Celesta X looked out towards with shock on their faces.

"Damn! How can I defeat him? Even now, D-Reaper is collecting at an incredible rate,"Celesta X said to herself.

Just then, she heard her brother's voice echoing out from her mind.

"Get angry, Kari. Get angry."

Suddenly, an image of her brother appeared in her mind as a way to help motivate her to attack with everything she's got.


"Remember, how you became angry when you fought against Virus? Put forth all of your hidden power. If you do that, you can defeat anyone. Anyone at all!"

Celesta X clenches her fists and a little bit of lighting dances around her body. Rika and Renamon both look over to her.

"What's she doing?" Rika asked.

"She's channeling in her anger from within. It seems that she was only holding back and somebody is giving her the motivation to release her true power."


"I am angry. I am angry, but I'm not as angry as I was as a teenager. Not like when I fought Virus."

Her eyes quickly widen in an angry, determined glare as she looked back to seven years ago, during the last moments she defeated Virus.



Celesta X looks out as if she were a deep trance but then she quick regains her senses. She screams out and shoots out her Seven Heavens Beam, pushing in more energy into it. A huge explosion occurs and the beam quickly overtakes Virus' Positron Laser. Virus turns his back and watches the beam going right through him.

"No!!!! This can't be happening!!"

Celesta X pushes back on her Seven Heavens Beam and watches it starting to kill Virus. The beam was too much for the evil artificial to handle and he let out his last screams.


Celesta X concentrates on more of her energy and pushes the beam right through Virus and watching his body slowly starts to decompose. His once fully evolved body was disintegrating right before her very own eyes.

"Impossible!!! I'm… supposed to be… the fully… evolved being!!"

The blast then starts to disintegrate the whole body of Virus down to his very nucleus. Even the last single nucleus was quickly vanquished and the last remains of Virus were no more. The enormous ki blast continues into the realm of the dark realm, where it dissipates.

End of Flashback

Celesta X spreads her legs out as she takes a fighting pose. Electricity danced all over her body. Small pebbles began to rise up all around her. King Devimon grins and Celesta X continues his power up.

"I'm just going to have to do it!"

A light pink-white aura begins to stream all around her body as the lightning continues. Finally, she reaches her full maximum form, throwing up a small dust cloud that quickly dissipates. She was proceeding to enter her Amazing Grace phase.

Dark Magimon's eyes widen and he takes a step back away, but King Devimon doesn't move. Celesta X, Renamon and Shintomon glare ahead silently. Dark Magimon smiles as a light wind sweeps across in front of them. Lightning manages to crack off in the sky from a far distance. With a shout, Celesta X spreads her feet and kicks up a little dust. Dark Magimon takes one more step back and Celesta X goes charging forwards.

Suddenly, Dark Magimon hears a sound from the sphere and turns around to see that the needle hovering just barely to the left of the D. Celesta X gasps and stops dead in her tracks. All eyes stare on the sphere.

"Its can't be. It can't be!" the sorcerer said in surprise.

He walks over and look down at the meter, then back to the ball itself.

"Not that fast…"

The needle finally takes that last jump, pointing directly at the 100 percent mark--the D that signals its completion. Dark Magimon cries out in surprise and Shintomon in fear as he rushes forward.

"We're too late!" Renamon said.

"Damn it! It can't be!" exclaimed Rika.

Lightning strikes the ground and thunder roared throughout the area. Dark Magimon stares down at the meter in shock, gasping and backing away.

"What is it, Dark Magimon?"

"Full power. Its at full power!!"

Shintomon's mouth drops open and he gasps in terror. The storm rages on and the sphere continued its intermittent glow. The sorcerer throws up his arms into the air and laughs.

"At last! D-Reaper will be resurrected!!"

The others look on with widened eyes, all completely stunned.

"Impossible! It can't be happening," Shintomon exclaimed, "Why?! How can Omega X's damage energy have already gotten that high?!"

"No that's it," said Celesta X, "My brother is fighting at the level that surpasses that of a normal fused warrior. Metalla X is probably fighting at that level too!"

Shintomon gasps and looks right back towards the sphere with widened eyes.

"When warriors that powerful face off, the damage they do should be powerful as well!"

"Damn it!!"

