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Many, many years ago when Joey was a young boy, happily playing Nintendo.

Joey didn't even notice his parents walk in the door. All his concentration was focused on his game controller, and the TV screen.. He was finally on the last level.. He would beat the game for sure. and. SLAM! The door slammed shut extremely loud. "NOOOO!" Joey shouted. He lost. It was his last life, he almost saved the princess. and he lost. The door slam had startled him so much, he dropped the game controller and a dragon killed him. "Joey! Are you all right?" His mother got very worried when she heard him scream. Joey looked over his shoulder innocently. "Um, sorry." Joey gestured toward the TV screen that said, "YOU LOSE!" in big, fat, red letters. His mother smiled a rather crooked smile and said sweetly, "Well dear, to make up for that I have a surprise for you!" Joey's eyes widened. He loved surprises, especially after his parents had been in India for a while and probably brought him something very expensive and interesting.. "Did you get me a GIANT CHEESE?" Joey simply HAD to know what it was. "No dear, we got you a wife. In India, you know they still have arranged weddings. We are going to move to India and you will get married. We found you the BEST wife in all of India! Her name is Selina, and she is very pretty and well behaved.." Joey's mother was so excited and talking so fast, Joey could hardly hear what she was saying. It wasn't a giant cheese so he didn't really care. "Okay, whatever." Joey didn't know what was coming. "Well then it's settled dear, we will move to India once you come of age." * Joey pops in * Me: -_- Oh lord. What's coming for me? Joey: Y_Y No giant cheese? Me: -_- Oh great. No Joey, no giant cheese. Joey: And did I ever even meet my parents? Did I ever even own a Nintendo? Me: Well. uhhhh.. I don't really know. I haven't watched the show much or anything. Joey: Oh. * pops out * Me: Oy vay. Back to my story.

Back to modern day.

"GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!" Tea had burst into the door, an excited look in her eyes. She was bouncing up and down, holding three tickets. Chip sighed. She was, of course, curious about the tickets, but when Tea had great news it usually meant bad news or an unhappy journey for Chip. "What." Chip said, in a very monotonous voice. Tea took a deep breath then squealed "Yami and me and you are going to India TOMORROW!" She smiled widely and looked very proud of herself for arranging the trip. Chip looked up, very surprised. India? Wow. Tea came over and hugged Chip, still smiling widely. "Bleh! Okay, okay! I'm happy also, but no hugging!" Chip said, sort-of smiling. The two went into their bedrooms and started packing.


Joey was already on his plane to India, extremely nervous. He was actually going to meet his wife-to-be! What did he get himself in to when he was little? So foolish he was. He decided right there that once he got to India, he would buy a giant cheese and head home. Once he was back in America, he would go to Alaska or Hawaii.. His plan was beginning to form. Within minutes he arrived in India. There was only one thing to console him. and that was the fact that there were giant cheeses for sale at the airport gift shop. He purchased a cheese and went to get a last-minute ticket to America.
As Joey made his way through security, a security guard said "Excuse me sir, but you can't take that cheese on the plane. No food is allowed to go to another country." Joey was extremely frustrated. He was not going to leave the precious cheese behind! He got his money back for the ticket and decided to enjoy the cheese in India. Then he groaned. His wife-to-be was picking him up. Joey took his luggage to the food court, where Selina had promised to meet him.
And there Selina was. Joey recognized her instantly, especially because she was holding up a neon-green sign that read 'HI I'M SELINA' in black letters. Joey gulped nervously and approached her. "Uh, um, are you S- S-Selina?" Joey stuttered. Selina looked at him and laughed. "Perhaps you had better read my sign again." She said, thrusting her bright sign into his face. They made their way off to eat an early dinner.

Back to the love triangle:

Chip sighed as she enviously watched Tea and Yami talking, but she quickly snapped out of her jealous trance because the pilot announced "We are about to land in India. Please fasten your seatbelts. This is flight 121, and I'm your pilot Saddle Buccaneer. Thank you for flying Cowboy Airlines."

The plane finally stopped and everyone rushed to be the first off. Chip got up to get her bags, but Yami quickly took them down from the overhead compartment for her. Tea sulked behind, but always looked on the lighter side of things.. even if Yami and Chip were talking and laughing without her.

They decided to go to dinner, even if the plane's soggy meals and salty peanuts had mostly filled them up. As they entered the quaint little restaurant, Tea instantly fell in love. All of her jealousy and dislike for Chip and Yami simply melted away; the boy of her dreams was sitting right there. However, he was already sitting with a girl who had neon-green sign that read 'HI I'M SELINA' in black letters.

What will happen? Will Joey refuse to marry Selina and fall in love with Tea? I don't even know! That's why it makes my story so exciting! ^___^