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Chapter 13- 40's Style

Damn ropes. Thought Jesse as he glared at his captor, after having built up enough courage to do so. He fought desperately against his restraints, desperately tugging his arms in all directions in hopes that it would somehow free him.

"What do you want?" Asked Jesse, never taking his eyes off Walker. The man chuckled, his amused eyes darting from Jesse's face to his twisting torso.

"To get rid of you." He stated so simply that it almost sounded like he was talking about the weather.

"You could have done that a long time ago. Why wait until I woke up?" As he was talking, Jesse vaguely wondered where all of his sudden courage was coming from before deciding that thinking about it would make it go away. Sure it was a weird thought, but you think of weird things when your tied to a chair in the middle of a dark room with a menacing, and somewhat if not completely insane kidnapper hovering above you.

"Yes, but I want to make you sweat a little. Think about how I'm going to do it, and how long you have left." Yep, complete physco…Just great…Jesse continues wriggling as he thought this, and about how true it was. He was truly stuck with a madman, and he WOULD be thinking about everything that could be done in whatever span of time he had left, and than how that span would end. Wonderful, now the last moments of my life will be spent with THIS creep…My day just keeps getting better and better. First I nearly have a heart attack about having to actually go surfing, than I fall off the damn board, and after I fall, I nearly drown because this weirdo is kidnapping me…Wait, how exactly DID he kidnap me? By the time Jesse came out of his musings, Walker was gone and he was left alone in his 40's like kidnaper's holding cell.

Okay, what do I do now? Actually knowing where I was would be a great help. Than getting out of these ropes would be an even BIGGER help. Turning his head as much as he possibly could, Jesse attempted to see how well put together the knot was that kept him bound to this God forsaken chair. Seeing that there was mostly likely no way of getting out of them without a knife, Jesse began to wonder exactly how he was going to get out. Damn, should have watched more episodes of McGyver. He could get himself out using nothing but the shirt on his back. Hmmm, maybe…Nah, I wouldn't know what to do with it even if I DID manage to get it off. Deciding that there was no other option outside of trying to untangle himself from the ropes, Jesse continued to squirm in the chair.

"Okay guys, check over there. You never know what might show up." Said Steve, pointing to his left to show where part of his team should look for evidence for the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jesse Travis. The hours seemed endless as he searched the beach end to end. His eyes clearly portrayed the worry he felt in the pit of his stomach, and both Mark and Amanda knew what he was going threw.

Turning around, Steve spotted one of his uniformed officers walking toward them and he jogged over to him, eager to find out what he had learned. "Devin, have any of the hospitals admitted anyone with Dr. Travis' description?"

The young officer shook his head. "No Sir."

Steve shook his head, once again combing the beach with his eyes in hopes of spotting his missing friend. "Alright. Go join Park and Rigens." Devin nodded and jogged over to his companions as Steve made his way over to his father.

"No luck dad. None of the hospitals admitted anyone fitting Jesse's description."

Mark sighed and, just like his son a few seconds ago, scanned the surface of the water.

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