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Chapter 11 – Rainy Day Feelings, Part 2

The group filed out of the theater after a short while, managing to weave their way through the multitudes of moviegoers that were trying to make their way in. They gathered outside the theater to discuss their options about what to do next.

"Well, that was unexpected…but fun!" Anthony said. "But I have GOT to have some words with my other self later."

"Well, try and be civil, Anthony," Sally said. "You remember how shaken he was when he learned that Arcadia was real, and I don't think having you shake him down is a way to make things easier for him."

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"Are you feeling any better, Aura?" Alexa asked.

"A little..." Aura said. "That did kind of take my minds off of things."

"Good," Alexa said, and then turned towards one direction. "Then, if I may, I shall take my leave. I will come by again to see how you are faring, Aura!"

"I'd like that, Alexa," Aura said.

Alexa said her goodbyes towards the group and began walking off. However, she did say one final thing before walking off. "Oh...and you might want to find shelter soon..."

"Huh? From what?" Sonic said.

[Well, if my sensors are any indicator,] Metal Sonic said, [I think she's referring to those dark clouds beginning to gather over the Square.]

The group looked towards where Metal Sonic was indicating. Several dark clouds were indeed beginning to gather in the sky and one didn't need to be a meteorologist to see they carried a fierce rainstorm with them.

"Ah, Goddess..." Red Sonic said.

"Alright...we'd better call it a day, guys. We can do more tomorrow," Julie-Su said.

"If it's alright, Teila and Tyreke, I'm going to come back with you guys," Tails said.

"Oh, why?" Teila asked.

"Well...I want to tinker a bit to pass the time rather than hanging out in the hotel," Tails said.

"Can't stay away from your machines, eh, kid?" Ryan said.

"Of course, it's alright, Tails," Tyreke said. "Heck...it's your workshop!"

"And..." Knuckles said, turning towards Nack and Nicollette. "How about if you two come with us back to the hotel? We can keep you there the night."

"Nah...we couldn't. Especially not after our history..." Nack said.

"Hey...that was the past," Rebecca said. "Besides...after what Nicollette went through, she could probably use some spoiling."

Nic giggled a bit at that and said, "Alright...I can't pass that up!"

"Well...let's just move, already!" Sonic said.

The group, though annoyed a bit at Sonic's impatience, agreed to that statement and all went their separate ways.


Sonic and his group were the first to arrive back at their hotel, seeing as it was the closest to the theater. As they began to settle down in their room, Amy grabbed a blanket and some pillows for Nic as Julie-Su and Mina led her to a couch.

"Guys...I'm not an invalid. I don't NEED all this," Nic said. "Though...I'm not exactly sure WHY I'm complaining..."

"Hey, drink it in, sis. This'll probably be one of the few times we'll be living easy," Nack said, sitting down in an easy chair and putting his feet up.

"Speaking of drink...perhaps you should make some tea for your sister," Sally said. "I'm sure she'll appreciate it, Nack."

Nack raised an eyebrow at this. "Why me? I thought I was a guest here."

"You are..." Julie-Su said, now kneeling down to almost glare in Nack's eyes, "but she's the one that needs the pampering...not you."

"Aw, man..." Nack said, getting up and heading towards the kitchen area.

Anthony giggled at this and then felt a tap on his side. He looked where he felt the tap and saw Lazer looking up at him.

"Anthony," Lazer said, "I was wondering if you'll do me the honor of a friendly spar. I am curious to see how well I'd do in crossing swords with the Gamemaster."

"Sure, why not?" Anthony said. "I assume the facilities are in the base?"

"Yes. Follow me," Lazer said, leading Anthony towards the hidden elevator. The others decided to stay behind and talk with Nicollette.

"So, Nicollette," Amy said, addressing Nic, "where do you and Nack go from here?"

"I don't know..." Nic said. "I know Nack was offered a position with the city to repay what he did in the past, but I'm not sure what else awaits us. It'll be tough."

"Hey...if Nack was brave enough to risk taking a deal from Robotnik, you guys should be able to handle anything," Knuckles said. Upon saying that, they heard something from the kitchen area.

"OKAY!! Where the heck is the tea in here?!?"

Sally shook her head at Nack's plight and stood up from her chair. "Maybe not," she said as she walked in to help Nack.


