This is the second ending to Of Ice and Wind. It's the same until a little ways down, so those of you

who have read the first can just skip down and read the last few paragraphs. Hope you all enjoy

it!!!! :)


Six hours, that's all he had left. Jin knew he was dying, there was no way that he couldn't.

He could barely breathe, he could barely see and his entire body shook with tremendous spasims that

seemed to rip him apart from the inside out. But through all of this, Jin never asked for help, never

wanted rescue. He knew Touya was coming, he could sense it, but he did not want to have to look

into the face of his long time friend. And he did not want Touya to look upon him as he was now.

An hour before, Risho had entered the room for the first time. To Jin he seemed lost, dazed,

almost as if he were in a world of his own cut off from all reality. He walked to the fallen wind

master and knelt at his side, hand outstretched and began (to Jin's great surprise) to stroke the

youkai's face. Risho's touch was almost loving as he caressed and for a brief moment, Jin thought

he had reconsidered and was about to release him. But then he remembered what kind of demon

Risho was, and in that instant, Jin felt even more pain as Risho used one of his sharpened fingernails

to rake a gash straight down Jin's right cheek. Green blood that had once been red ushered forth

from that wound and it hissed and bubbled as it hit the stone floor. But the noise it produced was

nothing compared to the snake like tone in Risho's voice as he spoke. "You are the one that took

my Touya away from me. Do you realize what that felt like? It was as if someone had cut out my

heart," He made another slash at Jin's chest. "And stolen my breath," Another cut at the nape of

Jin's neck. "And took my very soul from me!" A final stab was made at the youkai's mid-section

and now all around had the bitter smell of blood and poison. "BUT YOU WILL NEVER

UNDERSTAND! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY PAIN! You think you are suffering now? I


At that, Risho began to tare away Jin's clothing, ripping it and leaving the scraps to be

melted by the blood that was still flowing. He turned the former shinobi onto his stomach and began

to remove his own earthen garb, and Jin knew what was about to happen. "The very idea of a

creature like Touya making it with whelp like you makes me want to retch. I have never been able

to understand why he would want someone other than me to be with him, but that doesn't matter

now. Soon you will be gone and everything will be as it should be. But first I will take from you

the last thing I can." He mounted Jin, and as he pushed in he said, "I don't do this because I want

to, I do it because of Touya." And that was it. Risho began his assault and the force of it all was

almost too much for Jin to handle. With every second that went by, the bastard youkai seemed to go

deeper, harder, until the wind master felt the moisture that came from blood spilling from there as


But still Jin did not think of his own pain for the images of Touya and Risho stilled played

out of the wall. He did not bother to claim that he and Touya had never been intimate, fore he knew

would think he was lying. Instead, the youkai tried to think of other things, of moments in his life

when he and Touya had once been happy. He saw them in his minds eye, a place where Risho's

yakusha could not reach. He saw himself and Touya standing in the middle of the forest, his arms

wrapped tightly around the ice demon. And he saw that Touya had a smile on his face, one that

would have charmed every demon in the Makai. And Jin couldn't help be pleased that, even if he

didn't get a chance to see his friend again, he would have the memory of that smile to guide him

through the rest of eternity

Jin's thoughts lasted him through the entire encounter, and when Risho was done he left him

there, covered in a mixture of his own blood and Risho's vile seed. And, being too weak and in too

much pain to do anything about it, that was how he remained.


Touya could hardly believe it. Here they were, finally, standing outside the door of the

shinobi palace. Jin was somewhere within these barren walls and they had a little less then five

hours to find him.

Kurama stepped towards the door. He knew that the palace looked unprotected, but only

members of the shinobi could pass through the door unharmed. "Touya, you were once one of them.

You must enter first."

Touya nodded. It had been a long while since he had last been here, but he knew that Risho

wanted him to be there and would not have changed the pass word even after all this time.

"MORITURI TE SALUTANT! (We who are about to die salute you)" The large wooden doors

began to glow, and they swung inward to allow the demons to enter. When they were inside and the

doors closed behind them, Kurama stood in awe of his surroundings. He had never seen the shinobi

headquarters from the inner chambers, and now he could not believe his eyes. The walls were of a

bright silver in color and on them was painted a mural depicting the many battles the shinobi had

fought over time. On the cathedral style ceiling was written their code of honor which said "You

shall fight to the best of your abilities and work only for justice. You shall be as swift as the wind,

as strong as the earth, and as cold as ice. You shall sweat out all of your imperfections, and wear the

blood of your enemies as your make-up. You shall be the shinobi."

Kurama pulled himself away from the splendor and looked at Touya. "Do you know where

Jin is being held?"

"I believe that Risho has him in one of the holding cells down the west corridor."

"Well then lead the way." They were off, both running at their top speeds. The west

corridor was the nearest one to Risho's chamber, and though he had not been to the palace in many

years, Touya remembered all too well in which direction to go.

