A/N: this is a One-shot fic that takes place right after Buu is defeated. Gohan and Videl are finally alone, and each of them is contemplating love.

It kind of appeared out of nowhere at 10:30 one night, while I was attacked by muses of questionable authority, who refused to show be their musing license. Apparently having a cold attracts them, especial when it's past 10, and you can't breathe through your nose.

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How long can love be held at bay?

A week? A month? A year? Forever?

Worthy questions all

But not one suitable answer.

How long can one say: I Don't like him
I Don't' like her
I can't fall in love ___

"Hey Videl."

"Hey" ___

My mystery

Why does He torment me?

The Pain

Trapped by my love

No never

Not love

The pain builds in my heart. I can see it, but not touch.

How can pain be sated when the healing is behind a glass wall?


Feelings so transparent to the heart but clouded to the mind.

Could it be love?

Never. I can't fall in love.


Can I?

Or am I lying to my self, my feelings just a facsimile?

Perhaps? No.

He would leave me alone. Like the others, like my father.

Love? I can't. I can't bear the pain. Not again. Maybe

Cracks in my glass.

Every smile is a rock chip, every kind word a crack.

Until it shatters, how can I know?

Every glance another scratch.

How can safety come when it is hidden behind a glass wall?

If I avoid him, my wall may mend. But do I want it to? Will it become clear again? Or will a scratch remain, memory of the pain.


Love? No never.

Maybe. If it was him. My mystery

One chance ___

"Is it over?"

" Yah. It's gone V."

I missed you



Is she really so cold? A puzzle.

How am I to know when I've built a wall of concrete round my heart?

Protect me from the pain. Keep it inside.

But like a wound pain will fester. But I can't let it out.

No ever. Not love. Never the pain

I can't fall in love.

But how can it escape when there is a wall round my heart.

Creepers in my wall.

The seeds planted with that first glance. Given root with a touch.

Cracks in my wall.

The vines of her could stop tormenting me. Bereft of her light, they would fade

Do I dare?

Her Sun.

Radiance so bright I'm afraid to look. I am not worthy of.

Of what? Love?

Never that, I m not worthy of her.

Just one chance.

No never. Maybe?

If it was her, My puzzle.

One chance. Let the pieces fit. Let me fit.



" me too"

" listen I'm sorry."

" Sorry for what?"

"For not protecting you. V, I."

" Yes, Gohan ?" ___

One chance

Cracks in my class

My wall crumbles

One chance ___

" I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier"

" Do what?"

She was in his arms, and his wall had fallen. His heart could beat free

He Held her and her glass had shattered. Her pain could heal.

Gently he brushed her lips, a feather kiss that set his cheeks on fire. Shocked, Videl stared in his Obsidian eyes, and saw a mirror of herself. She knew he could heal her pain. She had to heal his. A feather became something more, a releasing of the boundaries inside their heads.

"Gohan?" She asked


" I think that I'm falling in love with you" was the simultaneous reply.

Shattered glass. A broken Wall.

Nowhere to run, Nowhere but a feeling. One chance.