"We did it, King Devimon!! We did it!!"

"Yes, we did, Dark Magimon."


Earth. West Shinjuku, Japan. Shinjuku Park Biyomon was seen picking flowers from the park's flowerbeds. Sora sat on a bench while making a flower bouquet. Just then, her cell phone rang. Sora answered her phone and received a call from Joe.


"Hi, Sora."

"Hey, Joe. How's everything?"

"Just peachy, Sora. Listen. It seems Izzy wants us to come over to the Dragon Hotel. It sounded like he had something important to tell us."

"Really? Does it concern our friends?"

"How should I know? Just meet me over at the West Shinjuku Dragon Hotel. See you then."

"I'm on my way. Goodbye."

Sora hung her phone up and picked up her bouquet.

"Biyomon! We're going to the Dragon Hotel."

"Figures. We didn't come all the way here in Shinjuku to be harassed."

"I know we needed a little break from soccer coaching, but it looks like Izzy has something important to tell us. It's probably an update on Tai, Takato and the others. I really need to know if they're fine."

"In that case, let's go."

"Tai. You and Matt had been on your best behaviors, but I have a good idea of what's going on. You two are wrecking the place again, aren't ya'll. Typical guys…"


Elsewhere within the Digital World

Omega X and Metalla X continue their fight. Metalla X shouts and they throw up a cloud of dust. Their fight drives them into the side of the mountain, which collapses. Omega X emerges from the dust cloud and Metalla X follows him into the sky. He throws a ki blast at Omega X, but he jumps at the side and dodges it. Metalla throws another one and Omega X slices through it in half, both sides exploding in the air nearby.

Metalla X throws three more in succession, but Omega X manages to dodge each of them. Then another one shows up and he slices it in half as well. Both halves fly off from each other and explode into the ground.

Omega X stands in the clearing smoke and Metalla X flies in from behind them. He spins around and receives a knee to the gut, and he grunts in pain. He starts to fall, but Metalla X grabs him by the head, covering his mouth. He thugs on Omega X as he charges up his ki and begins racing towards the ground.

"What's the matter, clown?!"

They crash into the earth of the Digital World and as the dust settles, Omega X staggers up to his feet. Metalla X shows up immediately, throwing his entire body into Omega X with a strong head butt. Omega X flies back and slides through the dirt, and Metalla X throws a ki blast after him. Omega X jumps up and the blast hits some rocks behind him. Omega X disappears into the explosion. Metalla X immediately throws another ki blast just to his left of the first one and Omega X goes crouching behind some more rocks.

"Die, Tai!! Die!!"

He goes lunging forward with his arm outstretched, but when the dust clears, Omega X is gone. He gasps in shock and looks around.

"Pretty good, Matt."

Metalla X spins around to see Omega X levitating quite a distance behind him, his arms crossed and his body looking relatively undamaged considering the beating he had taken.

"Now that's what I call an ass-kicking, Matt. Let's end this."


Southern Gateway of Southern Sovereign

Just within the lair of the castle, a large wave of fire was looking down upon Chatsuramon. Red eyes were beginning to glow as a dark, mysterious voice spoke.

"It seems we have a traitor on our hands. I want you execute Antiramon and make her pay for her crimes. Do you understand?"

"As you wish…"

With that said, Chatsuramon phases out and reappears right on the battlefield. The group stopped as Chatsuramon stood in their way.

"Stop right there! Antiramon, you dare side with these humans and betray the Deva code? I won't allow it, and neither will the Sovereign."

"You stay away from us!" Henry exclaimed.

"That doggie is mean! Did we do something bad?" asked Suzie.

"No. He's the one that's bad," replied Antiramon.

"Your betrayal shall not go unpunished," Chatsuramon exclaimed as he leapt forward and knocks Antiramon down with a devastating head butt.

"Oh no!! Antiramon!!"

"Suzie!! Get away from here!!"

"Betraying the Sovereign is unforgivable! Any last words?" the dog deva asked.

"Yeah! I got one!" a voice called out.


"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size!"

With that said, Gallantmon's hand turns into a joust and then he charges up with bolts of energy erupting from his joust. He points out and shoots it right for Chatsuramon.

"Lightning Joust!!"