The rain was already beginning to come down hard as Tails, Tyreke, Teila, Metal Sonic, and Gamma left the shuttle from Station Square. They ran towards the workshop, getting somewhat soaked in the process. As soon as they entered the workshop, they began to dry themselves off as best as possible. The robots had no problem, since the water just wiped off their smooth hulls...but the three foxes were thoroughly soaked.

"Ugh...we're going to need several hours each with a blow dryer to dry off," Tails said, removing his gloves and wringing them out.

[I'm just glad I'm rustproof,] Metal Sonic said.

"Well, let's get comfortable in the other room," Teila suggested.


"No, Gamma, she means..." Tyreke began to say, and just sighed. "Never mind..."

As the others walked towards another room in the workshop, Tails headed to the main hanger to tinker around. However, his mind was on something else. Namely, something related to Metal Sonic's comment.

"Rustproof..." Tails said to himself as he looked out a window at the rain. "I wish someone else I knew was rustproof. I just wonder if she's still out there somewhere..."


Shadow was also looking out at the rain, but for a completely different reason. Because he had lived most of his life on the Colony ARK or in stasis, he had never seen rain before. So, naturally, this was a new experience to him.

Of course...a lot of what he was experiencing now were new experiences for him.

As he watched the rain come down, Rouge walked over to him and sat next to where he was. "First time seeing rain, huh?"

"Yes," Shadow said. "Maria told me what it was, but...I've never seen it personally until now." He then began to quiet down a bit before continuing to talk. "It's...almost like the world is crying."

Rouge nodded a bit, understanding the comparison. what this world has been through with Robotnik, it probably would want to cry."

Shadow nodded as well, and then watched as several of the people walking on the streets trying to get to cover. "Looks like nobody likes the rain that much."

"Well...it's necessary to keep the plants alive and all," Rouge said, "but, yeah...nobody really likes the rain."

"That's understandable," Shadow said. "People like to be happy, so they probably would want to avoid anything that looks sad."

"Why, Shadow...you're a poet," Rouge said, smirking a bit.

"Well..." Shadow said, looking at Rouge, "I guess I'm just trying to cheer myself up a bit...trying to avoid the sadness as well."

Rouge nodded in understanding. She then scooted closer to Shadow so the two of them could watch the rain together.


Aura was also watching the rain as well, but her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking about things, both with what she had seen in the theater and with what she was planning to do. Lisa, after placing the Chao in a small playpen to nap, walked over to her.

"You alright, Aura?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah," Aura said. "I'm just thinking about some things. It's just something I used to do back on my version of Mobius whenever it rained."

"Oh, okay," Lisa said. "Let me know if you need anything. I need to talk to Kyle about what we saw in the theater."

"Ah...I understand," Aura said, knowing full well what Lisa was referring to.

Lisa then walked away from Aura and went to Kyle's room. He was presently reading one of his books as Lisa walked in, and looked up just as Lisa entered.

"Hey, Kyle...can we talk for a bit?" Lisa asked.

Kyle nodded and set his book down. As Lisa sat down on the corner of the bed across from the chair Kyle was in, Kyle asked, "Lisa? Is this about...what was said on that fic we read?"

Lisa nodded. "I...wanted to wait a bit until the time was more appropriate and until I was sure you were ready for us to talk about it. Mostly because...I know it hasn't been that long since you lost your last adoptive parents."

Kyle nodded in understanding, and then asked, "Are you...really planning to adopt me when you come of age?"

"Yes, I am," Lisa said without hesitation. "I don't think it's fair that you lost your parents like you did, and you deserve someone willing to take care of you."

"That's great, but..." Kyle said, hesitating a bit before continuing, "does this mean I can call you...Mom?"

Lisa smiled at that, taken a bit by how that sounded. "Well...let's wait until I actually adopt you before that, okay?"

"Okay, Lisa," Kyle said. He then stood up and gave Lisa a hug, whispering a quiet, "Thank you."

"Awww..." Lisa said as she returned the favor.

However, as the two of them were talking and as the Chao napped in their playpen, no one noticed that Aura had snuck out of the studio.


Lazer and Anthony were still sparring as these events were happening elsewhere. Both were in a sparring area of sorts and using kendo sticks in lieu of actual swords. Anthony had also removed his armor to make it easier for him to feel where he got hit. As it happened...

