Cherry Waterfall

a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan fic

By: Hatti Lee*
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Started: 10.2.3
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Pairing: Shinji X Kaworu

Author's Notes: Well... Here's the FINAL chapter! Enjoy!! ^_^

Warnings: This is a yaoi fic, which means it contains intimacy between two males. If you're uncomfortable with that, I suggest you turn back now. Also, this fic will most likely contain violence, language, and graphic sexual content. If you're underage, please turn back now. You've been warned!

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Chapter XIX: Glorious Heat


I slide the key into place and turn, hoping. The little metal door swings open and my eyes go wide. I quickly pull the postcard out and turn it over and over in my hands, grinning.


Katsuragi comes to the door still wearing the clothes I last saw her in, Kaji, you just left... What are you do- She stops mid-sentence as I lift the postcard, all smiles.

She grins and grabs it out of my hands, turning and hurrying inside calling Asuka. The three of us stand in the kitchen looking down at the glossy picture of a large, white, gothic-style building. Beneath it reads: Goliad Courthouse, Texas.

Katsuragi turns it over and reads out the address scrawled in what's obviously Shinji's handwriting. Little hearts and happy faces are drawn all over it, and at the bottom something is written in English, clear and blocky.

What's that say? Asuka asks, pointing to the sentence apparently written by Kaworu.

I smile, It says, Love, like heat and life, is good.' Both Katsuragi and Asuka look up at me.

I didn't know you could read English. My violet-haired beauty says.

I wink at her, There are a lot of things you don't know about me. I say, leaning in for a kiss.

Yuck! You guys are grossing me out. Asuka complains, turning and heading for her room, mumbling something about old people.

I pull back and release Katsuragi from my arms, It's good to finally get word. I say.

She nods and goes around the table to the kitchen, grabbing some matches from a drawer, I know. I'm glad they're doing well. Maybe one day we can write to them without worry.

Maybe. Just give it time. I say, watching as she burns the postcard over the sink. The government searched fiercely for the boys during the first two weeks, but now things have cooled slightly. Information is being covered and swept away, but the danger isn't over. Others, like myself, are out there, listening and watching for anything to come up. Good thing there aren't many as good as myself. I smirk at the thought. I'm guessing all will be given up in eight months or so.

Katsuragi curses and drops the paper into the sink, washing the ashes down the drain while blowing at her singed fingers, Love, like heat and life, is good. She says after turning off the water, whispering the words to herself. She looks up at me, Kaworu would say something like that.

I smile and nod, letting a few peaceful, quiet moments settle comfortably between us, I guess I should go.

She smiles, a lovely stress-free smile, something she's been missing for weeks, Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.

I nod again and turn to go, I call as I leave the apartment, a lightness in my step. I'm still smiling as I enter the elevator. This happiness is just what Shinji and Kaworu deserve. I truly wish them the best.



I switch the vacuum off and look around at my handy work as Momma steps into the room, Good job, Shinji. I say your officially finished. I don't think this house has ever been so clean.

I smile and begin winding up the cord, Have you seen Kaworu? I ask, my English still strongly accented even after a year of speaking it.

I see love in your eyes, honey. She says stepping further into the room, inspecting it's cleanliness as she always does.

I simply blush, busying myself with putting the vacuum away. Finished, I turn to find that Momma's sitting on the couch, patting the seat next her, Come sit here with me.

I nod and do as she asks.

You sure this is the life you boys want? Living with an old lady, cleaning house, and looking after a bunch of animals? You could finish your schoolin' and get a real smart job like Ray and Tureka. She says all this slowly and seriously, her hands holding mine while she looks me dead in the eyes. I'm still getting used to Americans' frankness.

I swallow and nod, blushing, You don't know what kind of life we had before. This is heaven.

She tilts her head and leans a bit closer, Tell me, child, why did you and Karu have to run away?

My mouth twitches at the way she pronounces my lover's name. It's the way most of the people here say it, he doesn't mind. I've been avoiding these questions for months now, but as I glance down at my hands held firmly in Momma's, I find that she has me now. I swallow again, I do owe her an explanation.

You know about the Angels? About the Evangelions? I ask, looking up.

Her eyes narrow in thought and she nods, keeping silent so that I may continue.

I used to be an Eva pilot, and Kaworu is an Angel. He came back to... To be with me, and when the government found out, we were taken prisoner. We were going to be killed or forever separated, but some friends helped us get out. I explain, trying to leave out as much as possible.

Her eyes narrow again, but this time she speaks, He came back? I don't understand this... Where did he go?

I nod and look down, away, anywhere but her eyes, I... Uh... A long time ago, I... I killed him, even though I loved him. It's really complicated. We couldn't coexist then, but now we can- The last is rushed and I stop when I feel her weathered hand on my chin, lifting my gaze to hers. I'm surprised to see her eyes are soft and understanding.

Poor child. Poor Shinji. I know things were bad, but they're good now, and if you want more, it's okay. You can get an education, be whatever you want. There something you always wanted? She asks, becoming excited as if trying to get me excited.

