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Daisuke sat in class trying to listen to his math teacher as he blabbed on about factors. The door opened and a young man that looked around Daisukes age walked in. The teacher looked at him. "Yes?"

"I'm looking for my class.. but there's a smudge on the room number. And I know it's math.." he walked over to the teacher and they talked for a little bit.

"Hmm..no. I wasn't informed of a new student in my class. Try another room. Or go to the main office and ask them." The teacher told him. The boy nodded then looked over at Daisuke, their eyes locked and Daisuke thought back to a time four years ago, and a boy with those eyes. This boy.. this boy was Ken! Daisuke watched as Ken left the room and frowned.

'Damn.. oh well.. maybe I'll see him later..' he thought to himself.

It was lunch time. Daisuke was sitting at his normal table. Eating his luch with his normal friends. He looked around the table. Hikari was sitting next to him chatting with their friend Miyako who was sitting next to her. Across the table sat Daisukes friend Takeru, who smiled cheerfully at him. Next to him was Koushiro.

"Excuse me.. is this seat taken?" A soft voice asked from behind Daisuke. He blinked and looked up to see Ken standing there.

"You can sit right here!" He scooted over and Ken sat next to him.


"Anything, Ken."

Ken blinked. "How.. how do you know my name..?" He asked in a cautious tone that made Daisuke want to laugh, the only reason he didn't was welll.. it was rude.

"Don't you remember me? It was four years ago.."

"What about four years ago?!"

"Lemme start this way. Hi! I'm Daisuke." He held out his hand. "Four years ago I went to visit my Grandma and you were nextdoor. We became friends, remember?"

Ken frowned. "I don't remember you. I'm sorry." He picked up his food and went to sit somewhere else. Daisuke sighed.

"What's wrong, Dai?" Hikari, who had been too busy talking with Miyako to hear what Daisuke and Ken were talking about, asked.

"Nothing 'Kari." He answerd cheerfully and got back to eating his food.


It was later on that day. Taichi was sitting on a bench at a park near his house, reading a sports magazine. There were shouts of, "you're it!" and, "your turn!!" all around him. He smiled and, putting down his magazine, watched the children play their games. Looking around at all the youthfull faces Taichi noticed someone, a boy his age, who was playing with three little boys. 'Maybe he's babysitting... or they might be his brothers.' But as he wacthed the boy sigh in frustration and tell the rowdy boys he would tell their mother, Taichi considerd the fact that he was babysitting more and more. After a shot while, he stood up and walked over to a tree near the babysitter and the little boys to watch them more closly.

"You're no fun, Yamato!! I'm gonna tell my mommy that you make us do work."

"I'm gonna tell her about how you don't like girls!!"

"I'm gonna tell her that you're mean and hurt us!" His brothers agreed and proceded to rough each other up to 'prove their point.'

"Stop that!" The boy, Yamato yelled, weakly at the little kids who simply giggled and continued what they were doing. "Your mother won't believe you. S-she knows that you do stuff like this all the time."

"But she doesn't caaare. She lets us have what ever we want and lets us DO what ever we want."

Taichi watched this angrily. How could Yamato put up with this!? Even if they were just little kids he should have been trying more then that weak attempt to shut them up and stop then from hurting themselves. He sighed and walked over to them. "Excuse me boys, is this young man your 'sitter?" They nodded. "Okay.. well then lemme make a deal with you. Do you like hide 'n' seek?"

"YEAH!!!" The three boys shouted shouted.

"Okay, then. How 'bout you three hide. And if I find you all you have to be nicer to your sitter."


"Because you were being mean to him."


"Do you wanna play or not." The three boys nodded. "Okay.. now go hide." He closed his eyes and they ran off. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

"Why did you do that..?" Yamato asked him blinking. Taichi didn't open his eyes.

"Because I used to babysit and I know how nasty little kids can be. By the way, I'm Taichi."

"...I'm Yamato.."

"Nice to meet you."


"Aren't you talkitive." Taichi said sacasticly as he opened his eyes. "Ready or not here I come!" And with that he started to look for the boys.

Taichi found the youngest, who he later found out was named Brad, first. Brad frowned. "Why'd ya have ta find me!?"

"Because I'm better at hide 'n' seek then you."

Next, he found the oldest, Mike. Mike looked at him sourly. "I hate you."

"That's too bad."

"Shut up."


After looking for awhile more Taichi found the last child, Greggy. "This stinks. I'm the best at this!"

"Not anymore, kiddo."

Taichi brought the kids back to Yamato. "Now, kids, remember to be nice to Yamto like you promised. I'll be watching from that tree over there so don't even THINK about going back on your word." And with that he went back over to his tree and watched as the kids played nicely with Yamato. Taichi smiled and sat down on the soft grass to watch them in comfort.



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