This story is supposed to be angst and somewhat horror. I warn you now, this story will be utterly depressing. I suggest that anyone who had lost someone close to them recently, or has broken up with their boyfriend / girlfriend should not read this story. I have warned you!

xoxo Rini

My One, My Only
By: Allerdycegirl

My stomach churned wildly as my heart quickly pounded with anger. My mouth was dry, and my throat felt like something large was caught in it. I couldn't believe I had lost her. My sheila. My Belle. Her sweet voice mixed in with fear still rings drills in my mind. Then the gasping of her breath after a loud snapping and cracking sound. I couldn't take it anymore. I snatched my lighter off of my desk, covering with scattered papers, being written on and scribbled. I was so devastated, I couldn't even think straight. Suddenly, the phone rang. Only once since I put only the answering machine on. For some reason, I hoped it was Belle.

"Hey mon ami. It's Remy again." The Cajun sighed. "Jus' pick up da phone! Please? Y' can't jus' sit around all day! Look, Remy knows you're upset. Remy would be too but--------"

Before he could finish, I picked up the phone and slammed the end button, making the whole message disappear. What does Remy know? He still has his Rogue. I was tired of them callin' me. Remy probably called like thirty times. Piotr called maybe ten. Sabertooth called once, but he mistaken my number as the Pizza Hut hotline. Mastermind called maybe twice. And all those times they called, not once did I pick it up. Figured it wasn't worth it, hearing their sympathy. Suddenly, the phone rang once again. Then the beeping sound of the message coming on. I waited, trying to guess who it was this time. Remy? Mastermind? Piotr? I couldn't tell. The sounds of sniffling caught my attention. I suddenly felt this urge to pick it up. Then, a voice finally spoke.

"Pyro? It's meh, Rogue. Ah got yer numbuh from Remy. Please pick up the phone. And don't yuh dare hang up on meh!"

I froze. Rogue was one of Belle's friends. I decided to pick up the phone, but I didn't say anything.

"Please answer meh. Ah know you're in shock an' all. Just please talk. Ah'm sure Belle wouldn't want yuh cooped up in yer lil' area all the time."

I gritted my teeth angrily. "How would ya' know?"

I realized my voice was sharp when I heard Rogue gulp. "Ah... Ah'm sorry."

I shook my head then sighed. "Nah, it's alright."


"Maybe, yuh wanna go wit Remy and da rest of us somewhere? Yuh know, just ta get a drink."

I stayed silent. I began twiddling around my lighter.

"Ah'm sorry Pyro. But Ah havta go now. Please, take care of yourself."


It took me a couple seconds to realize Rogue had just hung up. I slowly placed the phone back on its cradle and clicked my lighter on to light the large candle in front of me. I then decided to look back at what had happened just two hours ago.

Well, there's the first chapter. I know I'm not done with my recent Pyro 'n' Belle story but I decided to write this one anyway. Reviews please!!