Thought of a Hanyou

I sit up in the branches watching them. Yea, Kagome and I got in another fight. So what? Of course everyone takes her side. Naturally sweet, innocent, defenseless Kagome could never be wrong. Ok, so maybe she wasn't and I am being the bastard they all think I am.

Surprised, huh? Yea, I can admit when I'm wrong. To myself at least. But, that's what's important right? Hell, I don't even remember what the hell we argued about. Yea, I start most of them. You got a better way to handle frustration?

Duh idiots. I'm male, young and well... you know the rest. I've got this beautiful babe that loves to climb up on my back and ride. I can feel her pressed against me, it's torture. Cause, the filthy half-breed can't ever touch. Inu youkai bitches don't want a weakling who can't change into a huge dog. Human bitches are terrified of my demon side. Yea, yea Kagome's different you say. Really? Think back my friend... every time I try to get close to her she either runs off to that school thing, or gets all you're freaking me out. Whatever that means. So I climb up in a tree and wait for things to um.. relax. You think the monk is the only one who's has hentai thoughts? Shit, I was having them before his daddy was around.

She's always taking a bath, and that's fine. I mean she smells really nice. But why the hell does she get upset when every time she takes one, she screams about something. I come running to save her and either end up with a rock on my head or sat. You'd think she wants me to see her naked. I even heard Sango ask her one time if she wanted me to peek. Didn't hear her response, stupid monk said something equally stupid.

Ok this came from a conversation with my best inspiration, my husband. So should I continue this or not? Review and let me know.