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Beyblading Spirit

She was pacing. She couldn't help it, how could she sit still? She had just watched her boyfriend collapse after losing a battle to Brooklyn, on the Beyblade News channel on TV last night. And now, she was given the honour of the first battle of the Justice 5 Tournament.

No pressure.

Absolutely no reason for her to be worried, stressed and unable to sit fucking still!

She was set to battle Ming-Ming, the crowd favourite because of her cute demeanour and sensational singing voice.

'Daichi, who should be battling right now.' She mused, 'Daichi wanted to prove that Ming-Ming doesn't take Beyblading seriously and told me to knock her out of the stadium early in the match. Which is easier said than done.' Hilary sighed heavily, glancing across the stadium at the aqua-haired pop princess who stood waving at the crowd, giggling and grinning away with not the care in the world.

The Beyblade Idol showed no concern about this battle. She was confident, and that confidence was weighing Hilary down the more she thought about it. How could she be confident? She stared down at the new blade Kenny had given her; EmberFae's new Hard Metal System style. Even though she needed intense training prior to this battle with the basics, she no longer fevered or collapsed but that didn't secure Hilary's victory…

It all came down to talent now. There was no way pulling horse-shoes out of her ass could help her now, no flukes, no room for relying on pure luck. This battle was all Hilary this time.

"Hilary, you'll be fine. Everyone's here supporting you."

Exhaling, she glanced back at Tyson, unable to hide the anxiety in her eyes. "I know." She said shakily, trying to mask the tremble in her voice.

"And with that new blade you don't have to worry about passing out anymore. You can take your time in battle now." Kenny said enthusiastically. Hilary already knew this of course. She glanced back down at her new blue and black beyblade; EmberFae's bit-chip seemed to glow in reassurance as well.

"You just got to relax and keep your focus. You aren't alone anymore. Everyone is here to cheer for you Hil's!" Max placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, and pointed to the stands where the rest of their friends sat in anticipation.

"I'm okay, really Max. You boys are here; I know I'll be fine." She forced a smile, in a vain attempt to convince Max she was okay; she knew she wasn't fooling anyone when his smile fell into a look of concern. "Really, Maxy! It's not like I haven't battled in a tournament before!" She continued on.

She vaguely wondered who she was trying to convince now, her team mates or herself?


"Ah! Yes Ray?"

"We believe in you. There no need for you to doubt your abilities." Ray said calmly, a soft smile on his lips. She wanted to cry right then. It had always been him who was able to know what was bothering her without ever voicing it.

"Thank you." She whispered softly, a true smile on her face now, as she turned on her heel and approached the stadium.

"Just remember what I told you Hilary! Make it fast, show 'em she's a fake!" Daichi yelled from the sidelines, making Hilary actually laughed a little.

She was glad to have her boys on her side again, she was glad their fight against each other for the World Champion title was finally over. Now they were fighting to protect the integrity of the game and fighting to protect the fate of the Beyblading World that teetered on the edge of evil's grasps.

"Blader's ready?" DJ Jazzman started the countdown. "3... 2…. 1…"

Both Hilary and Ming-Ming aimed their launchers at the coliseum style bey-dish. Her grip tightened around her star launcher. Their gazes met in a full out glaring contest, and somehow Hilary knew this battle would get personal.

"Try to keep up, amateur." Ming-Ming sneered.

Hilary glared back. There was no way she was going to lose this battle. Hilary needed to win, she needed to wipe that damn smirk off that bitches face. This was something she had needed to do for a long time now, she needed to show her worth; Hilary needed to prove herself.

And this was her chance.

"Let it rip!"

Jade sat at the edge of Tala's bed while he slept, he concentration briefly diverted to the TV screen mounted on the wall. Hilary was battling Ming-Ming in the first battle of the Justice 5 tournament.

A part of her felt proud of Hilary for facing against Boris and his BEGA team in an attempt for revenge for everything he had done to her and Kai. But another part of her felt worried, Ming-Ming was a world class pro-blader, and Hilary was already emotionally unstable as it was. With Kai gone and Hilary's prone-to-worry personality Jade wondered how Hilary could stay so strong under all the stress.

Surely it wasn't healthy.

A hoarse cough broke the red-head's thoughts, as she glanced back down at Tala, who was slowly waking from his week-long coma.

"Tala!" She gasped, relief sweeping over her like a welcoming breeze. Tears spilled down her cheeks when his eyes found hers, and his hand reached up to caress them away.

"How long?" His voice was strained and muffled behind the oxygen mask.

"A week." She said softly, running her hand through his messy red hair affectionately.

Jade watched him pull the oxygen mask away before he pulled down to kiss her gently. "I'm sorry for worrying you." He whispered.

Crying softly, Jade snuggled against his chest, giving him a better view of the TV. "I'm just glad you are alright."


"She's battling one of Boris's pro-bladers…" Jade explained. She felt him strain to sit up, but she pushed him back down. "You are too weak to sit up, stay down you need your rest Tala!"

