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Chapter 13: The New Arrival:

Six Months Later:

Lara sighed as she looked out of the guest room window towards the sea. She was very glad that Will and Elizabeth had asked her and Jack to change guest rooms; their previous room hadn't had a view, and the Turners thought that the Sparrows would miss the ocean since the Pearl had left. Now Lara stood at the window and caressed her swollen belly.

Six long months had passed for the Sparrows and the Turners. Lara had begun to feel like a whale with her large stomach, and Jack didn't help very much; he drove her absolutely mad by always fussing over her. She had to constantly remind him that she was pregnant, not dying.

Will and Elizabeth weren't any better. Elizabeth was always giving Lara advice that she didn't want, and Will and Jack were constantly worrying over Lara's condition. Lara could forgive Jack for worrying, but having Will do so along with him was a touch much. Between the three of them caring for her, Lara felt that the only sane person in the house besides her was Billy, who was always glad to have Lara play with him and take him places. Billy also liked feeling the baby kick, though he sometimes said that it felt like the baby was punching and kicking at the same time; Lara could agree with that. Now she could hardly wait for the baby to be born, just so that she could be able to bend over again and be able to do things instead of just standing around and being fussed over!

Suddenly, a sharp pain jolted through her. Lara gasped as she clasped her stomach.

"Oh, my God!" she exclaimed softly. She suddenly felt something wet running down her legs. 'Oh dear,' she thought. She quickly raced for the door and opened it, only to find Jack about to enter. The pirate took one look at her and concern flooded his face.

"Luv, are ye alright?" he asked.

"Jack, the baby's coming!" she gasped as another bolt of pain shot through her.

"The baby's what?" Jack asked, his eyes widening. After seeing that Lara was in too much pain and too busy to answer, Jack immediately panicked. He picked her up and set her down on the bed. "Don't worry, luv, I'll go get help, just hang on!" He raced out the door, leaving Lara to lay there and try to bring her child into the world.


Several hours later, Jack was pacing up and down the hallway of the Turner's living room. Will had taken Billy to stay at the Governor's until the new Sparrow arrived, since it didn't seem wise to have him in a house with a woman giving birth, and Jack really wished that his friend was there with him. Jack really wanted Will's support, but would have to make do with the situation. Actually, what he really wanted was a large bottle of rum to calm his nerves, but he didn't want to visit his child and expose it to rum, or its smell, so soon. So, with nothing better to do, Jack began another round of pacing, trying to ignore his wife's pain-filled screams.


Lara had never been in so much pain in her life! Even when she had been stabbed in the leg on one of the Pearl's voyages to Europe and crossed swords with a Spanish merchant ship. Oh, yes, this was much worse!

"Come on, Lara, push!" Elizabeth said, encouraging her friend. She and a midwife stood at the end of the bed, cloths and warm water ready.

"I AM PUSHING!" Lara screamed as she pushed again.

"I can see the head, Lara!" the midwife exclaimed. "Come on, you can do it!"

After several more pushes, Lara collapsed against the pillows in exhaustion. "Well?"

The midwife smiled. "It's a boy!" she said, holding up a crying, squirming babe for her to see.

Lara immediately reached for the baby. "Can I hold him?"

Elizabeth and the midwife laughed. "No, Lara, not yet," the woman said. She gave the baby to Elizabeth to be cleaned.

"Now, are you sure you want to name him Jack?" Elizabeth asked. "After all- " Elizabeth was cut off by a cry of pain from Lara. "Lara, what's wrong?"

"Lizzie, it's happening again!" Lara cried. Soon, the contractions began again.

"Oh, God, Lara," Elizabeth gasped as she checked on her friend. "I think there's another one coming!"

"Another what?" asked Lara between stabs of pain.

"Another baby, Lara!" exclaimed the midwife, after making sure of her condition. "You're having twins!"


Jack thought he was going to go mad. The three women had been in that room for hours! How long did it take to have a baby?! He swore that if no one came for him, he was going to go to the door himself and demand to see his wife! She needed him!

"Mr. Sparrow?" called a voice.

Jack's head snapped up. "Yes?" he asked, addressing the midwife. "Is the baby here? Is my lass alright?" he asked, racing up to her.

The woman smiled. "Mrs. Sparrow fine, just a bit tired is all. Would you like to see them?"

Jack nodded and followed the midwife up stairs. When she opened the door, the most wonderful sight greeted him. His wife was beautiful, even though she was sweaty, her hair limp, and was sitting propped up by pillows. His little child was in her arms. A huge grin spread onto his face as he walked towards his lass, not even acknowledging Elizabeth standing in the corner, her back to him as she washed something in a basin.

"Well, luv, we did it, didn't we?" he asked his wife.

"That we did, Jack," she said back, smiling softly at him. "Now why don't you say hello to your son?"

