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Consequences Of Love

Ch 3

Just To Be Here

Mariah couldn't have been happier, here she just awoke to find her boyfriend Kai staring down at her while she slept, then being held in the secure arms of him, then finally being able to kiss him after all this time.

After a few minutes Mariah finally pulled apart from Kai's lips for some much needed oxygen.

" Kai.." She stuttered, " what are you doing here? Your not supposed to arrive for a while yet!"

Kai only smiled as he put his arms around her thin waist and held her there. " Actually, I'm pretty late, you must've been asleep for a while."

Mariah let out a small giggle as she looked at the clock on her bedside table, which read 5:30 pm.

"Ha, looks like I did. Did you just get here?" She asked as she snuggled against his muscular chest and taking in his scent.

"Pretty much, I had to avoid getting caught by your body guards first though, which took a little bit of time."

She only laughed. "I know how they can be, but they'll accept you in time. It's just Lee being the overprotected guy like he always is."

Mariah slowly pulled apart from his death grip on her and really stared at him; one thing was for sure, he changed. If she thought that he couldn't get any more handsome before, time clearly proved her wrong. He now pretty much towered over her, well, at least a good foot. He was now even more muscular now, but his hair stayed the same, and she was glad for that.

"You've sure have changed Kai, in a good way." She grinned, poking him on his chest.

Kai smirked and pulled her up to her feet and held her. " Speak for yourself."

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything."

Kai and Mariah quickly pulled away and faced Ray Kon who stood at the door, grinning at the two lovers.

Kai quickly went back to his old self when faced with some besides Mariah. " What are you doing here?" He asked his him, silently, or maybe not so silently fuming.

Ray only grinned one of his cheesy grins and walked over to Mariah and gave her a long hug. "Hey, I can see my long time friend too ya know Kai."

Mariah smiled and closed her eyes and hugged Ray back. "It's good to see you again Ray!"

"Same to you, Kai hasn't been bothering you to much has he?" Ray joked as he pulled away from the hug and stared at his teammate.

" Dream on ponytail boy." Kai shot back.

Ray quickly put his hands up in defense. "Hey! It's totally cool for a guy to have long hair in China!"

While Kai and Ray were still arguing at each other, Mariah slowly slipped out without either of them noticing.

" Ha, they haven't changed a bit." Mariah thought as she looked over the houses in her village.

"Mariah!!! Hey!! 'Riah!!!!" Came a young girls voice to Mariah's left.

Mariah looked over to find a small girl of 5 years running towards her. She only reached to just below Mariah's waist, she had long red hair that made a perfect frame around her pale face. She wore a simple white dress with black sandals, and carried a ruff looking teddy bear.

" Well hello Erika!" Mariah replied as the girl ran up to her and stared up to the tall figure of Mariah.

" 'Riah! I saw a new boy come to the village!! Is that the Kai boy you were talking about 'Riah?"

Mariah smiled and kneeled down to the girl's height. "That would be him, what do you think?"

Erika gave Mariah the hugest smile that you wouldn't think was possible for a small face like hers.

" He's cute!"

" Shucks Erika, you're embarrassing me!" Came the voice of Ray from Mariah's house.

Erika quickly turned her head to the direction of his voice, and ran over to him.

"RAY!!! Your BACK!!!!!" She squealed as she glomped Ray's legs.

Mariah grinned as she watched Erika jump into conversation with Ray, most of the talk consisting of candy and her teddy.

"Hey, who's she?" Came yet another voice, as strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her against a hard chest.

Mariah closed her eyes and took in the moment being held like this by Kai. "That's Erika, she's a villager here, her mother died just last year, leaving her and her father all alone. So she hangs out with me a lot."

Kai's grip on her tightened. " So your like the stepmother?"

Mariah laughed. "Try more like the big sister. She's a really sweet girl though, she's the happiest girl alive if she can talk to someone."

Deciding to change topic, Mariah turned around and threw her arms around Kai's neck. " Well, how about I give you the grand tour! If your not too tired that is."

Kai shook his head, took her hand in his, and walked to the left, which looked like to be the main street.

" Why is it that most of the people here are either old or just little twerps?" Kai asked, as he looked over the old and extremely young people.

