Epilogue- Dreaming of You (Three Years Later)

Miroku and Sango

"Come here, Saori..."

The toddler walked unsteadily over towards her mother, her large violet eyes slightly drifting, having just been awoken from her afternoon nap. Her mother lifted her up onto the bar, the child giggling happily as she was hoisted up.

Sango lightly swatted away traces of sleep from her daughter's eyes. The little girl giggled happily, extending her short arms towards her mother's face, the lopsided ponytails on either side of her head bouncing as she laughed. 'Eventually I AM going to have to learn to do hair...'

Her husband entered the bar, a newspaper tucked under his arm, slightly out of breath. "Got it."

She smiled at him. "Have any trouble?"

"Had to fight a pit bull for it, other than that, none," Miroku replied, "by the way, I'm gonna need a new pair of pants."

"Why-? Oh..." she looked at the right leg of her pants, which had been torn from the knee down.

He laid the paper down on the table, Sango and Miroku sitting across from each other, Saori crawling into her father's lap.

"What page?"


"2D... 2D.." Sango skimmed through the pages, "Okay, here it is; 'Top Ten Places in Tokyo.' Miroku, we're at number one! 'The recently renamed Shikon nightclub has now become the most popular place to be in the city, with its excellent service and live entertainment (not to mention being the place where the famous Kagome Higurashi started out) this bar has become the best place to be in Tokyo.'"

"That means we'll be getting business like crazy for the next few weeks," said Miroku.

"Shippo's gonna kill us."

Current Status: Married with children

Sesshoumaru and Kagura

"Arigatougouzaimasu, good-bye Kohaku-kun!"

Kagura smirked from behind her magazine, her legs stretched out across the beach chair, watching the two from behind her sunglasses. Rin saw the boy off as he went back into the hotel, his eyes never leaving hers, causing the boy to run painfully into the glass door when he finally turned around.

"Like him?"

Rin turned around almost instantly, a deep blush evident on her face. "Ah! Of course not! We were just-"

"Don't worry, Sesshoumaru's not here."

"Oh..." Her voice died down a little. "Okay." Rin sat down on the beach chair next to her. "Kohaku... he asked me out."

Kagura shot straight up. "Oh crap..."

"What? What's wrong-" Rin paused, her eyes widening slightly, "crap."

They both chimed in at the same. "Sesshoumaru."

"Uh, Kagura..."


"You don't even know what I was gonna say!"

"You want me to tell him, don't you?" Rin looked up at her pleadingly.

"Rin, you're only eleven, you sure you want a serious boyfriend?"

"But he's cute!" Rin pleaded, "come on, we're just gonna talk."

"Take it from me," Kagura replied from behind her magazine, "that's gonna be really difficult with his tongue halfway down your throat."

"Who's tongue down who's throat?" said a masculine voice from behind them.

Rin panicked. "Sesshoumaru-san, we were just, ah... oh look, the pool!" She made a beeline for the swimming pool. 'Coward.'

Kagura looked up at him, him giving her a suspicious "what-did-you-do" look. She gave a fake smile as he asked the dreaded question. "Who is he?"

"The bellboy," Kagura replied, "Name's Kohaku, he's fourteen, and has run into a wall or door several times since we got here. He's pretty much harmless. He asked her out not to long ago."



"Well what?"

"Are you quite done checking up on the firm?" Kagura asked, motioning towards the cell phone and briefcase in his hands, "this is your vacation after all."

"My so-called employees seem to think that just because I'm gone it gives them permission to slack off. I'm just checking on them."

"With all due respect, I don't think the building will spontaneously combust without you. We're only six blocks away."


"Hello, this is Sesshoumaru."

She let out an aggravated groan. "Oh, for the love of-! Gimme the damn phone!"

"Isn't that cute, Jaken?" Rin asked, watching the pair from the other side of the pool.

"What? All I see is that wench trying to steal his phone."

"Are you blind? Anyone with eyes can tell they're in love!"

Jaken scoffed. "Please, if anything is going on, Sesshoumaru will drop her before anything gets too serious."

'I wonder if it's possible to drown a toad.' The girl rolled her eyes. "You act as if you don't know they've dating for the past two years, besides-"


"You were saying, Rin?"

She resurfaced, her bangs covering a good portion of her face, glaring -or at least seeming to be- at the completely dry man looming over her. "I win," he said.

Kagura smirked, motioning to the cell phone, which was now six feet under water. "Actually, I win."

"Don't push it," Sesshoumaru replied, "besides, I have good news."

"Naraku got ran over by a car?" Kagura asked with hopeful eyes.

"Close," he replied, "he's in jail."

Current Status: Dating


"I don't know what to say, Ms. Takahashi," the doctor looked her over, "there's nothing physically wrong with you."