As soon as the blast nit Chatsuramon, he lets out s horrifying howl of pain before he exploded into data.

"Long live the Sovereign!!"

Suddenly, Beelzebumon appears out of nowhere and gathers the last of Chatsuramon's data, as a way to make himself a little stronger.

"I'll take that!! Ha! Ha!"


"Hey! Just who are you?" asked TK, "Friend or foe?"

"What are you talking about? It's me, Guilmon. Takato and I fused to become Gallantmon. And that monster over there is Impmon's evolved mega form, Beelzebumon."

"Impmon?! He digivovled?!" asked Patamon, "Well that's something you don't see everyday!"

"I'll take care of everything here! We can take Beelzebumon!"

"I don't think so!" the biker demon called out.

Gallantmon turns and gets nailed by a spinning back kick from Beelzebumon. Gallantmon goes falling down onto the ground, which bought Beelzebumon time to make his charge over at him.

"Darkness Claw!!"

Gallantmon quickly sits up and uses his shield to phase out the Darkness Claw attack and goes slashing at Beelzebumon with his joust, but Beelzebumon hops away at each attempt.

"I really can't believe how powerful these fusion beings can be. First it was Celesta X, then it was Omega X and now it was Metalla X. Now Gallantmon? This is incredible! Perhaps they do have the power to defeat the D-Reaper, which I doubt will happen," Buddamon said to himself.

"This is awesome! Go Takato1" Kazu cheered, "You got him where you got him, chumley!"

"Unbelievable, then both Guilmon and Takato must be one mind if they can cooperate with each other. I don't think I can ever handle another voice in my head. Too freaky," said Kenta.

"That's Takato and Guilmon… They're awesome!" Jeri said with an awe expression.

"Their power levels are tremendous," replied Leomon, "Not even at our best could we ever top their level. Lets just hope that Tai and Matt are finished. There is no time for them to settle their differences."

"Well, if you could only reason that with Matt. I hope he realizes that the fate of the two digital worlds, including the real world are at stake here," said TK, "But knowing my brother, he's too stubborn to even realize that."

The group looked back over to the battle as Antiramon was slowly reviving herself. Suzie was relieved to see her new partner up and trying to recover.

"I still can't believe that my own little sister is a Tamer. And it all happened too soon. Just what the heck does this mean? Why is she even a partner to a Deva?"


Elsewhere within the Digital World

[Rob Zombie "Never Gonna Stop Me" plays]

Omega X is now on the offensive, throwing punch after punch at Metalla X's face and upper torso. He knocks Metalla X back a little and kicks him hard, sending him flying up and into a nearby mountain, which then collapses on him. The rocks pile up and before Metalla X can recover, Omega X throws a ki blast at the rubble. The ensuing explosion throws up a large cloud of dust and levels what remained of the mountain. A ki blast erupts from near the top of the dust cloud and catches Omega X off guard. He jumps out of the way, barely dodging it. Omega X flies off from the cloud.

"Hold on a minute!" exclaimed Metalla X, "I have a strange premonition."

"Cut the crap! No matter what trick you use, I won't lose to you!"

Small shockwaves and bursts of light explode from within the dust cloud. Finally, the two fusion warriors emerge from the dust cloud with Metalla X on the offensive, but Omega X doing a better job of blocking. Omega X falls back just a bit and Metalla X takes the opportunity to pull back a strong punch. He throws it and Omega X quickly flies off. Metalla X chases him and hits him again, and then he drops to about the same level as Omega X is at when he regains control so that for just a second, they're standing apart.

"You have done well, Tai," said Metalla X.

"Its too bad that you used up so much energy," replied Omega X.

"What? I haven't even started yet."

He quickly charges up his ki and disappears. Omega X follows suit. They land on the ground facing each other from several yards apart. Both are breathing heavily.

"I don't believe it. I thought I had done impossibly hard training with the Holy Beasts. Looks like we're evenly matched. You've trained even harder than I have."

"Your wrong. I may have trained harder than you did, but you have more battle prowess than I do. No matter what I do, that difference will always exist. I realized that when you fought that monster Dark Magimon sent, Majiramon. I was really shocked, Tai. That a super fighting genius like me would always be surpassed by someone like you."

Metalla X clenches his fists and he looks right back over at Omega X.

