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Summery: Its Jesse's first week at CGH, but is he hiding something?

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The short young man with tousled blond hair made his way out of the elevator and up to reception.

" Um, hello, I'm Jesse Travis, were can I find a Nor.." He stopped a moment to try and remember the mans name.

" Norman Briggs, and you must be that new intern, we're pleased to have you here, his office is down the hall and to the right." Replies the receptionist.

" Thank you," said Jesse as he left reception and walked don the hall. " Good luck," she called after him, " and be careful!" The last comment was enough to send him flying back into the elevator, but he just waved and kept walking. After about a minute of searching, he found what he was looking for and tapped lightly on the door.

" Yes," came the hoarse response as Jesse quietly opened the door. Inside was a short, fidgety man, around his size. He turned around to see who the visitor was and he just rolled his eyes.

" Look, I'm telling you for the last time, I will not buy any of your Boy Scout cookies, or whatever else you're selling. Now get out!" Jesse shrank slightly at the outburst, but stayed where he was.

" Mr. Briggs, I'm Jesse T." he couldn't get any further before he was cut off by Norman.

" Jesse Travis, th-the intern, I'm sorry, I-I just thought.." Norman was quiet red by the time he had cut himself off and then got a suspicious gleam in his eyes. " Travis, how old are you?"

" 24 sir, it's okay, I get that a lot. Sorry to drop in like this, and I know I'm not supposed to be here until tomorrow.." He was cut off again by Norman. 'Boy, this guy really likes to intrude,' thought Jesse, though it did save him an explanation.

" That's alright. We're pleased to have you on staff here. I was very impressed with your resume." With that the meeting began. Norman had begun to like the young intern, but what happened next might have totally changed his perspective of the young man.

Jesse jumped out of his seat, starting to turn a little green. " Where's the." he couldn't finish the sentence before his lunch came tumbling out.

" Down the hall!" Jesse ran like crazy, paying no attention to the odd glances that he was getting. He finally reached his destination and ran into the first stall that came into view.

Dr. Jack Stewart came in just in time to hear Jesse's breakfast and maybe even some of last nights dinner come out. He rushed into the stall to find Jesse leaning against the wall, trying to catch his breath, when he suddenly jolted back towards the toilet, totally oblivious to the older man standing over him. Jack grimaced at the sound that fallowed and walked slowly towards the kid, just as he fell into a heap on the floor.

" Hey kid, you okay?" " I'm not a kid, I'm an intern," came the reply as he tried to stand up on obviously shaky legs. " Need some help?" Jesse shook his head right before falling to the floor again. Jack reached out his hand, " Jack Stewart." Jesse stared at it for a second before reaching his own hand out. " Jesse, Jesse Travis." He said as Jack pulled him to his feet.

" I'm sorry, but did I hear right? Are you the famous Jesse Travis who has gotten Norman's mouth going for the past two months, 'cause he talked enough before you came along, but." Jack rolled his eyes in agitation. " Oh, and there's a pool of whatever that gunk was, waiting for you in Norman's office. Man the hospitals going to be talking about this for days!"

" Sorry, but am I really that famous around here?" " You bet, especially after the stunt that you just pulled." Jesse turned red and stared down at his shoes. When he looked back up, Jack was laughing and threw him a paper towel to wipe the remains of the 'food' from his face. " Hey kid, did you eat the hospital food or something?" " No," was the only reply as he walked down the hall, back into Norman's office.

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