"Ah..." Anthony said in pain as he took a shot in the arm from one of Lazer's attacks. "Nice hit, Lazer."

"Thanks," Lazer said as he retook a fighting stance. "You're not doing so bad yourself, Anthony...though your swordsmanship lacks any real refinement."

"I use a longsword, Lazer," Anthony said. "That's not exactly a finesse weapon like your katana."

"True, but I'm not talking about fancy moves, Anthony," Lazer said. "You should try treating your sword as if it is an extension of your arm...letting it move with you as naturally as if it were actually part of you."

Anthony smirked at this, and then, almost to illustrate a point, raised his kendo stick up and twirled it in front of him like Cloud does in his victory pose in FF7. He then coyly said, "Lazer...if one of my joints moved like THIS, I'd probably have to see a doctor."

Lazer laughed in spite of himself, and then said, "That's NOT what I meant, Anthony. Here...let's continue sparring, and I'll show you what I mean."

Anthony nodded in agreement and went into a fighting stance. The two of them then returned to their sparring.


Cream seemed to be lost in her own thoughts long after she had left the others. She had been picked up from Lisa's just before Lisa talked with Aura, and was just sitting in her room.

As expected, her mother was surprised at hearing that Cream and Cheese were chosen to be characters in Sega's games on Earth. Though, she was still proud of that fact. But for Cream...

She was confused. Why would they think she was any kind of hero? She had, thankfully, not seen any combat or took part in any Freedom Fighter activities. Besides...her father had died in the battle against Robotnik.

As she sat and thought about things, her mother walked in to her room. "You're very quiet, Cream. Is something wrong?"

"Well, mama...it's just..." Cream began to say, and then let out a big sigh. "Do I really deserve to be a hero in that game series on Earth?"

"What do you mean?" Victoria said, sitting down on the bed next to where her daughter was lying.

"Well, it's just...I was never involved in the Freedom Fights here, and yet I ended up in those games on Earth anyway," Cream said. "I don't feel like I deserve that."

"Well, Cream, they probably just thought you and Cheese would be good characters to add to the game, despite the fact you didn't really fight," Victoria explained. "Besides, both your father and your Aunt Bunnie were both heroes in the Freedom Fight, so you definitely come from a heroic family."

Cream nodded in understanding, and then looked up as her mother patted her on the head and said, "Besides, you'll always be my little hero."

"Aw, Mom..." Cream said, smiling a bit from what her mother had said.


Aura made her way to the outside and walked out into a nearby alley, finding a spot which was sheltered enough to prevent rain from coming through. As she stood there, she took a deep breath and swallowed hard...as if trying to swallow her fears.

She whispered to herself, "Kharis...", as if to draw on his strength as she prepared herself to do something she was afraid of. She then raised her paws and concentrated, causing a large plume of flame to appear from her paws and shoot skyward into the open sky and towards the looming rain clouds.

She was also yelling the same name she was whispering earlier.



"MOM!!!" Cream gasped as she saw the flame out of the window. Both she and Victoria ran to the window and looked where that came from.

"Oh, Goddess...I think that's near Lisa's studio!" Victoria said and ran towards the phone to call the fire department. It was then that she heard Cream yell again.

"MOM!!! I think I saw Aura down there!!!"


Anthony and Lazer were mid-sword swing as an alarm blared in their area.

"What the heck is that?" Anthony asked.

"The city's emergency alarm," Lazer said, checking a nearby monitor and setting his kendo stick down. "A fire broke out in the business distri...oh, no."

"What's wrong?" Anthony asked.

"It's near Lisa's studio!" Lazer said. "The fire department's already on the way..."

"So am I!" Anthony said, activating a Teleport power and disappearing.

"Anthony!!" Lazer said, about a second too late.


Anthony reappeared out in the street...but nowhere near his destination. In fact, he had reappeared just outside the hotel.

"What the...?" Anthony said, ignoring the rain that was soaking him and looking around. He then looked skyward as a flash of lightning lit the stormy sky.

"Ah, great...NOT what I needed!" Anthony said to himself. He knew that the EM fields from lightning storms prevented psionics from working...so he was without his powers.

"Guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way..." Anthony said as he ran towards Lisa's studio. "God...I hope I arrive in time..."