"So I made the hardest decision I've ever made."

A grin comes across Metalla X's face and Omega X had quickly realized what he was trying to say.

"I see. It was through Dark Magimon's magic. You allowed yourself to be possessed by Dark Magimon."

"Yeah. I saw how much power it had given to such digimon such as Makuramon. His kind is normally weak but we were given a boost of power to make himself stronger once he got possessed. And I allowed myself to be possessed, so that our equal power would quickly be different. Now the difference between us has disappeared."

"You needed to get stronger that you even ignored your pride enough to be possessed by him."

"I… I… I wanted to be something that I always wanted to be…"

Metalla X quickly throws his head back and his arms down, charging up his ki and sending out small shockwaves that throw up dust and debris.

"I wanted to fight you as a cold-hearted, single-minded digital warrior with no worry about how I would affect other people!! I hated myself.

Slowly, Metalla X was beginning to calm himself from that rage that he had just released.

"Its all because of you and everybody else that influenced me to become peaceful! I grouped a band in order to tour across the world, I grew love for Mimi and had a son."

Omega X looks across Metalla X, who was now staring up into the skies with a few tears coming down his eyes.

"I even started to appreciate everyone else, including my own brother, TK. I was no longer the jerk I once was. I'm no longer that bad boy that always craved for the spotlight. So I had to be possessed by Dark Magimon to in order to release the darkness within my heart."

Metalla X's sad expression quickly turns into that of a small grin.

"And because of that, I feel pretty damn good."

Omega X looks up, with his smile fading away.

"Is that really true, Matt? Is that what you were thinking this whole time?"

Metalla X responds by charging up his ki, and Omega X does the same. They faced off with a strong gust of wind passing right by in between them.


Dark Magimon. Ground Level.

D-Reaper's sphere continues glowing intermittently. Around it, small holes started to pop open and the holes were starting to glow with light. The needle hovers over the D on the energy meter.

"It's happened at last, Dark Magimon," said King Devimon.

The evil sorcerer looks on with an absolutely ecstatic look on his face.

"D-Reaper's seal has been dissolved," Dark Magimon while laughing. "D-Reaper is going to come out!!"

Shintomon, Renamon, Rika and Celesta X stand bac, watching fearfully, but Celesta X was ready to fight whatever pops out from the ball itself. Steam begins to run out of the glowing holes, while Dark Magimon looks on gasping. Shintomon's eyes go wide and he cries out in fear as he watches the steam rise into the air. Celesta X, Renamon and Rika all watch in fearful curiosity. Lightning tears through the sky in the background as the storm rages on.


Elsewhere within the Digital World.

Omega X and Metalla X stare each other down. Finally, Omega X was able to go lunging forward.


Southern Gates of the Sovereign

Buddamon and his group watch on, as Gallantmon and Beelzebumon get ready to go at it once again for another round.

Beelzebumon goes lunging forward as Gallantmon holds his guard and his joust starts powering up.

With two battles taking place, will our heroes be able to stop the sphere that contains the D-Reaper just before it is released? And can Celesta X do what it takes to prevent the ball from opening up? What will the fate of the two digital worlds be? Time is just about run out, or has it?

[Digimon Tamers first ending theme "My Tomorrow" plays]


Gallantmon: Beelzebumon! It's a fight to the finish!

Beelzebumon: Only one of us will live and the other dies!

Jeri: Stop this fighting!

Omega X: Matt. You're not fooling me. You're only fighting me to satisfy you're own ego.

Metalla X: Maybe so, but I will stand triumphant in the end.

X: No! It's about to hatch! The D-Reaper is released!

Keke: It can't be…

Dark Magimon: Yes! D-Reaper has been unleashed! Prepare to suffer, digital worlds!

Shintomon: What? That's D-Reaper?

Celesta X: I expected it to be scarier…

Renamon: There's still a powerful ki coming from it. We can't let our guards down…

D-Reaper: You, Dark Magimon?

Dark Magimon: Was this the most destructive creature my father created from the reaper program?

Rika: Next time on Digimon Tamers Fusion, episode twenty!

The Seal Opens! The D-Reaper Awakens!

Terriermon: Don't you miss it!


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Keke: No kidding.

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