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Chapter Two: "Don't Leave Me"

The acolytes and I were supposed ta go off into the deserted area in Russia. Magz said a secret file was held there so he sent us ta get it. We all saw no problem in getting just some dumb file. Everything all started in the mall when Remy announced to the girls that we were leavin' tonight. Rogue 'bout had a fit while Belle was going into a state of shock. I noticed how worried she was a grasped her soft hands.

"I'm gonna be alright luv. It's just a day trip." I said softly, trying to calm her.

Belle shook her head. "But you know what's been happening in Russia! Piotr told me last night!"

I sighed, reminding myself to tell Piotr not to tell stories to Belle about negative warfare. But that was besides the point. Before I could think any further, Belle's head was resting on me. Her eyes closed gently. Our hands were clutched together as Rogue continued yelling at Remy for not telling her earlier. After all, we heard about the mission two weeks ago. But we felt that the girls didn't need ta know. It's kinda' obvious that we were wrong though. I then noticed Rogue looked to me. Remy seemed happy that her grey eyes moved from his demon like ones. She narrowed her eyes on me, and then looked to Belle. Rogue pointed her finger towards me evilly.

"If any of yuh ever get hurt out there," she paused then moved her finger to Remy. "Don't expect any sympathy from meh when yuh get back!!"

We both gave a small laugh. Belle moved away from me and smiled. I could tell she was still worried.

Finally, Belle and Rogue, that night, dragged us to the institute. We had no idea why. I guess it was just ta say our good-byes. We waited on the couches down stairs for the girls to come back down the stairs. Just when they did, it seemed they were a little uneasy. I glanced behind them and saw the professor in the wheelchair guy. I didn't like 'im. I dunno 'bout Remy though. Moving my attention off of the crippled man, Belle seemed even more worried than before. Her hands were grasped together as Rogue raced down the stairs to remind us of her warning.

"Yuh betta remembuh. Especially you Cajun!" she smirked.

Remy stood up. "Aw it's nice of y' ta worry Chere'."

I stood up when Belle approached me. I tried to look into her eyes, but it seemed she didn't even want ta look at me for the time being. Finally, she looked. It seemed Rogue had influenced Belle with her anti- sympathy promise.

"You better not get hurt!" she warned.

I laughed. "I won't luv. I promise."

We stepped outside. It was about 10:00. The professor eyed us carefully. I watched Rogue cling onto Remy tight until I felt a force against me. It was Belle, trying to prevent her tears. I heard her sniffle a bit and move her head up and down several times. My hand moved over and lifted her chin up so her olive green eyes looked directly into mine.

"Don't cry. You're gonna make me cry!" I said softly with a smile.

Belle cracked a smile of hope and kissed me lightly. She backed up slowly. Feeling her hand slowly slip out of mine was strange. Ya' know. That strange feeling that ya' get when something important's leaving ya' forever. Just before Remy and I got a chance ta get into our cars, the professor rolled up to us. I arched an eyebrow for a moment.

"Maybe you all should stay for a while longer." Asked the professor.

I noticed he was gesturing us to look back. I did what he mentally wanted us to do and noticed how devastated Belle was. Now that I thought of it, Belle had nothing else but me and her step-father Warren for a family besides her friends. I then felt a shove against my shoulder. Remy was trying to push me out so we could hang around more. Finally, I slip out of the car and walked over to Belle who was slumped against the ground. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold winds of winter as her eyes released tears. I kneeled in front of her on the step below where her black skater shoes were. My hands moved over and held onto her bare arms lightly, trying to get her to look up at me. Belle looked at her olive green tank-top first, then to her dark blue stretch jeans. Finally, she forced herself into my arms. I could tell she was happy again. It always seemed to be like a remedy for me, when I'm sad in some way. I kissed her neck lightly as Remy walked up the steps to see Rogue.

"You're freezing cold." I whispered.

Belle didn't move. Her soft voice made me shiver a bit. "Then let's go inside."

Everyone was asleep besides me. It was already 1:00 in the morning. I couldn't get any sleep. I had already watched Belle slip into her bed and fall asleep. I watched her the whole time, admiring her angelic face. I wasn't going to regret that we were going to be late to Russia. I looked around and saw no sign of a lighter to play around with. Suddenly, a creak on the steps alarmed me. My head turned to the direction of the stairs where I saw Belle walking down in her all black tank top and silk pants outfit. She rubbed her eyes lightly and started for the table where my drink was.

"What are you doing up so early?" she asked whispering.

I yawned then took a sip of my drink. "Can't sleep."

Belle moved from the other side of the table and over to me. "Well, you seem tired."

I looked over to her. "What are ya' doin' up so early?"

She shook her head and grabbed a glass out of the cabinet. "I heard you down here."

"Oh really..?" I had nothing else to say.

Belle nodded and placed her glass down to grab hold of my hand. I pulled back lightly to make her stop. When she turned, I smirked playfully.


Belle smiled. "I don't want you dozing off during your mission."

I then decided to follow her back up the stairs. I had no intention of trying to sleep in the first place until she showed me the guest room. I awed in amazement. It was dimly lit with a comfortable looking king sized bed with a balcony. It even had its own bathroom and everything else a regular room would have. Except, in this room, everything looked like it belonged to a rich palace.

"You're gonna sleep in here." Belle said.

I removed my mind off of my observations and looked to Belle who was heading out of the door.

"How about we talk for a bit?" I asked.

She froze, her hand just above the gold doorknob. "Sure." She seemed unsure.

With the door closed and the balcony's glass doors locked, Belle and I talked for maybe an hour. I couldn't believe she was so worried about a mission that's just for a day. Once again, I reminded myself to never tell Piotr to tell Belle war stories.

"You don't have to go. do you?" she asked.

It was obvious that she wanted me to stay with her. "I have to."

Belle lashed to me. "But don't you see!? You know what might happen right!?"

I gulped and stared deeply into her eyes. For some reason, it made her relax when our eyes met. Belle turned her head to the side in shame and shook.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so worried. I don't want anything to happen."

I moved over and held Belle. She was cold again. She wiped a tear away and looked out the window.

"Russia is a big place. Since Piotr's from there, I asked him what it was like."

I rolled my eyes as I toyed with her hands. I could see Colossus lecturing Belle on his homeland.

"He said it was dangerous. A mission there would be like war over there."

I let out a laugh. Belle looked at me like I was insane and crossed her arms.

"What's so funny? I'm trying to be serious!"

I moved closer to her, making our noses touch. "Ya' need ta loosen up! You're not yourself!"

We stared at each other for a slight moment, until I heard her giggle. She playfully shoved me away and giggled more. Soon enough, we both began laughing. It was something I would always remember. Suddenly, Belle's laughter faded until cries of loneliness. I frowned and walked over to her, hugging her to calm her.

"Don't leave me."

I looked at her as she did the same to me. Her eyes were glittering wildly with the dimmed lighted lamp.

"It's only for a day luv. I'm not gonna leave ya' forever."

She shook her head. "Not just that."

"Then what?"

Belle was silent which made me scared for a moment. She turned to the side where the door was.

"Just don't leave me."

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