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Consequents' Of Love


Rain pelted against his pale forehead, the cold affecting his whole body, but he still stood there, surveying the discussion though the semi opened window. Watching, unknown to him, the whole new adventure that would await him and his rival.

It has been one year, one year since that humiliating day, he tried his best to block it from his memory, but it still haunted him, daily, nightly, everyday of his bloody life! How? How the hell was that guy able to pull something off like that? He was so sure that he would overcome his powerful Beyblade, but he didn't. He didn't even come close to matching the strength of Dranzer in his mind.

He shook his head in irritation, yet again, trying to block out the memory and focus on what was happening in the abbey window.

There the man stood, his once idol, but now things have changed. Ever since he came back last year, he was never the same to him due to his failure, and he knew that he knew the truth about him, but throughout the time, he still have orders to him as if he still had no clue about the truth, and he still agreed to everything the master would demand, even if it was just cruel, but this he wouldn't stand for it, not something that was this ruthless.

Of course, they didn't know that he knew, hell, he didn't even know himself until he came out here unintentionally and saw him having a conversation with an unknown man to him.

The whole plan was just plain unsympathetic, even if it was to that guy.

He turned on his heel, and started to head back to his sleeping quarters, that night, Kyle Redofcop, left the abbey for good, and returned to his former life, not quite knowing where it would take him.

Voltaire grinned, the plan was perfect. It was impossible for it to be unsuccessful! Unlike last year, when that lame excuse for an apprentice came back without Kai's Dranzer.

He had to laugh, god that boy was dumb! Of all the time when "Kai" came back from the world championships, talking about how wrong he was, and wanted to be accepted back into the abbey, he actually believed that I thought he was actually my grandson! I knew it was he, Kyle Redofcop, even after he left the abbey for over 4 years.

Of course, at the beginning, I was about to have him thrown out, but I was able to catch myself before I said anything foolish, this could work to my potential. And without even hardly thinking it over, he left, thus starting the whole mess that he got himself into, abducting Kai's bitch, really how the hell did he think he was going to get away with that? It didn't come to a surprise to me when he came back without the Dranzer, his pride hurt, and the humiliation that weighed down his mind.

I was yet again, tempted to throw him out, but for some reason, I knew that he would probably come in handy, as he did strikingly look like his real grandson, you never know when it might come in handy. And it was a good thing that he did.

Voltaire sipped on his white wine again as he listened to his guest speak;

"....I know that you still desire the bitbeast Dranzer Voltaire, and I can't say I blame you, it is extremely powerful, some of my students didn't even stand a chance against it's incredible power, even with the cyber edition of it."

Voltaire nodded, it was true, he did have a yearning for that bit beast, it almost became an obsession, and what he was proposing, sounded quite promising.

The man wasn't finished yet though; " But I do have one worry Voltaire, I heard that your dear grandson has finally gotten himself a woman, won't she interfere with our plan?"

Voltaire sighed and leaned back onto his leather chair, and spoke quite calmly;

" I have no reason to worry about her, she is just a mere concern, I don't even know if she and Kai are still together. And if for the slight chance that they are still together, I have a-" Voltaire struggled for the right word; "a decoy that would be more then willing for the job."

The man nodded and got up off his chair, and started to make his way towards the door, but before he left, he replied one more thing to the man;

"I do hope your right Voltaire, I want nothing to interfere, but even if it does go downhill for you, I still want my end of the deal."

Voltaire gazed into the eyes of this man; he's eyes as cold at ice, and spoke in the same manner.

" Things will be alright, failure is not a concern here, I know so."

With that being reassured, the satisfied male walked out the door and headed outside to his private helicopter, a small smile spared across his lips.

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