Hello everyone! This is my first story! I will be using my best friend Chip in this story (u may have read some of her stories like Insanity; thy name is Chip or something like that) Hikari, do the disclaimer. Hikari: Um, isn't it your turn? Me: uhhhh.... no. Hikari: *frowns* um ok. Sadly, she does not own any of Yu-Gi-Oh or the characters or anything. Me: BUT ONE DAY I WILL TAKE OVER IT AND RULE THEM ALL! MWA HA HA HA HA! Hikari: Uh no offense, but then the shows would be horrible. But, it could happen! Me: -_- shut up. Hikari: OK! Me: -_-

Yami gazed lovingly into Chip's eyes. They walked down a stream, the moonlight shone through the trees and the water rippled peacefully. They both wore a crown of roses, and occasionally a few white petals would float downstream. The warm summer night was so perfect, Chip wished it could last forever.
Unfortunately, it didn't. *Chip pops in* IT DIDN'T??? I'D LIKE TO KNOW WHY NOT! SHEESH! I NEVER GET ANYTHING GOOD IN MY LIFE! Me: -_- this is MY story. If you want it to last forever, go write your own. I SEND YOU TO THE SHADOW REALM! Chip: *goes to shadow realm* Me: YAY! Let's continue... Chip was awoken violently. What a perfect dream.... If only it was real. Chip thought. She was awoken by the doorbell. Chip looked outside.... it was still DARK! Then she heard Tea's giggle. Chip flopped back in her bed. Of course. It's my beloved Yami... here to come spend time with my evil sister Tea. Chip decided to answer the door. Then Tea would get so upset... he he he....
By the time Chip brushed her thick Italian hair, Tea and Yami were already on the couch cuddled up. "Oh, Yami, it's so cold!" Tea said, scooting closer to Yami. Oh is it? Not for long.... Chip turned up the heater a few notches. As Chip watched, she was absolutely right. In a few minutes, both were sprawled across the couch, panting for water. Chip snickered silently. Then the joke was on her.
Yami walked over to the thermostat, and Chip was no longer hidden. "Well hi Chip! I suppose you were going to turn this down." Chip was surprised how polite he was... well not really. After all, in Chip's eyes he was the best person that ever lived. "Uh, yeah." Chip replied sheepishly. Chip put the air conditioning back on and went back to bed. If only mom and dad were home and not away for the week... then Yami wouldn't come over. And yet, then she wouldn't be able to see Yami to chat with him... oh why couldn't couldn't Yami like her? A tear trickled down Chip's cheek.
Just as she started to drift off to sleep, she heard shouts in the other room, and the door slam. She went to the living room where she found Tea, very upset. "What's wrong Tea?" Chip asked. Oh please oh PLEASE let them have broken up! She thought. "Oh, I just asked Yami if he had the choice would he marry me right now.... and he said no. His LAME excuse was that he thought he was too young to marry, but he might in later years. Sooo... being the good thinker that I am, I rushed him out. I don't want to be with a guy who isn't serious." Chip rolled her eyes. She was still in shock from all the noise, so she sat down in front of the window, and it began to pour. It was so gloomy; Yami was gone, it was dark, and POURING.
Both Chip and Tea jumped when there was a loud knock on the door. This one one of the few times when Tea was the scared one, and cuddled next to Chip. They both peeked out the window and.... "YAMI!" Chip cried joyessly. "YAMI!?!?!" Tea yelled angrily. Chip opened the door right away and Tea shuffled over to the couch. "I'm really sorry to disturb everyone, but the door is locked at my house, and I have a lounge chair set up that I sometimes sleep on, but since it's pouring..." Tea interrupted Yami. "Oh SURE! Right after our argument, you come CRAWLING back and now I suppose you want to sleep in the guest bed in my bedroom tonight." "Well actually, if you are STILL going to be angry about that, I would much rather sleep in the guest bed in Chip's room tonight... If that's okay with you Chip." Chip was so excited, all she could do for a minute was gaze into Yami's eyes. She snapped out of her trance and said "YES!" with a little too much enthusiasm.
Once they were in Chip's room, Yami said "Chip, I want you to know how much I appreciate this... For a minute there I thought I would be stuck sleeping outside in the rain." Yami leaned forward about to kiss Chip, when Tea burst in. "Yami, I have decided to forgive you!" Tea said, smiling.

Hmmm... what will happen? Will Yami still go out with Tea? *Chip pops in* Me: Hey, I thought I sent you to the shadow realm! T_T Chip: Well, uhhh... I dunno. But there is one thing I would like to make clear: YAMI IS MINE! I WILL GET HIM! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! Me: -_- Get a life. Everyone will have to read my other chapters when I write them to see what happens. Keep in mind this is my first time.