I smile, I've always wanted a quiet, peaceful, boring life. I want that with Kaworu.

She laughs out and leans back, a wide smile on her lips, her cheeks full with her happiness, Well, child, you have that now, and if that's all you want, I'm glad to let you have it.

We sit quiet for a few moments, the mood light, the air warm. She leans forward then, tapping at my legs, Don't know why I can't fatten you boys up though. Thin like sticks, string beans.

I laugh and rise from the couch, turning before leaving the room, my expression going serious, Momma, you won't tell anyone what I told you, will you?

She laughs and rises, walking passed me and into the kitchen, Don't worry, Shinji, a woman knows how to keep a secret.

I stand and watch for a moment as she begins gathering pots and pans and utensils to begin cooking dinner. Lately, she's been teaching me some things, and I surprised her by showing her a few things. Though, I don't think her or her family much likes my dishes. I smile at the memory of them struggling with chopsticks as I make my way to the door.

As I'm heading out to search for Kaworu, Momma calls after me, and I turn, a questioning look on my face, Your boy's out back, already finished feeding.

I smile, On the shed?

She answers through laughter.

I linger not a moment longer, shutting the door and hurrying around back rather than going back through the house to the back door. Momma and her family own some thirty acres of land, all of which is fenced and filled with cows. I leap over the chickens still pecking at their dinner and hurry towards the barn. Sometimes Kaworu and I sit up in the hay and talk for hours, but that's not where he is now. I veer off the trail and head towards the tractor shed.

There's a short, wooden ladder leaning against it, and I climb up standing on the highest step. I reach up and grab the roof firmly, pulling myself up. I swing a leg over and roll onto the roof, finding myself on my back beside Kaworu, whose lying on his stomach. He's propped up on his elbows, looking down at at a sheaf of papers secured in a small binder.

The tin is hot and instantly begins warming my skin through my clothes, I say through a smile, speaking Japanese, What are you doing?

Reading the last letter. He answers without looking up.

I lay back and admire him. He's shirtless and barefoot, and his jeans are loose. His shoulder blades are jutting due to his position and I lean forward to place a chaste kiss there.

He turns and looks at me then, and I laugh. His expression is one I recognize. It's as if he's asking me, You want to make love here? Now?

I just like the way this looks. I say, my smile fading as I reach forward and trace his shoulder blade with my index finger. The sun's setting, but it's still shining bright, and his white skin appears to glow.

He simply looks at me for a moment before returning his gaze to the letter, I'm glad they're all doing so well.

I sidle closer, looking down at the letter, I still can't believe Misato and Kaji are married. Asuka must be going nuts.

Kaworu smiles and flips the binder shut, scooting it out of the way as he turns to lie on his side, facing me, Your hair's really getting long. He says, running his fingers through my locks which now hang passed my ears.

I copy his movements, letting his thick, uneven, silky hair caress my fingers. His hair brushes his shoulders now, and Momma is constantly threatening to cut it in his sleep.

Kaworu's hands move to my shirt, his fingers working swiftly to unbutton it. The thin material falls open and he smooths his hands over my chest, And your skin is golden tan now.

I laugh, Not all my skin.

He moves close, Mmm... But I love your tan lines.

My eyes slip closed, and my smile smooths as deft fingers unbutton and unzip my pants, Momma's cooking. Tureka and her family are coming over for dinner. We... We can't do this now. The last comes out in a breathy moan as his hands begin working me into arousal. It doesn't take much, the mere sight of him quickens my heart.

Minutes later, I'm struggling not to moan as our lips meet again and again, our tongues dancing. And then I'm coming, and he's whispering into my ear, Do you feel the heat up here? The sun and the tin against my skin... It's not nearly as glorious as the heat of your come. His words are breathy, his tongue gracing the shell of my ear.

I throw my arms around him and surprise him as I pull him full into my arms, I love you, my Angel.



My lovely dark chocolate daughter steps into the kitchen and breathes deep, Mmm, it sure smells good in here.

Course it does, Momma's cookin'. I say through a grin, leaning over and pinching my grandchildren's cheeks. They laugh and smile and parrot my words.

I rise and look to my daughter, You doin' those kids good. Their spirits are bright.

She blushes and smiles as she heads into the living room with the children. I can hear her opening the trunk of toys and instructing her babes to behave and keep quiet. Then she's stepping back into the kitchen, It looks real nice in there.

I turn from the pot of beans before me and smile, Shinji cleaned all day.

She nods, taking a seat at the table behind me, Where is he? And Karu?

I turn back and smile to myself this time, Out back.

Tureka laughs, a healthy laugh, In the hay or on the shed?

I laugh as well, Does it matter?

She moves to stand beside me, pretending to take interest in my beans. I let it slide, waiting for her to build up her courage, Momma, you think it's right those boys being together the way they are?

I look at her sharply, And what way is that?

She sighs, leaning against the counter, Lots of people in town been talking. Not many people round here accept that kinda thing. You don't think it's wrong?

My poor girl. At least she's being honest. I look her in the eyes as I answer, Honey, love's never wrong.

