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Row Row Row your Boat

Commodore Norrington was sitting all by himself by Fort Charles, where Sparrow had escaped that afternoon. It was nearly night time and Gillette was getting worry of his Commander. Wind chill was giving Gillette hard time to approach the Commodore quietly, for he couldn't help to keep his teeth chattering against the heavy wind.

'Gillette,' Norrington signed 'its you.' When he saw the young Lieutenant approached him.

'Why, Sir. Is something bothering you? You look pale, if you don't get inside soon you'll catch a cold, and as for a Commodore I think you know very well how important it is to keep yourself in good shape.'

'I.yes, thank you for your concern.' Norrington began to stood up 'You're right. It's getting late. I should finish most of my paperwork tonight.' As the Commodore made his way Gillette spoke again.

'Are you still thinking about Ms. Swann sir?' Norrington looked back at the younger man, but said nothing and headed inside.

Gillette followed Norrington closely as they walk, as if afraid if Norrington will suddenly run off and jump off the cliff outside to attempt suicide. Norrington noticed Gillette's behavior and signed and turned to him

'Gillette, I won't go off and kill myself you know,' he smiled at him 'not for some silly business.' Gillette managed a soft grin but still continued his close guard of the Commodore. As they approached the front entrances they can hear the sound of showering water outside.

'Good grief, it was fine awhile ago, and it's already raining like mad.' Norrington sighed.

'Is your carriage waiting outside for you sir?'

'No, I was planning to walk home today.that's quite alright, I can manage a little rain, I wanted to walk anyway. Well good night Gillette, I'll see you tomorrow' Gillette didn't reply but looked..tortured, as if he's chocked on something. Commodore noticed and looked at him, and grinned. A very wide grin, but tried to smooth it out with his hand. Trying hard not to laugh.

'Is something wrong, Lieutenant?' Norrington laughed 'You look ill.' Gillette must have noticed how silly he looks so he turned away and blush.

'It's nothing sir, just wondering if you need.need a company sir. I'll be glad to walk with you.'

Norrington was surprised by his offer but agreed. He does need some company. As they walk, they didn't speak much. Gillette wasted most of his time looking at his own feet and fidgeting with his own fingers. He was nervous, he never was really. Being alone with the Commodore wasn't a big deal, until now. He has this very feeling of wanting to hide, but another part of him wanted to stay longer with him. Its raining even harder now, both of the men soon were soaked. Norrington didn't notice Gillette's nervous behavior this time. He was too busy looking ahead, but not really looking at the road, but deeply in thought.

'Commodore sir.' Gillette felt his face growing hot and red as he spokes those words. Norrington snapped out of his little thinking world and looked at the soaked man beside him.

'Oh yes, sorry?' feeling guilty forgetting about his company, Commodore scratched his face.

'I.I.justwanttosayI'llalwaysstaybyyoursidenomatterswhathappens.' Gillette blurred out, not daring to look into the Commodore's eyes. He can feel his heart beating against his ribs so hard it hurts. He can even feel it at the tip of his fingers.

"Why.thank you Gillette, I really appreciate it."

Norrington gave a soft smile, looking at Gillette. (well, more of looking at his hat cuz Gillette is looking at his feet again lol) Gillette looked up to Norrington this time, and was totally stunned. The Commodore never looked so attractive before. His river blue eyes blended into the rainy night so well, and his water dripping face made him almost irresistible. Gillette's mouth quickly dried and the idea of thinking about the Commodore like that was driving him crazy. He can feel himself bumping into Norrington as they walk, each time, his heart races faster. Before they knew it, they have reached the Commodore's mansion. As Norrington stepped in the house, he was immediately greeted by his butler and servants.

'Mr. Duncan, please grab some fresh clothing for Mr. Gillette. He has been walking with me the whole way.' Norrington requested his butler as he takes two towels for Gillette and himself. They both tried their best to dry themselves off, and took off their coat and set across the fireplace, hoping the warm fire would warm them up.

'Well Gillette, mind to stay for the night? It'll be too cruel for me to send you back home after you walked all these ways with me, in this kind of weather.' Gillette's head shot up, causing him to spill some of his tea Mr. Duncan had offered him along with cloths. He doesn't know what to say, or couldn't find his own voice so he nodded to the Commodore.

'Oh good then, we are settled.Mr. Duncan would you be so kind and lead Mr. Gillette to his room?' Duncan nodded to his master and started heading upstairs, looking back at Gillette, instructing him to follow.

'Well, hem.thank you very much, Commodore. Good night then.' Gillette left his chair and head for the stairs. Norrington gave him a nod and closed his eyes.

'Norrington must be tired, so much had happened today.' thought Gillette as he thanked Mr. Duncan and entered the quest room. The room was wide, with simple furniture, yet elegant. Gillette sat on the four-poster bed and changed into the cloths Mr. Duncan had presented him, took off his wig and tie his hair into a pony tail. Pulled out his pocket watch, it's nearly 11 already.