The Willful One

By: IotaVixen

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She barley stood out amidst the carnage. Her face and body covered in all black, the form fitting haori allowing those see her a female, and baggy pants that came just below the knee, also small black slippers adorning her feet. A harsh frown set on her masked lips. Her troops stood loyally behind her. "It was him, wasn't it?" she asked quietly, glancing behind her at her comrades. A man walked forward and gazed around them at the burned village. "Aye Higurashi-sama, it was the Taiyoukai." She nodded and directed them to make camp near by. She walked gracefully in to the dark forest near by. Of coarse her followers knew better then to ask, they knew she was more then qualified to take care of her own.

He blue eyes scanned the forest, looking for any one who dare intrude upon her. She sighed in relief when she sensed no one and allowed her self to sag a bit, although she remained strait and dominate. Her eyes caught glimpse of the running water of the clear spring. Once more looking back before beginning to undo the ties of her clothing.

It slide down her naked body smoothly, making it un-meaningly seductive. Her pale skin glimmered softly when she slipped in to the waters. She let out a soft giggle when she realized she had yet to remove her mask and hair ties. She hummed as she went to work on her bounded hair. It slid silkily down to the water till it flouted near her back side. Then her mask fell. Allowing those to see her a beauty beyond all those around her.

She stood at least 5'4". Her pale skin in light contrast to her raven hair. Her body was curved and adultery, with no faults. Her face was sharp and royal looking. Her blue-gray eyes reflect off every thing. But what attracted all of those around her was her aura. Her power.

Higurashi, Kagome.

Rebel ningen woman, with extoredenary powers. Also a supposed youkai, although she appears and assures that she is ningen. Has extreme hatred towards Taiyoukai of the West because he has shed meaningless blood of the innocents. Also he had executed the person who had killed her family.

She grimaced at the turn of her thoughts. Her family. When she was six or so they were killed by a Hanyou called Naraku. His blood coming from his offered body, in which youkai joined to him. He had come looking for her father but was angered to find out that he had all ready passed from this world.

So like the bastard he was, he had slaughtered her mother and brother maliciously. And had the nerve to come and stair down at her young body which was shaking with anger and pain for her loses. He had then grinned and said he would not waste some thing as pure and beautiful as her.

Then picking her up kicking and screaming walked out of her hut door. He began talking about how she would become his mate when she became of age. As her thoughts were on a not so pretty murder of him. But then guess who showed up, none other then the Tai of the West himself.

(Flash back)

A silver flash started her from her position on Naraku's shoulder. She felt a growl rattle through her kidnappers body. "Sesshou-maru, to what do I owe this visit?" he taunted. She leaned up so she could glance at him. It was the first time she saw the feared Western Tai. He was tall, and slightly pale, a cream tail wrapped around his shoulder. He wore a very expensive looking kimono, which was white and designed with red cherry blossoms. And his hair which nearly met the ground was a elegant silver. But it was his eyes that entranced her. Amber.

His eyes caught hers, and they stared at each other for a moment. But then it was over before it started. "Naraku-" Sesshou-maru began, locking his eyes on the black demon. "-why do you have this child?"

Kagome huffed in irritation. All she wanted to do right then was point out that she was six years old thank you very much. But she remained silent. She did not know much of this Sesshou-maru, but for right now she would observe. A cringe worthy laugh made its way through Naraku. "I can't believe you do not sense it, although its none of your business on what I do." Then like nothing had happened he began to walk away. Two seconds later she found her self on the ground. The now dead Naraku lay next to her eyes blank.

She let out a growl, and let her tears of frustration fall. "Why are you weeping foolish child?" came the cold voice the youkai behind her. She turned around to glare at him. "YOU KILLED HIM!" she shouted. He raised a thin eyebrow. "Was he not taking you against your will? Besides that this Sesshou-maru had to end his petty life." He replied emotionlessly. She looked at the ground balling her tiny fist. "He killed them, it was I who should have acted out my revenge, but you did it!"

Her aura flared, and she was surrounded by blue light. Sesshou-maru's eyes widened slightly but her did not falter. "I will kill you."

(End Of Flashback)

She supposed she should have been grateful, after all Naraku most likely would have done horrible things to her as a child. But she never asked to receive help from Sesshou-maru. She looked up at the sky, her eyes glittering. "I will kill him, if not for me, then for all those who have lost some thing from him."

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