Hey the creaor of Bloopers in a action romance fic

its a great story that takes mainly 20 years after naraku's death

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well here it is


CHAPTER 1 The new beginning

*4 years after narak'us death*

"Mommy mommy i got the water" said a boy

"thank you kowaku" sango said to her son

"??? inuyasha is every thing all right ???" sango asked worried

"no" he said sadly

!@#$%^&*FALSH BACK!@#$%^&*

(im not sure if this how it happened so let me put this in my words)

standing there over the dead body of the coward

"now that naraku is dead kagome make your wish" inuyasha sadly

kagome thaught hard then she spoke out

"shikon jewel grant me this wish i wish to stay with inuyasha forever"

every one was surprised

kagome ran to inuyasha and gave him a kiss that lasted for 5 minutes


"well whats wrong inuyasha???" sango asked

"its kagome" inuyasha said

"come follow me"

the two ran where a pregnant kagome was sleeping

"oh damn looks like she goin to give birth soon" sango said.

"MIROKU" sango yelled to his husband

"yes darlin" miroku said worried "whoa look at kagome"

kagome then woke up and was moaning saying "inuyasha its time"

she started to moan very loud

"kowaku! go get keada" sango said to her son

"ok but will kagome be fine"

"yes now go"

"keada keada!!" kowaku yelled

"what is it child??" keada asked

"its kagome"

"already well lets go aid her" keada instisted

kagome was hold her belly and inuyasha's hand plus she was breathing in

"c'mon keep breathing" sango incouraged her friend

"alright im here child lets take a look see" keada said ready

kagome started to push,breath hard,and squeezed inuyasha's hand

2 hours after a bloody exp with inuyasha's hand and kagome birth exp

kagome held one 25% demon the boy had silver hair and the cutest

puppy ears and inuyasha was hold a 25% demon but this boy had black

hair and a black tail

"twins" kagome said gasping

"yep" inuyasha cuddle with his new family "oh what about names

"kagimari and you chose the other" kagome said in a tirering voice

"hmm how about...bioki" inuyasha said (weird name but who cares)

!@#$%^&*16 YEARS LATER

a silver hair boy was shining up his sword that he forged from his

father's fang.

the black hair boy was sharpening his arrow points and put them into a

quiver that his mother made him


kagimari had the hair,eyes personallity ,and ears as his father

he had the bravier as his father

"wow cool kagimari"said bioki congrating his brother

bioki had the hair , and personallity as his mother he had a kind

spirit like his mother

"thanks" "father father" kagimari said joyfully to his father

he jumped in to the same tree as his father

"wow thats some fine piece of equipment my boy" inuyasha said joyfully

"DINNER!!!" kagome yelled to her family

"wow thanks mom" the boys said

shippo their fox friend walked in with a wound in his body as he whispered

"inuyasha there is a thief down by the shikon temple"

"my god what happened" said the family worried about their friend

"boys stay here with your mother ill go see what it is" inuyasha said

he ran to the sent of evil he found miroku and sango at the shikon temple

they just stood there

"inuyasha your hear thank god" miroku said greeting his friend

"yeah where is the thief"

"over there"

inuyasha saw a shadow. the shadow grew red eyes, the shikon jewel

turned black and shaddered. all 10 pieces flew across the island.

"what the hell is your problem ass hole" inuyasha said angrly

"why attack our peaceful village and wound our friend"

"heh" is all they heard

"why waste my time one you"

"my name is Don i am naraku's lord"

"im here to collect the 10 pieces of the black jewel"

"i turned it black because i know about your sweet heart kagome is her

name right" Don smiled evilly

"you bastard you better not TOUCH KAGOME!!" inuyasha yelled raging

"heh weakling" don shot a dark ball at inuyasha which wounded him

"bye bye and hope to see you soon"

"damn" inuyasha said tending to his wound


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