Fear You, Like You, Hate You, Love You

[Chapter 3 – Sex]

The weather had calmed significantly since the night prior, and apparently, so did the turbulent mind of a certain blue-haired young woman.  Buried under a mass of pillows and a disarrayed comforter, she was brought to life from her sound sleep by the delicate drizzle of the rain against the windowpane.

The strange scent of the room filled her lungs as she took in a conscious breath, and though it was strange, she found it alluring and comforting. She was still not in the right mind to be able to identify where exactly she was, but she decided that if she could just stay there forever, it would guarantee her a good week or so of painlessness. Bringing her legs closer to her chest, she curled herself more and thought upon the events of the preceding night, but the only word that came to mind each time she tried to think on it was Shuuichi.

…And a subtle smile formed upon her morning lips.


What would normally have been a lazy, relaxing sleep had turned out into what he would call the night from hell. Sleep had definitely been depleted from the regular vocabulary that would usually be used to describe him in the morning.

Fact knew that he had fallen asleep quickly, but it also knew that with the same speed that he had drifted into slumber, he had also been pulled back into reality. The abruptness of the situation that was laid out before him during the storm of the night proved that he was not quite ready to jump back into his youth's intimate relationship with the blue-haired girl. There should have been a smooth transition – if any at all. They were no longer seven or eight years of age; they were sixteen and seventeen, and quite frankly, Shuuichi was your average teenage young man and such things as hormones and adrenaline were some of the things that, try as he might with all his manly strength, he just could not control.

So now, at seven-thirty in the morning, Shuuichi Minamino was in the kitchen doing what he normally would not be doing on a weekend: cooking breakfast.

And thus when three strong taps against his front door made him grumble a number of colorful expletives, it was not the least bit surprising – not by his standard of character anyway. He dropped his spatula into the thick batter that would become breakfast in order to show some courtesy to the early visitor.

"Hiei… you have really bad timing, you know that?"

"Well, good morning to you too, shit-face," his friend grumbled.

Shuuichi stepped aside to let his vulgar friend into his abode and then left him to attend to the closing of the door while he went back to the kitchen to pay attention to the blueberry pancakes.

"So," Hiei started as he comfortably sat himself on the stool where Shuuichi had sat the night before, "why so irritable this morning?"

"Didn't get enough sleep."

He grinned. "What's-her-face keep you up?"

"She has a name. Learn it." When he didn't receive a reply even after he had gone on to put the pancakes on two plates, he continued, "And no. She did not keep me up last night. I was actually taking care of someone else."

"Anyone I know?"

"Maybe not personally, but she's in our…" He was interrupted by a loud thud against the ceiling above them.

"New pet?" Hiei asked with a brow raised in question.

"Ow! God damn it!" The two boys suddenly heard the shrill tone of someone who had just fallen off a bed and then hit something else. Shuuichi winced. She would not be very pleasant this morning.

Hiei still looked surprised for a moment, but soon after, it twisted itself into a smirk. "Oh, I get it now."

"Get what?" the other asked, now wearing the other boy's previous puzzlement.

"You guys were… rocking the house."

Shuuichi just threw a disgusted look at Hiei.

"That's going to leave a bruise there tomorrow," Botan complained, entering the kitchen and interrupting the two boys' conversation. She walked right past Hiei, completely unseeing him, and lightly hit Shuuichi on the shoulder. "I hope that leaves a mark," she harrumphed and then added, "You know, you really should learn to put your weights off to a far corner of your room…away from your bed."

"Oh yeah. That hurt so much," Shuuichi replied sarcastically, ignoring her last comment knowing that Hiei was probably getting all the wrong ideas. He then motioned to the table. "Breakfast's ready. You know Hiei, right?"

Botan stared at the crimson-eyed youth but didn't say a word.

"I'll take that as a no then. You two make friends."

Botan still said nothing and instead plodded towards a stool and then occupying it, greedily invited herself to dig into the warm pancakes. "Your mom teach you to cook, Shuuichi?" she asked in between bites.

"Taught myself, thank you very much."

"You never were one to be modest." She rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him before shifting her attention back to her breakfast when Hiei suddenly asked her how she found Shuuichi the night before.

The redhead blanched and nearly dropped his plate. His bottle green eyes narrowed warningly at his friend indicating this was not the way he wanted to start his day. Botan, on the other hand, seemed not quite to catch on just yet.

"He was really nice about letting me stay the night. He's still perverted though… a total tease too. I've known him since like elementary school so it doesn't really faze me."

