Ron came tearing into the Great Hall after checking the hallway where most of the students had been hanging around. The others had just sat there waiting for him to return.
"Hogsmead this weekend!" He said breathlessly. The others were excited. Carlie had never even heard of Hogsmead and Harry, Ron and Hermione had planned on showing her around.
"That's so cool! What was the name of that candy store again? I totally have to go there, and Zonkos? A definite must! If only you guys knew how much I love the stuff. Ron, you talk about your brothers all the time. I bet you'd be surprised at how close I come to them. You said they had a shop in there too right? We have to visit them. I bet they have the best stuff invented yet! And you guys are going to tell me all about the secret passages too, right?"
"Wow." Ron said, a little confused. "You talk fast. Is this normal for girls our age or is it that you're from California?"
Carlie giggled and shrugged her shoulders. It was probably a girl thing, Harry thought. Hermione did it sometimes too, especially when she was talking about SPEW. Hermione giggled at Carlie too. Ever since Hermione had Carlie to be with instead of only two boys, a lot more giggling and secretive chats had been taking place. Harry sometimes suspected they were talking about boys, or maybe even he and Ron. Hermione checked her watch.
"Guys, we'd better get to class. The bell's going to ring in a few minutes." The four leapt out of their seats and headed for History of Magic.

"Dude," Carlie was saying. "Professor Binns is so lame. How can he make wars sound so boring?"
"I don't know but he sure does. I think he ought to retire but if his own death didn't stop him from teaching why would we think he would ever retire?" Harry replied.
"I think it's a wonderful subject." Hermione interjected.
"You would." Ron muttered. Hermione glared at him.
"Oh history is excellent, but Binns has got to go. Or he should have a new lesson plan. I have a feeling he's been teaching those lessons the same way for two hundred years. When I had history, our teacher was a really young guy. He was so energetic and class was awesome. There was one time he recreated a war in the middle of our classroom. one of the goblins pushed another one on top of me and broke my leg and my arm. had to get it all fixed the hard way so that all the muggle kids wouldn't know I was a witch. Regularly it wouldn't have mattered but some chick that hated my guts told all the little muggle kiddies that I broke my arm and my leg. Couldn't have all the muggles wondering how I'd healed so quickly so I had to do it their way. Man it was slow and painful.
"The war was cool though. I not only learned about a very important war but I also learned that goblins are very heavy and don't react too well when you call them a big tub of lard. Ask me how I know."
Ron's mouth was hanging open. "The muggle way?" he asked.
"Muggles use something called a cast. The doctor sets your arm, or whatever broken bone it may be, back into the right place and then they wrap it with this stuff that hardens and you have to leave it like that for I think it was two or three months that I had it on. yeah, something like that."
"Wow. sounds painful." Ron breathed.
"Yeah, though not as bad as skele-grow. It takes much longer but it doesn't hurt quite as bad. Oh, and there's no nasty aftertaste."
When the four got to the stairs Carlie chose to slide down the railing rather than to actually walk step by step like the others. She was just picking up speed when someone stepped out from behind the corner and Carlie - unable to stop without killing herself - flew straight into the guy. That poor, unfortunate soul happened to be Oliver Wood. Carlie careened unceremoniously into his arms and sent the two reeling across the hall and on to the floor.
"I am so sorry! I had no idea someone was going to step in front of me! Are you all right?"
Oliver just laughed. "That's twice you've thrown yourself into my arms. I think you like it there." Carlie turned a brilliant shade of hot pink and extracted herself from his grip.
"And what if I did?" She asked, somewhat embarrassed.
"I wouldn't mind one bit." Oliver winked.
"Yes this is all very, very touching but Miss Wonder must be getting off to class now. Besides, you're horrible at pick-up lines, Oliver." Ron broke in between them.
As Ron was sweeping Carlie away she waved to Oliver while Harry and Hermione hurried to catch up.
"You should talk, Ron." Hermione said.
"You're not exactly smooth with girls yourself, you know. Remember when you tried to ask Fleur to the Yule Ball? I do, and if I'm remembering correctly you didn't exactly win her heart." Ron's face reddened a bit and he pretended he didn't care.
"So. She missed a great night."
"A great night, ha! Weren't you the one who in the end couldn't get a date and when you did you ignored her and she went to go with some other boys. Yeah, real charming."
"Yeah, well - "
"Enough!" Harry stopped them both. "Can you guys have a conversation without fighting?"
Carlie laughed out loud. "You guys argue as much as a married couple. You know, I once read a story in which the two characters argued and made up so much that they decided to get married just to make arguing more convenient."
Ron shuddered at the thought of marrying Hermione. Hermione stuck her tongue out a little to show her obvious dislike of the idea. Carlie just giggled some more.

After class Harry, Ron, Hermione and Carlie headed for the lake. It wasn't a bad day outside and they wanted a break from school life. Though they may have been getting away from school life, they weren't getting away from anything else. Malfoy and his cronies were sauntering towards the group. Malfoy had a big leering smile on his face, as they got closer. He motioned for Crabb and Goyle to stay while he continued toward the group.
"Carlie, you're looking particularly beautiful today. May I please talk to you for a moment? Preferably away from this filth?"
Carlie, who had been lying in the grass on her back, propped herself up on her elbows. She glanced around at the others.
"I don't see any filth around here, except for maybe your dorky friends over there but sure, we can talk."
Carlie go up off the ground and smoothed her clothes. Malfoy was sure acting strange but then, when wasn't he? The two had wondered some distance but the slight breeze in the air swept the sound in the direction of the others. They could hear every word spoken by Malfoy and Carlie. Malfoy stood directly in front of Carlie.
"Would you go with me to Hogsmead this weekend?"
Ron's face turned red at hearing this. He had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing. Hermione was looking very shocked and at the same time, disgusted. Carlie looked him straight in the eye. A slow smile spread across her lips. She stepped closer to him and slipped her arms around his neck. Ron and Harry's jaws dropped to the floor and Hermione was looking particularly disapproving.
Malfoy blushed and brought his arms around her waist. Carlie's face was barely an inch from his.
"I didn't know you felt that way about me. I must admit I've never felt this way about anyone else before." Carlie whispered.
"So you'll go with me then?" Malfoy whispered back.
Carlie moved even closer and looked as though she was going to kiss him. Her lips were just millimeters away from his. she took a deep breath and -
Carlie withdrew herself from his arms and began to walk away. Malfoy rushed up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. Carlie turned to face him.
"But you said you've never felt this way about anyone else before. That must mean something. What do you feel about me?"
"Well," Carlie began, "it feels something like this." Carlie had him in her arms again only this time, instead of playing with his mind; she brought her knee sharply upward into a certain area of male sensitivity.
Malfoy doubled up in pain and fell from Carlie's arms. Carlie laughed softly to herself and bent down so her face was next to his.
"Maybe if you weren't such a twerp I'd go with you. It pays to be nice, you know." Carlie stood once more and walked back to her friends. Malfoy looked like he was going to cry.
"You'll be sorry you never went with me! Just you wait, you'll be begging for me to take you back. You'll love me I know you will!" Malfoy shouted to her. Carlie just turned around, smiled and waved her fingers at the hopeless Malfoy.
Over my dead body, Carlie thought as she and her friends went back to the castle.