She sighs again and nods, I know, I know. Then she smiles, I don't want to know what they do out there in the hay and up on that shed. I'm still getting used to seein' them holding hands and kissing.

I laugh, Me too, me too.

During our laughter, the boys come in. Shinji's face is flushed and Karu's smiling like the devil. My mouth twitches at that thought. An Angel smiling like the devil.



It's been eighteen months since they scraped Gendo Ikari's remains from the pavement. Eighteen months since I saw Shinji and Kaworu huddled together in the busy airport, their minds and souls battered, torn, and weary. Eighteen months since I bid them farewell and sent them on their way.

I sent the first letter about six months ago, informing the boys that most things concerning them have been forgotten and dropped, telling them that if they'd like to write, it's safe to do so now. Since then, many letters have come and each time I'm delighted. This time is the same.

What do you have? Another one? Kaji asks, stepping into the kitchen in his robe, his hair still messed from sleep.

I nod, smiling as I tear the envelope open. Asuka enters in her uniform, ready for school. I pull the contents out and photos spill forth. Both Kaji and Asuka come close as I begin flipping through them, the first photos they've sent...

Shinji, smiling and shirtless, his skin tan, his hair well passed his ears, cows in the background.

Asuka grabs it from my hands, Kami, he looks like a hillbilly.

I laugh and we look to the next one...

Kaworu, barefoot and shirtless, his hair brushing his shoulders. He's leaning against a beautiful stone house, his hip jutting out like a woman.

Kaji chuckles, Well, Kaworu's still white.

Asuka grabs it, Look at the way he's standing. He could be a model.

We all laugh and then look to the next one...

Shinji and Kaworu standing on either side of a dark-skinned elderly woman, there arms thrown around her. All three of them are laughing.

This must be the woman they're living with. They call her Momma. I say, pointing at the woman's cheerful face.

There's a picture of their room...

Another of Kaworu sleeping in hay...

Another of the boy's heads peering down from the roof of some sort of shed, laughing and smiling...

Another of them with a family, Shinji balancing a toddler on his hip...

And lastly, one of the boys sitting amidst at least fifteen chickens. They're sitting close, they're legs crossed, one of Shinji's draped over Kaworu's. It's obvious they were surprised, and Shinji's blushing like mad. No doubt, they were caught in an intimate moment. I notice there's an arrow drawn on the corner of this one in black ink. I turn the picture over to see English letters in Kaworu's handwriting. I hand it to Kaji.

He smiles, I want to live like this forever.' This is what Shinji said to me our first night here. Thank you, all of you, for making this possible. -the Angel.

Why did he sign it like that? Asuka asks, pulling the picture from Kaji's hands.

Hey, don't be so grabby! My husband scolds.

I guess because he knows that's the way we think of him. I say in answer to her question

Look at that face! They were so making out. Asuka says through a giggle, a hand going to her mouth.

I then lift the letter, Do you want me to read outloud? I ask, glancing from Kaji to Asuka.

Asuka answers, rolling her eyes.

Kaji laughs, nodding for me to go on.

I smile, Dear Misato,

We were really happy when your letter came. Kaworu's already read it at least a dozen times.

How are you? Is your job still boring? How's Kaji? Still enjoying married life? Tell Asuka hi, and tell her to say hi to Hikari, Toji, and Kensuke for me. I miss all of you.

I loved the photos you sent! Especially the ones of the wedding. Please ask Asuka if she'd mind sending some of her and the others at school.

I'm sending some photos too, finally. It took forever to get them developed. I hope you enjoy them. Oh, Kaworu wants me to make sure you know that the one is from him.

Some big news! Ray's wife, Denice, is pregnant! They have three children already, so this will be their fourth. Everyone's excited.

Momma's doing much better. The doctor said she just over-worked herself in the heat. He called it heat exhaustion. He said for her to just keep cool during the hot part of the day and drink plenty of water. She's such a tough woman. It can be one hundred degrees and she's outside weeding the garden. Don't worry though, Kaworu and I are keeping an eye on her.

As for myself... I'm doing much better. I haven't had a nightmare in months, and I don't even know how long it's been since I've cried in sorrow.

As you can see, Kaworu and I are growing our hair out. He's already wearing it in a ponytail sometimes. Things between us are better than ever. I love him so much, Misato... I don't even know how to explain it. It's just good, really good.

So, all in all, things are good, but again, I still miss you guys. Write back soon.

Love always,

ShinjiWow. He sounds really good. Kaji says, leaning close to glance over the letter. His watch beeps, and Asuka nearly jumps out of her skin.

I'm going to be late! Hikari's going to kill me. She grabs up all the pictures, I'm going to show all these to the guys. And with that she's grabbing her stuff, pulling on her shoes, and hurrying out the door,

I fold the letter up and set down atop the torn envelope, He does sound really good. Way better than before. I say, replying to Kaji's earlier statement.

He comes close and wraps his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder, This is the happiness they've deserved from the beginning.

I nod, placing my hands on his, leaning against his strong chest,




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