Hiei did not quite understand her response at first, but when it began to piece together, he burst out laughing. "Since elementary school? You guys have been intimate since elementary school?" He averted his surprised gaze at Shuuichi, mocking him. "I didn't know you were active for that long." Hiei snickered. "And a tease, huh? What's-her-face know that?"

Shuuichi shook his head and looked ready to throw his plate at Hiei's head but was ignored.

"Intimate?" the girl squeaked.

"Yeah. You know, how was Shuuichi in bed?"

She thought for a moment, the last two words of Hiei's inquiry not having completely registered.

"Why do you want to know," Shuuichi asked interjecting on his naiveté friend's behalf. "You aren't going homosexual on me, are you?"

"Fuck you, Minamino."

That was when it dawned on her exactly what Hiei had been talking about, and her face contorted into disgust. "Jaganshi, you dirty shit."

"At least I'm not slow, Furuya," he grinned broadly.

"Fuck you."

Without batting an eye, he reclined in his chair and then asked her in a rather smug tone, "Would you like to?"

She blinked. "Like to what?"

"Fuck me, what else? I don't have a problem with it. I haven't gotten some since the party at Yuusuke's house on New Year's Eve with Juri. Just ask permission from your boyfriend first." He immediately found a piece of toast on his face, and he growled in irritation.

"Shuuichi is not my boyfriend," Botan declared before abruptly standing up and walking to where Hiei sat and made a grab for the toast that sat on his plate, but before she could even attempt to skip back to her seat and eat up the toast that Shuuichi had prepared, she felt something pull her back in mid-step. Looking back, she found Hiei's hand encircling her wrist. She frowned and tried to tug it back, and when she could not, she looked at Shuuichi, silently asking him to come and pry his friend off her arm.

But to her great astonishment and dismay, he shrugged. "It's yours and Jaganshi's battle. It'd be so wrong of me to interfere." He grinned impishly and leaned back against the counter where he proceeded to eat his breakfast.

He was rewarded with a jut of Botan's lower lip in her anguish and a frown in her irritation before she shrieked, "Minamino, you heartless bastard!" She flipped her head towards Hiei, who was now in the process of peeling the toast that she had so mercilessly chucked at his face. "Let go, Jaganshi before I…"

She was not able to finish because at that moment Hiei had stood up and lazily let the toast drop onto his untouched plate and inched forward so that his face was merely centimeters away from her own. "Before you what?" he asked slyly, already feeling the heat rise from her cheeks and her breathing escalating.

For someone that harbored a secret feeling of affection for him, and being within a dangerously close range to him, Botan was handling the situation quite well. The crimson color still tainted her usually cream-colored complexion as she grunted and roughly jerked herself away from him. And she scampered back to her stool with the piece of toast in her hand where she tore off a small piece and popped it in her mouth. "If Shuuichi didn't cook really good French toast, I'd slap you with this piece too."

Hiei was gazing at her with a lazy expression and then shifted his look to the redhead, who pretended he had not seen anything, though the way his eyes sparkled and his lips twitched would have denied that. The shorter young man jerked a thumb at Botan and inquired of the other youth, "And you've been putting up with her since elementary school?"

Shuuichi chuckled, "She isn't a complete nightmare all the time. It's just for show, right Princess?"

"You're both jerks," the blue-haired teenager harrumphed as she stomped out of the kitchen with her breakfast plate.

"Where are you going?" Shuuichi called after her.

"To go and eat where I don't have to look at your sorry excuse for a face," came her retort.

Shuuichi winced when the notion hit him like a ton of bricks that Botan really was mad at him. He listened to the footsteps that plodded over his staircase, the hallway, and into his room wherein the noise of a door slamming could be heard. He sighed. Even after three years of not having been in his house, she still treated it as if she had been coming here all her life now that she was back, but then again, that was the only area of sanctuary to her at this point since she probably considered every area in the first floor of the house off limits. Botan was, to say the least, pissed.

He trudged towards the stool that Botan had previously occupied and plopped himself onto it, watching as Hiei poked at the piece of French toast that Botan had used to hit him with.

"Do you think this thing is still edible?"

"Dunno," Shuuichi's voice was as monotone as Hiei's. "She did hit you with it. You do the calculating."

"Where'd she go anyway?"

"Probably to my room to get crumbs all over my bed so killer ants will devour me." He groaned. "Damn! I don't know why, but I can't stand it when I know that she's pissed with me."

"You like her?" Hiei offered, still concentrating on his surgery of the piece of bread.

Shuuichi nearly gagged. "Excuse me?"

"It's a possibility. I'm only telling you what I think." He sighed and stood up. "Well, no use in hanging around here. I'm gonna go and meet up with Touya. You gonna come?"