"Well...Tails just called and said he's going to wait out the storm at the workshop," Sally said as she got off the phone. "He said he might stay there overnight."

"Heh...that's cool," Sonic said. "I may not be Anth, but I'm foreseeing him falling asleep while tooling around with something."

"That premonition doesn't count, Sonic," Amy commented. "It's too obvious."

"Yeah, that's true," Sonic said. As he said this, the private elevator opened and Lazer ran out. Everyone present could see that he was in dire straits over something.

"What's wrong, Lazer?" Red Sonic said, jumping up.

"Fire in the business district near Lisa's studio!" Lazer said, causing the entire group to gasp.

"Has the fire department been alerted? Any way we can help?" Mina asked.

"We've been told to stay put for now, but Anthony has already teleported there," Lazer said. "Besides...it sounds like the fire went out as fast as it showed up."

"Well, that's good," Julie-Su said. "No doubt the fire department and Anthony can handle whatever's there."

"Me too..." Lazer said. "Even though the guy teleported without his armor."

"He WHAT?!?" Amy yelled.


Anthony finally arrived at Lisa's studio, and saw the fire trucks gathering near the spot where the fire was reported: an alley right near where Lisa's studio was located. He approached one of the firefighters to find out what happened.

"Gamemaster," the firefighter said as Anthony approached. "Here to help? If so, you're too late. The fire's gone out, but we're sticking around to see where it came from and in case it flares up again."

"Good," Anthony said, glancing down the alley. "Have you looked down that alley?"

"Not yet," the firefighter said. "Feel free to check. We'll keep an eye out here and cover you."

"Good," Anthony said.

Anthony ran into the alley, hoping to find where the fire might have come from as well as to escape the rain, if possible. When he reached the end of the alley, he saw a figure hunched up in the corner and appearing to be shivering, almost as if cold from the rain. But, as Anthony got nearer, he saw who it was.

"AURA?!?" Anthony said, running to her side. "What are you doing here? Why aren't you in Lisa's studio?" It was then that a thought crossed his mind. "Was that fire...from YOU?!?"

Aura said nothing. She was hugging herself tightly, shivering and crying in ragged sobs. Anthony didn't need any psionics to tell that something had frightened her to no limit.

"Come on, Aura," Anthony said, picking Aura up and hugging her close to him. "We have to get out here."

As he ran back towards the entrance to the alley, and to his great surprise, a lightning bolt struck the top of the building near the entrance. This caused part of the building to crumble and collapse, blocking off the entrance. Part of the rubble also caught Anthony in the leg, hurting him.

"ARGH!!" Anthony said, collapsing to one knee but still holding on to Aura to prevent her from getting hurt. He then heard what sounded like an explosion and looked up, seeing the pile of rubble burst into flame. Anthony heard the firefighters yell something about a gas line breaking.

"Oh, great..." Anthony said, standing up in spite of the pain in his leg and looking around for any means of escape. He found a sole fire escape ladder...unfortunately, it was lying in the pile of rubble.

"Now what do I do?"


Lisa gasped at the sound of the explosion and both she and Kyle ran towards the window. They both gasped at sight of the fire that the firefighters were trying to control, and Kyle began to hug Lisa a little tighter. Lisa understood his reaction, since his original adoptive parents were killed in a fire.

"I hope Aura isn't watching this, Lisa," Kyle said.

"We'd better check on her then," Lisa said. The two of them then looked around their home for Aura, wondering where she was...

...and panicked when they couldn't find her anywhere.


"I'm fine! Just keep trying to douse that fire!"

Anthony's scream reassured the firefighters as they continued to douse the blazing pile of rubble. As they tried to control the fire, Anthony wondered where the nearest exit was so he could get Aura to safety. He knew Aura could teleport, unfortunately she was in no condition to do anything as she continued to tremble in self-induced fear.

Anthony then decided to try something risky.

He knew Shadow was able to teleport using Chaos Control, and now that he had the Emeralds within him, he could use Chaos Control too. He didn't want to go super while holding Aura though, fearing that he might hurt her. So...

"Pray this works, Aura," Anthony said to Aura, even though she wasn't listening. He then removed the Green Emerald from himself and held it, saying "CHAOS CONTROL!" Both of them then disappeared from view...

...only to reappear on top of the burning pile of rubble.

