Fear You, Like You, Hate You, Love You

Chapter 1 – God

"God! Who invented winter anyway? I can't even feel my legs anymore!"

"God did."

"God… why is it that boys get to wear pants and we're stuck with skirts… even during winter? I can't feel my legs anymore!"

"Because the school administration think they're God."



"It's freezing, and it's not even winter yet."

"Let's go."



Deep, warm, genuine laughter.

A small smile unconsciously tugged at the girl's lips.

Laugh again.

"He's gonna have to get a new tail-pipe for sure."

"Dude! I still can't believe he backed up into Yuusuke's car like that."

"Good times."

Raising her head from between crossed arms, her heavy eyelids parted at long, dark eyelashes to reveal reddened but deep eyes of an amethyst hue. Her head slightly throbbed, and her view of the classroom was still two images diverging; she blinked.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty's awake."

She blinked again. Her image cleared, her eyes first caught sight of the redhead and smiled.

"I was just really tired, and Kazunari's the only one that'd let me in early enough to catch my extra z's."

"Oh." The male youth walked up to her then and bent low enough to give the tired girl their ritualistic hug for the day.

"Hey, that was a good hug," she commented mildly. "Usually it's just a good tap on the back."

He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, well."

Sleeping Beauty bent over and reached a slender hand into her black purse and snatched a glass bottle filled with a creamy, mocha-colored liquid. "Want some?"

"Nah. You probably need it more than me."

She shrugged and uncapped the tin cover and put it to her lips before she caught him still looking at her. She placed her bottle down. "What?"


"You're staring."


"I get uncomfortable. It's not cool. Turn around for a second."

"While you take a sip of your frap?"


"You're a weird kid."

"It's okay. I've always felt the same about you, but I didn't say anything cuz I thought you'd get mad."

"Oh, that's cold."

"I know, but if it makes you feel better, I still love you. Now turn."

He laughed and did as she said while she took into her mouth a partial amount of the contents in the bottle.

"You know Koenma backed up into Yuusuke's car today?"

"He did?"

"Yeah. Big dent on his bumper."

"What about Yuusuke's car?"

"It's fine. His car can stand anything."

"Don't say that. It's bad luck."


"Next thing you know, he'll get in an accident and then there'll really be this big dent in his car."

He chuckled and turned to bend down and poke her on the forehead lightly with his forefinger. "Now what you just said, that's bad luck."

The girl blushed and was about to counter his statement, but their English teacher entered the classroom and announced a hearty "Good morning" or the sort.

"Hey, I'll just talk to you later."

"Yeah, sure," she blinked again and dabbed the edges of her eyes with her fingers for a moment.

She looked around the classroom again and was surprised to find that the classroom was suddenly filled with her peers, engrossed in their own gossip and laughter.

She hadn't realized it.

She hadn't even realized that the bell had rung…

…before the laughter.


"Hey, it's tall guy!" She bounced over and threw her arms around the huge, varsity football player.

"Well, hey, it's short girl." He scratched his head and laughed, wondering what the occasion was for the blue-haired teenager to suddenly just go over and catch him in a surprising embrace.

"God! Why do you have to be so tall?"

"Because God made me this way."

"But God! It makes it harder for me to give you a hug."

"I'll bend down next time for the vertically challenged. Just let me know when you wanna attack me with one."

"Ha-ha. Funny."

"I know. I'm working on my jokes."

"You need a lot of improvement then."

He laughed, and she grabbed him by the arm. "You can be my escort to class."

"I'd be happy to, lil lady."

"Ha-ha. Like I said, funny."

He laughed. "Sorry. The pun wasn't intended." They rounded a corner and he caught sight of a friend. "Yo, Hiei."

The shorter boy peeked an eye from under the hood of his black sweatshirt and acknowledged the football player with a gesturing nod and continued walking.

"So, what's the occasion?"

His companion looked up at him with a quizzical expression. "Occasion?"

"For the hug."

"Oh. I just wanted to give you one."

"Really. That's cute."

"I know. Plus, I wanted to congratulate you for last week's game." The loudness of her voice had dropped a few notches when she said the latter half of her statement.

He tried not to let the invisible strings that tugged on his lips when an emotion was present pull them into an arrogant grin, but he failed. "You went! You were looking."

"I was not!"

"You were!"

"I never even said I went, moreover looking!"

"But you implied it. You didn't have to say it."

"You're impossible!"

"So you like him?"


"You're lying."

"I think he's cute. I don't even know him, so I can't possibly like him."

"I could introduce you to him."

"That's a sweet thought, but it's an offer I have to decline."

"Why? Then you might actually like him."

"I don't know. It's just a feeling I have."

"Well, if you ever change your mind…"

"I won't. He's just… well, how would others put it? Uhh, eye-candy."

"You're cold."

"I know I am. God! Why do we have to wear skirts anyway?"

The taller boy laughed and caught her by the crook of the neck and began to rub his knuckles on her head as she shrieked and tried to free herself from his arms.


"Tennis is killing me! God!" Her small frame collapsed in front of her partner, legs outstretched and tennis racket on her legs.

"It's killing your hair too. You have so many split ends." The other girl had crawled closer to the back of her friend and began to inspect the tips of her sky-blue hair.

She sighed and pulled her legs toward her chest to use it as a resting area for her chin and arms. "I know. I was thinking about getting my hair chopped this weekend."



"How many inches?"

"Maybe three or four. It depends."

"Oh." There was a pause as a tennis ball flew over the fence and began to bounce towards the stairs that lead down to the locker room. It stopped just at the edge. "Are you going to the homecoming dance?"

"Are you?"

"I asked you first."

"I haven't really thought about it. I don't even have a date."


"Are you going?"


"With who?"


"Soccer player Koenma? That Koenma?"

"Yeah. Why?"

What someone had told her earlier that day about him managed to draw a smile on her face. "No reason. I was just curious."

"Well, I think you should go."

"Girls!" The firm voice of an interruption automatically made their heads flip towards it. Their tennis coach was poking a finger through the crosshatch metal fence towards the scattered tennis balls and motioning them to get up with the other hand. "Could you do me a favor and pick them up? Practice is over."

"Sure thing, Coach."

"Thanks. You two did good today."

Both girls stood up, and dusted their shirts and shorts off. There was nothing much to say as the other girls of the team began to move about between them and around them to collect scattered tennis balls as well. They bent to pick up the yellow and white objects off of the ground, an unspoken promise to call each other that night to continue their unfinished conversation lingering in the atmosphere above them.


Author Notes:

This was a weird chapter, I'll admit. I think it's my English teacher. He's so… weird. I think the weirdness might be rubbing off on me. =\

I purposely didn't write the names of the characters that were actually in the dialogue. No particular reason either; I just felt like doing it that way, but you should be able to tell which characters are speaking through their small descriptions.

And for the record, Yukina and Hiei are not related in this fic. You'll find that a lot of things in this way AU fic don't follow the original YYH storyline.

About the God thing, I know you're not supposed to say his name in vain, but I'm not even sure if I believe in him or not. So I guess I'm exempt.

At any rate, this is probably going to be the most complicated piece of writing that I'll ever do, relative to the character relationships. So expect love octagons to come every which way and maybe even more complicated ones. I dunno. It'll be very… weird. I guess it's the effect of school and the gossip. =\

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