Mariah sighed. " I guess it's what you get when you live this far away from civilization, a lot of the teens just left, which I don't blame them, I mean, this place isn't exactly very populated. And a lot of the adults just either left, or died."

"Died? Isn't that a little bit obscure?" Kai questioned, looking at all the houses.

" Not when there's only one doctor here, and when one of us gets a cold, everyone gets that just...turns out bad for some.."

" Well I guess that makes sense.." Kai proclaimed.

The next hour they viewed the small town, it was all pretty plain though most of it, but at other times very interesting.

"And this would be???" Kai asked Mariah, staring at what looked like a huge wood gazebo, lights surrounding the entire thing.

Mariah looked over to what he was talking about. "Oh! That's where we have a lot of our parties, get-together's, meetings, weddings you name it! Probably the most popular place in the whole village. Actually, were having a party here tomorrow!"

" And the reason for that is???" Kai asked, as he watched Mariah jump up and sit on the railing.

" Easy one, it's a welcoming party for you an Ray!" She proclaimed.

Kai only sighed and stared at her, fighting off the urge to smile. "She seems to have that affect on me," Kai thought, " I can't help myself but smile when I see her."

" You know I don't like "social gatherings".."

Mariah stuck her tongue out at her boyfriend. " Well no one asked you, did they?" She joked.

Kai let out a frustrated growl and picked up a laughing Mariah off the railing. " You'll be pissed if I don't go huh?"

Mariah yet again wrapped her slim arms around his neck. " You took the words right out of my mouth."

And that was Kai's q; he bent his neck kissed her again on her lips. One thing was for sure, he would never get board of doing this.

Moscow, Russia....

Kyle looked out of the limo's window, stared though the rain and saw his manor, which he inherited from his father once he died.

"Never thought I'd come back here.." Kyle thought aloud, as the driver pulled up to the huge brown doors and stopped. A few minutes later, the driver opened his door holding an umbrella.

Kyle didn't look at him, he just stepped outside into the wet weather and headed inside his mansion, where he could finally get some much needed rest.

As soon as he was safely inside and had taken off his black trench coat, he stared at his home. Which he has not seen since his father died 5 years previously.

Just staring at it reminds him of where he fought Kai. Where he kidnapped..her. The manor was pretty much the same in everyway, even how no one has really lived in it for so long..

Kyle slowly walked into the enormous living room, not even bothering to turn on a light and sat on one of the sheeted sofas, closed his eyes and sighed. It was great to be back.

Just when sleep was about to take over the Kai look alike, he heard creaking of the floorboards.

Any normal person would have just thought that it was just the house, being old and all. But he wasn't exactly normal, he lived in a abbey for his whole life with a madman. And with that, he knew that any sound that wasn't expected, meant hell for the person who made it.

Kyle opened his left eye and stared into a dark corner of the room, and sure enough...

" Voltaire must be pretty desperate sending a lowlife like you to come back and collect me.Brian" He replied coldly, a soft chuckle escaping though his pale lips.

The person dressed entirely black stepped into the middle of the room, and sure enough, there stood in front of him was the albino Brian, who just smiled at the sleepy figure of Kyle.

" Oh don't worry Kyle, " He said with his heavy Russian accent, " I wasn't sent here to bring you back. Just to deliver a message."

Kyle was modestly surprised, wasn't he needed for this plan to work out?

" The Master wishes you to not get involved in anyway with this mission, nor does he want to see you back at the abbey every again." He explained, grinning evilly, as if he expected Kyle to look totally shocked.

" And why the hell would I WANT to go back there?" He shot back.

Brian only sighed. " Just stay out of it, got it? You with old friends, and we don't want you to interfere in anyway."

Kyle closed his eyes again and leaned back into the sofa. " Fine, but one question. What happens to the girl? Now that I'm out of the picture."

Brian slowly started to walk towards the door. " That doesn't concern you, so just keep your hormones in check." And with that, he walked out into the pouring rain, not even taking a glance back.

Kyle gave off his best vampire smile, and swung his legs onto the sofa. " I said that I would stay out of it, but I never said that I wouldn't drop some hints."


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