In only a few minutes they had reached the hall, but they had only five hours and 15 minutes

left. The west corridor was lined with hundreds and hundreds of doors and Jin could be behind any

one of them. "Kurama, you take the right side and I'll take the left."

They started in great haste to open the multitude of doors. But with every incorrect choice

Touya became more and more worried. He was also well aware that Risho knew he was not alone

in the castle, and that behind any one of those doors could be his old master. He opened another, but

at the same time he heard Kurama cry out in pain. He too had opened another door, but behind it

was something neither of them expected.

Touya ran towards Kurama, but before he could reach him, he watched as the kitsune was

grabbed and pulled into the room. The blue haired youkai stood in front of the door in horror fore

the thing that had captured Kurama was not Risho, but a large octopus like creature with nine

tenticals and millions of tiny probes that, when combined, created an electric shock so powerful it

could kill half the Makai. It had Kurama wrapped tightly in a coil, his arms planted firmly by his

sides. The creature then reached out for Touya, but the former shinobi was able to dodge the attack.

However, he had not counted one the beast's second ability. Aside from being able to stretch and

contort itself, it was also able to produce an invisible stun bolt just strong enough to knock someone

of balance. This is what happened to Touya. He fell, and the monstrosity grabbed him as well,

holding Kurama and himself back to back. He tried with all his might to create his ice sword, but to

no avail. The holding cells were guarded by a warding spell that prevented the use of you-ki.

And there they were held, struggling as they might, but unable to get away. Hours passed

and all hope dwindled down to only a few meager minutes. Touya's heart sank in his chest, it was

over, he had lost. But then a voice echoed through the room. It was a sinister voice, one Touya had

heard many times before. "Do not look so sad my dear ice crystal, it does not suit you. You should

be happy that Jin will be gone. After all, he has never shown you the love I have. When will you

learn this?"

That was when Touya was struck with a plan. He knew Risho was obsessed with him and

he would never turn down the opportunity to be with him. He also knew, that all Risho ever wanted

from him was for him to give himself willingly. . .

"I know that I did not understand your ways at first Risho. But now I see how foolish I was

to ever deny you. I did not come here to save Jin, I came here to be with you."


"Yes Risho, I have returned to you. Please release me and we shall watch that bastard die

together. Let us be one my master. Your ice crystal begs of you."

For a moment, nothing happened, as if Risho was pondering this request. But then the coil

slowly started to unwrap and Touya was placed upon the floor. He knew Kurama would be ok, for

he could sense Hiei's ki coming steadily closer. When the fire demon found his kitsune, he would

be able to set him free since he used a katana and not his direct spirit energy. Now the only thing

left, was to go face Risho.


He found the earth master exactly where he thought he would be. He was inside his

chamber, arms outstreched. Touya approached him, and wrapped his arms around the youkai in an

almost loving embrace. "Are you really here my Touya?"

"Yes my master, I have returned."

To this, Risho brought Touya's lips to his and pressed their bodies together. He removed

their clothes, and for the last time, entered his beloved. Touya tried his hardest to act as if he

enjoyed to, as if this was something he could not live without. He knew he only had to pretend long

enough for Risho to reach climax and that the shinobi leader would be so lost in the pleasures of

orgasim he would not be completely conscious for a few moments.

Risho pounded himself into the ice demon, savoring every moan, every movement. It was

wonderful to feel the deepest parts of Touya and have it be consentual. His breath started to quicken

and his heart raced. All around him began to spin and blend and become one. He could feel the

climax coming forth, and his whole body shivered as he came.

But then Risho realized that he was not shivering from pleasure. He was cold. And when he

looked down, he saw the sheets of his bed soaked with blood. . .his own blood. Touya, no longer

being in a holding cell, had produced his ice sword and had managed to drive it deep into Risho's

chest, piercing his demon heart. "But. . .Touya. . .why? I thought. . .I thought you wanted. . .me. . "

"No. And now you will die like the bastard you are."

"No matter what you. . .what you do to me. . .I will always. . .love you. . .my ice crystal."

"It's over now Risho, I have won." He withdrew his sword from the youkai and gathered

the strength to throw him off the bed. But Risho merely laid there, eyes half closed, hand holding

the wound.

"No Touya. . .I have won." Risho's eyes closed fully then, his blood still running onto the

floor. He would die there, alone, under the watchful eyes of the countless ice demons painted

forever upon the walls.


Touya looked around the room. He had done it, he had killed Risho, had slain him as a

knight does the dragon. But now he had but four minutes left and no hope left. "Oh Inari! I need

your help! Anyone's help! Please. . .please. . ." And for the second time, Kurama's words held true

fore now something pushed against his back, and Touya realized that it was wind and that this wind

would lead him to Jin.

He ran onward and in but a few seconds found himself at the 107th door of the western

corridor. He wasted no time. The ice youkai grabbed the handle and swung the door nearly off its


There was Jin, laying naked upon the stone floor, covered in what Touya believed to be a

green colored blanket. The red headed demon did not move, only stared at the northern wall. The

images that had once been there no longer were but their memory would last far beyond the reaches

of time.

