Disclaimer- Daria characters copyright of MTV. This story is used for enjoyment for all to read and not profit.

Note- This is a PPMB Iron Chef entry. The contest was to ruin and/or endanger the life of Daria or Jane's child through a mistake in one of the episodes.

By: Tananda Evans

Cause and Effect

Suzie trudged home after an exhausting, humiliating day of school. She looked down at her shoeless feet and sighed. The girls at school had hung them from the telephone wires once again. That was the third pair this month. She reached her house and could hear the TV replaying 'Championship Poker' again.

Her home wasn't a house, but it all she really had. It was more like a sardine can, made of tin with a fishy smell to it. Opening the fragile door, she walked in, only to wish she had stayed outside.

Her mother's eyes were gone again. Somewhere deep in her memories of the past, when she still had hopes and dreams. Suzie lightly shook her mothers shoulders, "Mom? Mom are you ok?"

Daria came back from her dreamland and slumped down in her tattered chair, feeling overwhelmed by how vicious reality was. She looked up at her daughter and saw her flinch. 'My eyes are betraying me again' She thought remorsefully as she pointed to the newspaper. "That should've been your father. He's beautiful, isn't he?" Daria whispered in a raspy voice, tired from crying over mistakes made in her past.

Suzie picked up the paper and looked at the handsome young man on the cover. It read 'Thomas Sloane the New Bill Gates- Find Out All About the Worlds Wealthiest Man Alive!'

"That's what you deserve. But no, like the idiot I am, I lost the true love of my life, ruining not only my chance at happiness, but yours." Daria took a short, deep breath and continued, "You could have had everything a normal teenager has and more. A house, a family, a good education, real food that you don't heat up in the microwave, and the doors of opportunity all open for you to explore. What have I done?"

Suzie saw her mom about to break into tears, so she raced forward and plopped herself in her mothers lap, embracing her tightly and letting the tears soak into her last clean shirt.

"But mommy," Suzie whispered forlornly, "I am happy. I have you.