Title: Strength over fear

Author: ewan's girl

Author's note: Ok my lovlies I have thought a lot about it and have decided to make this the final chapter in this story. I don't want to drag this story into the ground by adding unnessicary chapters. I want to thank everyone who reviewed this story from the begining, it's been an interesting ride, I went back and read some of the first chapters and I'm surprised where this story went. I want to esp thank my padawan Glavin69 for all his help with action scenes and political scenes, also I want to thank Jedikma for all her reviews and advice on all of my stories. Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this as I did writing it, please do me the honor of giving me one last review.


/ Thirty five year old Obi Wan Kenobi strode into the training room and watched as his charge expertly blocked blaster fire driven his way by five different probe droids. The twenty year old was weilding two light sabers and was moving gracfully as if in a trance, all the while completely blindfolded.

The senior padawan finished the session with the droids and sensed the careful eyes of his master watching him, he quickly turned off his sabers and removed his blindfold, wiping the sweat off his brow. He glanced over at his teacher and noticed the older man standing motionless with his arms folded inside his cloak, this stance was becoming an all too common one on his master and it really annoyed Anakin Skywalker.

The bare chested young man continued to stare down his mentor. "What did you tell them?" He asked, his voice poisioned with anger.

Obi Wan gave no answer, actually made no movement of any kind.

"You sided with them didn't you?" Anakin spat, throwing the blind fold to the ground. "You always side with them." He began to pace like a caged animal. "You're supposed to be MY master, you're supposed to support me, be there for ME!" He ranted. "Why do you always take the Council's side? You never believe me!" Anakin stopped and noticed Obi Wan still hadn't moved. "Master Qui Gon would've stood up for me, he would've told them it was an honest mistake." Anakin shouted, his voice cracking. "Sometimes I wonder why he had to die and you lived!"

Obi Wan stayed silent and nodded slowly, he turned and began to exit the room.

Anakin became nervous and grabbed Obi Wan's cloak, forcing the knight to look at him. "I'm sorry master, I didn't mean that. . .I just. . ." Anakin felt like he was backed into a corner, getting more nervous as Obi Wan continued to stay silent. "Master please, it's just this war. . .and. . .and everything. . ." The apprentice swallowed hard. "I'm sorry, you know I could never have another master. . ."

Obi Wan put up his hand to stop his apprentice from putting his foot deeper into his mouth. "It's been said Anakin, let's leave it alone and move on."

Anakin nodded then suddenly burst into tears, falling to his knees. Obi Wan looked at his student in disbelief. "I'm sorry master, I don't know what's wrong. . ." Anakin tried.

"It's your mother's birthday." Obi Wan finished for him.

Anakin stared up at the older man, jaw dropped. "How did you. . ."

Obi Wan knelt down next to Anakin. "You use to tell me every year when you first came into my life Anakin, do you really think I'd forget?"

Anakin shook his head, calming himself down. "I guess not." He then took his master by surprise and enveloped him in his arms.

Obi Wan who was shocked by this gesture (because the boy hadn't hugged him since he was eleven years old) eventually returned the gesture and the master/padawan team shared a moment that was very strange to the pair.

Suddenly Obi Wan found himself alone in a dark room, he rose to his feet and searched for some source of light. He found it in the form of a woman dressed in blindingly white clothes, her aura so bright in fact that the Jedi couldn't tell who she was, but he realized she held some importance to him. He tried to go to her, but discovered a huge ravine between them, that seemed to be ever growing. As he tried to find a way across he noticed a dark figure looming in the backround, heading towards the woman. He felt his breath hitch as he witnessed the woman being run through by a crimson red light saber. /

Obi Wan sat straight up in his bed, stiffiling a scream that lingered in his throat due to his vision, he found himself panting and sweating. He ran his hands through his hair and tried to calm himself down, he then felt a hand rubbing his back gently, he turned around and stared down at Siri, her blonde hair pulled back into a tight pony tail with loose peices of hair framing her face. She gave a him a concerned look and rose, kneeling behind him, giving him a massage.

Obi Wan wrapped his arms around his legs, and rested his head on the top of his knee caps, moving away from Siri's hands. She shook her head at him and laid back down, rubbing her tired eyes.

"Why can't I let it go?" Obi Wan asked. "Why can't I just cast the memories into the Force and move on?"

Siri yawned. "Give it time."

"It's been three years." Obi Wan rebutled.

"It could take an eternity to come to terms with something like this, and maybe even longer." Siri stated. She ran a hand through her hair, removing the pony tail. "I still sometimes see them, littering the halls of the Temple." She stated, her voice becoming soft. "I still sometimes hear the screams of those who were still alive when they burned our home." She felt a pang in her chest. "It will take time, and for one reason or another the Force has granted us that."

Obi Wan looked back at her and offered a sad smile, he moved into a lying position next to her, running a hand along her bare skin. "When did you become so intelligent?" He teased lovingly.

Siri kissed his hand as it moved to her cheek. "I always have been, you were just too stuborn to realize."

"Oh I see." Obi Wan leaned in to kiss her, but was bombarded by the vision of the woman being murdered. He felt the agony rise through his mind, quickly errecting strong sheilds to block Siri from his thoughts.

Siri looked at him and noticed the worried look on his face. "What is it?" She asked.

Obi Wan shook his head. "Nothing, just lingering thoughts from my dream." He kissed her forehead. "Go back to sleep." He then rose to his feet, pulling on a pair of pants.

Siri groaned. "No, come back to bed."

"It's ok, I can't sleep."

"You never can, this isn't healthy." She reminded him.


"Ok, ok, you know me, just needed to get the last word in." She rolled over, pulling the blanket over her.

Obi Wan stared at her for a moment longer. "Siri, what would I do without you?" He asked.

"Force knows Kenobi, Force knows." She answered, already dozing off.

'It's been three years, three years since the purge began, three years since the fall of the Republic. . .' Obi Wan put down his pen and looked up as Ferus entered the dining area of the ship, grabbing a mug and pouring jawa juice.

"Master Kenobi?" Ferus asked, startled. "I wasn't expecting anyone else to be awake."

"Couldn't sleep." Obi Wan admitted, quickly closing his book.

"I understand, I haven't been sleeping that well myself." Ferus stated, taking a sip of jawa juice. "Of course I've never been able to really sleep on a ship."

Obi Wan nodded. "Yeah, me either, Anakin on the other hand. . ."

Ferus avoided Obi Wan's gaze and the two sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment. "I was taking inventory master, and we are going to need to restock soon." Ferus finally broke the silence.

Obi Wan nodded. "I figured as much, what system are we near?"

Ferus shifted his weight. "Alderaan."

Obi Wan thought for a moment, then rose to his feet, grabbbing his book. "Nothing happens by accident. . .set coordinates for Alderaan, I'll go contact his majesty Organa and let him know that we are finally taking the rebels up on their offer."

Ferus bowed. "Yes master." He then exited the room.

Obi Wan stood in the empty dinning hall for another moment. "I have a bad feeling about this."

THE END: Ok, there you have it, my longest story to date. I hope you all enjoyed it, and if you want to see the story continue you can read the sequal called "The Purge". Thank you again for all the great reviews, and I hope I can continue to write stories people enjoy.