Heroes of Arcadia

Sonic Adventure - Adventure's Aftermath

by Anthony Bault


Sonic and related characters are © Sega, DIC, and Archie

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Teila Fox and Tyreke are © Teila Fox

Lazer and Rebecca Coriander are © LazerTH

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Aura and Ryndar are © Aura Starfire

Gamemaster Anthony Bault is © Anthony Bault


Okay...this was inspired by a request by Aura...

What you are about to see is the immediate aftermath of Sonic Adventure - The Arcadian Adventure...so you'll need to read that first. This fic will also help set up future stories by Aura and myself. Enjoy!

NOTE: This will be the first story I've written which I will be posting by the chapter, since it's taking me too long to finish it. (Blame my addiction to .hack//INFECTION, MUTATION, and OUTBREAK.)

(P.S. That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering!)


Chapter 1 - The Return

The shuttle touched down on a military base just a few miles outside of Station Square. It had just arrived from the Colony ARK, and within it were the tired souls of several furries...a couple of robots...a couple of Chao...and a single human.

The entire group was silent the entire trip...all lost in their own thoughts. The most intense thoughts seemed to come from the human...Anthony. His feelings were a mix of relief and worry...relief that the PHM and Chaos Shadow were defeated, and worry because he now had the burden of carrying the Server Emeralds with him.

As the shuttle finally came to a stop, the pilot, Captain Ryan "Bat" Perreault, went to the back where all the passengers were and said, "All ashore who's going ashore, guys!"

Sonic, who appeared to be just getting up from a nap, said, "Finally! Man...I can't wait to get back to the hotel and relax poolside! Some vacation this turned out to be..."

"Well, at least we still have some time before we need to head back to Mobotropolis," Sally said. "So, we still have some time to have some fun."

"First things first, though..." Anthony said, gazing out one of the windows. "Looks like we have some paparazzi to get past first..."

Several of the people present looked out where Anthony was looking and saw several reporters approaching the shuttle. Ryan frowned and said, "Dammit...who let the press in?!?"

"Let's figure that out later and find a way back to the hotel," Lazer said.

"Might not be a good idea," Red Sonic said. "They probably got a few people there as well."

Anthony sighed and said, "Well...looks like I'll need to do to these guys what I did to the reporters on Earth when Amy and I were on vacation there..."

Amy smiled upon hearing that, something which several people noticed. "Uh...dare I ask what he did?" Tyreke asked.

"Just watch, guys..." Amy said. "This is the only time you'll see Anthony pull rank."

All present watched in anticipation as Anthony opened the hatch of the shuttle and walked towards the reporters. Naturally...they started to send out a rain of questions about what had happened on the ARK, but Anthony said nothing for a while.

But that changed quickly...

"ALRIGHT!! LISTEN UP!!!" Anthony said, causing the reporters to quiet down. "Me and my friends came here to relax and have a much needed vacation...NOT to be harassed by the press! We just got back from a horrendous adventure and are tired...and would appreciate being able to get back to our hotel WITHOUT the paparazzi!!" He then gave the reporters a more serious glance and said, "You know well what I'm capable of...so if we DON'T get the peace we're looking for, I might be tempted to do to you what I did to Chaos Shadow! UNDERSTOOD?!?"

The reporters all understood completely, and showed their understanding by walking back...or rather running back towards where they came from. Anthony looked back towards the shuttle and said, "Okay, guys...come on out!"

The group began to file out of the shuttle, with Metal Sonic and E-102 Gamma coming out of the cargo area. Tails also came out of the cargo area towing the Tornado GM with his Tornado 3 in Cyclone mode.

"Well, that's one way to get rid of reporters..." Mina said.

"...and it's guaranteed to work too," Anthony said. "When I did that on Earth, some of the reporters there filed a complaint saying I violated their First Amendment rights...and the US government in turn threatened to pull their press credentials because not only did they violate MY rights...but also said detaining me would be bad for Arcadian security. Probably the only time when my position actually HELPED my private life..."

"Well...at least we can return to the hotel in peace now..." Knuckles said.

"Um...don't you need to return the Master Emerald first?" Aura asked, currently holding a sleeping Ryndar.

Knuckles looked down at the shining Master Emerald, currently the size of a baseball, and said, "Yes, in fact...Anthony, if you would?"

Anthony grabbed Knuckles by the arm, turned back towards the others and said, "I'll meet you guys back at the hotel." Then, both Knuckles and Anthony disappeared as Anthony's Teleport power kicked in.

As soon as Knuckles and Anthony disappeared, Sonic turned back towards the others and said, "Well, gang...let's get back..."

"Um...question," a voice said from the back. All eyes turned towards the source...Shadow. "Where should I stay? I mean...I'm going to have to figure out a permanent residence eventually..."

"Well, for now, you can stay with me," Rouge said, clasping the paw of Shadow. "I insist..."

"Alright then..." Shadow said, smiling towards Rouge.

Teila smiled and shook her head at this display of affection, and then turned towards Gamma and Metal. "You know...we could probably keep you two at Tails's workshop for the time being. With all the gadgets there, you can probably find the supplies you two need to maintain yourselves."

[Sounds like a good idea...] Metal said, and then looked towards Gamma. [What do you think, E-Series?]

"I CONCUR..." Gamma said in his typical monotone voice.

"I'll join you guys at the workshop," Tails said. "I need to get to work on repairing the TGM for Anthony."

"Alright...lets head towards our respective places to hang our heads and call it a night," Ryan said, noting the setting sun.

The group all nodded in agreement and walked towards the exit of the base. As they were walking, Lisa noticed something about Aura and said, "Are you alright, Aura?"

"I'm...I'm fine..." Aura said. "Just...thinking."

Lisa nodded in understanding as she cradled a sleeping Hogi-San in her arms. "Teila told me...you're planning on returning to your Mobius."

"Yes, but I'm not leaving right away. I plan to make some preparations beforehand...as well as spend some time with my new friends before I have to go," Aura explained.

"That's good to hear," Lisa said, and then noticed a half asleep Ryndar wriggling in Aura's arms. "Looks like we'd better get the Chao to bed as soon as we get back to the studio."

Aura looked down at Ryndar and smiled, noticing the way Ryndar was behaving, and then she and Lisa continued to walk as the group began to split towards their respective destinations.