"I'll meet you there later."

Hiei shrugged. "Whatever, man. If we're not there by the time you get there, just hit me up on my cell."


Hiei walked out of the kitchen, and when Shuuichi heard his front door open and close, he walked over to the sink and placed the plates on the counter. Not bothering to wash them, he debated whether or not to wash up in the other bathroom in his mother's room while she was still gone or if he should go and harass Botan until she finally forgave him. The latter option was the challenge because he already knew that before he could even see her face to face, he would have to get her to unlock his door, which he guessed would take some time.

He could always pick it…

…but then Botan would probably yell at him and demand why she invaded her privacy.

Wasn't it his room though? God, why did his brain have to tick the way it did when he thought about Botan?

Decision made, Shuuichi stalked up to his room with a paper clip in his hand and got ready to pick the doorknob open, but when he got there, he was surprised to find that his bedroom door was open a crack. Poking his head in, he found Botan lying on her stomach upon his bed munching on the final remnants of her toast and lazily looking at a television screen that wasn't even on. She was probably zoning out, and if Shuuichi had not been her best friend and didn't have the ability to pick up on those things, he would have easily been able to tell that she wasn't completely there just by the look in her eyes. Shuuichi didn't say anything and instead plodded into his bathroom where he jumped into a hot shower.


By the time that Shuuichi walked out of the bathroom, Botan was no longer there. Instead his bed had been made and the weights that had caused damage earlier this morning had been kicked off to the other side of the room. From the way things looked, Shuuichi was about to confirm to himself that Botan had already left, but at that moment, the azure-haired teenager walked in still clad in his sweats that were oversized for her small body.

Upon seeing the redhead clad in nothing but his towel, an unavoidable blush swept across Botan's cheeks, and she immediately diverted her attention to the bathroom that was now unoccupied. Shuuichi didn't notice his friend's state of awkwardness at his present choice of wardrobe immediately because he always walked into his room with nothing but a towel after his morning shower.

"You have any plans today?" Shuuichi asked, hoping for a conversation.

The question had not fully left his lips when the bathroom door shut, and just as quickly as the young woman had entered, she exited. She walked over to the side of his bed where her now dry clothes were laid out and was about to head back into the bathroom but was blocked by Shuuichi, who now wore an unbecoming frown on his forehead.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"No." She tried to shove past him, but he still did not allow her entrance so she stepped back and angrily put her hands on his hips. "What is your problem? God!"

Shuuichi looked slightly taken aback and then retaliated, "What's your problem? I've been trying to get you to notice that I still existed, but all you've been doing is avoiding me."

"I am not avoiding you," she snorted.

"You were. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today or something cuz it sure does seem like it."

"You should ask yourself that, Shuuichi Minamino! You were totally out to get me this morning!"

"Stop being such a brat," he quipped.

"And stop being such a jerk."

"I am not," the two chorused, and before Shuuichi could tell himself to stop, he took Botan by the forearms and hungrily devoured her mouth with his. The girl in his clutches dove for his mouth with equal ferocity, and her hands dropped the two pieces of fabric that she was holding to explore the chiseled contours of his upper body of their own volition.

Shuuichi pushed her against his wall and pressed his body against hers without protest, all the while nibbling on her lower lip to coax her into opening her mouth and allowing his tongue entrance into hers, which she eagerly allowed.

Her hands crawled from where they rested on his chest onto his broad shoulders and around his head where she playfully tugged at his still damp locks, eliciting a growl into her mouth. Growing tired of being idle, one of Shuuichi's hands that still held her in place moved to the hem of the shirt she wore and snaked underneath it. He was almost thankful that he had leant her his clothes because the baggy-ness of his clothes gave him easier access to the warm flesh beneath. A surprising moan spilled from her mouth despite the fact that it was occupied as her skin burned at the areas that his hands made contact with her skin. His hand had barely brushed against one of her covered breasts when sense and reason suddenly met reality, and Botan pushed herself away from Shuuichi.

She gingerly placed her hand to her lips as her widened eyes stared up at his perfectly composed ones. She couldn't possibly fathom the reasons why she did what she did, and why, in God's name, she realized that she loved every minute of it. Didn't she like Hiei? And this was her best friend, of all people, that she had just played tongue war with!

Her heart was beating feverishly to a rhythm all its own, and she couldn't decide whether it was from that adult-rated kiss or if it was her fear. With the latter getting the better of her, she quickly blurted out that she had to leave, and without waiting for Shuuichi to say anything, exited his room and hastily made for her house.


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