"SHIT!!!" Anthony said, looking around at the predicament they were in. Things got worse as he heard one of the firefighters yell.

"GAMEMASTER!! What are you doing up there? We can't get this fire under control, and it may flare up from the gas line rupture!"

Anthony began to sweat, which mixed with the rain that fell. He then uttered a quiet "Oh no..." at their situation.


As Rouge and Shadow continued to watch the rainfall, Shadow suddenly perked his ears up as he sensed something. He then looked outside in the direction of where the fire was.

"What's wrong, Shadow?" Rouge asked.

"I sensed...Chaos Control," Shadow said. "But, it wasn't from the hotel where Anthony is staying. I have to go see what it is."

"Alright...but be careful, Shadow," Rogue said.

Shadow nodded in understanding, gave Rouge a quick peck on the cheek, and then ran out of the apartment.


"MOM! LOOK!!!"

Both Victoria and Cream gasped as they saw Anthony and Aura appear on top of the burning pile of rubble.

"Oh, Goddess...you were right, Cream," Victoria said. After a short time, they saw a streak appear near the firefighters.

"Mom, look! It's Shadow!"


Shadow arrived at where the firefighters were and saw Anthony on top of the rubble. Anthony, in turn, saw him.

"SHADOW!" Anthony yelled. "Good timing!"

"ANTHONY! Toss me an Emerald!" Shadow yelled back.

Anthony took the Green Emerald he was still holding and threw it towards Shadow. To his chagrin, the Emerald stopped in mid throw and flew back towards him!

"DAMMIT!! Not now, you stupid stone!"


"Something's wrong, mama," Cream said. "Anthony can't get the Emerald to Shadow!"

Victoria wasn't sure what to say to comfort her daughter, knowing how afraid she must be since she herself was afraid. She was then shocked at what transpired next, because Cream decided to jump out of the window and fly towards where Shadow was.

"CREAM! NO!!!"


"How the heck am I supposed to get up there?" Shadow thought to himself as he looked around for a place he could run up to where Anthony was. As he looked around, he heard a voice yell out.

"Mr. Shadow! Grab on!"

Shadow looked up and saw Cream flying towards him and outstretching her paws towards him. He grabbed on to Cream and held on as she flew up towards Anthony. Despite how heavy Shadow was, she continued to fly as quickly as possible to get Shadow to Anthony.

"Okay, let go, Cream!" Shadow yelled.

Cream let go and Shadow fell towards Anthony, who in turn was outstretching the hand he held the Emerald in. As soon as Shadow grabbed on to the Emerald, he yelled "CHAOS CONTROL!"

He, Anthony, and Aura soon disappeared in a green flash and reappeared near where the firefighters were. Cream ran up to them afterwards. "Are you guys alright?"

"We are now...thanks to you guys," Anthony said. "But Cream, what you did was dangerous!"

"I know, but...Shadow couldn't get up to you and...I wanted to help..." Cream said.

"Like you could in the game, huh?" Anthony said. He was surprised when Cream shook her head.

"No...just because I knew I could help, since I could fly," Cream explained.

Anthony nodded in understanding, and then turned towards Shadow. "Shadow, can you walk Cream back to her home? I've got to get Aura back to Lisa's place."

"Of course," Shadow said, taking Cream by the paw. He then looked up towards Anthony and said. "Anthony?"


"Next time...DON'T attempt something you don't know. You haven't mastered the Emeralds yet!" Shadow said, admonishing Anthony.

Anthony nodded in understanding and then walked towards Lisa's home with Aura still shivering in his arms.


Victoria bounded to the door as soon as Shadow brought Cream home. "Thank you, Shadow."

"I should thank Cream, actually," Shadow said. "She helped me get up to Anthony to help them. I've got to get back to Rouge's. Until next time." He then ran off back towards Rouge's apartment. As he ran off, Victoria looked down towards her daughter as she began to speak.

"Mama? I'm sorry for doing that. It's just...I really thought I could help them."

Victoria said nothing but just knelt down and hugged her daughter tightly. She then whispered back to her, saying, "I'm proud of you, Cream. You really are a hero."

Cream smiled as she hugged her mother back. She then felt herself being picked up as her mother carried her back inside to get her dried off from the rain.