"But I keep getting constant migraines, I'm tired, not to mention I'm now finding clumps of hair in the drain," Kikyo replied.

"You're probably just suffering from stress. You're overworking yourself," the doctor said, "working eighteen hour days just isn't healthy. You should take some time off. How long have you been having these symptoms?"

"A year, maybe two," Kikyo replied.

"That long? You should've come here then when the symptoms first started."

"Well, doctor-"

"Please, call me Suikotsu."

"Well, Suikotsu," Kikyo corrected, "I did go to a doctor, but, unlike you, the other doctor the symptoms had to do with more feminine problems."

"Well, a lot of male doctors tend to do that," Suikotsu replied, "was there anything that happened at the time to make you gain so much stress."

"I just got finished with a messy divorce at the time. The bastard cheated on me," said Kikyo, "can I ask you a question?"


"When it comes to fidelity, how come the men are forgiven and the women aren't?" she asked.

"Hard one. I guess it just depends on the man," he replied, "but when I was in medical school, I was short on money and had to share an apartment with six other guys, and what I've learned is most men love their ego more than anything else. If a woman hurts their ego by either not feeding it or offending them, they'll ultimately choose their ego over anything else."

"Which brings me to something my mother told me..."

"And what's that?"

"'If a man has sex, he's a stud. If a woman has sex, she's a whore. If a woman hacks of his manhood, she's a threat.'"

He gave a hearty laugh, handing her the medication. Take these once at day, and make sure to do what I told you. Relax."

She gathered up her things, making her way up to the door, her hand resting on the doorknob. "Suikotsu?"


"If you're not too busy, would you like to go out some time?"

Current Status: Back on the wagon

Inuyasha and Kagome


She hurried backstage, her bangs clinging to her forehead, her face coated with sweat. Several of her entourage hurried up to her and within seconds, she was clean and fresh again, the praise and applause still strong from the audience. She was tired, but she was excited at the turnout of her first concert.

CD sales: 1.5 million copies sold

Concert: Sold out

Popularity: Huge

She slipped on her outfit, the entourage putting the final touch of make-up on her face.

"How are you feeling, Kagome?" her manager asked.

"Tired, but other than that, great," Kagome replied, "are we doing any more performances or meetings this week?"

"Nope, you've got the whole week off."

"Good, I really need a vacation."

"Now hurry up this is your last song, knock 'em dead!"

Kagome ran out to the middle the stage, microphone in hand, the audience hanging on her, waiting for her next move, the music starting in the background.

She loved it all, from the stage to the music studio. She loved the feeling it gave her, knowing that all these people came to see her, and only her.

An interviewer had once asked her if she enjoyed being the girl millions of fans idolized.

"What do mean by idolize?" Kagome asked, "do they idolize the fact that I'm rich and famous? If so, they can have it, all of it. Ever since I was six, I loved singing, no different from thousands of people. I'm clumsy, my mother literally has to drag me out of bed in the morning, I've only made all A's once in my life, I've only had one boyfriend in my entire lifetime, the list goes on and on. What makes me so ideal?"

She walked to the edge, extending her hand like her manager had told her to. A dozen people crowded towards her, straining to even get to touch her. It seemed, awkward, to say the least, that a person would think it beneficial to touch a person just because they were famous. It was if that fan was saved by her, as if she alone had healed them from everything.

It all seemed so fake.

Even as a child, she never wanted to be famous. She could always tell which celebrities were actually happy and which were just putting on an artificial smile, their lives like some big masquerade that they couldn't take off their masks. Despite all the hype about celebrities living in constant joy, there was always more drugs, depression, and paparazzi looking to destroy their lives, slowing destroying the real them, until they didn't know who they were anymore.

It was all so overwhelming...

She saw something from the corner of her eye. Kagome knew she wasn't supposed to turn away from her audience, but something about it made her turn to her right. Her eyes widened...


It had been three years since she'd seen him, but it felt like forever. She wasn't sure exactly how he'd gotten backstage, but telling by his disheveled appearance, he had obviously put up a fight with the bodyguards, his expression unreadable.

The audience went silence as the microphone fell to the ground with a deep thud. There were several murmurs among them, but they slowly hushed as they watched the girl curiously as she headed towards the end of the stage, seeming to be staring at someone or something. They looked on in bewilderment as she ran backstage.

Before she knew it, she was in his arms, inhaling his scent, clinging to him, silently praying that the whole thing wasn't a dream. All the feelings, all the moments, it all resurfaced, and she could tell without feeling that she was crying. He rested his chin on the top of her head, looking out to nowhere in particular. They didn't say a word to each other, only thinking the same thing. They loved each other.



"I love you," she whispered.

"I know," he replied, "I love you too."

The same thought crossed their minds at once.

But... where to we go from here?

Current Status: We'll See...


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