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A girl with beautiful raven hair to her waist beautiful emotionless eyes, wearing black dickies, a red shirt that clung to her body, she had converse, chains hanging from her clothes, wearing purplish eye shadow , light lip gloss , a couple of piercing on her ears and a belly ring walking towards her new school.Sakura High... The 'girl' walked into the school office and said.. "hey.. im the new student..um I think I havta talk to dis lady named Kaede?" asked the girl. "o yes..like.go straight ahead and like.. receive your things" said a lady at a desk reading a magazine. (a/n hmmm wonder who it is huh?? Hehe hint: Yura) "whatever" The 'girl' walked right to the office and walked in.. "ahh welcome to Sakura High nice to meet you.just hold on a sec and let me check your files and classes.....ah ok

***Computer Screen***

Name: Kagome Higurashi Age: 16 Sex: Female Previous School: Shinkon High Family Members: None


"That's odd...you don't have much file and records in here.. there are things missing..." Kaede looks at 'Kagome' oddly " well I guess its just not put in yet so...here are your schedule and locker number and your p.e. lockers number, your p.e. uniform and your ID." "uh.thanks.I guess" answered Kagome

Kagome walked out of he office as quickly as she could.she knew why she didn't have much file.. because she didn't like having her personal life in school things cuz she got into trouble at her previous schools.

Kagome walked to her locker(s) and put her things away and looked at her schedule


P.E. Math Science History English Art


"aight..i guess I have time to look around." said Kagome softly

Kagome walked outside where she saw people 'like' her punks

Kagome.well she looked punk/goth/prep..(a/n shhh my story)

Kagome decided not to hang out with them so she walked off to a Sakura tree (a/n odd huh? Sakura High has Sakura Trees.ok back to da story)

*Sigh* "another day of hell"


Kagome walked slowly to class ignoring the whispers and whistles from the students.

"Class we will be having a new student in class...SHUT UP!!!!!!!*everyone looks at the teacher shocked* all right now please welcome our new student..you may come in now" the teacher said as she sat down behind her desk.

The door opened and there stood Kagome

*Gasp* (a/n from the class not Kag)

*whispers* (a/n some of the whispers Kagome caught)

Girls: "OMG like.its another of those people who dress black forget her lets look at my magazine...." "New student.great another punk" "Cool she looks so cool looks like she could win as the Punk Princess Of The Year awars"


"GOD SHE'S HOT" "LOOK AT DAT BODY" "DAMN" *whistle* *Keh* (a/n guess who? Hint: Inuyasha)

**end of whispers**

That was when the teacher spoke up"Kagome please introduce yourself to the class"

Kagome stood the emotionless then said "My name is Kagome Higurashi, I moved here from Kyoto, im 16 years old and I just moved here 3 days ago."

"Ok Kagome you may sit..Right next to Sango and InuYasha..Inuyasha . Sango please raise your hands to Miss Higurashi may find her seat."

Kagome walked to her seat and sat down

"hey im Sango welcome to Hell" Chirped the girl sitting next to her "o..im Kagome.u know that. hi" said Kagome awkwardly "hehe"


***after class***

Kagome changed into her normal clothes and waited for Sango to finish dressing. "hey Kag what class do u have next? " "um.Math." "me too .come on I'll show you a couple of my friends .." "ok"

"OI Dogboy.Houshi" Called Sango to Kiroku and Inuyasha (a/n inuyasha has his dog ears.its normal in modern day..bare wit me)

"hey Sango my lovely and im shocked you didn't introduce me to your beautiful friend...*jumps to Kagome* My name is Miroku Houshi its an Honor to be in a presence of a beautiful goddess ass yourself" Kagome stood there emotionless then had a devilish idea " Da names Kagome Higurashi *leans over Miroku to a lockers* ya know ..your pretty cure.." "your not bad yourself" Miroku said *EVERYONE ELSE GAGGING* "hmmmm ya know wut?" "wut?" "I CHANGED MY MIND YOU PERVERT" with that Kagome sent Miroku across the hall.. "ya know what Kagome?" "what?" "we are just ganna get along just fine..*cough* oh and my bad this is Inuyasha the Punk Prince of Sakura High" "YO" said inuyasha "yeah whatever..can we get ta class?" "yeah"

To Be Continued...

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