That's the way love goes

Summary: Inu/Kag San/Mir When Inuyasha came to his best friends new nightclub that night, he didn't expect to find the love of his life singing on stage. He loved her. She loved him. The problem: He's already married.

Chapter one: Applications

Kagome jumped back on her bike, newspaper in hand. She scurried down the streets of Tokyo, peddling as fast as her bike could take her. Streaming across the busy highways during rush hour, skyscrapers a mile high, cars passing by in ignorance over the speed limit.

She turned the quick corner over to the shrine, nearly running over a troop of girl scouts on the way there, before dropping her bike in front of the steps and running up the large stairway. About halfway up, she turned around. 'Dammit, forgot to lock up my bike.'

She hastily put the lock around a street pole and her bike, before running up the stairs for the second time, panting all the way.

Her mother was at the top of the stairway, next to the large tree, the God's tree, reading a book under it. She noticed her twenty-year-old daughter coming up the steps, newspaper in hand.

The girl ran up to her mother, not without tripping first, and collapsing on the bench and breathing heavily.

Both of them scurried through the newspaper, until finally finding the proper section.

Kagome searched the classified section, looking for an occupation, while her mother circled the most productive ones with a red pen. Suddenly, the daughter jumped up, nearly making her mother fall off the bench.

"Here it is! The perfect job!" she cheered, pointing to a particular section on the page that stated:

"Sengoku Jidai Nightclub Hours: 6pm to midnight Pays ten dollars an hour Must be an exceptional singer"

"I can do this!" Kagome said. Her mother, however, looked slightly worried.

"Are you sure?" her mother asked, "I'm mean this is a nightclub, long hours, and who knows what kind of people go there."

"Don't worry about it," Kagome replied, "I've been taking self- defense classes for months now, and I can take the long hours. Well get plenty of money, then we can pay those bills we need paid for."

The young lawyer stood expectantly in front of the witness as the bailiff read the oath. The old woman agreed and sat down at the stand.

Inuyasha looked her dead in the face and asked, "Now ma'am, would you tell me exactly what kind of racial acts have been committed towards your son?"

"Well, there have been many death threats given towards Jineji, they cruelly beat him, as you can tell by his many scars. They have also robbed and burned down our house a few months ago. We've been living on the streets ever since, the homeless shelters won't take us in?"

"Really, and why have all of these random acts been committed?"

"Because my son is a hanyou sir." She replied.

Inuyasha turned towards the jury; his amber eyes flashing with victory, for these kinds of cases were the ones he was best at, since he was a hanyou himself. He flashed a grin towards the opposing lawyer, Kouga.

"A hanyou huh? Is that not against the law of the Youkai Amendments Act? It clearly states that one of demon blood or origin shall not be discriminated against under penalty of law. Has your son committed any of the crimes accused of?"

"No sir."

Than not only has the defendant been racially discriminated against, he has also been framed to crimes that not only have already been solved, but almost all of them lies. No further questions your honor."

Judge Kaede ushered over to the jury, where one of them stood up, holding the results of the trial.

"For the acts of vandalism and racism towards the defendant, we find the neighborhood, guilty. For crimes against the neighborhood we find the defendant, not guilty."

"Then the defense rests," Kaede, said, "the defendant is now owed one hundred thousand dollars in damages both physical and emotional. Case dismissed."

Everyone got up and left the courtroom, while both Kouga and Inuyasha stayed in the room packing up. The hanyou could already tell the wolf demon was glaring daggers at him, but still walked out of the courtroom a happy man.

Reporters were already talking to the defendant, giving him time to scurry away in his red Ferrari.

As he traveled down the highway, he caught sight of a young woman on a bike, nearly running over a group of girl scouts. 'Stupid wench,' he thought as he slammed his foot on the gas and sped off.

Kagome stopped her bike in front of the club. It looked like friendly place, tinted windows along the front of the two-story building. As she went inside, she was welcomed by a flat note someone was singing, a VERY loudly.

"ENOUGH!" Two voices yelled desperately. A man and woman were sitting a table in the middle of the room. The female had long brownish black hair tied together at the end, pink eye shadow on her eyelids. The male had dark hair tied into a rattail, his violet eyes looking tired.

It was a beautiful place, black marble tables across the room, a long bar along two dies of the wall, the stage in front. The second floor was a balcony lined with black stools and tables.

The two sat back down on their stools, laying their head down on the table, a large bottle of aspirin in front of them.

"Excuse me?" Kagome asked, walking up to them shyly. Both looked up, their eyes red, even in the dark of the room.

"I'm here for the audition," she said, holding out her application. The woman got up and shook her hand.

"Hello, my name is Sango and this is Miroku. You're here for the audition? Tell me, have you had any experience singing professionally?"

"I've been in every talent show and choir this city has to offer, that's pretty much it," Kagome replied. Sango shook her head and passed a sheet of music.

"Sing this, if you sing it well, you get a job," Sango said, "You can read music, right?" Kagome shook her head and went up on the stage. Miroku turned on the stereo next to him and both watched in anticipation as she took a deep breath and started singing.

The music faded away and she looked up at them expectedly. Sango and Miroku were staring at her, jaws dropped to the floor, eyes wide. Both ran up to her and started hugging her tightly.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Miroku said over and over. Sango shook her hand at a rapid pace and said, "You're hired!"

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