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Chapter 1 - Leaving the Dursleys

The houses in Privet Drive lay in sleepy silence, except for one home. In this particular home, a wizard four people sat waiting, stiffly propped in their appropriate chairs. The eldest of these three, Mr. Vernon Dursley twitched at small noises. His bony wife, Petunia anxiously picked at her cardigan. Their son, Dudley whimpered slightly every now and then. And they continued to wait. Five minutes passed, then ten minutes until the doorbell rung, and the four people jumped up, as this is what they had been waiting for. Harry Potter pushed his way to the front door and threw it open.
"Harry!" his Godfather greeted him with a hug, "How's yourself?" Harry grinned at Sirius, as this is what he had been awaiting, the arrival of his Godfather to take him away from his Uncle's home. It was the first time Sirius had met the Dursleys.

"Hey Harry," Buffy said perkily, from behind Sirius. She lent forward and hugged him as well.

"So, you must be Mr. Dursley," Sirius said awkwardly, to uncle Vernon, "How has your summer been. Vernon Dursley, torn between being rude to this man, and being polite to a possible danger, muttered inconceivably.

"Right," Sirius said, looking at this man as if he was insane, "And this is my fiancée, Buffy." She stepped forward and held out her hand to Uncle Vernon. He stared at her, then took it, shaking it as quickly as possible.

"Petunia," Sirius greeted coldly. Harry just stared, from this greeting it appeared that his Aunt Petunia and Sirius had already met. Aunt Petunia stared determinedly at the chintzy wall paper.

"Well we'd best be off," harry said, breaking the icy silence. Buffy picked up his trunk one handed, much to the amazement of the Dursleys, and Harry and Sirius gathered up the rest of his school stuff. They exited the house, and the door has slammed hard behind them.

"They were pleased to see us," Buffy joked, "How have your two weeks been?"

"Not too bad," Harry admitted, "They've pretty much ignored me, since I told them my convicted murderer godfather was coming to get me. Uncle Vernon was not impressed." He turned to Sirius.

"When did you meet Aunt Petunia?" he asked quickly, "It was obvious you had."

"My sixth year at Hogwarts," Sirius explained. "James and I went to visit Lily at her home during the summer. I met your Aunt then, and lets just say she didn't make the best impression."

"How are the wedding plans coming along," Harry asked, as they stood on the curb.
"Not too badly," Sirius said with a grin, "Buffy only waked up three times a night now with things she's forgotten." Buffy laughed.
"What are wizard weddings like anyway?" Harry asked.

"The same as Muggle ones really," Sirius said, "Except you wear wizards robes. But Buffy has decided that we are going the muggle route, you know suit, white dress and all of that." He picked dup his broom from the curb where he'd left it, and Buffy did the same. Harry got onto his Firebolt and they rose into the air, preparing to go to Grimmauld Place.

Harry landed outside Grimmauld Place and got off his broom, watching number 12 appear as it normally did. Buffy skipped up the steps and unlocked the door, which Harry noticed was painted shiny black, with a brass knocker. Harry and Sirius followed her inside, and Harry was shocked at the change that had taken place. Gone were the mouldy dark floorboards, and in their place were pale sandy coloured ones, polished and with a soft rug on them. The walls were no longer grubby, with fingerprints, they were painted a soft clean cream. The transformations didn't stop there.

"It was kinda fun actually," Buffy admitted, "We've done the whole house, with magic obviously, and it came out really well.

Harry had never before appreciated the size of Grimmauld Place, but now he did, it was a huge house, built up with the wealth of the Black dynasty, which all belonged to Sirius now. The living room was transformed into another cream coloured room, with red sofas and a black slate fireplace. Downstairs also held two drawing rooms and a dining room, which had both been transformed. The dining room was huge, and they had put in a table which would be large enough for even Hagrid if he came to visit. The first drawing room had been made into another sitting room, with soft pink on the walls this time. The second Buffy had turned into a kind of recreation room, with a pool table, and huge leather sofas. The basement kitchen had been transformed, they had fitted new units and appliances, Buffy refused to just use a fire like other wizards, and so they had a gigantic brand new oven. They had also changed a small box room into a downstairs bathroom, in shades of turquoise and there was a study also, with shelves of books on demon lore, and other dark arts.

Harry followed Buffy upstairs and she showed him the six bedrooms on the first floor, all newly decorated with new beds and furniture, along with two bathrooms on this floor. Then she took him upstairs to the second floor and showed him the master suite, with its own living room, large bedroom and bathroom. There was another room on that floor, which Buffy had converted into a training room for herself, complete with weapons.
"I'm very impressed!" Harry said, as he went back downstairs, "I never though this could be such a nice house." They went into the living room and Harry, Buffy and Sirius sat on the overstuffed sofas.
"Kreacher died!" Sirius said with triumph," I think it was a muggle coming into his house and changing it from the way my mother had it which finished him off."

"He was kinda cute really," Buffy said giggling, "I mean he had the whole split personality thing going on, being nice to your face, then being all curse you behind your back."

"What about your mother's portrait?" Harry asked, "I mean it was gone, and I thought it had a permanent sticking charm."

"Not so permanent with a severing charm and Buffy pulling at it," Sirius laughed, "We burned it along with the Black family tapestry."

"And the house elf heads, and that troll thing," Buffy shuddered, "Your mother wasn't much for hygiene."

"My mother wasn't much for anything good really," Sirius said bitterly. "Still, I thought I'd never live in this house, but it doesn't even feel like my mothers house, it's mine, I mean its ours." He took Buffy's hand. Harry laughed.

"Where is everyone?" he asked, "I expected everyone to be here."

"We are expecting them soon," Sirius said, "Well, Giles, Willow, Cordelia, Xander and Dawn. They have been in LA since the end of school, but they're coming back. Buffy wants their expertise, since we've got about two weeks to the wedding." They heard a loud thumping from the kitchen, and they got up to go and see who it was.

"Harry!" Dawn exclaimed, and she threw her arms around him in a hug, "I've missed you!" He hugged her back enthusiastically, since he had missed her too. He stood back and greeted everyone.
"So which ones my room?" Dawn demanded. Buffy proudly took her friends around the house.