Ark Hunters

A Spriggan Fanfic

By: Writes with Block


Author's notes: I started writing this a real long time ago and I kind of gave up on it. I found my Spriggan DVD after the move and I watched it and I started writing this again. So today I decided I'd post it cause there aren't many Spriggan fanfics out there (trust me I've looked) and I've never found a romantic Spriggan fanfic that's not yaoi. I'm not anti-yaoi I'm just not a fan of it. So I hope you enjoy and please review.


Disclaimer: Spriggan does not belong to me. Well my DVD does but not the whole of the Spriggan realm. But my b-day is coming up and if anyone is looking for a gift idea there you have it.

Chapter One

"Did you get her?" Jean asked as the door was opened.

Yu dragged a burlap sack into the room and leaned against a wall.

"You put her in a bag?" Jean asked getting to his feet.

"She wouldn't stop kicking."

"But a bag Ominai?"

"She's here," Yu snorted.

Jean rolled his eyes and opened the bag. A fist came whizzing out and clipped his jaw. Jean fell flat on his butt, a surprised look on his face.

The person in the bag scrambled out and scuttled across the floor. She encountered the wall and huddled against it, staring at the two young men with wary, fearful eyes.

"I'm going to take a shower," Yu said and jogged out of the room.

"My lady," Jean said, his voice soothing, getting to his feet. "Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Jean-Jacques Mondo. Spriggan France. My uncouth comrade is Ominai Yu. Spriggan Japan."

The young woman stared at him silently.

"I am sure you're wondering why we have brought you here."

"You want my cold fusion formula."

Jean chuckled softly. "You're half way correct. There are people who want your formula. We've brought you here to protect you from them."

"Why would you do that?"

"Well, that formula is very important. If it were to fall into the wrong hands." Jean shrugged his shoulders.

"What did you mean 'half way right?' "

"You're not only here for protection. We need a favor."

"Of course you do," she snorted.

Jean smiled. "Have you ever heard of the Arks?"

"Rumors. My father used to work for the Turkish government."

"Did you hear that they can destroy the world?"

"I was thinking that was just a rumor," Lane grumbled. "Then I guess the rumor about you not knowing where they are is also true."

"You're correct. And you're going to help us find them."

"With my psychedelic powers?" Lane asked sarcastically.

"What is the oldest language in the world?"


"Right again."

Jean went to a desk across the room and drew a long envelope from it. He took long sheets of paper from it and walked back to Lane. He handed them to her.

"Would you look these papers over?" he asked. "Its a code of some kind but I'm unable to read it."

Lane glared at him for a long moment and then took the papers from him and studied them. She ran her fingers down the long papers, mumbling under her breath.

"There's no obvious pattern except the use of prime numbers." Lane flipped through the papers. "There are also some simple logarithms. Its map coordinates!"

"I knew you would break it."

"This is hardly going to save the world," Lane replied shaking the papers at him. "Its been more than a hundred years since these have been written down. In the last two years alone the Egyptian pyrimads have move south by more than three miles. You'll never be able to find the stuff these coordinates pin point."

"If we were able to figure out the amount of error could you adjust the coordinates?"

"Yes but they'd be highly inaccurate."

"How inaccurate?"

"That depends. Some places drifted north, others drift east. We'd have to search for any number of miles in all directions. It'll take allot of time."

"How much time?"

"Depends on where you are. Hot places drift more than others. Colder areas drift less. Then there's the whole shifting of the planet on its axis and if whoever wrote this down used the sun for calculations we're screwed."

"What about the stars?"

"That would be perfect. It takes thousands of years for us to see a change in the stars. And everyone knows the major stars. North star, big dipper, the Ursa major and minor."

"So if we could get the amount of error and used the stars as a guide you could lead us to the Arks?"

"Not directly to them but within a hundred miles on every side. And I'm guessing that's better than anything you've got right now."

Jean smiled and sat next to her on the floor. "So you will help us?"

"Do I really have a choice?" Lane asked. "If I don't you'll toss me aside and the Turkish government will find me again and this time I don't think they're going to be very patient. They killed my father and they'll kill me too to get my formula."

"You're not afraid?" Jean asked, one brown quirked in surprise.

"Not really," Lane answered with a shrug. "They don't know what I know."

"And what exactly is that? I am the good guy. ARCAM is the good guy."

"Oh I know that. My father was talking about turning to ARCAM and its Spriggan before he was killed. My formula. It isn't complete. Not even close. I've been stuck in the same place for the last four years."

Jean's brows shot up in surprise.

Lane chuckled knowingly. "Everyone thinks I'm about to stumble onto the secret of cold fusion but everyone is wrong. I'm at least ten years of intensive study away from even scratching the surface of this most recent stumbling block."

"Why the deception?"

"Think about it. I'm a seventeen year old Polish girl whose father sought aslium in the Czech Republic, sold that countries secrets to Germans, and then got killed by the Turks because of the formula. They thought it was his. They have no idea its actually mine."

"You're a smart girl," Jean said, genuine pleasure in his voice. "I'm glad you're on our side."

Lane nodded and picked up the papers again. "This code is amazing. The people who wrote this...its so simple and yet its...." She flapped the papers in Jean's direction. "This could take months to figure out with nothing to go on."

"I can help you there. We've found one site all ready by luck. You can use its position to help reak the code, right?"

"Sure can. Where is it?"

"Here in Turkey. When Ominai gets out of the shower we will take you there."