"It's too dangerous for her to be battling against Boris's team!" Tala coughed, before falling back down on his pillow. "Jade, you need to help her."

"I believe in Hilary, Tala. She's strong." She glanced back up at the TV screen watching the final moments of the battle, watching both Hilary and Ming-Ming struggle to stay standing from the exhaustion.

Tala's found Jade's hand, and he squeezed it in understanding. "She'll be okay." He confirmed quietly, bringing her hand to his lips.

Jade smiled fondly at her team leader and childhood friend. "Yes. Hilary will be just fine."

"Ming-Ming is the winner!"

Hilary had lost the match. She felt her knees give way as she collapsed to her hands and knees, staring down at her battered blade.

Mid-battle, Ming-Ming had the nerve to break into song as if to mock Hilary. Even worse, her singing seemed to improve her blading skills and it was her voice that helped her concentrate on her blade. When Kenny and Tyson informed Hilary of her opponent's secret, she used her own voice to unleash the full power of EmberFae, but in the end Ming-Ming proved to be the better blader and won the match.

Not even the new Hard Metal Beyblade or the full power of EmberFae could bring Hilary a win. And as she sat there, replaying the battle in her mind, she felt her chest tighten and her throat squeeze. It hurt, the humiliation, the disgrace, the defeat.

This was her chance, and she fucked it up.

This was her chance, and she lost!

How could she still not be good enough?

She had trained so fucking hard for this! And still it was for nothing. Tyson had false hope in her, they believed in her when they shouldn't have.

Tears spilled down her cheeks without consent, but with no resolve to try to stop from falling either. She wanted to be a good sport, she wanted to smile and shake Ming-Ming's hand and congratulate her but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to hide, somewhere dark and solitary.

She was mortified.

This alone proved she wasn't cut out to be a beyblader. She wasn't cut out to be a part of the World Champion team. But that was to be expected, she supposed. After all, the boys had been training for this all their lives, how could she expect to be any good from just observing and a few intense training sessions?

"Hilary." Not bothering to wipe away her tears she glanced up to find Tyson, kneeling down at her level, smiling, and holding out her blade to her. "You did good."

She sniffled quietly, taking EmberFae from Tyson's hand, murmuring a quiet 'thank you', when she noticed two pairs of feet beside her. She looked up to see Max and Ray standing beside her, smiling down at her. They looked… proud?

How could they possibly be proud of her? She had lost the first fucking match, and now she was crying like a baby. If anything they should be humiliated to even know her, let alone openly admit that she is their team mate.

"I'm sorry." She whispered faintly, and nearly gasped when both Ray and Max held out a hand to her.

"You almost had her Hilary. You did really well." Max said happily with a smile.

"But I lost…" She croaked.

It was Ray's turn to smile gently. "It's still just the start of the tournament Hil's. And you battled with everything you had, that's all we could ask from you. You showed the world we mean business."

Taking their hands in each of her own, they both lifted her to her feet. "You really aren't disappointed in me?" She asked cautiously, looking back at Tyson for his reaction.

"We are proud of you Hilary. You did great." Ray confirmed, as Tyson nodded enthusiastically.

"Thanks guys." Hilary exhaled, wiping away her tears, as Max and Tyson walked back to the bench with her. It was Ray's turn next.

"Hey Hilary!" She glanced back to find Ming-Ming sneering at her. "Not bad."

Hilary smiled faintly, and opened her mouth to thank Ming-Ming, but the pop princes cut her short.

"For an amateur." She giggled, before bounding back to the BEGA bench.


"ACK! Hilary, no!"

"Calm down! Lets just take a breather, kay Hil's?"

Hilary sighed heavily as she stared up at the ceiling, thinking about the days battles.

The second match was Ray against Crusher and with Ming-Ming's win against Hilary in the previous match; the pressure was on Ray to take the win and even the odds.

From the beginning, the battle was fierce, with both blader's inflicting significant damage. Briefly, Ray quickly gained the upper hand but the tides turned when Crusher found the courage and strength necessary to match Ray. It had something to do with Crusher's little sister being in surgery, so he was determined to win if only for her. In the end it was that determination and that love for his little sister that prevailed, and Crusher took the win.

BEGA's team was now up two games to one in the best-of-five series. If they were to lose another match, BEGA would be victorious and have complete control over the sport of Beyblading. That was not something Hilary could let happen. Not with Boris behind it all.

This put a lot of pressure on Max to win game three against Mystel. Earlier, Tyson and the others argued whether Max's signature defensive style would be enough to overcome Mystel's unpredictable and overpowering attacks.

Max took this as a personal attack, and took it as a sign that his team mates only think he can win if he changes the way he Beyblade's altogether. He had run away, confidence obviously shattered, and he had been missing all afternoon now.

Hilary was worried. If only she had beat Ming-Ming, Max wouldn't have to deal with all this stress right now!

