The Willful One

By: Jinxie-chan

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Remaining Willful


The chase had stopped when both of the males had realized that they had lost her and now both of the brothers watched each other carefully.


A long silence proceeded after each of them had spoken. "Why was she at your castle?" the younger brother asked glaring at the older one.

"Why were you seemingly looking for her?" Sesshou-maru glared back at Inuyasha. "That's none of you business bastard." Inuyasha said acidly. Sesshou-maru let his eyes narrow, his demon blood stirring to put the pup in his place. Deciding that he was not interested in another one of their sibling fight, he began to walk away fluidly. "Where do you think your going asshole, we're not finished here, you didn't answer my fucking question!"

Sesshou-maru felt the urge to role his eyes. "My business is of none of your concern, brother, and as much as I feel that your insolent behavior should be punish, I have other more pressing matters to deal with such a retrieving my prisoner which you set free." he said coldly continuing to walk in the direction which his willful one had run.

"Not a fucking chance bastard, she's mine, I have to find her." Inuyasha said possessively. Sesshou-maru looked back towards his brother, his eyebrow raising. "And just what interest do you have in 'my' prisoner?" He tried to keep the curiosity out of his voice. Inuyasha growled. "I told you that's none of your damn business!"

Sesshou-maru glared at his brother and before Inuyasha could make another sound Sesshou-maru had pinned him against a tree. "You are indeed lucky that you have the same blood as I running through your veins otherwise you would be dead for you actions, the woman is mine as of right now. I suggest that you keep to your self or I might reconsider killing you."

With that said Inuyasha was dropped to the ground in a heap. Coughing and rubbing his throat, he watch his brother retreat into the darkening forests.

"I wait till tomorrow." He muttered to himself


She watched the sky as she lay on her back. Some time she could feel so at peace, the deep pain she felt all the time would drift away for moments sometimes and she couldn't help but feel happy. But she refused to forget her vow to avenge her family and although she held no other real grudge toward Sesshou-maru, he was the one had killed the damn man. She sighed with sadness and raised to her feet. Yes, she would kill him no matter what.

"You hid your secret well." She smiled and yet again looked towards the sky, not even bother to give attention to the voice of the Taiyoukai. "I do my best." Putting back on her cold facade she glanced back at him, only to find that he wasn't there. No she knew where he was. Turning back she looked at him, his tall figure dwarfing her own. "I will not let you take me prisoner again, so your wasting your time with coming after me." She turned her back to him and walked away from him. There was an unspoken truce between them at the moment.

"Why do you continue to hide your face woman?" he ask. She glanced at him only to grunt as grabbed some fire wood. "Why is it that you want to see my face?"

"I wish to see the face of the person is supposedly going to end my life."

She scoffed, turning fully towards. "Supposedly? I will kill you, it just a matter of time."

He gazed at her, looking over her beautiful demonic form. Indeed she was beautiful.

"Your avoiding the subject, is there a ugly scar on that face or are you just unbearable to look at?" he taunted her. She growled and yet again turn towards him. "I have no scars, nor am I ugly." She willed herself to stay calm. "Then why hide? Are you afraid?" he wanted to see, wanted to look upon the face of his willful one. She growled again. "That's it!" She lunged at him, claws flexed and the battle began. Sesshou-maru watched her attacks with mild amusement, she had yet to train herself, her powers still not controlled. All he did was block her as she fought him. "Stop playing with me and fight me!" she said angrily.

He smiled as he continued to just block her attempt to harm him. He watched her face, still hidden by her mask. He wanted to see, his youkai curious to see what she was hiding. Finding the perfect moment where her face was unprotected he lunged forward and cut the material holding the mask on. She gasped as the mask fell and stopped her attack.

All he could do was stare at the perfect face of his assassin. There were no flaws, not even a blemish, just perfection and for the first time since she was a child he could see her beautiful blue eyes perfectly. "You bastard." She growled covering her face with her hands. But he could still see the blush that had graced her face. "Are you satisfied?" He stalked forward his movements not his own, until she was pressed up against a large tree. "What the hell are you doing?" she growled at him. His head hung low, his lips but a whisper away from her own. "Still so untamable, so wild." Her eyes were wide, her breath uncontrolled. "Stop, whatever your doing stop." She whispered. His lips turn upward. His hand coming up to brush against her face.

"You shouldn't hide your face." His fingers traced her lips with unusual softness. "Or perhaps I should." She said softly.

Before she could say another word, he brushed his lips against hers. She couldn't control her body, she was just so stunned. 'no, you have to kill him, you must.' But the longer his lips were pressed against hers the less she remembered of that thought. Her eyes slid shut as her arms wrapped around his neck, he growl deep when she did so and took the kiss to the next step. She returned it fully. He couldn't get enough, she was intoxicating. He pulled back quickly when he felt a sharp blade pressed up against his throat. "Stop." She whispered out breathlessly.

He smiled and took the wrist which held the blade quickly. She looked at him angrily and struggled. He leaned forward and nuzzled her soft face. "Always so willful."

And with that said all she felt was the chill of the air. Looking around and searching out for an aura, she was pleased when she found none. Putting her arms around herself she shivered.

She would not let emotions get in the way of her vengeance.

A thought struck her. Yes, it would work. She looked up at the lightening sky for the last time. She would kill him, using the one emotion she had not possess since she was a child.

Yes and it would work.

'I only hope that I can do it.'


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