DISCLAIMER: I don't own X-Men: Evolution, Lord Of The Rings or Pokémon. But I do own the sombrero (More about that later).

Now that I'm done with that, let's get started!

SABERTOOTH: No! I'm not doing this part! Never!

Oh, yes you will, and if you don't youll-

(Blob is chased past Mewtwo 34 and Sabertooth by 500 baby Bulbasaurs.)

BLOB: I'll play the Balrog I'll be a great Balrog! Just save from these.... THINGS!!

BULBASAURS: Bulba! Saur! Bulba! (Read us another story or DIE!!!)

I'm sorry, too late. Someone else got that part.

BLOB: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (Disappears in the horizon.)

Now where was I? Oh, right. And if you don't, you'll be babysitting my Jigglypuffs!

SABERTOOTH: (Extremely panicked) Okey. Okey. I'll do it.

Goood boy. (Scrathes him behind the ear.) Can we NOW get started?