She fisted her hands in her hair out of frustration. She knew it was best to leave Max alone, but she couldn't help but worry for him. She wanted him to know that his friends supported him no matter what, that she supported him no matter what. She could only imagine what was going through his head right now; for him to think that his team mates had no confidence in him, to think that his team mates didn't believe in him.

She sat up, unable to stay in the training room any longer. She stalked past Ray and Tyson who were in Mid-battle, as Daichi and Kenny watched on and left the room, in hopes she could find her distressed team mate. It was the least she could do after he helped boost her confidence when she doubted herself.

It actually didn't take her that long to find Max. She found him at the cafeteria. His back was facing her as his former All Star team mate, Rick, continued to talk to him. Hiding behind a wall, Hilary watched as Rick helped Max realize that his trademark style was what made him successful as a Blader, and it would be foolish not to use it just because the odds are against him.

Hilary smiled and grinned when Rick sent a wink her way. Max would be just fine for tomorrows match.

Max's match against Mystel ended in a draw. The stalemate result wasn't the victory that Max desired, but it successfully postponed any chance of losing the tournament for at least one more match.

Two matches lost, and one ending in a draw. If G-Revolutions lost the next battle, they're out and Boris could successfully take over the Beyblading Empire.

Hilary spent most of her day intensely training both Daichi and Tyson for the upcoming matches. Although she noticing Tyson was reluctant to name Daichi as the fifth blader, he was ruthless in his training all of a sudden.

Still sweaty, she had just enough energy to remove her t-shirt. She collapsed on her bed, her body too sore to move. Hilary was starting to genuinely enjoy training with her boys, now that she no longer had the threat of a fever; it felt refreshing yet exhausting at the same time.

Needless to say it felt amazing.

She let a sleepy smile touch her lips.

"Thinking about me again?"

Hilary gasped and bolted her complaining and achy body upright to stare across the dark room towards the familiar voice. "Kai?"

He stepped into the moonlight, stopping a few inches out of her grasp. She wasn't going to admit it out loud, but she had forgotten about Kai these past few days, she had been too stressed about the tournament and the intense training to worry about Kai and why he had been avoiding her all this time.

But now that he was here, now that he was standing before her she felt a swelling mix of emotions sweep over her. Hiro's words rushed back to her and grasped her so tightly it hurt.

"How deeply does he really care for you Hilary? After all, he is putting this tournament before you."

Ignoring the pain radiating through her body, she raised to her feet- Kai watched her in silence.


"What took you so long?" she demanded angrily, watching Kai place a hand upon his now swollen cheek. Clearly shocked - she normally reserved her violent outbursts for Tyson. "You promised me! You liar, you promised you'd come back to the Blade Breakers once the stupid world championships were over! Instead you challenge Brooklyn for the right to battle Tyson! You would really stoop as low as joining Boris just to have your fucking World Championship title! Hiro was right to say that's all you truly care about!" She screamed angrily.

"He's ashamed of you Hilary… he still thinks that girls are weak Hilary… He knows you're weaker than him and he's ashamed that he's even dating you!"

She was panting heavily now, tears threatening to fall, but she kept her resolve and continued to throw all her anger she had at him. "Here I am, worried sick about you, wondering if Boris has managed to capture you again, wondering if you just up and left because you were ashamed of me- Or maybe beating Tyson is all you truly care about-!"

She gasped loudly, as Kai tackled her to the bed, pinning her beneath him, silencing her at once with his lips. "Shut up!" He hissed at her, "Don't you ever assume that I left because I was ashamed of you, and don't you dare believe a word Hiro says. I care about a lot more than just that title, Hilary." He said sternly, almost angrily. "I've been going crazy without you, god damnit!"

"Then stop!" She hissed at him, pushing him away roughly. She would not give into his affection so blindly this time. "Give up being number one, and come back to the team! Don't talk to me until you figure out what it is, you really want!"

What he really wants? He wanted to be with her of course... but his battle with Tyson would come, it would be fate. "Hilary I cant just give up on that, I-"

"You'll never be number one, Kai." Hilary said finally, rather bitterly, her arms folding across her chest. "If you cant even beat Brooklyn with your new metal core, you wont be beating Tyson anytime soon. We both know that." It was harsh, but she was sick of his wavering loyalty's, she wasn't sure who he was anymore.

Kai stared at her wordlessly, Hilary's gaze turned cold. She had learned it from the best; him.

"Leave. I need to be up early to train Tyson tomorrow. You know where we'll be, if you change your mind." End of discussion, she turned her back on him, hoping her wouldn't notice her tears through the dark.

"It's more than just a game to me, Hilary..." He sighed softly, before disappearing out her window.

And Kai was more than just a teammate to her, she was in love - but she wasn't going to let that love suffocate her anymore, not when Boris and BEGA were closing in on her team. Tomorrow was the last day to train before Tyson's match with Garland. She was going to show the Blade Breakers that beyblading was more than just a game to her too, it was the tool that brought them together. So she was going to do whatever it took to protect the people she loved and the sport they loved that united them all.

Love was going to win this fight.

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