Jack leaned forward and glanced at the small face, which was calm in sleep. "Hello, lad," he whispered, reaching out to stroke the baby's face. "You're going to be the finest pirate in all of the Seven Seas, aren't ye? Just like yer father."

"And what about your daughter, Jack Sparrow?" Elizabeth asked, turning back towards the pirate, a small bundle in her arms.

Jack's eyes almost popped out of his head. "My what?! What are ye talking about, lass?"

Elizabeth and Lara both rolled their eyes. "You've just had twins, Master Sparrow," Elizabeth said, holding out the second bundle for him to take. "This is your daughter."

Jack reached out and gently took the bundle into his arms. He looked down and saw the little girl look up at him before yawning and falling asleep in his arms. Jack felt a tear fall down his cheek, splashing onto the blanket.

"A girl of my own?" he asked in disbelief. "Twins? I don't believe it!" He reached out and stroked the small, soft cheek of his little daughter. "Since we have a little Jack, what do we call ye, little lass?" He asked the baby, though he didn't expect an answer.

"How about Julia?" Lara said. "I've always like that name."

Jack grinned. "We'll call her Jewel for short, because she'll be our little treasure," he said.

Lara smiled. "And what will our son be nicknamed?" she asked her husband.

"Well, we'll think of something, luv," Jack told his wife, grinning at her.

Meanwhile, Lara gave a yawn, clearly indicating that she needed rest. Elizabeth and the midwife took the babies and left Jack alone with his wife. The two Sparrows soon fell into a quiet, happy slumber.


The next morning, Will brought Billy and the Governor over to see the new twin Sparrows. Both the Governor and Will were shocked that Jack and Lara had birthed twins, but Billy seemed ecstatic; he was eager for new playmates, but was crushed when Lara told him that they wouldn't be able to play together until the twins were older.

Soon, two weeks passed, and Jack and Lara couldn't be happier. The twins were extremely good natured (which wasn't surprising, considering who their father was) and slept almost the entire night straight through. This alone amazed the Turners to no end, and Lara could tell that this had never happened with Billy when he had been that young.

One day, while Will and Jack had left for town, Elizabeth was in the kitchen, and Lara was upstairs having just finished putting Jack and Julia into their shared cradle, a knock came from the front door. She waited until Elizabeth came upstairs to get her.

"Lara, Mr. Gibbs, Annamaria, and Scar are here to see you," she said.

Lara nodded before picking up her daughter while Elizabeth picked up little Jack. As the two of them came through the door of the parlor, the three crewmembers looked up, their jaws soon dropping in shock.

Lara smiled at them. "I'd like to introduce you to Jack and Julia Sparrow," she said, holding out little Julia the same moment Elizabeth held out baby Jack.

"Lara," whispered Annamaria. "You had twins?"

Scar grinned. "And a lovely set they make, too," he said, getting up from his seat. He took little Julia into his large hands before looking down at her and smiling. "Hello, lass," he whispered to her. "Aren't ye a lovely one, just like your mama."

Annamaria smiled before taking little Jack into her arms and giving him a quick look-over. "Aye, little one, ye look just like your father," she said to the baby boy. "I can tell that you're going to be a handful!" The baby yawned in response. Annamaria grinned wider. "And don't think that little yawn is going to fool me!" she said, earning a laugh from Lara.

Mr. Gibbs simply stood there and blinked. "I still don't believe it," he said, rubbing his beard. "Twin Sparrows. I never thought I'd see the day!" He reached for Julia and took her in his arms. "Well, maybe having women onboard won't be so bad after all." Lara and Annamaria exchanged a smile at that comment. Soon they were all seated in the parlor talking over the past six long months, which had relatively been uneventful. The crew had converted Jack's "personal stash" treasure room into a nursery for the babies (though they now needed to double everything!), which was actually a fairly good-sized room. The Pearl had been cleaned from top to bottom, barnacles had been scraped off the hull, and the crew had turned one of the storage rooms into a play area for the babies to play in and stay out of the crew's way. Each of the crewmembers had sworn to take a bit of baby duty, though that needed to be arranged even more now that there were two instead of one onboard!

When Will and Jack arrived, they too talked with the three crewmembers about the past six months before they all needed a break for dinner. It was then that everyone realized that it would soon be time for the Sparrows to be leaving Port Royal and returning to their home on the high seas.


Two weeks later, after having restocked the ship and doubled the things needed for the arrival of the twins, the Sparrow family stood on the deck of the Black Pearl, waving goodbye to the Turner family after promising to come back often so that the children could play together. As Port Royal faded from sight, Jack and Lara stood on the bow of their ship, Jack holding their daughter and Lara holding their son, as they stood gazing at the water and all of the great fun and adventure it would bring into their lives, as well as the lives of their children. They could hardly wait to see what fortunes and things the future would bring them.


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