Touya walked towards his friend, and as he got closer he realized that it was not a blanket

that covered Jin, but his very own blood, caked and molded to the flesh. He could smell the sour

sent of Risho's seed, and he knew that his friend had been raped. But the ice demon could not dwell

on that, fore he had to see if his friend was still alive. Kurama had given him the healing herbs and

had instructed him how to administer them in case something should happen, and in the final to

minutes he had left he made a small note to thank the kitsune for all he had done.

The blue haired demon knelt down beside Jin, and rolled him so that his head rested in his

lap. Touya could see now, the deep gash running along Jin's cheek, and how pale he actually was.

The wind demon's eyes were closed, but his chest still rose and fell with evidence of life, and that

was all that Touya needed.

He had not bothered to redress after the encounter with Risho, but he had remembered to

remove the medicine from his discarded clothes before he had left. Now, in his right hand, he held

the antidote, and with his left, found where the dart had first entered him. Once he found the area, he

inserted the tiny leaves one by one, until all five had been placed. There was nothing more he could

do now. . .

"You're gonna be ok Jin, I've found you, I've saved you. It's all over now." But nothing

happened. Jin did not stir nor did he show any other traits of life other then his shallow breathing.

"Jin. . .why? WHY WON'T YOU WAKE?!" Then, a voice filled the room, echoing for miles in

the abandoned palace.

Touya, why are ya always bein' so sad an lonely like?

"Jin? JIN?!" But there was no more. The frail body in his arms gave out its final breath

and the yakusha had revealed its final thought. "NO, YOU CAN'T BE GONE! YOU JUST

CAN'T BE! NO!. . .no." But Jin's body was so light in his arms as though he were nothing more

than a wisp of thought, made of the very air itself. He had been too late. "No. . .NO!!!!" And tears

began to fall from Touya's eyes, each one freezing into its own perfect icicle. . . his real shards of

winter. And as each shard fell it would shatter into a million pieces upon the floor, each broken

piece a mirror reflecting the image of the two youkai upon its surface.

"I finally have an answer to your question Jin." Touya said this through his increasing sobs.

"It's because I don't have you. . .it's because I don't have you." The ice demon's breath slowed

then and his body felt as though it had become the very ice he had been taught to wield. Everything

seemed hopeless now, and the youkai could only see one way to end all his suffering.

He would let himself slip away into nothingness, follow Jin to where he had gone. He would

simply let the life drain from him and feel the darkness for evermore. But then something quieted

his thoughts, reached out for him, stroked him as though it were a finger. "Don't be bein' that way

Touya. . .if I went around blubberin' like that. . .you'd never have any fun now would ya?" The

statement was uttered in the lightest tone that could be perceived by youkai ears and for a brief

moment, Touya thought he had dreamed it. But his body was starting to become warmer and as his

eyelids lifted upwards, he once again saw into the smiling face of his fallen friend.

Tears once again fell upon the barren floor, but this time, they were released out of utter

disbelief and the master of ice forgot all his training in that moment as he embraced the wind. "I

love you Jin. I love you. I didn't mean to leave you! I failed you. . ."

"There be nothin' in the three worlds ya could do. . .to be failin' me. . .I. . ."

"Hush now my friend. You are too weak to speak. Wait until I get Kurama."

"No. . .I have to be sayin' this now. Touya, you be bein' the greatest friend a youkai ever

had. . .and. . .I'm sorry I failed YOU." Touya was taken aback at these words and a deep silence

came over him. "I know that I was the reason for you bein' treated. . .like that. Risho made me

watch 'em. But I. . ."

"Risho is dead Jin, and we never have to dwell on him again. I did not care for him, and you

were never the cause of my suffering. It was my own weak spirit. But I promise that I shall never

be weak again! Fore I have someone that I love now, and no one will take that away from me!"

They both did not speak for many moments, and time covered them like calming blanket of

warmth. But finally the wind master spoke, his energy just barely forming the words. "Touya. .

.what's it like to love?"

And the ice demon responded the only way he knew how. "I can't really tell you exactly. .

.it's something you have to feel."

"And I have. . ." And with that, the youkai drifted into sleep, his body giving into Touya's

completely. In time Kurama and Hiei came and together they brought the fallen demon home.

Touya knew that it would be many days before Jin awoke, but he planned to be there by his side

until the end of time if the gods so chose. He had confessed his feelings for all the three worlds to

hear and when his friend rose he knew that they would start a life anew. But this time there would

be no secrets, no unanswered questions. This time there would only be them, together, to form one

everlasting entity. And as Touya stood watch over the still figure of his lover, he realized that the

darkness and the light were not always kept separate. No. Indeed they could sometimes come

together, both equally involved. . .to form the most beautiful sunset. . .



I hope you all liked the second ending and I hope that you will tell me which one you like more! I

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