Gillette walked down the street, dragging his heavy legs with him. Unaware of people tipping their hats and saying things like "Good morning, sir!" or "Fine day isn't it, Lieutenant." It's almost like as if he had gone deaf. When he reached the fort, he straightens his jacket, pulled his pants, rubbed his shoe on the side of his legs, putted on a fake smile and head in. Everything seems normal, just like everyday; soldiers guarding, sailors loading up the loads and officers walking around giving directions.

"Oh good, my life is back into path now." Putting away his fake smile and putting on his real smile, "Nothing had change at all! Why was I so worried, oh silly me."

Gillette felt something poking his back and turned around, and there stood one of his best pal, Lieutenant Grooves.

"Grooves!" pulling a even bigger smile "So good to see you!"

" good to see you too, looking mighty jumpy today?" "By the way, did you have the Commodore's order? He had been asking around but I don't have it."

"Oh that.yeah I got it. It's in my office." He's smile fading once he heard the word 'Commodore.'

"Oh great! Now that's solve. Please do hurry and give it to him, that order is quite important." Ending his sentence, Grooves started to turn and leave, but instead, he was stopped by Gillette; pulling him back on his arm.

"Um, Grooves? Can you please give it to the Commodore for me?"

Grooves looked puzzled, "Why don't you give it to him?"

"..Just my reason."

When they were heading toward Gillette's office, the commodore just happened to walk past.

"Commodore, sir!" yelled Grooves once he spot Norrington, running to him and pulling Gillette with him.

"The order, sir! Gillette has it."

"Excellent job Lieutenant Grooves. Please hand it to me as soon as possible. I'll be over at the Dauntless." Norrington said it in his average tone, not even glancing over at Gillette direction, then quickly walked away.