Hiro and Kisa had known each other their whole lives and Hiro has always loved the tiger Kisa-san since he laid eyes on the cute girl.

After the two were on talking terms again the two had gotten along quite well. Hiro wanted to do something special for her. He thought long and hard. He could always take her to Shigure's place to play with Tohru, but that isn't anything special. He had taken her there many times. He could also take her to the park and buy ice-cream but that just didn't seem romantic enough. Unfortunately he didn't have much cash on him, otherwise he would take her to see a movie or have dinner at a fancy restaurant.

As he walked down the street he saw a pretty frame with two hearts. An idea came to his mind and he bought the pretty frame and hurried home to his desk in his room and took out a piece of pretty note paper and started writing a poem.

'Amber eyes, warm lips...'

Hiro thought that wasn't nice and screwed it up and threw it into thebin. He made many attempts until he came up with a poem that described his love for her perfectly.

'A shy sheep

Watches the lovely tiger

Her amber eyes

And her warm smile

Brings love to his heart'

He hoped she would like it and went off looking through his photo collection to find a nice picture of the two of them together. There were many photos of them but Hiro, being the type of boy who doesn't like taking photos frowned in many of them. It was only until he found one when the two were young toddlers that both of them smiled sweetly. Hiro loved the photo and placed in the frame in one heart and the poem in the other heart.

The next day was Valentines day he headed off to Kisa's house in hope that she'd like his gift to her. He ran fast and was panting by the time he got to her house. Ding dong, the bell rang and the cute little girl Kisa greeted him with her warm smile.

Hiro shyly handed her the frame and she blushed as soon as she saw it. She grabbed him in a warm hug and said,"Thank you Hiro, I love it!"

Hiro smiled and was pleased that she liked her gift.

Author's note:

This is a short fic featuring my favourite couple from Fruits Basket. They're so cute I just had to write something about them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.