Lisa and Kyle watched as Anthony carried Aura inside the studio and into her apartment. Lisa immediately grabbed a blanket for Aura as Anthony set her on a couch.

"What happened to her, Anthony?" Lisa asked. "Why was she outside?"

Anthony sighed and said, "She was trying to face the fear of her fire magic. She was casting it outside where it wouldn't harm anyone."

"So...that fire that brought the fire department was her?" Kyle asked.

"If you're referring to the burning pile out there, no," Anthony said. "That was caused by a lightning strike on a nearby building. She just created a plume of flame that went skyward." He then looked towards Aura and said. "Poor girl...she tried to face her fear and ended up so scared she's paralyzed with fear."

Lisa nodded in understanding and said, "We can take care of her, Anthony. You'd better head back to your hotel get fixed up."

"Yeah..." Anthony said, looking at the wound he received from part of the debris. "I'll see you guys later, alright?"

"Of course," Lisa said.

After Anthony left, Lisa immediately went to Aura's side to tend to her. Aura was still shaking with fear and seemed to be oblivious to her surroundings.

"Lisa?" Kyle said, walking into the room with both Ryndar and Hogi-San. "I brought Ryndar. He might help Aura calm down."

Lisa looked at Aura and said, "I'm not sure anything could calm her down right now, Kyle."


Shadow was still dripping wet from the rain as he arrived back at Rouge's apartment. He removed and wrung out his gloves in the apartment hallway as Rouge ran to get a towel for him. After she arrived with a towel and wrapped him in it to keep him from dripping all over the place, they both headed back to where they were watching the rain. Shadow then explained to her what had happened.

"I guess Anthony tried to use the same teleport I could use with the Chaos Emeralds so he could save Aura," Shadow said. "Good thing Cream arrived to fly me up to where he was so I could help him."

Rouge smirked at that. "Looks like Sega made a good call in choosing her after all then."

"Yeah..." Shadow said, and then turned his attentions back towards the falling rain outside. He then sighed sadly.

"Something wrong, Shadow?" Rouge asked.

"I think the world is crying out there, Rouge," Shadow said. "The rain wasn't just wet...it was cold. It almost reminded me of when I was put on ice the first time. I...didn't want a reminder of that..."

Rouge looked at Shadow as he said that and then hugged him to try and comfort him. Her warmth added to the warmth of the towel he had around him, and in turn made him feel a little better.



The group at the hotel huddled around Anthony as he limped into the main room. Mina tossed him a towel to dry himself off and Amy drew upon her Descendancy Power so she could use healing psionics on Anthony's leg. As he sat down and let Amy tend to his wound, Anthony explained what had happened.

"I'm just lucky Shadow and Cream showed up," Anthony said. "Oh, and guys? Remind me never to attempt a Teleport in the middle of a thunderstorm. EM fields from lightning aren't nice to psions."

"Maybe next time you'll remember to bring this, Anth," Red Sonic said, dropping Anthony's armor next to where he was sitting.

"Yeah..." Anthony said. He then turned towards Amy as she finished up healing his wound. "Thanks, Ames."

"No problem," Amy said, reverting back to her original form. "Just relax like Nic is doing. You've earned it."

Anthony looked towards Nic, who was presently resting and using Nack's lap as a pillow. He then sighed and said, "Not really..."

Everyone, except Nic, of course, immediately looked up upon hearing that. "What do you mean, Anthony?" Julie-Su asked.

"I screwed up royally," Anthony said. "If Shadow and Cream hadn't showed up and saved Aura and I, we'd probably have gotten burned to death on top of that pile. Of course, if I hadn't been a complete dumbass and tried to use an ability I had NO idea how to use..."

"Hey...you were trying to save Aura. Nothing wrong with that, Anth," Sonic said. "Besides, I've done some risky and dumb stuff trying to help the others, too."

"I can vouch for the 'dumb' part of those stunts," Sally said, almost tongue in cheek.

"Well, at least both you and Aura are safe, Anthony," Knuckles said. "Now...let's just forget about what happened and just relax for the rest of the evening."

Several of the group agreed and settled down for a relaxing evening. Anthony, however, was preoccupied with what happened. He was worried about Aura, knowing full well she was scared to death from trying to use her fire power...

...and he was worried about himself, since he now felt even more scared about having the Emeralds within him.